devil dogs

devil dogs

computer generated art; reminds me of small dust swirls; they have been called many things, but my favorite is devil dogs

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“tm” Subsidies For Urban Consumption In Home Appliances – Galanz Group, Refrigerator –

“tm” Subsidies For Urban Consumption In Home Appliances – Galanz Group, Refrigerator –

Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council on the 19th executive meeting, decided in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, nine provinces and municipalities to carry out Category 5 household electrical appliances “
TM to
“Pilot, on consumers buying new appliances for 10% of the price subsidies, the annual funding arrangements for 2 billion yuan for the appliance” TM “subsidies.

Group Executive Vice President of Yuyao Chang’s China Securities Journal said, “continues the national policy of expanding domestic demand and promote consumption strategy for urban consumption in home appliances market has great leading role.”

Promote the high-end products

Wang Jianguo, President of United States introduced a refrigerator, in the past had carried out domestic appliance companies are home appliances, “TM”, but most of them located in the market
Activities, in essence, is a discounted price from the consumers to buy their own old products, a more limited influence. “This means countries through financial subsidies to support the TM, which we have a great home appliance business good, consumption of household electrical appliances will help to upgrade the urban market, believe that we can promote our high-end product sales.”

Spirit of the meeting of the State Council, the “TM” pilot covering TV,
, Washing machines, air conditioners, computers, home appliances category 5, the pilot regions, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu,
, Shandong, Guangdong and Fuzhou, Changsha. Within the scope of subsidies on the sell and buy new appliances Jiujia Dian consumers, in principle, according to a new home appliances to 10% of sales price subsidies, sub-species to determine the maximum amount of subsidies; subsidies within the recycling and dismantling company Jiujia Dian and sent to transport costs, given a fixed subsidy. . Subsidies within the scope of the sell and buy new appliances Jiujia Dian consumers, in principle, according to a new home appliance sales price of 10% of the subsidies, sub-species to determine the maximum amount of subsidies; subsidies within the recycling and dismantling company Jiujia Dian and sent to transport costs, given a fixed subsidy.

Fact, acutely aware of the formal market opportunities in high-end, beautiful, Galanz and other enterprises have increased this year, investment in this market. Wang Jianguo, says that currently 12 high-end market trend of more and more obvious, its sales have accounted for about Daosi Cheng, increase investment in high-end market has become the company’s inevitable choice. U.S. refrigerator sales this year plans a breakthrough seven million units, sales reached 90 billion, and strive to occupy the high-end refrigerator market for more than 22% market share.

“Home appliances into the city” into a trend

Great Wall Securities researcher He Qifeng to the appliance “TM” as is “home appliances into the city” to start off, follow-up to promote industrial upgrading, support energy conservation and emission reduction will continue to put good policy.

Bringing home appliances
Mainly for the rural market, household electrical appliance enterprises in the rural areas to promote universal primary household electrical appliances, sharp drop in exports the context of this policy are effective in helping household appliances through. Effectiveness of home appliances to the countryside in a significant experience, such as through the TM to the policy is the promotion of home appliances into the city, to promote consumption in cities, and also in line with national energy conservation strategy. “
Yuyao Chang, executive vice president of Galanz Group
disclosed, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and other departments in the “TM” policy, under discussion on energy-saving air-conditioning products such as subsidies, lead the industry production, consumption, energy saving products.
Central China Securities researcher Hu
strong cast, believes that this policy is mainly to urban household demand, while the large base of urban households appliances, TM to greater demand. In addition, the city commercial housing market has started the trend, when coupled with “TM” condition, air conditioning will quickly return to positive growth in domestic demand. For
Industry, now replace LCD TVs CRT TVs are large, the policy will accelerate this substitution, LCD TV will be the biggest beneficiary of black.

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The Dark Knight: Knight of Gotham #24

The Dark Knight: Knight of Gotham #24

It takes a further twenty minutes before I’m able to get Tim and I out of the hospital so we can make our way back to Wayne Manor. That Richard Lyons sure does love to talk, that’s putting it politely. But sure enough he’s managed to convince me to invite him up to Wayne Manor to have a meeting about possible redevelopments in Gotham. With the funding that the Wayne Foundation can provide, Lyons Infrastructure should be able to do wonders for Gotham. It’s just a shame it took so long for him to pitch the idea to me in the first place.

By the time we make it back to the house Alfred’s started grumbling about all the work he’s not been able to do thanks to our trip to the hospital. Despite all his moaning though I know deep down he’s simply relieved that Jim’s alright all things considered. The Crimson Knight isn’t known for being merciful to anyone that crosses his path. But I know the truth of it all.

He didn’t leave Jim alive out of pity. He did it to send a message to me. No-one is safe from his wrath, and given his knowledge of Bruce Wayne and Batman being one in the same I need to be ready for a possible offensive against me. If there’s one thing he’ll hope to gain from the copy of the GCPD database he stole it’s allies. I need to anticipate his moves and learn who he may have released already. Logically to counter my forces he’ll need a sizeable force given the skill level of Tim, Dick and Jason. Then again it’s questionable as to whether or not he knows I have Dick and Jason to call upon. Last thing I want is to drag them in to Gotham where they’re unneeded. I can only hope the mission I assigned to Jason of retrieving the anti-lazarus will prove to be unnecessary in the long run.

As night falls I quickly hear news that the Crimson Knight assaulted the Martha Wayne psychiatric hospital in south Gotham and freed Standler. Strange. What could he hope to gain from releasing Standler of all people? He’s hardly a threat to anyone beyond giving them a shock as he sprays them with condiments. There can only be one reason he chose to free Standler. An attack on me. No-one else in Gotham know it aside from myself which makes it the perfect message. To the rest of Gotham the mysterious figure who assaulted the police commissioner just broke into a hospital and freed a crazy patient. But for me it’s perfectly clear. It’s an attack on me and the legacy of my family. He intends to burn me and bring the Wayne legacy crashing down to the ground. Not if I can help it.

Bizarrely for all his talk of facing me one to one he chose to attack the hospital in broad daylight and risk direct confrontation with the GCPD when they’re well staffed rather than risk me. Perhaps he’s more afraid of me than he dares admit. Or more likely he’s boasting, for all of Gotham to see. I’ll be sure to punish his arrogance.

Tim heads out to hunt down his latest lead on Film Freak he obtained during his stay in Carthage whilst I prep the bat mobile for deployment. I need to stop the Crimson Knight before his plans are allowed to come to fruition. His plans for Standler are a mystery to me but whatever they are, they can’t be good. As I leave the systems diagnostics for the bat mobile to run I put the suit on and grab a spare cape from my the vault. Alfred hasn’t got round to cleaning my cape from last night so I’ll have to make do with this spare one for now.

As I walk back down to the vehicle bay I can’t help but notice Alfred chasing after a visibly annoyed Barbra. I guess she’s still registered in the bat computer as an ally thus why the alarm didn’t sound. Odd mind, I could have sworn I removed her security clearance when her and Dick left and went to Bludhaven.

"Miss Gordon please he’s about to head out on patrol!"

"I know Alfred. I shouldn’t be long."

"Barbra? What brings you back here?"

"We both know what Bruce. I want to get my hands on the one who hurt my Dad."

I pause for a while. It’s good to see Barbra back in the cave after so long. She hasn’t stepped back in to the cave ever since Dick left Gotham after our argument. But despite how happy I am to see her finally return to the cave I can’t let her go after the Crimson Knight. The Knight has already been trying to target Tim, the last thing I need is for Barbra to become a target as well. One member of the Gordon family has suffered already thanks to me. I won’t let another suffer.


"What did you just say?"

"Your father has already suffered because of me. I won’t let someone else suffer because of me."

"That’s not your call to make Bruce."

"I’m afraid it is Barb."

As I those words she attempts to her way to display case with her old costume is stored. I know what you’re up to Barb and I’m sorry but I can’t let you go through with this.

"Shadow protocol. Authorisation: Batman-001."

With that the display cases seal themselves and lower into the cave floor to avoid them being discovered in the event someone accidentally stumbles upon the cave. The Batcomputer also conceals itself in the cave wall as well as the an artificial wall covering the entrance to the suit vault.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"What your father would want me to."

"Don’t you dare use him against me."

"He needs you by his side right now Barb. Let me handle the Crimson Knight."

"Crimson Knight? That guy that dropped a warehouse on you?"

Clearly Dick brought Barbra up to speed on what happened in Gotham whilst he filled in as Batman.

"Yes. Him."

"Are you sure you’re up to this? I mean Dick said he put you out of action for a week, I’ve never known that to happen."

"It was a simple mistake. One I’ll be sure to not repeat. But right now Barb I need you safe. He’s already been targeting Tim. I won’t let you be put in his crosshairs either."

"But Bruce I can help."

"Yes you can, but right now your father needs you more. Please Barb. Leave this to me."

Begrudgingly she agrees.

"Fine. But the minute you have him I want to know. He needs to suffer for what he’s done to my Dad."

"I will Barb. I promise."

"Thank you Bruce."

"Alfred can you drive Barb back to the hospital."

"Of course Master Bruce. I’m sure the dust can wait another hour before I get around to cleaning it."

"Thanks Alfred."

"Not a problem Miss Gordon."

"Don’t stay out too late Alfred. Last thing we want is for the Lyons family to think I’m a slob."

"Don’t worry Master Bruce. Hell will freeze over before I let Wayne Manor become a cess pit."

"Good to hear Alfred."

I place my cowl over my head and jump into the bat mobile and prepare for departure. As I’m about to shut the canopy I hear Barbra and Alfred call out to me.

"Good luck Bruce! Give him what he deserves!"

"Good hunting sir!"

They can’t see it but their words of encouragement bring a smile to my face. With that I slam my foot down on the accelerator and the bat mobile races out of the cave as I make my way towards Gotham.

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One day I learned that the official meteoroligical name for dust storms is "haboob" (pronounce ha-bob). While playing at the computer I created this. It reminds me of the great dust storms we had (have) in Arizona before it became so populated with office buildings. Remember walking home from school in dust storms. I almost "blowed away."

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Lifted Research Group Clothing – Hot Urban Clothing Designs

Lifted Research Group Clothing – Hot Urban Clothing Designs

Lifted Research Group clothing (LRG clothing), is the brainchild of co-founders Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright. They originated the company in 1999 in Santa Ana, California with a slogan they call simply: “underground inventive, overground effective”. The Lifted Research Group clothing line represents an independent, creative, underground culture.

Besides their contribution to the success of the company, Jonas and Robert have made the company an inclusive group concept that is an outlet to express ideas, discover new and emerging talent and support others in pursuing their goals. They support causes meant to change the world both environmentally and socially to make it a better place.

What makes the LRG clothing line unique is its branding. For example, on the Lifted Research Group Clothing, you are likely to find one of these logos:

* The Cycle Logo represents the cycle of growth.

* The Number 47 logo is the age of Jonas’s mother, who is also their role model and supporter, when he and Robert created the LRG Company.

* The Giraffe logo is a symbol of elevation, to see beyond the rest.

* The tree logo is based on strong roots to support growth, where the roots symbolize the underground inventive part of their slogan and the tree the overground effective portion.

As part of the Lifted Research Group clothing company’s support of talent, they sponsor the LRG Skate team that features talented skateboarders from around the globe. The LRG line includes hats, hoodies, jackets, polos, shorts, sweaters, tank tops and of course, their popular LRG T-Shirts. LRG clothes also makes novelty items like the LRG Kayo Corp limited edition skate deck, and an LRG hoodie that features an embroidered logo on the chest and a metallic tree logo. Some of the LRG clothes have colorful graphics or text silk-screened on them. The LRG Container Collection is bags that come in different colors.

Jonas and Robert have often said that they are making a living doing something that they have a passion for. Rather than some corporate conglomerate based on hip-hop or rap celebrities, these two have formed LRG into a successful clothing company that also sets out to try to make the world a better place.

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Dust – House Mix

Dust - House Mix

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The last store left at the Westminster Mall. I miss the days of the malls from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. I have good memories from back then.

I will post a video of a song from the 90s, You Get What You Give, and it always makes me think of "those days" that I miss so much right now.

lyrics by the New Radicals:
"You Get What You Give"

Wake up kids
We’ve got the dreamers disease
Age 14 we got you down on your knees
So polite, you’re busy still saying please
Fri-enemies, who when you’re down ain’t your friend
Every night we smash their Mercedes-Benz
First we run and then we laugh till we cry
But when the night is falling
and you cannot find the light
If you feel your dream is dying
Hold tight
You’ve got the music in you
Don’t let go
You’ve got the music in you
One dance left
This world is gonna pull through
Don’t give up
You’ve got a reason to live
Can’t forget you only get what you give
Four a.m. we ran a miracle mile
were flat broke but hey we do it in style
The bad rich
God’s flying in for your trial


This whole damn world can fall apart
You’ll be ok follow your heart
You’re in harms way
I’m right behind
Now say youre mine


Fly high
What’s real can’t die
You only get what you give
Just dont be afraid to leave
Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they’re multiplying
Fashion mag shoots
with the aid of 8 dust brothers Beck, Hanson
Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson
You’re all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around
We’ll kick your ass in!
Don’t let go
One dance left

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Transparency software from PUL group

Transparency software from PUL group

It was the best decision which I took when I implemented Inventory Management System in my business. Earlier I never believed in implementing any such things because I thought they are nothing but total waste of money. I never imagined such software would bring tons of changes in my business.


I have a manufacturing plant of beads used in other manufacturing processes. My factory produces beads in large quantities. As we have orders from other manufactures who uses beads in their assembly processes. Earlier there was just a supervisor who used to take care of the stock and it was him who coordinated with the workers. After transporting the units to all our customers, we stock the remaining units in our warehouse. This was the standard procedure and I used to get the report from my supervisor.


But one day I got some unexpected order from one of clients for extra units. I committed to send him those extra units and went to the warehouse to check the units in stock. The report prepared by the supervisor suggested that there were even units in stock to fulfill this urgent need. But after arranging the transport and while loading the units I found there were many units less compared to what was mentioned in the register. I was clueless as I didn’t know what went wrong. I called up the supervisor for explanation. He said he didn’t know and the raise the doubt of theft. This incident had many consequences in my business. I had some financial losses too apart from the client loss.


It was then someone asked me to install Inventory management system in my business which would have helped detect this fraud. I implemented the software by purchasing the same from Panoramic Universal Ltd. (PUL). The software was prepared by proper consultation and specific needs. It was good to know that there are companies like PUL who develops customized software for even a common man.


Now after implementing this software, I noticed there is surge in the stock figures. I came to know that even every day stock reporting was not done correctly by my supervisor. The software was implemented in such a way that any movement of the stock happens I get a notifications for the same. In spite of purchasing the software I got the benefits right from day one. I wished that I had installed the same before itself. I may have not lost some of my clients. As said it better to be late than never.


I recommend each and every one of you to believe in software rather in human in this world. Software will never fool you with vague data. It shows you the exact data and can be relied on anytime and every time.


Although the customization option is available for the software, it is better you consult the developer about your needs. At the end it is your business and you know it better than any other developer. So get the right software for your business.

Adrian Gowels writes about traveling and Budget hotels with premium services of Panoramic Universal Ltd
He focuses on holidays/vacation rentals with savings.