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190-365 Oh how nice

190-365 Oh how nice


I finally finished editing the video. Clicky!

I shot another time lapse of some cloud rolling in, im keeping it though. I might make a little library of time lapses and stick them together some day. I did however do this as a perfect time lapse. By perfect I mean it was tethered via EOS capture and it took the pictures using it’s timer at 5sec intervals. It looks very smooth indeed and there are some random birds etc in the sky now and then which make it look like film specks/dust ­čÖé

It’s been overcast and raining for the past few days, set to rain for the next few for definate so thats why there arent many bright pictures.. actually Im just making excuses ­čśŤ
I’m hopefully going for a very impromptu shoot with a friend in Rostrevor tomorrow for a bit of mountainbiking photography ­čÖé It was something I had always wanted to try and tomorrow’s weather is probably less than ideal but we’re going to go anyway. That is if I can get a lift in :-/

Im in a mood at the minute where everything is really crap but Im doing whatever it is anyway. I’m happy doing them too which I think is more important than taking good pictures. The weather sucks, the pictures suck and Im being way to apollogetic about my work but Im motivated to try anyway regardless of all that. Beats the life out of moping around ­čÖé

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Looking Gear Bagging Pleasure and Natural Beauty Openly in Urban Centers

Looking Gear Bagging Pleasure and Natural Beauty Openly in Urban Centers

Hunting, an old game invariably played by simply men. This culture of African adventure travel will be used in garments simply by designers. Now looking gear components are generally used in the particular designing of many brands, created an innovative chapter for city robust appearance. Hunting in Africa will be constantly an unachievable hope of city ladies. So they had to make their dream to become a reality by simply using fashion, time of year by simply time of year, trying to find the particular best forms of expression between searching gear, old blouse and khaki color consistently-add more originalities or perhaps more feeling of realities?

Stress on neutralize sense of power or add the particular adaptable feeling of feminine?Searching gear, a word stuffed with searching for novelty & brilliance feeling, awaken the primal instincts restrained very long time and the particular wishes for wide and wild character of urbanites. In the film Australia, the particular style of Nicole Kidman wore tight looking gear, a hat along with a veil protect mosquitoes and windproof eye glasses, & tens Prada boxes offer a extremely good Bluebook of gown.The typical looking gear wearing by simply Nicole Kidman will be business shirts with waist belt, tow small pockets on chest, tow big tiger waist pockets, which are practical and exhibit female’s competent mold. Female’s romance-tinge and freedom indicated obviously simply by these dress, for instance bulky sweater added metallic element, a thin-heeled sandal and a large belt showing relax & sexy, high-waisted or perhaps one-piece half pants push the particular feeling of independence in full play.

Find out how to enhance the particular feeling of powerful fashion by putting on in our daily life? Now introduce for a few items of hot styles. Whatever you complement will be suitable whenever you catch several classical components of this kind of style.Khaki color systemRelevant to the earth & the particular plains, Khaki colour is the particular element best reflected the particular hunting gear styles. No matter match with high-heeled sandal or perhaps Mens Dress Shirts, the sense of relaxation and sexy, freedom and romance will probably be indicated clearly.Loose white shirtThe easiest method will be wear a man’s long and loose shirt along with a belt or perhaps complement various African ornaments, a sweet & romantic town hunting gear appears right now.

Protective Gear: Radically Changing The Workplace

Protective Gear: Radically Changing The Workplace
Working in places such as roads, airports, ports, construction sites, and mines has always been dangerous. The risk of the occurrence of accidents in these places is so high that not everyone wishes to work in these environments. Because of this, advocates of occupational health and safety try to come up with ways on minimizing accident risks in such workplaces.

But why are these workplaces notorious in terms of accidents? Unlike the typical corporate office set-up, roads, airports, ports, construction sites and mines often involve vehicles and heavy equipment, extreme height, harsh weather conditions, and low-visibility conditions. It is not uncommon for any worker among these sites to suffer from accidents, such as being hit by a runaway vehicle or heavy equipment and falling from high places.

With the risk of accidents extremely high in such workplaces, managers, and occupational health and safety experts came up with ways to minimize or even eliminate the occurrence of accidents. This is by coming up with measures that will promote both safety among workers and the safety of the working environment.

One measure that was adopted is the use of ANSI safety vests. These types of vests have proven to be effective in enhancing the visibility of workers who use them. The glowing effect coming from these vests, thanks to the materials that used in designing them, make the wearer more visible to everyone else in the workplace.

ANSI class 3 safety vests have since then become staples among workers in roads, airports, ports, construction sites, and mines. Accidents still occur in these places, but thanks to the extensive use of safety vests, the number of dangerous incidents has been minimized. Vests and other protective clothing and gear have radically changed improved conditions in the workplace.

ANSI safety vests and other protective clothing and gear are just some of the developments that resulted from years of research in the area of occupational health and safety. These things would not have come to fruition if not for the efforts of certain groups and individuals and the desire of employers and employees to enjoy a peaceful, accident-free work environment.

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My Digital Camera Gear

My Digital Camera Gear

This is only my Digital Equipment…
There’s also a Soligor SR 300MD Film-SLR with a 28mm and a 60-300mm Lens with some accessories and of course about 6 or 7 Compact Cam’s Digital an Analog…

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Going old Skool

Going old Skool

So I bought a floating shelf yesterday from B&Q with the intention of having it as a mini desk of sorts for my Power Mac G4 QuickSilver. Which for the past 18 months has been been gathering dust and has been used as a bedside table.

I have ordered an Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse, and am hoping to get the matching pro speakers to make the whole system original. Today I set setup Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X Tiger on it.

Mac OS X 10.4.11
Mac OS 9.2
800MHz PowerPC G4 (7450)
1.25GB RAM
1x 80GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
1x 250GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive
ATI Radeon 7500 32MB VRAM

Its gonna be a nice little area once it gets all the "correct" matching pieces. Although I have no idea what to really use it for, as I have an iMac and MacBook Pro as my main work horses. I guess its just a bit of a display more than anything LOL

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