Addiction Treatment Pay Per Calls #webdesign #seo #leadgeneration #leadgen #ppc #exclusiveleads #sales #internetmarketing #marketing

Addiction Treatment Pay Per Calls #webdesign #seo #leadgeneration #leadgen #ppc #exclusiveleads #sales #internetmarketing #marketing

Addiction Treatment Pay Per Calls
Over the years Delray Computers has established itself as a leading internet marketing service provider. Our range of services vary from web design, to search engine optimization, but our main specialty has always been pay per call campaigns. And when it comes…

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Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads #webdesign #seo #leadgeneration #leadgen #ppc #exclusiveleads #sales #internetmarketing #marketing

Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads #webdesign #seo #leadgeneration #leadgen #ppc #exclusiveleads #sales #internetmarketing #marketing

Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads
Getting Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads may be quite costly if you do not know whom to ask for help. Luckily for you Delray Computers can be your partner in your Addiction Treatment Pay Per Call Leads generation, and what we offer is not only……

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Motivation is What Gets You Started, Habit is What Keeps You Going

Motivation is What Gets You Started, Habit is What Keeps You Going

What is your purpose? During these challenging times it is a good opportunity to reflect and answer the BIG questions. This may sound “old school” to many however here are some “habits” to consider; hard work, preparation, taking care of those you love, self sacrifice, self discipline, religious faith and enjoy life.

The question, “What is your purpose?” often prompts the following, “be true to yourself” or “hold firm to your ideals”. Well, what if you can’t answer these questions?

Several years ago I spent time developing my personal “mission statement”. The result follows.

To make a contribution to the world by being a living example of; love, understanding, compassion, trust and wisdom. Starting first with my family I will help each develop the strength and courage to lead an independent and fulfilling life.

Seek first to understand, then be understood.

I will live by the values of integrity, compassion and self-discipline. I will strive to keep commitments not only to others but myself as well. I will not make excuses or blame others. I will keep my mind and body healthy and strong so that I am able to live my mission.

My mission is to be a force for positive change and to inspire others to greatness through being a catalyst for action and through developing a shared vision of that which is possible.

We make choices each day that influence our legacy. What can you do better? Are you spending your time the way you want?

Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

On the wall behind my desk hangs a famous photo of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston, having just knocked him to the canvas; you may have seen the photo. Liston does not get up again, very few people remember Sonny Liston and quite frankly he was not much of a champ, more of a chump, however, Ali goes on to become one of the most famous champions of all time. In the years after the Liston fight Ali was beaten several times, what makes Ali the “GREATEST” is he got back up and fought again and again. My father, he was also a professional fighter, always told me it is not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up.

A 29 year Yale study concluded that an optimistic attitude is more important to health than blood pressure, cholesterol level, smoking or obesity. It also found that with an optimistic attitude, you live on average 7.5 years longer. Optimism is not a goofy na├»ve, over dreaming perspective. It is choosing to be forward moving regardless of setbacks. It’s choosing to be free of unnecessary anxiety and frustration. It is accepting the fact of where you are, but never letting go of the mental perspective “I will prevail.” Get up off the canvas! The remarkable thing is that you have a choice every single day to manage it or let it be mismanaged.

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