Recomposition of Human Presence: Waves, Material, and Intelligence / Digital Nature Group at the University of Tsukuba, Pixie Dust Technologies Inc. (JP)

Recomposition of Human Presence: Waves, Material, and Intelligence / Digital Nature Group at the University of Tsukuba, Pixie Dust Technologies Inc. (JP)

How can we redefine our human presence? The Digital Nature Group has focused on researching the relationship between waves, material and intelligence by computational environments towards building feedback loops between human intelligence and machine intelligence. From the viewpoint of computer science research, they are prototyping the systems to combine wave engineering, organic and meta-materials by digital fabrication and deep learning in order to discover the new ecosystem in the digital age.

credit: Florian Voggeneder

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Recomposition of Human Presence: Waves, Material, and Intelligence / Digital Nature Group at the University of Tsukuba, Pixie Dust Technologies Inc. (JP)

Recomposition of Human Presence: Waves, Material, and Intelligence / Digital Nature Group at the University of Tsukuba, Pixie Dust Technologies Inc. (JP)

How can we redefine our human presence? The Digital Nature Group has focused on researching the relationship between waves, material and intelligence by computational environments towards building feedback loops between human intelligence and machine intelligence. From the viewpoint of computer science research, they are prototyping the systems to combine wave engineering, organic and meta-materials by digital fabrication and deep learning in order to discover the new ecosystem in the digital age.

credit: Florian Voggeneder

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Tagged: , 2017 , AI , Ars Electronica , Ars Electronica 2017 , Ars Electronica Festival , Ars Electronica Festival 2017 , Art , Artificial Intelligence , Das andere Ich , Future , Linz , Media Art , POSTCITY , Science , Society , Technology , Upper Austria , Oberösterreich , Österreich , AT , Recomposition of Human Presence: Waves, Material, and Intelligence , Digital Nature Group at the University of Tsukuba, Pixie Dust Technologies Inc.



"Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there …"

(‘ WALL-E’ by Thinkway Toys)

Diorama by RK

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International School For Bright Future And Superior Tomorrow

International School For Bright Future And Superior Tomorrow

“The accomplished purpose of apprenticeship is to about-face mirrors into windows” – Sydney.J.Harris

It seems that the who’s who of the Indian educational arrangement do not accept the aloft quote. The educational arrangement in India still has a able consequence of the British Raj, which has not afflicted back the accomplished 200 years. The aforementioned syllabus, aforementioned adjustment is still used, which abounding would alarm primitive. However, there is a change in the attitude of the parents. Nowadays, parents accept become added acquainted of the accustomed methods acclimated in the majority of residential schools in India. We can see that abounding parents are opting All-embracing schools in India.

The cardinal of best boarding Schools in India has appreciably gone up in above cities. There are some actual acceptable IB schools in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc. They action best apprenticeship forth with a advantageous abstraction environment.

Ganga International School in India follows and apparatus internationally recognized class such as Cambridge all-embracing assay or All-embracing Baccalaureate. They were basically founded for the accouchement of diplomats who are geographically mobile, due to postings in altered countries, in adjustment to accommodate them the aforementioned class anywhere in the world. However, today it is not advised as a ability of these children, as parents from altered anatomic accomplishments adopt it for their children.

The acumen for growing acceptance of residential Schools in India is the all-around class that is taught, giving a appropriate accent on abilities and knowledge; rather than testing their acceleration and memory. The purpose of the class is to accomplish an adolescent able rather than a bookworm, who is competent abundant to face the challenges of the absolute world. Moreover, they accept been able to accumulate the Indian appearance alive. They chase simple credo “every adolescent is special” and should be accustomed abundant amplitude to abound and advance their cerebral abilities, which would advice them to leave their mark on the all-around arena.

Unlike the added best boarding school in Indian, area the pupils are accomplished to memories the class and at the end of it barf it out, after compassionate the accomplished concept, authoritative them clumsy to cope with the anytime growing demands at the all-around arena. Residential schools in India, about accomplish the acceptance able abundant to cope with the challenges at the all-embracing forum, with its globally accustomed advance and able-bodied able teachers. They are additionally accepted to accord accouchement abundant abandon to advance their adroitness and analytic capabilities, appropriately pupils are accomplished to administer the things they learnt in the academy in the applied life.

As there is a majority of adopted students, residential schools in India are a alloyed bag of people, accepting learners from altered cultures and ethnicity. The acceptance get a befalling to collaborate with added pupils from altered cultural backgrounds, appropriately acclaim the abstraction of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” abysmal into the minds of the accouchement and authoritative them all-around citizens in accurate sense. This additionally develops moral ethics like altruism and accepted alliance amid the children.

The capital focus of the best boarding schools in India is the all-embracing development of children. Thus, they animate assorted extracurricular and co-curricular activities in the school. The schools organise workshops, which advice the acceptance to booty up activities of their choice. They are encouraged to participate in assorted extracurricular activities. This affectionate of advance for accord in altered activities helps them to accompany out their hidden talents and afford their inhabitations.

Residential schools in India accept been a advance change that Indian educational area has anytime seen. It prepares the acceptance for approaching challenges, with its beatnik class and able-bodied able teachers.

For more information about Ganga International School. visit:- Residential School In India, Take a look at International School Best Boarding School In India.

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30 Years Later, The Future Of Urban Life: “no Carbon” – Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, Science

30 Years Later, The Future Of Urban Life: “no Carbon” – Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, Science
Shanghai World Expo is set off a wave of low-carbon future is probably the way of urban life

Policy Expo The future of urban life from a delicate scene, used to see and hear around them, the Shanghai World Expo is a battle of “low carbon” tidal wave. The way of urban life into the future to solve the bottlenecks? Carbon Expo may be given a medicine. Pass through the park to experience a “carbon-free world” of course.

2015 Michael a low-carbon life 2015 years, which occurred in the global village is a family story.

Michael is an industrial designer living in Shanghai. His parents, Mr. and Pui Pui his wife lives in Beijing, and his sister Cindy home in Milan. Although separated by thousands of miles, green low-carbon technology allows family members living at your fingertips. Interestingly, we can visit with the perception of light shadowing these stories. Michael

went door, “invisible gate” in front. 007 visitors encountered a similar scene in the film, would automatically scan the main features of the face, after identification to enter. Today (2015), flying, and so do not go to the bank ID card, his face with anything. Features three-dimensional data, the unique identity of every person check information.

In the Michael home, there are three windmills power their communities. Michael garage with cars RufGreenster, first by the way lithium battery powered electric vehicles, it has a high power reserve and a series of charge-discharge capacity, but also the excess electricity to the public grid. As the “power”, Michael received the power company each month to pay his “electricity.”

Day, Michael received a modified design of the new electric car mandate, must be in the time and in Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and three other team members. Mai’s mission was not able to complete tasks faster and better. This is derived from the 3D co-

simulation and remote link system, it is no longer a simple multi-party video calls, but the scene of the docking site of life. Shanghai for the completion of body design, the New York people will be able to color it and then people from Tokyo to complete his process … …

Michael family had a fish tank, fish and sometimes less and sometimes be large, but also many bubbles that pop up; the fish swim to the shell side from time to time. Michael looked strange fish tank, I know all parents living in Beijing.

This is due to the remote link system, a soft landing. Is not only a piece of fish tank accessories, fish, or distant parents induction body. Parents living through changes in fish and fish tank reflected, so that geographic distance disappear.

These stories took place in the Park Beach Plaza, No. 8, after the door of “We Are the World” museum, these technologies are not dreams, Siemens advanced technology will be 13 of them scattered and local embeddedness. Role in the story played by people like artists, Betty played by actress Xi Meijuan, Mr. Tony Jiang Kun.

real practice “Carbon-free world”, 30 years after the real
If to say “We Are the World” Museum of the technology promotion, remaining a little “castles in the air” in the distance. In the Urban Best Practice Area, then copy the practice of the world have been cases of advanced low-carbon life.

Summer without air conditioning, roof of the “hood” device through the circulatory system cooling ventilation and humidity control; hot bath without power, roof Solar Energy Devices can provide the power you need.

The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as Stpp Sodium Tripolyphosphate Manufacturer , China Sodium Tripolyphosphate Industrial Grade, and more. For more

BRAC brings upheaval, opportunity to San Antonio 090812

BRAC brings upheaval, opportunity to San Antonio 090812

PHOTO CAPTION: RJ Holley, Program Manager for Facilities, IMCOM Transformation Office, discusses new blast-proof windows with Troy Alexander, superintendant with RKJ Construction, the contractor on Building 2265, the future home of Headquarters, IMCOM G6. (Photo by Rob McIlvaine, FMWRC Public Affairs)

BRAC brings upheaval, opportunity to San Antonio 090812

By Rob McIlvaine
FMWRC Public Affairs

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas – Construction on the Installation Management Command campus at Fort Sam Houston is raising the dust with four buildings under complete renovation, one getting an addition, two being built from the ground up, and 2,400 people moving into new offices during the next two years.

“It’s been a year-long process to get all the building plans developed and the approvals granted for all of these projects,” IMCOM Transformation Office Program Manager Roy “R.J.” Holley said.

With one of the buildings half completed, and contracts being awarded for the rest, Fort Sam, as it is colloquially known, continues to grow.

Construction, however, is not new to San Antonio, known as Military City USA. From the early days of Spanish exploration and the transformation of the Alamo, to providing the cutting edge in battlefield healthcare training, San Antonio’s history is closely linked to military history.

However, the Base Realignment and Closure activities scheduled to occur in San Antonio through September 2011 could arguably be one of the city’s largest economic development projects.

San Antonio’s four military facilities – Lackland and Randolph Air Force Bases, Camp Bullis and Fort Sam Houston – are expected to receive 4,886 new personnel, 5,500 Family members, 9,000 additional students, along with $2.1 billion in construction.

San Antonio is one of 12 locations worldwide where Department of Defense sites are combining to form joint bases. Under the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Joint Basing plan for San Antonio, installation support functions at Fort Sam Houston will combine with those at Randolph and Lackland AFBs to support what will be the largest customer-based organization in the Department of Defense when completed in 2011.

Restoration of historic structures on Fort Sam Houston will provide administrative space for about 3,000 military personnel and civilian employees. They will support a variety of realigned agencies and commands, including the Installation Management Command, the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command, and the Army Environmental Command. The Mission and Installation Contracting Command and the Network Enterprise Technology Command, including the 106th Signal Brigade, also will be stationed there.

All told, BRAC is expected to bring 9,000 employees to Fort Sam Houston.

These renovation projects include about two dozen structures, many of which are more than 75 years old and several that are more than a century old. As federal historic renovation efforts, the projects are within the National Historic Preservation Act parameters.

“One of the nicest things about these historical structures built in the 1930s as regimental barracks is the open balconies that will allow people to move between offices by going outside on the second and third floors,” Holley said about IMCOM headquarters. “The balconies face the summertime prevailing winds, allowing them to be nice and cool. A lot of business will probably be conducted on those balconies.”

If there is insufficient room on the balconies, the buildings are designed with 30 percent more meeting rooms and conference areas than normal design guidelines.

These historic structures are arranged in the shape of a square with a new 168,000 square foot IMCOM headquarters being constructed in the middle.

Holley oversees renovation of three buildings for IMCOM – including one for FMWRC and another for AEC. He also oversees construction of a fourth building for IMCOM, to be located inside the four outlying buildings on campus, the renovation of the old Sam Houston Theater for Army Entertainment Division, and construction of the MWR Academy.

Building 2264, the future home of Family and MWR Command, will begin renovation this November and be completed by May 2011.

In the meantime, 68 personnel, the majority of whom are relocating from the National Capital Region, will work at the Fort Sam Houston Community Club until the permanent lease space located off base becomes available in September.

IMCOM personnel moving to Fort Sam Houston this summer will experience some difficulty in accomplishing their daily work activities. But in two years the enormous amount of construction and the resulting consolidation of various departments will streamline workflow, reduce stress and contribute to an improved quality of life for Soldiers and Families.

"We’re having growing pains, of course," said Bill Bradner, deputy Public Affairs officer and spokesperson for the Family and MWR Command. "Adapting to split operations is a challenge, and working through the IT issues has been frustrating, at times. But every day we’re getting smarter, and developing solutions to those challenges.

"We’re looking forward to moving to the leased space this fall. Right now some of us are working on folding tables, taking our files and computers home every night, even sharing phones, copiers and printers. Moving to office space and establishing a more permanent infrastructure will be a huge step forward. Of course, there will be growing pains then, too… but the lessons we’ve learned making the move from Alexandria to Fort Sam should serve us well as we move into the leased space," Bradner said.

According to Bill Stickles, acting director of MWR Facilities, the new working spaces were based on the needs of each directorate.

“We were bound by certain building requirements,” Stickles noted, “but we wanted to be sure each directorate would not be split up on different floors. This was achieved through the efforts of our designer, Haimanot Abbit.”

As of August 2009, the renovation of building 2265, which will house the Fort Sam Houston Directorate of Information Management and Headquarters IMCOM G6, is halfway completed, with a June 2010 target for completion.

Building 2266, which will house Headquarters IMCOM G1, G5 and IG, began renovation in July, with expected completion by May 2011. It should be mission-ready 60 days later.

Building 2263, home to Army Environmental Command, will begin renovation this October with expected completion by 2011.

Those reporting for duty with AEC this year and next will work in Building 2000, beginning this December, until their new space is ready. This structure was built in 1908 to serve as the installation’s new hospital, replacing the hospital that had been constructed in 1886.

“Each of the buildings has basements where conference rooms, training rooms, locker rooms with showers, and classrooms are being built,” Holley said.

The three-story structure to be built in the middle of these buildings, on the original parade ground, will house the IMCOM Command Group, numbering about 900 people, bringing the total number to 2,400 moving onto the IMCOM campus. Construction will begin in November, with completion by June 2011.

Although not visible when driving by the campus, it will be historically accurate and match the other buildings. A special Army Alternate Procedures agreement outlines more specific management practices to ensure the visual character of the buildings is maintained. Under this agreement, project teams consult regularly with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and the Texas Historical Commission.

“Renovation projects like these require extraordinary effort because intricate architectural features must be preserved to achieve an appearance that is true to the original designs,” said David Thomas, director of the Joint Program Management Office, which is overseeing the San Antonio BRAC construction and renovation program. “Extra care and diligence are also necessary in carrying out the work because of the delicate state of some of these buildings.”

All of the historic structures require extensive rehabilitation to become suitable for their new tenants. In most cases, existing interior partitions, electrical wiring, plumbing, climate control systems, and interior and exterior lighting fixtures need to be replaced. Stairways, ceilings, wooden floors, structural roof members, interior and exterior doors and windows are also being repaired, refinished or replaced.

“These buildings were meant to last,” Holley said. “The original clay tile roofs will remain as they are, and the stucco on the outside walls, built with cinderblock and brick, only needed a paint job.”

During the 1970s, the Army remodeled the structures as two-man rooms from traditional barracks. The rest of the renovation of these Mediterranean-style buildings will help meet anti-terrorism/force protection requirements, such as blast-proof windows designed to appear as the originals, and the addition of fiberglass “band aids” to the concrete floors designed for “progressive collapse,” among others.

Fort Sam Houston, with construction beginning in 1876, is the ninth oldest Army installation with the most historic structures of any active military installation in America.

“The whole complex is a cultural conservation district,” Holley said. “In addition, nice micro parks will be landscaped between the buildings with Texas vegetation local to this San Antonio river basin, such as Lantana that grows six feet high with yellow flowers, lots of cactus, desert palms, and native live oaks.”

To conserve water, irrigation for the plants will be provided by an underground cistern that captures rain water.

“But the crown jewel will be the renovation of Building 2270 – the Fort Sam Houston Theatre, to its original grandeur,” Holley said. “Built in 1935, this movie theatre is the first one the Army built in the United States.

“On the inside, it looks a whole like the Warner Brothers’ theaters built around the country in the early 1900s. After completion, we’ll hang original film posters throughout,” Holley said. “Even the ticket booth in the front will have a mannequin inside, ready to take your money for the latest show.”

A portion of theatre will be overhauled and the end product will feature a three-story structure with an 80-foot “fly tower” that will accommodate the raising and lowering of stage sets. The first floor will extend the stage, which only will be used as a rehearsal hall. The other floors will house offices and recording studios.

The 1,100-seat theater will be reduced to an 800-seat theater to allow the balcony to hold lighting and sound equipment. A nearby warehouse will be used for construction of sets, theater maintenance and equipment storage.

The MWR Academy will be built in a field behind the IMCOM complex, on the other side of Wilson Street, with parking for 500.

For the entire IMCOM campus there will be 2,100 parking spaces, mostly located along three blocks of Stanley Road, which runs parallel to Wilson.
“All new construction in this campus within the San Antonio river basin will appear the same, architecturally, so there’ll be no mistaking where IMCOM is located,” Holley said.

In the fall of 2011, after the dust settles from yet another upheaval at Fort Sam, the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, and the military not only will benefit from a strengthened economy and revitalized neighborhoods, but those who have moved into this historical military city as a result of BRAC will find a sense of community and revitalized spirit.

According to Bradner, the move back onto Fort Sam in 2011 will unite “our Family and we’ll be working side by side supporting the Army Family.
“We’ll probably face a number of challenges during that transition, too, but the end result will be greatly improved efficiency and smoother operations across the board,” Bradner said.

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365 0607

365 0607

A heads-up display what I made up in photoshop and illustrator or something and then put inside a big space helmet on this day in 2009. Well, I say this day, I mean June 7th.
365 outtake 0607

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Philip Green Educational – Slide Set S44 – Computers

Philip Green Educational - Slide Set S44 - Computers

4 – This man is baking wafers of silicon in an oven to a temperature of about 1,000 degrees celsius. The silicon must be about 99.9999% pure before it can be made into chips. Elements are introduced to alter the way electricity will flow through the chips. The cleanest of manufacturing conditions are essential because the tiniest speck of dust can cause the chip to be useless.

*Taken from the Teachers’ Notes for this set.

Even after a ‘boil wash’ Neville handled his undies with the utmost caution…

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Invent Your Future With Better Strategic Planning

Invent Your Future With Better Strategic Planning
I read a quote somewhere a few years ago that really made me think. The author said “the long run is an invention anyway, you might still invent a smart one”.
If you stop and suppose regarding it, it’s very, true the choices and choices we tend to build throughout life accumulate to work out where we are and what we have a tendency to’re doing. How many times have you ever onerous someone say, if we have a tendency to knew then what we recognize currently?
Well what if we did apprehend then? What if you actually had a vision of where you needed to be in five or ten years, and made decisions and decisions based mostly on attaining that vision? You really would be inventing your future. Many successful individuals employ goal setting as an everyday part of their lives. Goal setting centered on a clear vision.
Most individuals simply do not do that. They spend a lot of effort and time planning a two-week vacation than they are doing determining what they are going to try to to with their lives.
They give the impression of being back in some unspecified time in the future and realize life simply happened and they’re where they are by _____. You fill within the blank, luck, fate, breaks, whatever word you choose.
Well experience has taught me that several organizations function in a lot of the identical way. The choices and choices they make everyday accumulate to see where they are in their market, and how well they are doing. If those decisions are made concerning a clear vision and direction, they would find that they’re indeed creating their own future.
Begin with the top in mind. The is before you begin a coming up with method, consult with all of the stakeholder and confirm precisely where it’s you would like to go.
I don’t mean some vague statement saying I want to double sales, or double margins, however a clear crisp vision of what your organization will appear as if in five years. What businesses can you be in, what market share, what your market differentiator will be. It ought to be clear enough you can articulate it to everyone. Next step is sharing it with stakeholders often.
Once everyone understands the vision clearly, all decisions, processes, incentives, investments and different resources should be aligned to attain that vision. It makes selections easier by simply answering the queries will this take me nearer or additional from my vision.
If you’re thinking that regarding it you are inventing your future. You are clarifying what you would like, and taking measured steps to urge there. After all it takes some different things like honestly and objectively determining where you’re now, and developing crisp goals to induce from here to there. I could place a plug in here like hiring a great business coach to facilitate the process is a nice help.

James Brunner been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in strategic planning ,you can also check out his latest website about:
Retro Bar Chairs Which reviews and lists the best

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