☩☩ At Work ☩☩

☩☩ At Work ☩☩

[Ba] Toronto-Arts table3
Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration)

[Hasendow] sphinxfan_s

BooK CafE / BooK (C)

[AF] L’Olivier
Breakfast Books

[TA] PhotoStudio Magazines

[Con.] Painted Signage – Diesel

vespertine] bookcart for wizard

[NO CONCEPT] coffee to go

[floorplan.] crate stack / whitewash
card catalog

[*Second Spaces*] 4across set
craft room – ribbons
craft room – punches
Bathroom Clutter – to pass the time RARE

[-tres blah-] Salad Days – Cat Face Jade
Hodgepodge – Snail Mail
Salad Days – Lavender Planner
Salad Days – Easy Listening

[dust bunny] bunny computer . black
bunny computer . white
papasan stool . white wood

[Soy.] Triangle Terrarium [crystal] silver
Messy Beer Cans

[:::LP:::] Camera Bag Display – White [Secret] FOS Lense Display
PodPod – Black

[PILOT] Larkin Set – Cactus Planter

[junk.] repurposed wagon light. bronze.

[:FANATIK HOME:] Industrial Shelve 1

[KOPI] succulent_Box

[tarte.] potted plant

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“Dino” is upset

because he’s been ignored for some time and is gathering dust on top of my computer. "Dino" presides over many diverse friends in and around my office. He’s a clay sculpture created by my friend and colleague Garren (Garren Evans – April 15, 1971 – August 9, 2008). Photo by Frank

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Can We Break Up and Still Be Friends?

Can We Break Up and Still Be Friends?

Dr Theodor Seuss said “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened”. No wonder Dr. Seuss is one of the greatest known children’s writers of all time, because he has a sense of composure and optimism that causes children to be happy with life. It may be a simple line, but it bears so much meaning. These simple words might just help you recover from a recently concluded relationship. Is the fact that you have moved on, can smile about what transpired in the past and laugh about the mistakes you both made a sign that you are ready to be friends? Is it really possible that after sharing intimate moments and love, you can really befriend your ex? For some, it may be very easy. But for many a resounding NO is the answer to that question. For those of you who think friendship is not an option here are a few tips that may help you give friendship a chance after a failed romantic relationship.

Learn To Forgive – Forgiving someone who has caused you so much pain can be a very difficult thing. You may feel fine and even think you have let go of the pain caused by a broken marriage or relationship. But are you ready to be friends with your former partner? If not then you may not have completely moved on and truly forgiven your past partner. This means that there are still things you want to avoid and memories that rekindle certain emotions when you see your old flame. The simple cause of these emotions is the failure to forgive him and possibly even yourself for the mistakes you both committed in the past. Learn to let go of all the excess baggage. If you need a platform to air your grief and anger try talking to your ex about what happened. Although he may not be the best partner in the world, for all you know he may have the potential to be your best friend.

Open Lines of Communication – You may need some time to heal before you will be ready to re-open the lines of communication with a past partner. However communication may be the only way for you to end this particular chapter of your life and fill in the gaps created by lost love. Being friends with your ex-lover can be a way to attract harmony in your life. You were once a couple because you saw something special in each other and you probably took that path for a reason. Communication if the first step in establishing a lasting relationship even if it may not be a romantic one. Friendship is a great way to re-start your life and smile with your heart. There is great value in moving on and taking advantage of new opportunities in life, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Moving on will help you find your way to a healthy and balanced love life. If you need help letting go of the past seek a love expert that can help you with specific advice about your unique situation.

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Only Love And Friends

Only Love And Friends

Lots of people don’t know what makes a relationship last, and spend 100′s of dollars trying to find the solution.

The reply is not that complicated, nor could it be difficult to find. The reply is this; you and also the person you marry should be the best of love and friends. Your ex will be able to allow anything if the person you marry is the closest friend.

So why may be the answer for any long lasting marriage to marry your best friend? Think about it for a jiffy, and you’ll see why. Your pals would be the people you have confidence in with anything and can go to for honest advice. They’re the ones who attempt to help you and bump you up to feel good about yourself. They like you for what you are, as well as once they know some of your worst secrets and bad habits, they still like you. In fact, it sounds in my experience like they like you.

In case your friends can adore you that much, would it not stand to reason that the person you marry should be allowed to love you much, if not more? Your friends will stand by your side when your life is going all wrong. They are sure to be there for you personally and do anything they can that will help you; and that is absolutely things i want from the one I marry.

There is no denying that at some time, all marriages may have some difficulties. Some are so minor that the marriage isn’t affected at all, while others are so huge that the marriage doesn’t last. The main reason they do not last though, isn’t a lot the problem itself, but because somewhere along the way, somebody forgot to deal with the main one they love and married as their friend; his or her closest friend.

Now, I don’t want you to definitely read this, have a look at the friends, and think that you are supposed to fall in love and marry one of these. There’s a good chance that won’t happen. However, I actually do want you to read this, take a look at the one you like, and think could they be also your friend. If the both individuals each others best friend.

Discover more about just how to find love and friends and start your brand-new on line look for love or friends and just go to friendwithlove.com and register totally free.

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What Can You Do When You Friends Want To Borrow Your Favorite Dvd

What Can You Do When You Friends Want To Borrow Your Favorite Dvd
There are lots of Hollywood movies emerging in endlessly. And we all have stored some movies in the laptops hard disk, covering feature film, horror film, mystery film, action film, affectionate film, comedy film and etc. Thanks for all of them; we can enjoy ourselves happily via watching them.

Personally speaking, another interest related to film is collecting the DVDs of my favorite movies, just like a big film fan would always do. There is a big cabinet at my room to place those DVD. On the weekend, I am used to inviting my friends or other movie fans to come to my place to watch and discuss some classic movies together.

Sometimes, either my friends or other movie fans want to borrow my favorite DVD to take away. To tell the truth, however, I always fear that those lent-out DVD might be lost or broken, and want to seek some methods to copy these DVD to blank disc to give my friends. But many DVD movies are protected by the CSS protection technology, which cannot be decrypted easily just by myself.

At last, I am recommended to try to buy and use Leawo DVD Copy (http://www.leawo.com/dvd-copy/), which can help me back up the DVD with the original DVD movie excellent quality unchanged at a high speed. As a novice level computer user, I can easily complete the reproduction process from DVD to hard disc, PC folder or blank disk. In addition, you can edit disc label, set program update frequency, delete temporary files and shut down computer automatically when all the operation have been done.

With the help of it, I copy lots of movie for my friend, which not only prevents my favorite DVD from being broken or lost, but also can meet his/her requirements.

If you are interested in it, you can go to the official website to learn more information. Last week, I received the prompt that the 30 days trial limitation had been removed. In other words, you do not have to download its trial edition every 30 days, but I also recommend you to buy a registered edition.

So, what can you do when you friends want to borrow your favorite DVD? To borrow or not to borrow, that will not be a question if you have a good DVD Copy tool.

convert life with
DVD copy

3 Powerful Tips on How to Get Out of Nasty Friends Zone

3 Powerful Tips on How to Get Out of Nasty Friends Zone

If you ever catch yourself hearing the words “Let’s just be friends”, “I’d like us to just be friends”, or any variation thereof, you better evacuate yourself from that position.

An exception of course, is unless you intend, or will be content with remaining strictly as her “friend”. This also means no heavy touching, kissing, or anything physically intimate. Are you sure you want that?

When a woman tells you she wants to be friends, don’t buy any of the common excuses when you hear them. For example, “I have too much work nowadays”, “I need some time to think things over,” “I don’t want too ruin our friendship”.

My friend, when a woman categorizes you as a friend, it translates as “I am no longer attracted in you. You just don’t turn me on. Hands off me now.” Her interest level simply wandered off into no-where land, and you do not want to go chasing for it.

So, how do you crawl yourself out of this dreaded friends zone? The question you should really be asking yourself is: how did you get yourself there in the first place?

Most likely, you became too dependent and needy. Your whole life schedule probably even revolved around her, and you had nothing “going on for you” other than her. This is the type of reality that often turns a woman off quick like hearing a girl fart during dinner. Being clingy is never sexy.

If such scenario applies to you, here are three hot tips on how to get out the friend’s zone. Follow through if you’d like to regain her interest level, or move on from any imminent emotional repercussions from the blow in confidence you may have received from hearing the words: “let’s just be friends”.

1. Don’t be phased. If you let any signs of “being hurt” show, you’re giving her the upper hand. Stay cool and collected. Tell her upfront with a tone of sincerity that that you’re afraid that’s “not going to happen,” since that’s not the kind of relationship you can see yourself in with her. Hey, it’s your life, run it your way.

Wish her the best and tell her it was great knowing her. Don’t break down and cry over the phone or in person insisting that you could do better. You want her to feel a sense of loss or denied access. Women want what they can’t have – so to increase your attraction level again, make yourself not readily available.

2. Avoid further contact with her. Cut loose, or go cold turkey (it’s ok to be extreme in this case) on the text messages, e-mailing, or whichever form of communication she got used to. Get on with your life and business. Pursue your career, dreams, hobbies. Focus on yourself first!

3. Instill jealousy. Meet and hang out with other women. Don’t do so forcibly out of revenge though. Do it because you intend on meeting other quality women, and yes, there are plentiful out there! You never know who’s available until you start shopping!

By increasing your social factor, you inadvertently pump up your perceived value in her eyes. Let her know that you are in demand, that she now has competition to deal with, and that you can have a smashing time with other women. Once she realizes that she’s missing out on the fun, her interest level will naturally shoot back up.

Needless to say, do learn from your past. Track back and evaluate how you behaved. Did the flirting dynamic start to suck? Did you become too supplicating? Did you express too much of your feelings to her, in other words, dump your emotional baggage too often? Were you too uninspiring? Non-challenging?

Did you soften up completely and handed her both your balls where she now keeps in a jar? Whatever it is, don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Want to check out more powerful, or dare I say, life changing dating tips for guys? Check out my other articles on here.


Andrew Wang is a meteoric rising go-to dating instructor who has changed the lives of over 14,260+ men online with clear, powerful cutting edge dating advices that helped them succeed with women fast. He is also a CEO, artist, producer, designer of LUXLIVIN Entertainment, a hip hop music and high end streetwear fashion company.

“Attracting women should never have been difficult.”

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For more powerful cutting edge dating tips for guys, you may want to check out his blog at Absolutedatingtips.com. You’ll access a goldmine of secrets such as: What attracts women, what women want in a man, what do women want to hear, what women want in bed, how to become an alpha male, how to pickup girls, and whole lot more you don’t want to miss out on.

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Relationship Breakups – How To Stay Friends

Relationship Breakups – How To Stay Friends

Relationship breakups don’t always mean that the person you’re breaking up with needs to be cut completely out of your life. Many people continue to have warm and satisfying friendships with their exes by making sure that their relationship breakups are done without hurting anyone more than necessary.

There are situations where you know that you don’t really want that person to continue to be in your life. Maybe things that happened during the relationship are just too painful. You feel like you can’t forgive him or her for what they did.

You might be surprised later on once the initial hurt has passed at how differently you feel. While the chances that you would want to get back together with that person are slim, you might discover you really miss having him or her in your life.

This is never more true than when your ex was your friend first. When you had a great friendship and that lead to a romantic relationship, relationship breakups don’t just end the romance, but now you’ve lost that great friendship, too.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though, if the other person wants to keep you in his or her life, too. The only way to find this out is to have a conversation about it. You might be in for a pleasant surprise to discover that your ex still wants to be friends, too.

If you talk to your boyfriend, though, and he has an attitude or is angry and doesn’t want to continue a friendship, then accept it but don’t burn any bridges. Don’t go out with an attitude or become insulting.

There’s always the chance that he can’t see past the hurt and anger he’s feeling, and could change his mind later. But if you throw a few parting shots to make the pain and hurt even worse, you might be sabotaging your chances of having this person as a friend later.

Relationship breakups are never easy, and it’s not necessarily easy to stay friends afterwards. This is true even if you were best friends before you began the romantic relationship. When you’re in a romance with someone, that person knows intimate details about you and your life.

And after a breakup, some people might see those tidbits of information as weapons. It’s very easy to insult someone in a way that you know will really hurt them when you’re hurting, too. The desire to lash out or to protect yourself by striking the first verbal blow is a natural emotional response.

No one knows the little details that can wound you quite as deeply as someone you’ve been in a relationship with. If your ex uses these little things to hurt you, try to keep it in perspective. Yes, it’s painful, but he’s coming from a place of anger, too.

Don’t fight back like that. Take the high road, and be respectful. Even if your relationship breakups don’t end in you remaining friends, you’ll feel better for not making the situation even worse.

http://bit.ly/9OvPwc > You can stay friends. Here’s real informative advice.

Do You Worried About Her Male Friends?

Do You Worried About Her Male Friends?

Everyone can say that jealousy is hard emotion. It really is the “green eyed monster”. When you are seeing a girl who has a lot of boy friends, you will think that they are friends with her because all of them are attracted by her. You may not even be wrong. There are many reasons why guys will feel this jealousy is because a lot of men have ever thought of what things would make the romantic with their girlfriends.


Jealousy is bad MMMkay

So when it comes to women we may be easily swayed because of our own views toward our previous “friendships” toward women. Maybe some of her friends even include ex-boyfriends. This can easily peg your jealousy meter. The first and most important thing to do is not worry about it. Really. Jealousy will eat you up and may end up driving her away. Perhaps even into the arms of one of her friends.


The truth behind jealousy and confidence

The real truth is that if you are confident and show her a good time and do everything you can to keep her attracted you will never have to worry about those guys. Even if they are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” If she wanted them she would be dating them, not you. Women want confident men. They like bold direct approaches. This appeals to a fundamental need. Becoming a woman’s friend will never let you “worm your way” into her heart. Your best bet is to be open and try to become friends with her friends also. If a guy does have intentions on your girl it is much harder for him to make a move if he is also your friend. If you make an honest attempt to befriend her friends also you can easily see if one of them truly is a sleazebag out to snipe your woman.


Never let jealousy get the better of you.

Be confident and you will keep women interested. Learn more tricks of the game and you will keep your woman attracted or attract new women.

True Friends Are Hard to Find – But, Still Find One

True Friends Are Hard to Find – But, Still Find One

It is nice to be good , but it is good to be nice, whatever.

When it comes to friendship, one must ensure that he can be the best friend of himself. Or else, other would not accept him as one.

People from all walks of life really need someone to enjoy life, the adventures and misadventures of being authentic in this hypocrite society. Well, sounds a rebel or what, huh?

Anyways, it is not bad to seek acceptance coming from same minded persons or people of your same wavelengths, etc. In fact, it is a must to mingle with smart people than with those who are not. Yes, it is so hard to get acquainted with someone who is not in your domain. Like, mal-educated ones acting as properly schooled on important aspects of life, say, on social skills as in knows how to handle their own weak points of character like gossiping, as if he is perfect, virtues, moral and the like.

Yes, people acting as friends to you are really dangerous. They know vital things about you and can divulge private things about you, or can simply intrude acting as so-called well-intentioned –or just concerned –and helping you in the process. Hahaha

Bravo! Thanks, but no thanks. Instead of hiding in your pretensions, why not be authentic and make yourselves exposed. Do not hide in your so-called alibis and think you get other people’s approval for doing such a thing. Time will come such pretensions and all will be exposed, and the truth will come out sending you scampering away like a mouse.

Well, this article is not about calling the attention of a friend or what, but it is for every one who has been a victim of false friend/s. Yes, it is sad to know that friendship ended in sour because of a friend’s handicap in his personality and all.

Nobody wants to know that a friend is a traitor, etc. simply because one believes that his friend has been nice and good. Or one could not believe that he has gotten a crap instead of liquefied gold.

The author is a mentor of teachers in elementary grades in the Philippines. Aside from being a grade school teacher, he is also contributing articles to magazines just to make good use of his spare time. He has joined writing contest in the past, but until now, he is dreaming of bagging an award! This is why, he is now trying his luck in this endeavor–blogging– to find his niche and somewhere, somehow find a way of publishing a book.

How to Be Friends After a Breakup – Dead Useful Tips For Ending on a Civilized Note

How to Be Friends After a Breakup – Dead Useful Tips For Ending on a Civilized Note

Ending relationships is difficult in even the best of circumstances. Do you ever wonder how some couples have figured out how to be friends after a breakup? Isn’t it something you’d like to do in your situation? It’s not as difficult as you might think.

You do not have to make an “either or” decision when it comes to relationship. You have choices beyond either you love him or you hate him. In between there is friendship and your romantic partner should, above and beyond all else, be your friend. That is often the most difficult thing to part with once relationships end.

How to be Friends after a Breakup

1) Avoid acting or lashing out in anger or pain. This is a critical first step in the process of retaining a friendship from the wreckage of your romantic relationship. Don’t go out and do something you’ll regret. Instead, be calm and behave with integrity throughout the breakup process.

2) Don’t talk bad about your ex to any and every one who will listen. If you hope to figure out how to be friends after a breakup. You need to guard your words and set the example. Don’t say things you can’t take back or that you might one day regret even if they are said in reaction to the pain of a breakup.

3) Begin by being a friend without strings. Offer friendship and avoid pushing for a romantic overtone. Be friends and ask for nothing additional in return. This will create a bond between the two of you that might even go beyond the bond you had as romantic partners.

4) Accept the friendship offered by your ex. Don’t place conditions and don’t make demands. Accept what is freely offered and let this new dimension to your relationship evolve over time. You may discover that your ex is a better friend than lover for you. You might also discover that your romance can be rekindled once you’ve worked out how to really be friends above and beyond all else.

Learning how to be friends after a breakup is one of the most important things you can do if you ever hope to get your ex back. Even without holding on to this particular hope there is a great deal to be gained by learning to be friends with your ex. The most important thing to gain though is a true and dear friend.

Next, if you aren’t content with the idea of friendship with your ex alone you can get your ex back. Click here: http://www.getyourexbacknow.com/just_break_up3.html to learn what you need to do to get your ex back without ruining your new friendship today.

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