Is He Afraid of Commitment? Five Simple Ways to Cure His Phobia

Is He Afraid of Commitment? Five Simple Ways to Cure His Phobia

Has he said, “I Love You,” but isn’t ready to take things to the next step? Afraid he’ll never pop the question? Do you wonder if he’ll ever be ready to be with you and only you? Many men are afraid of commitment and sometimes it is because of their own insecurities and sometimes it’s because they are afraid that this relationship might not be the right one. Follow these steps and you’ll not only help him get over his phobia, but make him realize that the relationship he has is the one he wants.

Show him that you’ve got other things in your life.

Don’t act like he’s your entire world, and be ready for him whenever he calls. If you do this he’ll always feel like he’s got nothing to gain by committing. If he wants more of you then he’s going to have to give more of himself. So take a hobby, hang out with your friends, and have fun with him and without him.

Get him to say I Love You and often.

If he hasn’t said it yet, then start the small hints and nudges to get him to. Once he has said it, make sure he says it often, not twenty times a day mind you, but perhaps every time you see each other. Don’t force him to say it, but coax him into it. If he says it on his own, then the more he says it the more he’ll realize he means it and be ready for that commitment.

Don’t let him do and buy everything

Guys do like to treat their girls special and do nice things for them. Once and awhile is fine, but don’t spend every date at expensive restaurants, even if he offers. And don’t let him fix things around the house or your car all the time, even if he offers. The reason for this is that he may wake up one day and feel like he’s being taken advantage of, even if he’s doing it all on his own. Offer to have someone else help you out or pay for dinner once and awhile, or show him that pizza and a movie at home are just as nice.

Let him confide in you

The worst thing you can do is make your guy feel bad about being who he is. Listen to what he likes or what his problems are without being judgmental. You can have your own opinion and voice them, but first and foremost be supportive of him. This will let him feel like he can always talk to you and depend on you.

Give him his freedom

Don’t try to control his life or who he sees. Men tend to fear change, and if you show him that a relationship with you means big changes, he’s likely to run in the other direction. Let him have his friends and his routine, and if you feel there need to be changes, do it gradually.

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Five Motivating Tips to Keep You Motivated

Five Motivating Tips to Keep You Motivated

I love being motivated, and I love motivating others. Motivation puts a smile on my face. What motivates me? Well, I have my own self starters and here are five that get me going.

Tip One: There is no question that our happiness is a product of our attitude. Will I have a mediocre attitude or a happy attitude today? It’s up to me. If I’m happy, I’m more motivated to get things done. Note to self: Decide to have a happy attitude.

Tip Two: Every cause brings its effect. Every action has a consequence. Note to self: Make sure everything you do today brings the right effect into your life. Make sure every action you take today is an action that brings the right consequence into your life.

Tip Three: Pretend you are talking to a little two or three-year-old. What would you say to that two or three-year-old to motivate them? “Isn’t this going to be fun? Aren’t you glad you came? Don’t you just love to learn? Picture how great it’s going to be.” Note to self: Keep talking and visualizing until you feel motivated! (It’s that easy!)

Tip Four: Do you know someone you can help? Do you know you are making the decision not to help that person just by standing by and watching? Make a decision to consciously make a decision from now on. Note to self: Be responsible for every action you take. Help someone out today.

Tip Five: Act as though it’s impossible to fail — and it shall be. Act as though it’s possible to fail — and it shall be. The sentence you use is the one that works, so make sure you’re using the one you want to work. Note to self: Remember, your brain is listening to everything you think/say today, so make today the best that it can be.

I hope I have given you some great motivating tips. If you would like more, here is a web page, “Motivating Tips”.

Replication Best Buy: 10 Cities Plan To Open 20 Stores – Best Buy, Five Star Appliance, Home

Replication Best Buy: 10 Cities Plan To Open 20 Stores – Best Buy, Five Star Appliance, Home

Best Buy Asia president and chief operating officer Yang Ming does not want to be a crazy challenger, but want to be a sharer.

Ming Yang was managing a consumer electronics retail store, yes, the whole of China is only so one. Precisely, as Best Buy president and COO of Asia Pacific Ming Yang was in the entire Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) is also simply for this one just opened shop in 9 months.

However, this store is just like a sword of Damocles has been hanging in the Gome and Suning, and other Chinese home appliance retail giant heart. Although it is not Best Buy will give the local snakes are a real threat? That two local companies in mainland China, the number of stores are Best Buy’s 650 times and 410 times, but Yang Ming does not appear to be very anxious. Best Buy global experience and strong financial strength put in there? In fact, elements from his daily work can be seen, Yang does not want a crazy challenger but want to be a sharer. Every day he patiently accumulated experience in China in 2008 to open 8-10 new stores for the preparations.

Ming Yang was not much rest time every day, 40 years, slept 4-5 hours a day. He laughs, this is young love to play, do not want to sleep habit.

I do not think the pressure of the General Assembly, I am used to a few people who do the work. In the past, I left a company’s position, the general back to 4-5 to share my personal work. My approach is to change an opinion, not into a dead end.

Have time I will read most books is very professional, for example, and market research-related, industry books and so on.

Yang, who now oversees Best Buy’s three business units in China (Global Sourcing, Five Star, Best Buy), the three business units need to be managed separately from him, each department has different levels of the session to be open, so the meeting occupies the main part of his daily work.

My daily 8:30 to companies to deal with the United States sent an e-mail at night. Session from 9 o’clock in the morning will usually have two, at noon I tried to lunch in 10 minutes to solve, and then went to work at one o’clock the meeting begins, there will be two. We have retail, human resources, finance, business development and other team needs me to time reasonably spent on each sector. Many things are fixed type, such as business development meeting two weeks time, there are many contracts to be approved retail work is not very compelling, there are a lot of little content in it.

I believe the significance of each will have it in there. Arrival, will be where I can from each lot to learn. We do not just report numbers simple, we will be involved in different areas each week, such as IT, home audio-visual sector, and will have a more detailed report.

My daily working hours generally difficult to determine. In fact, Best Buy employees of each company’s sense of belonging are very heavy, most of the time employees spend at work more than at home. We each had one large meeting, and hope my colleagues in easy circumstances leave the company. Under normal circumstances we find a place exchange. May be a team knocked off around 6:30 we will eat together in the office next to, two or three times a week, which is team building. Recently, many multinational brands is China’s CEOs substitutions, and we will take the time to new people to conclude, like Best Buy in the past and how their business is done, so he told us and his products a better position to understand. Conversely, we also want them feedback, such as what new products and so on.

In the past five months, I have seen several brands of the CEO, they were the first time the first company in China.

Yang Ming hope he can get in for a meeting I spend more time in stores. In addition to buying shares on business visits to Nanjing, Best Five Star’s stores outside the

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Leave the Urban Chaos Behind ? Five Star Resorts in Goa

Leave the Urban Chaos Behind ? Five Star Resorts in Goa

Goa, situated on the coast of Arabian sea, is one of the hottest tourist destinations in this part of the world with millions of tourists frequenting its beaches, churches, architectural marvels and the breathtaking carnivals every year. Being at the top in terms of per capita income and with its ultra modern infrastructure, Goa may paint an incorrect picture of India but it is at least an example of where this nation is headed and soon more of India will look like what Goa promises. The party mood and the never ending spirit of the local population and the tourists alike give Goa a unique nature and thus a vacation here becomes a thrilling and memorable affair.

While most of the tourism is limited to the coastline with five star resorts in Goa where sandy beaches make for perfect romantic walks or those late evening parties with friends, the inland areas of this majestic state also sees a lot of tourist activity as the streets are lined with magnificent architectural facades which date back to 16th century and exhibit the Portugal influence in its stark nakedness. Two most popular architectural delights include the world heritage sites of Bom Jesus Basilica and churches and convents of Old Goa among a host of other churches, temples and the majestic ruins of old forts. Best beach resorts in Goa offer to their guests a scenic view of the Arabian sea and private beaches for you and your loved ones to enjoy at the shore without being cramped for space or without invasion of privacy.

Best beach resorts in Goa have luxurious and spacious rooms with all basic facilities available round the clock. From in-house bars and restaurants to poolside café which overlooks the blue water of Arabian sea till your sight collides with the horizon, from Live music to a burning dance floor, five star resorts in Goa have all that it takes to make your holidays thoroughly enjoyable and equally memorable. Bookings can be made online subject to availability and you can expect a warm reception at your arrival with complimentary beverages and drinks. The never ending saga which Goa is plays tricks on your mind and you can not remain untouched by the infectious energy Goa transfuses into you. Best beach resorts in Goa are the only way to really appreciate the spirit of this magical place and anything less is just a compromise.

Anu Sharma is article-marketing manager of Kenilworth Hotels. Provides Five Star Resorts in Goa, boutique hotels and hotel packages for business, leisure and family.

Five Reasons Why An USB Port Replicator Is Beneficial

Five Reasons Why An USB Port Replicator Is Beneficial

Are you asking how you could work flexibly with a simple laptop? If yours lack a few USB slots, then it is not very reliable. The problem comes when you need to multi-task and your notebook cannot support that. With an usb port replicator, your problems will come to an end.  This special device is actually a piece of hardware that enables you to connect many other computer gadgets.

What it does is replicating a single USB slot that your computer notebook might have.  It has a couple of ports itself, where you should connect other peripherals that you cannot carry easily. For instance, it helps you connect a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse or a joystick. In addition, you can connect other devices such as an usb flash disk, a modem, a CDB-ROM drive, a DVD drives, digital cameras, scanners and so on.

Since there are many items in the market, you should know exactly what you require. Perhaps you need to connect basic items, such as printers and scanners to your laptop.  There are cheaper usb port replicator models that have good quality too. On the other hand, if you desire to create more applications for your laptop, then get a passthrough with many features.

If you still have doubts, the following are five reasons why you should get this appliance today.

This item is user-friendly. You do not have to restart, standby or turn off your computer system. Simply plug in all the peripherals that your device can support. For instance, if it has seven USB docks, it will support seven hardware devices. Then, slot the appliance connector into the laptop port.
If you need to go somewhere with your laptop, simply disconnect the port replicator from it.  When you come back to the house, plug in the device again.
It saves your money and time. To get a high quality laptop with many slots for connecting several different devices, you require about $ 2000 and above. Fortunately, a passthrough, which cost approximately $ 100, can help you save lots of cash. Note that some styles cost below or above a hundred dollars.  One more thing, this gadget avoids wear and tear. This is because you only have to connect to the laptop once.
It saves your time – Without a good laptop computer or this appliance, your job will be slow, and definitely, very boring. When you buy one of these,  it will permit creation of many replica slots where you can attach any USB hardware simultaneously. This saves most of your time and as a busy man, you will love it.
If you have plans to access the Internet as you do other tasks, look for an usb port replicator that has a dial-up ability.


A usb port replicator is a hardware that allow you to connect non-portable peripherals to your computer notebook or laptop. Visit us to discover various models that exist today.

Lofts and Condos–The Top Five Pleasures of Urban Life

Lofts and Condos–The Top Five Pleasures of Urban Life

I am a lofts and condos realtor in Minneapolis, MN who “walks the talk” by living in a downtown condo. If you are considering relocating to the city from a more remote location, I can highly recommend it! Beginning to touch on all the pleasures of city life would be impossible in one article. However, here are the five aspects that impress me the most!

1. Riding Bike to Work There are few things as invigorating as a cool bike ride in the morning followed by a second set of fresh air when your work day is done. In Minneapolis, countless people do this all four seasons a year! Condominiums really cater to this! They are usually built very near the lattices of bicycle paths that intra-connect some of America’s major cities, especially in Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland. If you purchase a parking stall along with your unit, it usually will include a private bike rack, making bike storage extra convenient.

2. Nightlife Enjoying city night life, even occasionally, is something that could benefit many American home owners. This includes people who work downtown. Downtown areas become a different universe at night, transformed by lights, live theatre and music, and all varieties of eating and drinking establishments. Living in the city can make them more meaningful. You feel less like a tourist, and more like a person experiencing a change of season.

Remember that there are a lot of options within urban condominium housing itself! Some homes are literally placed downtown, while others are in surrounding neighborhoods. If you prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of an adjoining neighborhood, the proximity gained will nevertheless make getting (and staying!) downtown a lot more realistic!

3. Sporting Events Condominiums are often located within walking distance to both professional and college-level sports stadiums. If you are a sports lover, you can walk to see your home team as others battle traffic lights and parking. Even if you are not a die-hard fan, you will love the transformation of nearby stadiums as crowds of pedestrians descend upon your sidewalks. In many urban neighborhoods, on non-game days these sidewalks are fairly quiet.

4. Developed and Eclectic Neighborhoods Neighborhoods within core cities often have strong identities that facilitate community. For example, the Prospect Park neighborhood in Minneapolis has an e-news distribution service run by retired volunteers. The newsfeed informs residents of arts and musical events, lost and found pets, garage sales, community organizing events and other classified advertisements. It publishes police reports so that residents can remain appropriately alert. The condominium option can allow homeowners entrance into “destination neighborhoods” when it would otherwise be impossible.

5. International Influences Any discussion of the best in urban life would be incomplete without a nod to the exciting influence of foreign-born citizens. Living in the urban core will bring you close to their contributions, from ethnic restaurants to bakeries to grocery stores. Indeed, many people believe that relationships and connections with immigrants can be more meaningful than tourist travels to other countries. From their role in our arts communities to the businesses they inspire-our immigrants create a level of cosmopolitanism in American cities unmatched anywhere in the world.

Urban REALTOR® Andy Asbury sells Mpls condos and educates home buyers about condo life online at now. The 730 Lofts in the North Loop offer new-home construction including rooftop access-all within a historic industrial center of the city.

Five Benefits of Reading Life Quotes

Five Benefits of Reading Life Quotes

Life Quotes are very popular amongst peoples because of the benefits it offers to the individual. Apart from keeping you inspired and motivated, it changes your prospective about how you view life.

These are the Top 5 Benefits of Reading Quotes about Life:

1- Stress Reliever – Stress is one of the biggest diseases in the whole world right now. It is very harmful for an individual. It negatively affects your physical as well as mental health. Too much of stress leads to depression and can damage your heart also. Reading Life Quotations can drastically decrease the risk of this deadly illness.

2- Source of Inspiration – In order to achieve our personal and professional goals, we need something that can inspire us. We continuously need to inspire ourselves to be a better person and to reach even more lofty heights. Life Quotes are your source to unlimited inspiration and motivation. They are true words of wisdom that have power to activate the champion inside you.

3- Positive Attitude – Positive attitude is all you need to get everything in life. It is your ticket to get whatever you want in life. It helps you live life to the fullest extent rather than just living a mediocre life. Not only it helps you in your personal growth, but also produces positive energy making you more productive, more energetic and more likeable. Life Quotes kick out all the negativity from your life and allows your mind to think positively in every circumstance of life.

4- True Meaning of Life – Life is all about giving love and taking love. Those who understand this simple thing are living happy life. Those who don’t are probably living unhappy life. Life Quotes are true words of wisdom that helps you know the true meaning of life.

5- Source of Laughter – I remembered a quote by e.e. cummings, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” I certainly agree with this quote. We should laugh a lot everyday. It keeps us healthy physically and mentally. Several researches have showed that Laughter is best medicine. Some life Quotations are extremely funny that gives you ton of laugh.  These funny life quotes are extremely hilarious and sure to get you chuckle.

These are some of the benefits of reading Life Quotes. A simple search on Google can take you to hundred of thousands of Quotations websites which are absolutely free.

Visit our website to read our collection of Life Quotes and Funny Sayings Phrases.

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