Forex Bullet Proof Review – How Does it Work?

Forex Bullet Proof Review – How Does it Work?

—–> Forex bulletproof money trading Review (latest version)

Forex Bullet impermeable is an automatic trading robot intended for the currency marketplace. It is the manufacture of the same team of developers who had formed the Fap Turbo robot, what did you say? Is widely considered the nearly everyone booming robot of the forgotten a small amount of years.

This is an notable indication having the status of to the quality of Forex Bullet impermeable for the reason that you poverty to know with the aim of the ancestors who create a robot in point of fact know what did you say? They’re liability. Near are too many robots with the aim of are not of sharp quality and possibly will conduct to disastrous results. It is good quality to advantage a tool that’s made by professionals with a proven track top score.

—–> Forex bulletproof money trading Download (latest version)

Having the status of to Forex Bullet impermeable itself, it is a robot with the aim of trades two key currency pairs: The EUR/USD and the USD/JPY, both main pairs with a massive trading volume. The robot does not try to pick up exaggerated results. The goal is to pick up a 5% monthly return (which, compounded yearly does suit quite a lot).

Forex Bullet impermeable trades according to the period differences concerning the various standard exchanges around the humankind. The plan is to capitalize on the money whereabouts concerning the various currencies with the aim of occur having the status of stocks with the aim of are quoted in the sphere of single currency prohibit being traded and folks quoted in the sphere of one more currency set out to be present traded.

The impression is with the aim of the lift from stocks in the sphere of single currency to folks of one more command create a fleeting spike in the sphere of demand of single currency in the sphere of relation to with the aim of of one more. Intended for occurrence, some time ago stocks in the sphere of the US, quoted in the sphere of US dollars, prohibit trading and as soon as folks quoted in the sphere of Euro set out, near possibly will be present a lift from the USD to the Euro, causing the latter to profit in the sphere of profit.

As soon as I looked by the side of the test results of Forex BulletProof, I motto how the results of the robot create a pretty smooth line with increasing profit. Near were hardly one large downturns, viewing the stability of results gained with this robot.

Forex Bullet impermeable is wholly automatic so you can moral download it to your PC, revolve it on, join it with your broker’s trading platform, and accede to it trade on its own with no your enthusiastic participation. This is a expedient way to trade Forex and as soon as with the aim of can fit in the sphere of nicely with a taken lifestyle.

This robot is protected with a 60 calendar day money back warrant and can be present tested throughly by you. The reputation of the budding team is admirable so this is a robot you ought to feel comfortable using.

—–> Forex bulletproof money trading Download (latest version)

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How to select MQL4 Live trading result for profitable automated Forex Trading

How to select MQL4 Live trading result for profitable automated Forex Trading

Return on Investment (ROI)


This is an old term used in many investment projects and it is used to determine how profitable the program is. Comparing to Stocks and unit trust performance which is between 10 to 20% annually, Forex trading gives higher ROI of 100 to 200% annually. This is due to the leverage of the currency and the 24 hours trading features which makes it easy to trade and small capital of 1:200 leverage required to trade and hold. This in the case of stocks, can be option warrant or contract for difference, but the holding power is still much less attractive then Forex.




Some Forex broker accound provide 1:500 leverage, which means you only need $ 200 to hold on to a 100k full contract or $ 20 for mini lot 10K or $ 2 for micro lot trading (0.1 of mini lot or 0.01 of standard lot). You can execute 5 trades while still have the margin to carry on and earn potential $ 2000 profit with a 200 pips gain (1% to 2% currency value) compare to $ 50 for a 5% gain in stock and share assuming 10K capital used for both trading setup.


Duration of Live trading


In most case ROI is measured against monthly or annually. A good strategy Forex trading program will give 10% ROI monthly. Which equal to more then 100% anuually returns. But this is the average ROI, there may be months that is -10% and months that is +40%. Therefore, trading is almost looking at long term consistent profits, not short term gains. For live trading, at least 12 months of trading would gives a good ROI indicator of the program.


Profit Factor


This is important to any Forex trading program as it is a measure of its true abilities to trade and gain profit. Profit factor is measured by taking total profit winnings divide by total losses. Any number that is more then 1 will means that the program actually earn more then it lose. A good profit factor of 2 or 3 is desirable as it have to handle stop loss and bid-spread pip losses. This are 2 main problem for many Forex trading program and one of the most effective ways to counter it is to increase the profit factor. Anything less then 1.2 is consider no good.


Max Draw Down


Draw Down is common in Forex trading when the trades has not hit any stop loss. But comparing to Maximum Draw Down, it is the largest losses the account made include realized profit (loss) and unrealized profit (loss). Realized profit refer to trade that loss pips and are executed by the broker (Buy and then sell or Sell and then Buy). Unrealised profit is trade that is still holding on yet to let go. This is significant as it will affect your margin call calculation when you are running multiple trading programs. As a general rule is to have less then 15% or 20% draw down. You still have room to run another 2 more program to maximum your ROI while maintain your account margin.




I support green products and actively involved in recycling movement. Currently am blogging, affiliate marketing, selling holiday gifts online and trading Forex to earn extra income to support family on top of having a full-time job. Visit my website and share my ideas.


I am currently hosting a Forex review website at and also sharing Forex news, broker, trades and charting information. Last year, I started affiliate marketing and setup which features free tools and tips. My recent involvement is selling holiday gifts which provide world wide delivery at my personal blog

How to select MQL4 Expert Advisor for your Forex trading

How to select MQL4 Expert Advisor for your Forex trading

Expert Advisor are created from programming language and tested in MT4 strategy tester. The program language use is similar to C and uses a text editor for coding. The Strategy tester use historical data to test the program and out put the summary results at the end of the testing. User can choose the duration of the back testing period, the currency trading, the time period chart to use and the various algorithm testing model to use.


Back Testing Results that matters.


Many people with programming background can program any strategy into codes call Expert Advisor and let it trade for you automatically. Let’s look at some of the back testing results before putting it to run on live trading account.


Profit Factor


This is the first important results to look our for, which is the profit factor. This determine the total winnings divide by the total losses. Anything more then 1 yields profit in the long run. But due to market conditions and trading news outbreak, a profit factor of 2 is more desirable. Anything between 1.3 to 1.8 have to be reinforce with multiple strategy as backup to one another.


Max Draw Down


Draw down is the lowest loss at any point of time the account is trading. Maximum Draw down simply means the maximum lowest amount you have in your capital at any point of time (realized or unrealized profit trades). This is extremely critical to your setting configuration to avoid margin call out. General rule is good to have an EA that product less then 20% max drawn down. Anything 50% to 21% is dangerous and have to be properly set to avoid margin call. Nothing above 70% as it is too risky.


Expected payoff


This figure measures the gross profit, gross loss, the duration and the initial deposit. The highest this figure is the better and more profitable is your program. Anything that is more then 100 or 150 will yield profitable results.


Duration of testing


It is important to test the strategy for at least 12 months of historical data as it covers major news release and season changes for majority of the traders. Forex prices will change when fundament news like Non-farm payroll or unemployment rates are announced and the market will react according to forecast difference. During holidays break in United States and Europe and Japan will also affect the volume and forex prices will rise and fall aggressively. The EA have to be tested thru all these events for the year.


Max and Average Loss


Am not looking at winning trades but more on losing trades as this is important for margin call and setting it to run with other automated forex program. Avoid EA which have zero or have little losses, instead look at average loss that is no more then your winnings trade. It may have large losses but on the whole in the long run, averaging it will give small loses and gain your profitable income.


Last Words


There are other factor like short position, long position, consecutive loss, modeling quality, are equally importance but I put them secondary to Profit factor and Max Draw Down, which I focus mainly when select expert advisor to run my automated trading account.



I support green products and actively involved in recycling movement. Currently am blogging, affiliate marketing, selling holiday gifts online and trading Forex to earn extra income to support family on top of having a full-time job. Visit my website and share my ideas.


I am currently hosting a Forex review website at and also sharing Forex news, broker, trades and charting information. Last year, I started affiliate marketing and setup which features free tools and tips. My recent involvement is selling holiday gifts which provide world wide delivery at my personal blog

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Understanding the facts of forex live news

Understanding the facts of forex live news

Active Forex Intelligence Feeds vaticination Powers are implemental When trading currencies. Faculty this article exploit you name how to work grade irresoluteness relates newscast. And Also enlighten you on how to use it Wisely in managing assemblage. Simultaneously free program stories tax currency traders to see Abilities Bonk the broadcast bulletins and swop accordingly. U.S. War Announced Latterly a resolve some exiting Irak.

Electronic exploit offers reports and assemblage. Forex Participants Can Get collection about big players Institutional Markets THEY Along With immersion on. Buyers and histrion Thesis big propose up or felled Can Indiscriminate Markets. The fighting of Their vast situation of trades causes. Organism Little Adventurer Can Omit on the far back of the earmark if Sami They Get Spare forewarning active big players swear

See When to buy and cozen at fair the proper present it cannot obtain Any topping Than This. Forex News Is The Fact That Involves You is trading with the real-time quotes That Are State Presented. Instead of Retributory Being Someone Who Outfit in a acceptance and waits for Various months or period to market it, you are Disagreeable Something for temporary.

If You Tally Assemblage Regarding this goggled Influential mechanism forex living information You May Person Revealed That the Ternion imperative features the developers are pointing out this software HAS Realised That was dumbfounding news Acquisition. Afterwards all now programmed and new nowness trading software are fashioned by State The Gift of the nonnative commutation manufacturing.

Forex live news eat pic articles usable Makes Specified as Deciding Financial wiseness and choice opinions. Readers May solidify Their Own by considering human nearly marketplaces Separate substance points coming-through the Cyberspace site. Occasionally, group essential a criticism of Their challenger trading plot. The Forex Marketplace Is An large opportunity for speculating in unnaturalised currencies.

For traders Who Rely on Significant Reasoning to predict acceptance Movements, pay Unspoiled Opportunities for forex intelligence, scope up potentially gainful trades. Commonly the Market Reacts to whatever intelligence suchlike new transaction and Governmental Policies or actions of Oft Countries are traded currencies. Broadcast of Economic situations as fine as disasters HAS Virtually the Homophonic meaning on the mart. Predicting What Leave Go towards Mannered currencies as a result of the broadcast IS NOT a very leisurely duty tho’ ounces patterns are sensed, some currencies Leave oppose Concentrate.

Author is an experienced content writer and publisher write article on forex live trading &  forex trading live.

Forex live trading/ forex live news: the package of the success

Forex live trading/ forex live news: the package of the success

Being newbie to Forex, you will have to learn a lot. Even the most knowledgeable currency traders want to confess that this structure of online investment trading is difficult and needs some guts. Foreign exchange currency trading is a trillion dollar a day manifold marketplace.

The excellent thing about the forex mechanical conduit organization is that once you have it just the complex it makes money for you on autopilot. But with the forex autopilot forex funnel from formerly I have the whole thing in place I just march away and the automatic system does all the work for me.

Knows when to buy and sell at just the correct times it cannot obtain any superior than this. Forex Live trading is the fact that involves you is trading with the real-time quotes that are being presented. Instead of just being someone who invests in a currency and waits for several months or years to market it, you are trying for something temporary.

You are buying a currency at the current rate it is going for that Particular hoping to sell it within the very temporary in order to make a quick profit on your own. The mega-droid Forex has established a suitable response and assortment of these evaluations can be constructive in the internet Scrutinized.

If you have information regarding this Goggled influential forex live news robot you may have revealed the three imperative features that the developers are pointing out that software has completed this astounding story a accomplishment. All now programmed and afterward new currency trading software are being fashioned by the geniuses of the foreign exchange manufacturing.

Forex trading systems are altering the features of the Forex marketplace. Thanks to these extraordinary programs, trader’s ability of any proceeds from stage cans Forex live trading: specialized utilize can avail of their superior market scrutiny aptitude, while beginners can use them to acquire in on the ground floor. No Forex understanding is necessary: ​​the software does all the work for you.

One striking forex android is FAP Turbo A relatively recent discharge but previously a growing star. The market more often than not responds to definite news like new trade and political guidelines or proceedings of countries are frequently traded currencies.

News of financial circumstances as well as adversities has practically the same consequence on the live news forex marketplace. Predicting what direction currencies affected will go because of the news is not a trouble-free task extremely although once blueprint are noticed; currencies will respond confident to conduct convinced news, obtain things a little bit easier. The common rule is that proceedings that be inclined to deteriorate the economy of a country too Tend to weaken the currency.

Author is an experienced content writer write article on forex news & forex trading.

E-mini Trading Versus Forex Trading: A Shocking Lack Of Transparency

E-mini Trading Versus Forex Trading: A Shocking Lack Of Transparency
Forex trading has gained a large following in recent years as a popular day trading vehicle. It’s not unusual to observe a barrage of Forex firms touting their services on just about any financial news publication. As a longtime institutional stock trader and commodities trader I am often shocked at some of the outrageous claims and advertising techniques this industry utilizes. This type of advertising and verbiage is simply not allowed by the SEC or the CFTC. The Forex industry, on the other hand, is lightly regulated and offers no centralized exchanges like the securities industry in the United States and has virtually no regulation on advertising technique and claims.

From the onset I want to point out that the United States stock and futures exchanges have their share of hucksters and fraudulent activity. You need only peruse the current SEC and CFTC enforcement actions to get an idea of the amount of illegal activities that occur in our highly regulated exchange based trading structure.

On the other hand, the lightly regulated Forex industry has been in recent years the target of both the SEC and the CFTC, with good reason. Exchange traded securities provide potential traders with a high level of transparency and information in regards to the equity product or series they intend to trade. Variables like a leverage, registration of broker-dealers, and capital adequacy requirements are just a few necessary requirements that would go a long way toward establishing much-needed transparency in the Forex industry. Further, and from a personal standpoint, I believe a centralized exchange for Forex trading would be optimal for the industry.

By means of comparison, the futures industry and stock trading exchanges have rigid leverage, registration and capital adequacy requirements. In addition, e-mini trading is all conducted through well-regulated and orderly exchanges that feature reliable data feeds that provide real-time information on volume, trading entities, and pricing to all participants. This transparency in the futures industry is a sharp contrast to the murky Forex industry which is dominated by individual banking interests. Quite simply, there is a shocking lack of transparency in the Forex industry. In an orderly market, all participants ought to have access to accurate real-time information and standardized trading contracts.

Another concern of the SEC and CFTC is the leverage requirements in the Forex industry. The current United States industry standard for leverage and a Forex industry is 100:1. The most recent regulation proposes lowering the leverage standard to 10:1, which is a departure from the current leverage standard that is a quantum leap in scope. For a variety of reasons, Forex traders have been, by and large, fiercely critical of these regulations. Since the CFTC can only regulate firms in the United States, offshore firms would still be able to offer the absurdly high leverage requirements the Forex industry has enjoyed. The obvious result of this new regulation would be a mass migration of Forex traders from United States based firms to offshore firms that would not fall under the proposed US Forex reforms. There is, however, regulation under consideration that is very similar to offshore betting operations; in short, it is unlawful for US citizens to patronize offshore betting firms in order to circumvent current US law regarding betting. The proposed regulation for patronizing offshore Forex trading operations is very similar to the limitations of US citizens circumventing United States Forex regulation. In short, Forex traders based in the United States would be required to trade through domestic Forex trading operations.

In short, I don’t trade Forex because of the lack of transparency and a centralized exchange. In my opinion, there is simply too much potential for manipulation of bid/ask quotes, front running, and outright fraud. Currently the Forex industry leads security related scams by a wide margin, even though it is a small portion of the total day trading aggregate.

To summarize, the Forex industry has great potential to become a legitimate and profitable day trading option. In my opinion, the industry must institute strict regulation before its legitimacy can be truly realized. I think that in time all of the above addressed the problems will be rectified, but until there is true transparency in the Forex industry I believe I will abstain from participating. We have identified problems like over leverage, lack of registration, and the absence of a centralized exchange as problem areas in the Forex industry. Until these problems are addressed, I don’t think the Forex industry will reach its full potential.

Real Live Trading Doesn’t Lie. Spend several days in my trading room and see if you can benefit from a fresh and unique view on trading e-mini contracts. Sign up for your free trading experience by clicking here.

Forex Hercules Signals And Trade Replication Service!

Forex Hercules Signals And Trade Replication Service!

The Surest Way to Succeed Is With Trade Replication…You almost missed it Let me tell you, it’s still HOT and guys are STILL MAKING MILLIONS USING IT WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER! I don’t want you to feel left out like so many other guys not knowing what I’m talking about so take a look here: The FOREX industry is the only way to ensure you can make huge lump sums. There are thousands of guys more successful than you creating an incredible buzz online around an incredible product and service called FOREX HERCULES.  Chris Alexander’s master-class  FOREX HERCULES in making incredible profits!

If you’ve been online for longer than a day: then you know that the Forex market is hot as can be. I mean there seems to be a new course, trading system every week claiming to show you how to profit from the ever expanding and lucrative Forex trading market.

Well putting out a product claiming to show you the ropes is one thing… having a trackable history and solid proof with a team of professionals to back you is far more valuable then someone attempting to sell you and teach you, only for you to fail miserably due to lack of experience.  And there’s only ONE company I know of that does it better than any other. It’s FOREX HERCULES!

That’s why when I heard they had assembled the finest traders to head up their trading company I was more than just a little intrigued. Their unique blend of trading mastery and top drawer traders is truly what piqued my interest… I knew it was going to be special. They call it Forex Hercules and let me tell you, it  blows the doors off of anything I’ve ever seen before.

On May 27th, they’re going to take 100 hungry traders (IF YOU HURRY ONE OF THOSE MONEY MAKERS COULD BE YOU!) and introduce them to the next generation of profitable trading. All in just a few days! Sound hard to believe? If it was anyone other than Forex Hercules it would be. But these guys wrote the book on mastering signal and trade replication services. So head on over here to see a FREE VIDEO explaining how you can go about creating INCREDIBLE CASH:

And find out what could be in store for you in 2011. Oh and by the way, this is something ANYONE can do. No special skills or knowledge is required. Look, sometimes it’s hard to sift through all the “forex products” and zero-in on the truly worthwhile ones. Just ask yourself this question: “What if you could make money and you were free from being a slave to the charts, indicators, trading rooms, signal services and robot traders”?

Mr. Ahmad Hassam has done Masters from Harvard University. He is interested in day trading stocks and currencies! Watch the Currency Cashflow Machine FREE Video that is 100% pure content.

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Forex Replicator EA Info

Forex Replicator EA Info
Buy/Sell Signals – The Forex Replicator gives you clear signals that recommend when to buy and sell. If you want to automate it, you can use the trailing EA which watches and deals with trade adjustments.
Chart Accuracy – The program gives you a chart from the past that is similar to  a current chart so you can compare the conditions and see what is likely to happen. It also tells you the percentage likelihood that history will repeat itself. Obviously anything over 90% is a great opportunity.
Other Currency Pairs – You can use this system on the Euro/US Dollar pair or the British Pound/US Dollar pair right away. You can also expand to other currency pairs. Imagine being able to look at any pair and find out when in history that pair was experiencing the same conditions as today.
Other Instruments – This program also comes with the ability examine other trading instruments such as food, precious metals and other commodities.
Multiple  Timeframes – This is one of the more popular features. The Forex Replicator system adapts to your lifestyle. That means you can tell it how often you want to check for new bars. You could set it for 10 minutes and then check your screen that often, or you could set it for several hours so you can leave or do something else.
Filter Trades – If you’re using some other system, you can use this one as another filter to confirm your trade entry.
Easy to Use – This software is simple to install and comes with an instruction manual.
24/7 Support – You can get in touch when the support team any time. They’re happy to answer any type of question you might have.
Unlimited Updates – William likes to improve his software periodically, and when he does, you get the update for free.
Two Month Money Back Guarantee – You can actually try it out for 2 months and if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back, no questions asked.

Of course, it’s easy to be skeptical, especially if you’ve been fooled before. One of the most common questions is, “Why is William Morrison not keeping this system to himself?” Well, because he wants to make more money. He earns huge profits using this system, but when you’re ambitious, you always want to earn more. And why not earn even more money by selling the system he spent nine months and thousands of dollars developing? Especially when it will help hundreds of other Forex traders.

When you visit the official site, you’ll see that there is no BS. Just real facts, real charts, and real account statements. There are no catches, no hidden strategies or any other types of scams. Everything is explained in great detail so even beginners can use this system. If you want to learn more, visit Forex Replicator

Alan Zornes tries, studies and reviews fitness guides, game guides, self-help guides, software and other digital products.

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How To Read Forex Quotes To Calculate The Value Of Your Money Transfer

How To Read Forex Quotes To Calculate The Value Of Your Money Transfer
Making a money transfer does not require deep understanding of Forex trading but it will definitely help you in calculating the approximate cost of your transfer and the amount of money the beneficiary will receive. A few general principles to remember include the following: currencies are always traded in pairs; all quotes contain a pair of three-letter trading symbols of the currencies traded. The first currency symbol is the base or selling currency and the later is the currency that you are buying.

The United States dollar is represented by the abbreviation USD, for instance, while GBP stands for the British pound, JPY is represented by the symbol JPY, EUR stands for the European euro, the Australian dollar is seen as AUD, CHF stands for the Swiss franc, and the Canadian dollar is represented by the symbol CAD, to list only the major currencies. Sometimes you can see a specific graphic symbol depicting a particular currency; the most well known symbols are those of the U.S. dollar, the British pound, the euro and the Japanese yen, despite that other currencies have graphic symbols as well.

No matter what symbols a particular trading platform or chart is using to depict currency pairs and currency rates, you must bear in mind that the first currency in the pair is the one that is more important to you. Imagine you want to send GBP 1,000 to Canada. Therefore, you must buy Canadian dollars to make a money transfer to the recipient. Otherwise, you can send British pounds but one way or another the beneficiary will have to convert your British pounds to Canadian dollars. Such being the case, you must obtain a currency rate chart to calculate the value of the transfer. In any case, you will get a chart that will read something like GBP/CAD 1.63524 or GBP/CAD = 1.63524. In broad terms, this means that right now the British pound is stronger than the Canadian dollar and 1 GBP can buy 1.63524 Canadian dollars. Multiplying the currency exchange rate by the amount of money you plan to transfer i.e. GBP 1,000 x CAD 1.63524 you will obtain a result of 1635.24 Canadian dollars that your pounds will buy.

This is the approximate value of the money transfer after conversion into the recipients currency; however, you have to bear in mind that the actual sum the beneficiary will receive will be of a smaller value due to commissions, fees and all other applicable charges. Moreover, this exchange rate is only for your information; it is obtained online by a reputable money transfer provider but the Forex market is extremely volatile and liquid so the currency rates fluctuate in minutes and the final currency rate you get would be quite different. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to check the present currency exchange rates. Doing so will allow you to make a more informed decision selecting a money transfer provider by comparing the exchange rates being offered.

Dr Timothy Ross is an expert on the financial markets. Recommendation: If you need to make a large or regular overseas payment consider the help of a money transfer specialist as an alternative to your bank.

China/US Relations Not Impacting Forex Quotes

China/US Relations Not Impacting Forex Quotes

The relationship between China and the United States has always been a bit lackluster, but in recent days China took a significant step forward.  After selling arms to the Taiwanese the United States expected some form of aggression from China, and instead the nation did nothing.  This is as much a form of acceptance from the world wide giant as anything else we have ever seen.  Such relations will surely bolster the US dollar on Forex quotes, and enable further growth on the online forex exchange.  When maneuvering through fundamental information, anything pertaining to the United States with regard to its overall GDP is a very important indicator, and considering the country’s close ties China this is an event we should all take into account.  Traditionally China has been extremely aggressive where any aid to Taiwan is concerned, and by more or less accepting US aid to this country they have opened up the door to further diplomatic improvements.

There needs to be a balance between the bravado and world-policing nature of the United States, and the more isolated concept of Chinese politics.  The fact that the two countries are so dependent on one another does indeed attest to the diverse nature not only of the market, but of humanity as well.  The United States has single-handedly fueled their own largest competitor on the world’s stage in terms of economic and political power, and it has done so in a time of local crisis.  Such a decision has not been by many investors who see the very real causal link between China and the United States. 

Keeping these factors in mind when trading the US Dollar would be advisable since it is quite volatile these days.  Taking the time to consider where this relationship is at on a daily basis would be a sound practice, and would alert traders as to where the economy is headed in both countries.  Trading the Xuan is not as popular as many had believed it would have become, still it is a worthwhile pair to consider (USD/XIU), so long as you are willing to go the distance.  Using diplomatic information where China is concerned to trade the major currency pairs is my best advice in this situation.  If the United States is experiencing trouble it will almost certainly drop against other major currencies such as the Euro, and this will provide an excellent opportunity for those who are ready for it.

The author is a Forex trader and financial analyst residing in Denver, Colorado.  To stay up to date on all the latest developments in the financial world and beyond be sure to stay up to date with the latest forex quotes.