Overcoming Geography to Find True Love and Keep it!

Overcoming Geography to Find True Love and Keep it!

We all know how hard it is to find someone whom we can spend a long-term relationship with.  Someone you can tell your problems to or someone you can laugh with.  Finding true love can conquer latitudes and time zones.  Especially now that we have the power of the world wide web.  Online dating sites can be of great help in order to find the girl of your dreams.


The moment you find that person, distance may not matter anymore.  It might be hard, but, what the heck!  Even when you both live in the same area, it sometimes is hard too.  Overcoming distance just to find true love, can be done with a few clicks of the mouse.


When venturing on online dating, it is important to lay your cards down straight forwardly.  I don’t recommend lying about your looks or standard of living.  In fact, it is better to uncover the worst things in your life to a possible future mate.  This way, you will know if she is really into a serious relationship or is just up for something else.


If a relationship was formed while couples are miles apart, it might be a lot easier to sustain a long-distance relationship.  The probability of it to work might be higher.  Yet, it all actually depends on how much you’ve learned to care for each other and how much you want to make the relationship work.


Use all opportunity and tools to communicate.  If this kind of relationship happened on you 20 years ago, you might end up a total failure.  But since the computer era is on its heights, we can now easily communicate with others with almost zero trouble.  Communication with the people that we love, will now no longer take months of waiting.  Because of the computer technology, your woman seems to be just in the neighborhood. Send messages and use the web cam to be able to feel closer to your girl.


Schedule when you are going to communicate.  Since, probably, both of you are busy from whatever you are doing, you need to set a regular time to avoid miscommunication.  This is very important, especially, if your girl is at the other side of the world where an 8-hour-time difference is in the middle.


Snail mail might be corny for some, but it feels good receiving letters.  You should both send long love letters via mail.  It will make your girl want more of you. Videos and pictures help too.


Try this.  Agree on doing something at the same time and talk about it after.  Seeing a movie perhaps, while your Skype lines are open?


Keep the romance alive.  It might be hard since you both live in different continents.  But if you truly love each other, then it will be easy to bridge that gap.  You can both go to a park and take pictures, then you can exchange photos showing each place you wish to have visited together.


To find and keep true love, we need to sacrifice our time and money.

To find and keep true love, we need to sacrifice our time and money.  Travel to see her.  If you haven’t seen her since you started your relationship online, it would be great if you can take a few days off and see her.  She will definitely enjoy the idea of finally talking to you in person and really knowing you better.


In the end, to find and keep true love, you should trust her.  It might be hard, for you don’t really know what she does when she’s not in front of the computer and you are miles away to check things out but, that’s the risk you need to take.



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Monument Valley Sunset

Monument Valley Sunset

Watching last thursday’s episode of Billy Connolly’s journey down Route 66 inspired me to take another look at my Monument Valley snaps. What a place!

I think I’ve got my settings wrong on my pc/monitor because this looks so much more vibrant on my computer than it does on my iPad. The difference isn’t usually that pronounced but with this shot it’s really apparent.

From monumentvalley.org :-

Monument Valley is one of the truly iconic places of the United States. It has been the setting for hundreds of Western movies, and its unique sandstone formations are instantly recognizable the world over.

The Valley is home to Navajo families that have lived there for generations.

Monument Valley is a part of the Navajo Nation. It is located on the Utah/Arizona border, east of Highway 163. The park entrance is in Utah. Admission to the park is $5 per person, and free for children under the age of 9.

For visitor information, contact Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

The park is open daily from 6am to 8pm from May through September and from 8am to 5pm from October through April.

Getting there

From Flagstaff, head east on Highway 40 to Highway 89 (Page, Grand Canyon Exit). Travel north on Highway 89 to Highway 160. Travel east on Highway 160 to Highway 163 (Kayenta exit). Travel north into Utah to Goulding’s Lodge then take Indian Route 40 southeast to the entrance to Monument Valley. The closest airport is Farmington, New Mexico. It is about two and a half hours east of the park.

Most of the scenic locations within Monument Valley are found within the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. At the edge of the valley, there is a visitor center, a small convenience store and the Haskenneini Restaurant, which specializes in both native Navajo and American cooking.

As this is not a federal park, National Park Passes or Golden Eagle Passes are not valid here.

“It’s breathtaking. You can’t believe it. It’s very photogenic; it has a kind of mythic feeling of age, of legend. . . . You’ve seen it in the movies, but when you see it in life, it’s so epic in its proportions that it almost stands for the whole of the West.” -Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich.

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