wind furniture

wind furniture

This week represents the end of a bit of a photography spending spree that coincides with the end of a very difficult divorce process. As an act of personal freedom I’ve geared up with a camera body, lenses and now a computer (using an iMac 24 for the first time as well as a PC).

This is the first image that I’ve cleaned up, cropped and framed using the Mac version of Photoshop Elements 6. It was very scary to see how many tiny specks of dust the full frame sensor had picked up and the large bright screen had revealed. Thank goodness for the healing and cloning tools!

Anyway the point of this image is to represent my bright, cheerful and energetic future with many strands of personal and professional success.

Wish me luck!

Best regards and thank you


Posted by StephenCotterellPhotography on 2008-06-24 19:14:10

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Web Designers Staffordshire: Fill Up A Quote Form Today

Web Designers Staffordshire: Fill Up A Quote Form Today
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Laptop Heatsink #1

Laptop Heatsink #1

No wonder the laptop was overheating. Unblocking the vents should improve the air flow (it certainly feels almost stone cold compared to the heat output I’ve become used to!)

Posted by basswulf on 2006-07-15 12:22:08

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HTPC (AZZA/CypberpowerPC Case) Short Review

HTPC (AZZA/CypberpowerPC Case) Short Review

I originally obtained this case from Cyberpower PC which they call it the Zeus Mini. It is a great small form factor case, but I feel that it does not do to well in cooling the components.

It looks cool with it’s exterior lights on the front with the brushed metal face.

Working with this case was very difficult due to my fat pudgy hands and inexperience. I had to remove all the fans that are placed over the components before installing a long 292mm Gigabyte GTX 770 Video Card. The power source for the video card were touching the ceiling of the case causing slight bending. Wire management was very difficult and it was very messy looking to my taste. The top of the case has some air holes but is not dust proof. The front IO has only one usb 2.0 and one 3.0.

Posted by E_mil on 2014-10-05 10:07:49

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