Control Room and Memory Bank

Control Room and Memory Bank

"It’s time to go global! Once our construction worker minion, Dominic, dusts off the old control panel and installs a timeclock, our evil organization will be able to do missions anywhere in the world!"

When fully manned, the control room will serve as the mission headquarters for all of our operations off the island, and will even be able to slow the Forces of Justice from approaching our secret hideout lair! The control panel gathers information from geo regions, and the memory bank stores the information for a useful duration.

*The floor is just not quite up to par: the spacing is off and aesthetically doesn’t fit within the 6×6 stud modular grid. It might look better without the red "grout" lines, and would then certainly fit the grid! We’ll see.

Furniture to build: control panel, time clock, control station, communications array, stock market watchdog, schematics station, and a "big screen." That’s a lot, but we’ll need it to insure complete world domination!

Posted by Kyla Overbay on 2017-12-28 01:28:31

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