From space

From space

Computer manipulation of the earth from space falling bodies

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Extinction of the dinosaurs. Computer artwork of a group of dinosaurs and flying reptiles fleeing a vast fire. This may have been caused by a volcanic eruption or meteorite impact. Such events have occurred before in Earth’s history, and will do so again. Both events can trigger a lowering of global temperatures as clouds of dust and ash reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the surface. Plant and then animal life dies off. The mass loss of life that included the extinction of the dinosaurs took place some 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period. The flying reptiles here are Pteranodons, and the quadraped dinosaur are sauropods called Titanosaurs.

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Global Stock Markets Instability Factor Frequent

Global Stock Markets Instability Factor Frequent

In A-share market fell sharply again yesterday on the occasion, Europe, America and Asia-Pacific stock markets, have also appeared in different ranges downtrend.

In addition to Japan’s stock market suspended, but to yesterday’s close, the Asia-Pacific region were the major indexes fell. ASX Ordinary Share Index closed at 4676.90 points, closed down 1.16%. South Korean component index closed at 1928.94 points, down 0.79%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index is 2.67% with the A shares fell.

Europe, to yesterday’s press time, the British Financial Times index, the German and French CAC40 index DAX30 index, also fell across the board, recorded a decrease of close to or more than 1%. The Wall Street before the market opened, the stock index futures also fell sharply in pre-emergence.

For the performance of global stock markets yesterday, some analysts believe that this unstable situation on the Korean Peninsula factors.

But speaking for the European and American markets, in addition to the above factors may be affected, but also the main concern remains the financial stability in the euro area. Yin Mudi that Irish sovereignty is likely to be downgraded several levels, the market fears began to rise.

Also, while the Irish government announced on Sunday night, a formal application for EU aid has been, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also said, is ready to support aid programs. But according to foreign reports, in an unwelcome international aid, the ruling coalition began to split the Irish signs. The Prime Minister Brian Cowen promised, if the critical emergency budget is approved, next year he will agree to dissolve parliament and hold early national elections.

The Greek side, cutting the deficit in the plight of the issue is also brought a skepticism, fears that the country will be unable to timely repay the EU and the International Monetary Fund earlier this year promised to provide 1,100 million euros in aid loans . Recently, the Greek part of the assistance program will receive the next batch of aid.

The United States brought a good news yesterday. U.S. Department of Commerce announced the third quarter of GDP, expanded at an annualized rate of correction is 2.5%, the growth rate of more than the market expected. According to Bloomberg News survey of economists forecast an average 2.4% GDP growth rate of the initial value of the third quarter was 2.0%.

However, an U.S. stock market is the United States is preparing to launch against more allegations of insider dealing. Round of the U.S. federal government coming to an end three-year investigation, is preparing to launch a number of insider trading allegations. Authorities said that these criminal and civil investigation of the impact of the financial industry is likely to exceed any previous such investigations.

The Capital Essence analysis from a technical level that failed to extend the S & P 500 index after the break up that weak intrinsic motivation. However, the only indicator of capital flows remained positive, but 1180 points is a strong support, will not soon fall below. Therefore, the necessary savings in the long stand on the 1220 point kinetic energy of the important psychological point, it is necessary for further consolidation.

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Video cables

Video cables

Video and sound cables on telestudio in plugs, blue toned

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BODY: Nikon D3100
LENS: 70’s Nikon E 50mm 1.8 @ f8
TYPE: Single exposure (exp. time unknown)
ISO 100

POST-PROCESSING: Photoshop CC @ 16 bpc

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Blocking Urban Heat will Slow Global Warming says Online Think Tank

Blocking Urban Heat will Slow Global Warming says Online Think Tank

Everyone is now saying the Global Warming is Official? It is not really, but if that is the way human politics in the World want to play it then who is an Online Think Tank to deny the human civilizations from their typical fear tactics? Now then, although it is hard to convince a scientist that mankind is 100% at fault, most all agree that human pollution is at least a contributing factor to ambient atmospheric temperature increases.

So, the Online Think Tank has been asked to come up with a solution. And we have listed about 10 smart things that should be done; from planting 6-8 Billion Trees to having a talk with China to advancing Clean Coal Technologies to market on an upgraded timeline. Of course all this obvious ideas are not revolutionary and are pretty much obvious. Therefore we put on our thinking caps to come up with more.

About five years ago a member of our group who is not the Online Think Tank coordinator stated that we needed to worry about Urban Heat and the affect that all these paved roads and concrete was having on the temperatures. Sometimes 5-8 degrees hotter over large metro areas like Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Orlando and New York. The answer is to coat all the roads, parking lots, school black top and tops of buildings with a non-reflective absorbing coating.

We looked into for this. It is really neat stuff, I mean this stuff is cool. We used it for boat hulls, but if you could use it for the tops of buildings you might be able to carefully absorb or collect sunlight, maybe reflect it to capture it without heating up the surrounding ambient air temp.

Today we are the Online Think Tank, but tomorrow we will be the Urban Heat Buster!

I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

“Lance Winslow” – Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is an online writer in retirement.

Coating all Roads with Graphene to Prevent Urban Heat and Global Warming

Coating all Roads with Graphene to Prevent Urban Heat and Global Warming

Urban Heat is a more significant factor to the increase in atmospheric ambient temperatures than CO2 increases. Of course Global Warming Alarmists have a specific agenda. Most people who believe in Global Warming know very little about it. Instead they say something like; Scientific Research “proves it” so it is real, no doubt about it.

If you ever bother to ask these folks if they have ever read lets say 10 research papers on the subject that they fully understood, honestly less than 1% could tell you yes and chances are those 1% would probably opt for a much different set of findings than; It is Absolutely Proven or a doom and gloom scenario.

What people do not talk about urban heat much, even many of the Global Warming researchers at universities and think tanks who get huge grants to come to their purported specific conclusion do not mention urban heat. We are talking about a lot of concrete that heats up urban areas by as much as 4 to 10 degrees and that hot air rises into the atmosphere and changes the surrounding air temperatures quite a bit.

If we really wish to solve the Climate Change problem then we need to consider Coating all Roads with Graphene or a carbon nano-tube substance in order to Prevent Urban Heat and Global Warming. If we can absorb the heat from the sun on all the concrete and rooftops and playgrounds in our urban areas we can prevent this heat from rising up into the atmosphere and raising the temperatures.

We may be able to stop global warming if we will stop long enough to explore these new technologies and super coatings. It is time to bury the hatchet on the global warming issue and work on real solutions. Surely it would be nice to cut down on the CO2 in the atmosphere, but at the same time we should not succumb to a doom and gloom forecast, which simply isn’t so.

“Lance Winslow” – Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is an online writer in retirement.

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Comantra Initiates Global Outsourcing Challenges

Comantra Initiates Global Outsourcing Challenges

Comantra has pledged to deliver the advanced formulations to better innovative platforms via sophisticated delivery systems wherein more advanced systems can be managed and created for advancement of system generations. Core competency of global corporations are sometimes at stake with greater input deliverables ,such a scenario can be well fought with more advanced ways to system histrionics.Comantra has been active in formulating the basic generations of services providing exquisite business process outsourcings which can be well dealt with the most sophisticated ways to delivery chain managements. Such can be better managed to create the advanced mode of delivery chain modifications.


Such can be better notified to create advanced modes of chain mollifications wherein service discontinuation often plays a pivotal role. Such cases has been well maneuvered to create a platform for deliverables that can create a general mode of conduct to postpone the histrionics based out of flexible chain modifications and other features.


Such cases can be well understood with bpo chain management wherein Comantra plays a pivotal role for other deliverables in modern day business operations which can create sophisticated channel management to create advanced modes of delivery phases for greater support formats. Such phase transition can be well understood with better innovations and inclusive growth chains which can be beneficial in creating the basic foundations of global delivery and create other phase developments to postpone the never before chain modification features.

Bpo services can be well maneuvered to create sophisticated generation of system histrionics which can create the advanced the modes of delivery in bpo service generation which can create a balance in modes of system integration channels. Speaking to media units,Comantra has time again initiated to phases of more sophisticated handling of creative generation of outsourcing which can greatly affect how business operations are taken care off.

Bpo services are more advanced in the nature of handling which can create the most sought after growth channel to please the corporate intuitive to create advanced generation channel to create a balance of opinion for more intuitive generations for creative pursuits.

Comantra has quoted about the importance of outsourcing peripheral functionalities and shortening the wide acknowledged gap for mollification purposes.


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The growing trend of urban outfits and street wear on a global scale

The growing trend of urban outfits and street wear on a global scale

The trends of fashion are on a continuous evolutionary phase. In the recent times a new and more casual trend has come into existence called street wear which is a stylish interpretation of the street look or graffiti. Fashion enthusiasts like donning this look which represents rough and a rugged environment influencing the preference of people in a remarkable manner. The birth of this fashion statement was witnessed during the phase of 70s when people were more into the experimenting mode with the cropping of the political and social issues. This phase also witnessed the increasing interest in Punk rock thus encouraging the young people towards social radicalism and reform. The development of Urban Outfits and Street Wear style into serious fashion has turned pretty worthwhile.

Today these urban outfits absolutely spell style and trend. They reflect everything that is urban from the music with the rap and hip hop culture to the sports like surfing and ice skating. Street actually was pioneered from a Californian surfer who gathered a great deal of popularity because of this street wear line of clothing. As he became famous, so did his trend and today his style has reached an all new pedestal where it reaches out to the world and is globally preferred. The spread of street wear fashion began from US and then traveled all across the world with variations and designs being introduced into this kind of clothing. This fashion flavor gained acceptance particularly amongst the young people who could find a reflection of pop culture in this clothing line.

Today the young people mix and match street wear apparels along with accessories to work out a look that is unique and revolutionary. Those who are still quizzed as to what urban outfits are all about can easily take their search over to the World Wide Web so that apart from gaining information they can even check out some really exclusive street wear apparels that are listed over the online outfit shopping portals which provide convenient shopping means along with a range of designs, style and textures that will surely draw your attention and make you want to own one of these trendy outfits.

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