Hildda Season Greetings

Hildda Season Greetings

Hello Everyone and happy Wednesday, it is the middle of the week and only two more till the weekend, Yay! I still have a load of things to do and some shopping for gifts, then I am done! Finally as promised in my 1000 Followers photo, Mary finally finished editing the interview she did with me and as promised here it is, some questions and answers were removed, because in hindsight I was not comfortable sharing that part of me, I forgot I was doing an interview and was just talking to my friends I have known for years. Hopefully I left in enough to not be a disappointment. I am so thankful for all of you and for your kind comments and encouraging words and I do wish all of you an incredible and lovely Holiday season. 🙂


Mary: You know I am going to get you to confess where you have hidden the bodies and the bank jewels!

Hildda: Laughs, only after enough glasses of wine and then maybe.

Mary: LOL! Ok here we go, question one!

Q: How long have you been in Second Life and what brought you in?

Hildda: Boring! Laughs, I thought you were going to start with “Why do I dress like a pony girl every weekend!”

Mary: LOL, that is for later on!

Hildda: Oh! Laughs, ok then. I came into Second Life in 2013, after a nasty real life breakup, a friend at my office told me about this online place called Second Life and that it would be a good distraction and be able to meet people safely. So I created an account that weekend and came in-world and been am citizen ever since. My first few weeks were difficult to say the least, more from not knowing how to use the viewer and go places, or what even a place was. Also was having issues with very strange people, however, in time I was meeting people that were smart and sweet, the discovery of shopping made this crazy place enjoyable and worthwhile to stay, as a result the addiction to Second Life began to grow. 🙂

Q: What is about Second Life you love the most?

Hildda: My Second Life family and friends, who have become real life family and friends to me and help me bury the bodies when I need help! When I can text my SL sister as much as my RL sister, or go on Skype IM with my bubsie that says something about how powerful this world really is, I never had that swipping profiles and pics on my phone to find a date.

Q: What is your favorite things to do in Second Life?

Hildda: You know me, I am actually a very boring, I just love being around people, though over the years, I have come to love going to live music performances, my favorite being Maximillion Kleene, He has a wonderful voice and he always brings a smile to my face. I also go to Art Galleries and Museums and I do what Bubsie’s taught me, is sim jumping to discover what is new, or something I have never seen before.. then of course there is the photography and modeling and yes I am a shopoholic.

Q: Have you ever done the Role Play scenes in Second Life?

Hildda: I tried it, but I am not very good at role playing, pretending to be someone else in a fantasy setting was interesting but just was not for me. I do enjoy going to places that have things to do as yourself, a murder mystery sim, or a family community town, things like that, but playing grendella the wicked queen of Hysteria in an elven land, really is not for me.

Mary: Then what about the Pony Girl weekends, LOL!

Hildda: Shut up you cow, you know I do not do those things! Laughs.

Q: You do not have to answer this, but have you ever had a relationship in Second Life and are you single now?

Hildda: Yes I had one, it was nice but in the end it was just more of a friendship than anything else. Yes I am single in SL and RL, but not looking, not opposed. You better not be trying to set me up!

Q: No promises, because I did meet this Dubai Prince at a club the other day and he is into red heads and says he is loaded…

Hildda: NOOOO!!!!! Laughs!

Q: LOL, ok, we will put a thumb tack in that for later, moving on, what made you start doing fashion photos in Second Life?

Hildda: I started taking photos when I first entered into Second Life, doing quick snapshots of me and friends, not knowing what I was doing or anything about SL photography. What really grabbed my attention was I started seeing the advertisement photos in the shops around Second life, especially at the time in the Gizza store, who would put up these amazing high fashion posters for her clothes and I would just stare at them reminded of the photos that are in my Vogue and Bazaar magazines. Then it struck me, I can try to do that, so started to learn all I could about Second Life photography and annoyed my brother to start teaching me how to use PhotoShop and Darktable. When I eventually took a photo and went, wow, that is really beautiful, I was hooked.

Q: Why did you start sharing your photos on Flickr?

Hildda: Because all of you people would not stop nagging me to death about it, laughs! You know me I am actually very shy and actually was afraid to share, you all giving that encouragement helped me overcome that fear and I started early this uploading and I am surprised at the response I have received from others and am just thankful.

Q: How do you describe your fashion style?

Hildda: Cosmopolitan Eclectic would be the best description I believe, I love wearing pieces that I really enjoy and are of high quality, mixing different designers up together to create something that is me. I am a city girl and I suppose I bring that sense of fashion into my Second Life appearance.

Q: What is your favorite look to strut around in Second Life?

Hildda: You make me sound like a pretentious cat, laughs. I suppose if I had to say what I wear most often is either a nice dress, or a pair of leather trousers, maybe jeans and a sweater. I change my outfits so often but those are my go too looks, that I will wear several times a week.

Q: Who is your favorite Second Life designer?

Hildda: That is SOOOO hard to answer, there are many that are just amazing, plus there are always new designers that keep setting the bar for quality and creativity higher and higher. If I had to choose though, I have several designers I adore, gasping with excitement, bouncing in my seat when I see a new release. I would have to say I have a five way tie between Valentina E., Osmia, Dead Dollz, Ricelli, Tetra and United Colors! Oh there are just so many incredible designers, it is impossible to select even a few, you are making me feel like I am at the Oscars trying to thank everyone that worked on the film, afraid of missing just one, laughs!

Q: Ok, I will ask an easy question for you, Who is your favorite real life designer?

Hildda: I am a Valentino girl! Though I never limit myself to just one designer, a true woman will have select pieces in her closet that best speaks of her and how she feels that day, or how she wants to feel that day, she expresses herself to others by her outfit, “I am feeling like this today’.

Q: Shoes and boots and who is your favorite?

Hildda: I adore wearing tall boots with either a dress, or over leggings. Again there are way to many designers to be able to choose only one favorite, I am an absolute fan of Reign, Utopia and Eudora3d.

Q: One word to ask, Hair?

Hildda: Ughs, I have way too many hairs in my closet nd way too many exceptional hair stores around. Doux, Monso, Exile and Truth in Red of course! The beauty of Second Life is I can change from long hair to short hair on a whim, I cannot do that in second life unless I wear wigs all the time.

Q: I know you have your two places in Second Life, who are your favorite non fashion designers, or creators?

Hildda; OH! That is impossible to answer, there are so many, MANY amazing artists that create objects that make my mouth gape open and enable one to create a beautiful home, or create a great photo scene. I will say Dust Bunny, Nutmeg, Fancy Decor, Botanical, Apple Fall, Half Deer, I pretty much have most of their stores in my inventory. Laughs! I do enjoy shopping at so many other places as well, I wish I could give them all a Like!

Q: A SL and RL fashion question, what three pieces should be in every woman’s closet?

Hildda: Good question, for real life, every woman is going to have her favorite go to pair of jeans, shoes and her favorite bag. I would say that pieces that can used for anytime and almost any occasion is ideal. So, a white silk blouse, or sweater, do not let the so called fashion law of no white after labor day fool you, you can where white anytime you like! Then a nice quality knee length real leather skirt, in black, a leather skirt can transform from the office to a night on the town with just a simple change of accessories, I am not against the pleather skirts and leggings I have a few myself, but have found that the more you wear them, the more the pleather stretches and the piece does not fit right after awhile, where leather always has bounced back for me. So worth the investment. 🙂 Then I would say a nice elegant calve length coat, simple with clean lines, again a coat that can move from the office to evening with no effort. The coat does not have to be fancy or expensive, but a nice black, or taupe expresses elegance.

Q: Going back to Second Life modeling and photography, what advice would you give to those who would wish to start doing modeling and photography?

Hildda: Well first of all I do not believe I am anywhere close to being qualified to give advice on this as I am still learning myself everyday. What I can say that may help those who are starting is, take photos you want to see and enjoy viewing, not what you think others will want to see. Unless, you are a photographer for an SL magazine, or doing advertising for a store, the picture you are doing is for you and if others like what you did that gives you a very deep warm feeling of appreciation down deep in yourself, where as if one took a photo for others and they do not like it, then the opposite feeling of rejection happens and it makes one feel terrible on the inside. So always be yourself and do the photo for yourself and then share with others, because we should always share and give.

Second, Also learn PhotoShop, my brother helped me get started with it, he is into computers and built for me what I needed, so instead of my laptop, I am using this huge refrigerator of a computer in my living room, laughs. I also eventually took a class in PhotoShop to learn more on layering and masking and all that stuff. The software is not expensive through the Adobe cloud and is well worth the investment in my opinion.

Third, never be afraid of making a mistake, making mistakes is a good thing, when you learn from them, I know that goes against what I learned in school, we were always punished for making mistakes, but I have found I learn more from trying and failing rather than always succeeding and never growing. Yes, I have taken photos that were absolutely awful and deleted them they were that bad, laughs, but I learned and knew how to not do something, or something for another time.

and then I would say, never be afraid to push your boundaries and try new things even when they are a bit outside your comfort level, that is the only way to grow and have fun, else you will become bored.

Q: On Flickr, do you have any favorite artists?

Hildda: Why the questions that will get me into trouble, you are such a bitch Mary! Laughs. There are so many and what is amazing is that each have their own style, their own voice and expression, I never dare and it would be wrong to compare this model and artist with that one over there and so on. There are a few that stand out in my mind as breathtakingly incredible and I would love to mention them, but then I think it would be unfair to those who are amazing in their own rights, like me I am still learning and may never reach the level of creativity and skill that some of these have in their photos. However that does not matter at all, we do what we do out of a love for Second Life and for the creativity. Even if someone posts a picture of a blank wall with a single red stripe down the center, if that work touches them and came from their heart, then it is beautiful in my mind. 🙂
I am just humbled and grateful that there are those who visit and enjoy my little corner of Flickr that I am happy to share with.

Q: So Hildda to wrap up this little Q&A for your fans, I have one final question…what is your age?

Hildda: Smacks her and takes away her wine!

Q: In all seriousness, anything for the inspiring photographer, or model before we end.

Hildda: Always believe in yourself and be grateful for everything, never be afraid to take risks and never be afraid of failing, you just brush yourself off and keep doing what you love. There is never anything that is perfect in modeling, or photography, no grand rule book, you are expressing yourself and you are special and unique, so if wearing a tattered sweater and decade old comfy jeans makes you feel good and you want to take a photo, then do so and let the world take care of itself! 🙂

A big thank you to Mary for giving and editing this Q&A, love you Drunkie! laughs

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Freeze frame from video shot by Linden Hudson. (amateur photographer, cheap cameras, photo fluorescent lights, just having fun)

Who is Linden Hudson?

CLASSICBANDS DOT COM said: “According to former roadie David Blayney in his book SHARP DRESSED MEN: sound engineer Linden Hudson co-wrote much of the material on the ZZ Top ELIMINATOR album.” (end quote)

(ZZ Top never opted to give Linden credit, which would have been THE decent thing to do. It would have helped Linden’s career as well. The band and management worked ruthlessly to take FULL credit for the hugely successful album which Linden had spent a good deal of time working on. Linden works daily to tell this story. Also, the band did not opt to pay Linden, they worked to keep all the money and they treated Linden like dirt. It was abuse. Linden launched a limited lawsuit, brought about using his limited resources which brought limited results and took years. No one should treat the co-writer of their most successful album like this. It’s just deeply fucked up.)
(see full story at Linden’s website: www.linden-hudson.com/birth-of-the-zz-top-eliminator-album )
Hear the original ZZ Top ELIMINATOR writing/rehearsal tapes made by Linden Hudson and Billy Gibbons at: www.flickr.com/photos/152350852@N02/35711891332/in/photol…
LICKLIBRARY DOT COM (2013 interview) ZZ TOP’S BILLY GIBBONS SAID: “the Eliminator sessions in 1983 were guided largely by another one of our associates, Linden Hudson, a gifted engineer, during the development of those compositions.” (end quote) (Gibbons admits this after 30 years, but offers Linden no apology or reparations for lack of credit/royalties)
MUSICRADAR DOT COM (2013 interview with ZZ Top’s guitarist Billy Gibbons broke 30 years of silence about Linden Hudson introducing synthesizers into ZZ Top’s sound.) Gibbons said: “This was a really interesting turning point. We had befriended somebody who would become an influential associate, a guy named Linden Hudson. He was a gifted songwriter and had production skills that were leading the pack at times. He brought some elements to the forefront that helped reshape what ZZ Top were doing, starting in the studio and eventually to the live stage. Linden had no fear and was eager to experiment in ways that would frighten most bands. But we followed suit, and the synthesizers started to show up on record.” (once again, there was no apology from ZZ Top or Billy Gibbons after this revelation).
TEXAS MONTHLY MAGAZINE (Dec 1996, By Joe Nick Patoski): "Linden Hudson floated the notion that the ideal dance music had 124 beats per minute; then he and Gibbons conceived, wrote, and recorded what amounted to a rough draft of an album before the band had set foot inside Ardent Studios."
FROM THE BOOK: SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP (By David Blayney) : "Probably the most dramatic development in ZZ Top recording approaches came about as Eliminator was constructed. What had gone on before evolutionary; this change was revolutionary. ZZ Top got what amounted to a new bandsman (Linden) for the album, unknown to the world at large and at first even to Dusty and Frank."
CNET DOT COM: (question posed to ZZ Top): Sound engineer Linden Hudson was described as a high-tech music teacher on your highly successful "Eliminator" album. How much did the band experiment with electronic instruments prior to that album?
THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE, MARCH 2018: "Eliminator" had a tremendous impact on us and the people who listen to us," says ZZ Top’s bass player. Common band lore points to production engineer Linden Hudson suggesting that 120 beats per minute was the perfect rock tempo, or "the people’s tempo" as it came to be known.
FROM THE BOOK: SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP by David Blayney: (page 227): "…the song LEGS Linden Hudson introduced the pumping synthesizer effect."
(Search Linden Hudson in the various ZZ Top Wikipedia pages which are related to the ELIMINATOR album and you will find bits about Linden. Also the main ZZ Top Wikipedia page mentions Linden. He’s mentioned in at least 7 ZZ Top related Wikipedia pages.)
FROM THE BOOK: SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP By David Blayney: "Linden found himself in the position of being Billy’s (Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top guitarist) closest collaborator on Eliminator. In fact, he wound up spending more time on the album than anybody except Billy. While the two of them spent day after day in the studio, they were mostly alone with the equipment and the ideas."
FROM THE BOOK: BEER DRINKERS & HELL RAISERS: A ZZ TOP GUIDE (By Neil Daniels, released 2014): "Hudson reportedly had a significant role to play during the planning stages of the release (ELIMINATOR)."
FROM THE BOOK: ZZ TOP – BAD AND WORLDWIDE (ROLLING STONE PRESS, WRITTEN BY DEBORAH FROST): "Linden was always doing computer studies. It was something that fascinated him, like studio technology. He thought he might understand the components of popular songs better if he fed certain data into his computer. It might help him understand what hits (song releases) of any given period share. He first found out about speed; all the songs he studied deviated no more than one beat from 120 beats per minute. Billy immediately started to write some songs with 120 beats per minute. Linden helped out with a couple, like UNDER PRESSURE and SHARP DRESSED MAN. Someone had to help Billy out. Dusty and Frank didn’t even like to rehearse much. Their studio absence wasn’t really a problem though. The bass and drum parts were easily played with a synthesizer or Linn drum machine." (end quote)
FROM THE BOOK: "SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP" BY DAVID BLAYNEY: "After his quantitative revelations, Linden informally but instantly became ZZ Top’s rehearsal hall theoretician, producer, and engineer." (end quote)
FROM THE BOOK: "ZZ TOP – BAD AND WORLDWIDE" (ROLLING STONE PRESS, BY DEBORAH FROST): "With the release of their ninth album, ELIMINATOR, in 1983, these hairy, unlikely rock heroes had become a pop phenomenon. This had something to do with the discoveries of a young preproduction engineer (Linden Hudson) whose contributions, like those of many associated with the band over the years, were never acknowledged."
FROM THE BOOK: ​SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP (By DAVID BLAYNEY) : "The integral position Linden occupied in the process of building El​iminator was demonstrated eloquently in the case of song Under Pressure. Billy and Linden, the studio wizards, did the whole song all in one afternoon without either the bass player or drummer even knowing it had been written and recorded on a demo tape. Linden synthesized the bass and drums and helped write the lyrics; Billy did the guitars and vocals."
FROM THE BOOK: "TRES HOMBRES – THE STORY OF ZZ TOP" BY DAVID SINCLAIR (Writer for the Times Of London): "Linden Hudson, the engineer/producer who lived at Beard’s house (ZZ’s drummer) had drawn their attention to the possibilities of the new recording technology and specifically to the charms of the straight drumming pattern, as used on a programmed drum machine. On ELIMINATOR ZZ Top unveiled a simple new musical combination that cracked open a vast worldwide market.
FROM THE BOOK: "SHARP DRESS MEN – ZZ TOP" BY DAVID BLAYNEY: "ELIMINATOR went on to become a multi-platinum album, just as Linden had predicted when he and Billy were setting up the 124-beat tempos and arranging all the material. Rolling Stone eventually picked the album as number 39 out of the top 100 of the 80’s. Linden Hudson in a fair world shoud have had his name all over ELIMINATOR and gotten the just compensation he deserved. Instead he got ostracized."
FROM THE BOOK: ​SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP by DAVID BLAYNEY: "He (Linden) went back with the boys to 1970 when he was working as a radio disc jocky aliased Jack Smack. He was emcee for a show ZZ did around that time, and even sang an encore tune with the band, perhaps the only person ever to have that honor." (side note: this was ZZ Top’s very first show).
FROM THE BOOK: "SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP" BY DAVID BLAYNEY: "Linden remained at Frank’s (ZZ Top drummer) place as ZZ’s live-in engineer throughout the whole period of ELIMINATOR rehearsals, and was like one of the family… as he (Linden) worked at the controls day after day, watching the album (ELIMINATOR) take shape, his hopes for a big step forward in his production career undoubtably soared. ELIMINATOR marked the first time that ZZ Top was able to rehearse an entire album with the recording studio gadgetry that Billy so loved. With Linden Hudson around all the time, it also was the first time the band could write, rehearse, and record with someone who knew the men and the machines. ZZ Top was free to go musically crazy, but also musically crazy like a fox. Linden made that possible too."
FROM THE BOOK "ZZ TOP – BAD AND WORLDWIDE" (ROLLING STONE PRESS, BY DEBORAH FROST, WRITER FOR ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE): "… SHARP DRESSED MAN which employed Hudson’s 120 beat-per-minute theory. The feel, the enthusiasm, the snappy beat and crisp clean sound propelled ELIMINATOR into the ears and hearts of 5 million people who previously could have cared less about the boogie band of RIO GRANDE MUD."
ULTIMATECLASSICROCK DOT COM: "This new melding of styles was encouraged by Hudson, who served as a kind of pre-producer for ​EL LOCO … … Hudson helped construct ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard’s home studio, and had lived with him for a time. That led to these initial sessions, and then a closer collaboration on 1983’s ​ELIMINATOR.
FIREDOGLAKE DOT COM: "I like Billy Gibbons’ guitar tone quite a lot, but I lost all respect for them after reading how badly they fucked over Linden Hudson (the guy who was the brains behind their move to include synthesizers and co-wrote most of their career-defining Eliminator record)."
EMAIL FROM A ZZ TOP FAN TO LINDEN (One Of Many): "I write you today about broken hearts, one is mine and one is for you. I have been a ZZ Top fan since I was 6 years old. I purchased ELIMINATOR vinyl from Caldors in Connecticut with the $20 my grandma gave me for my birthday. I will spare the #1 fan epic saga of tee shirts, harassing Noreen at the fan club via phone weekly for years, over 40 shows attended. Posters, non stop conversation about the time I have spent idolizing this band, but more Billy G, as he has seemed to break free of the Lone Wolf shackles and it became more clear this was his baby. In baseball I was Don Mattingly’s #1 fan, Hershel Walker in football, Billy Gibbons in music. What do these individuals have in common? They were role models. Not a DUI, not a spousal abuse, not a drug overdose, not a cheater. Until I read your web page. I read Blayney’s book around 1992 or so, I was in middle school and I was familiar with your name for a long time. I didn’t realize you suffered so greatly or that your involvement was so significant. It pains me to learn my idol not only cheated but did something so wrong to another being. I now know this is where tall tales and fun loving bullshit and poor morals and ethics are distinguished and where I would no longer consider myself to look up to Billy. I love to joke and I love credit but I have always prided myself on ethics and principles… I hold them dear. I wanted to say, the snippet of UNDER PRESSURE you played sounded very new wave and I may like it more than the finished product. Well that’s all. You have reached ZZ Top’s biggest fan and I can let others know. Bummer. Cheers and good luck. James."​

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& new kitchen

& new kitchen

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