Spent most of two days cleaning up and organizing my photo files. Still got a ways to go. Maybe I should make a resolution to go through those files a couple times a month, instead of a couple times a year?

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Activists show the coal dust on their hands after branding a train carrying mountaintop removal mined coal to Duke Energy’s Marshall Steam Station with the Apple logo. just 19 miles away from Apple’s iCloud data center being built in Maiden, N.C., the electricity used at the center will be generated by Duke with coal from the most destructive form of mining sold to the grid as part of the fleet that provides electricity for Maiden and North Carolinans.

Greenpeace joins with activists from communities impacted by mountaintop removal coal mining to block and "rebrand" a coal train with Apple logos, as it headed to a Duke Energy coal plant in North Carolina, US. The coal, extracted from the mountains of Appalachia, will be burned by Duke Energy and help to power Apple’s data centre in North Carolina. As more people around the world use the cloud to store and share photos, videos, and documents, IT companies have to build more data centres (buildings so large they are often visible from space) that house thousands of computers and consume tremendous amounts of electricity. Some data centres use as much electricity as 250,000 European homes. Currently, Apple power their iCloud with coal.

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PC Hara-kiri

PC Hara-kiri

(Day 32) My computer bit the dust this morning so I spent the better part of my day setting up my backup unit (ha, I said unit). I got to switch out drives and wireless cards and do all sorts of fun stuff. No time for this photography nonsense.

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A Machine Was Invented out of the Dust and Dirt

A Machine Was Invented out of the Dust and Dirt

www.imagekind.com/A-Machine-Was-Invented-out-of-the-Dust-… link to my website…

This is a drawing done in simple manically pencil, a red colored pencil and a china marker + some work with elements 8 after scanning it to my computer. it ended up with a bit of impurity and shading and such that I kept in. I really started to like its impurity, I think it gives it a old photographic look and or movie look. something old and decayed . A elegantly 1920s skull is fitted fashionably with a Top-hat, the skull is also fitted with electronics and a Rocket Engine. the skull fly’s foreword shooting out its eyeball , below its hand fly’s with it flying and shooting.I also tried to incorporate a elegance in the skull flying machine.

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285/365 The Man, The Hat, The Beast.

285/365 The Man, The Hat, The Beast.

today after work I came home and watched a few episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist before I got ready for make out tonight. after I was ready to go I took my photo of the day. I just had Kaleb pick out a few props and this is what he chose haha I tried to make it look kinda old timey.
after I had this up I went downtown for make out and set up my stuff. tonight Johan (the dj) told everyone to tip me so I did a little better in tips. he said he would say it more next week 😀
tonight was rocky horrow picture show themed so that was fun :3 but by 12am I was ready to be done. but this thing goes until 1:30am so I still had a while.
once I got home I put the photos on my computer and watched some Fullmetal while I waited. then I went to bed!

fact of the day:
Most dust particles in your house come from dead skin.

View On Black

Annoying Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

taken 10-12-10
uploaded 10-12-10

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Brutal Brothers Films

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365.332 – Passport

365.332 - Passport

Day Three Hundred Thirty Two: November 9th, 2007.

I booked it!

I waited for the right time and wound up with a nearly perfect deal.

It’s time to dust off that passport – I’m going back to the U.K. again for a visit in March 2008.

After three trips to London last year and a lot of drama that followed each one, I needed to take a break this year and not put myself in an unhealthy situation.

Time heals all things, right?

Let’s hope so.

I’m ready to go back and will be doing things quite differently this time. At the most, I might spend one night in London or just a day there exploring but I’ll be staying in Tunbridge Wells this time to visit a good friend.

I’ve got a hotel reserved and it’s going to take me 3 months to save up to pay for it! So I may not be taking any other trips until then but that’s okay.

I’m looking forward to exploring more of the English countryside and already I’m compiling a long list of things to do and places to see.

Having something big to look forward to will make winter in Duluth a little more tolerable.

There’s only one thing that I’m struggling with. I haven’t told a certain person about this trip and I don’t know if I should. It’s a complicated situation and it’s hard to know what to do. We’re getting along so well now as friends that I don’t want to rock the boat. No pun intended. I just don’t want her to feel hurt if I’m not able to see her this time. And if I’m not able to see her, should I even tell her that I’m coming?

Hard to know what to do.

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Scarydust [Day 4/7]

Scarydust [Day 4/7]

The dust is "scary" because I say so. And it rhymes with "fairy."

This is better viewed large.
The dust is fuzzy because of the depth of field not allowing for it to be in focus at the same time I am.

And so.
Today went like this:

– I woke up just before noon. Really late for me.
– Empty house.
– Called Mom.
– Found out Mom was at the mall.
– Mom came home.
– We were planning to go shopping somewhere. Don’t remember for what though.
– Hannah came home from school early.
– Mom and I went out and took Hannah, after a painstaking process of deciding where to eat [which turned out to be Boston Market].
– We ate.
– We planned to go to the grocery store after we shopped for other stuff first.
– I wanted to go to Newbury Comics. There’s a CD that Hannah wants [and she already knows that I want to get it for her, so I feel relatively "safe" posting this here; even if she finds out, she already knows].
– We went shopping.
– When we finished at the first store, we ended up going home.
– Got home.
– Took a bazillion pictures.
– Got frustrated that my cat wouldn’t leap onto my feet for a photo.
– Loaded files onto my computer.
– Right-click > Open With… > Flickr Uploadr
– Started typing this thing.
– Wanted to stop typing.
– Kept going.

…Uh, and now I’m getting off the computer…

There was a bunch of other stuff that I left out, but that was basically my day…

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4 E das próprias mãos que as agarraram, serão arrancadas e lançadas ao pó. (And even from the very hands that grasped it, it will be wrenched and hurled into the dust.)

4 E das próprias mãos que as agarraram, serão arrancadas e lançadas ao pó. (And even from the very hands that grasped it, it will be wrenched and hurled into the dust.)



(Exposição de Obras/Works Exhibition 2012)

(Esquerda: quadro original em cartolina preta, caneta prateada e dourada e cristais – Left: original painting on black card, with silver and gold ink pen and crystals)
(Direita: obra “iluminada” com efeitos de Luz em cumputador – Right: “Illuminated” Painting with Light computer effects)

(Dimensão de cada obra – Dimension of each work: 40x30cm)

(Ambas as obras estão disponíveis em posters – Both works prints available in posters)

© Joma Sipe, 2012
Todos os direitos reservados / All rights reserved

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Alex begins the race in typical hands-free style

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