Panasonic PT-F100NT filter

Panasonic PT-F100NT filter

From the Panasonic PT-FW100NT or PT-F100NT 1280×800 a 6000-hour filter cartridge that slowly tractors clean filter material as long as unit is powered on. Basically you change the $80 filter with every third lamp replacement

The innards feature…
A dust-proof backing plate to the ports panel.
An A.C. (not D.C.) current lamp that proportedly runs cooler and longer than conventional D.C. powered projector lamps.
PIP with up to two data sources + video.
1280×800 resolution.
True network (infrastructure) video (thus wireless computer video is possible without dedicated hardware on PC and MAC).
Lamp replaces from back (lamps made exclusively by Panasonic).
Lens with Horz/Vert lens shift (not replacable).

This one’s worth a shoot-out.…


Posted by AV-1 on 2009-05-11 02:28:29

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