Verudium Power Supply Unit Cleaning

Verudium Power Supply Unit Cleaning

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Computer PSUs (Power Supply Units) tend to collect dust and rust over time. After a few years, excessive amounts of dust may be dangerous as the dust may overheat the PSU, or become a short circuit hazard, or at the very least, dirty other parts of the PC. The PSU is also the most difficult and not to mention dangerous, part of the PC to clean.

Cleaning a 430-Watt Verudium Power Vortex PSU as an example.

Step 1 – Testing if it works.

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Surgery Part 1

Surgery Part 1

The old Toshiba Latptop is showing it’s age (4 yrs old as my primary computer?)…but of all the laptops I’ve ever had, this one is the best. Oh well…it’s time is coming soon I know. For a while now the fan has been rattling at me, and yesterday it started going super-critical heatwise. It shutdown a couple times even with speed-step (power throttling) enabled. When it did it again today, I decided it was time to open her up fully and see if I could get at the fan.


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PC fan mod (playing with scrap plastic)

PC fan mod (playing with scrap plastic)

I seem to have lost the metal case side to this PC case, but had this [much older] plastic tower case going out to the trash and thought I’d retrofit it to cover the exposed innards. Works just fine for now; eventually I’ll find the proper siding and cut the fan holes in that. I have also measured out a vent hole in the top of the case.

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I wouldn’t normally post something like this, but maybe it will help someone. The other day I turned on my computer only to see thick black smoke pouring out of the back of the computer within a few seconds of starting it. I dove under the desk and ripped out the power cord. Upon opening up the case and inspecting where the problem was. I saw the fan at the back looked like it had caught fire.
The fan was an Antec Tricool 120mm fan that came with the Antec P182 case. One of the circuits in the fan, that I believe controls the speed, looked like it had arched and was melting/burning through the almost quarter inch thick plastic behind it. My case is not super dirty, it has front air filters to keep most of the dust out, I also clean out the case with a can of air every couple of months. As you can see from the pictures it melted all the way through, not to mention the parts inside you cant see. The one pic of the fan grill at the back, shows you how hot it got to change the color of the case. Even with it burning for no more than 10 seconds it took hours to air out the room, with a 2×2 foot fan running and almost a week for the smell to go away.
My real problem is with what could have been. Had I not been at the computer when this happened the smoke damage alone would have been terrible. Let alone if some of the burning plastic had dripped to the carpet or onto something else and caused a fire, could have lost the whole house. I have since ripped out all three of these fans that came with the system and replaced them with basic single speed fans from what I hope is a better manufacture.

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20150317 – Thailog – 0 – 0 – full case tour – MVI_0306 (shrunk) (CUT OFF ON FLICKR–VIEW FULL ON YOUTUBE INSTEAD!)

20150317 - Thailog - 0 - 0 - full case tour - MVI_0306 (shrunk) (CUT OFF ON FLICKR--VIEW FULL ON YOUTUBE INSTEAD!)

A full video tour of the awesomeness of my new computer case & motherboard. Prepare to geek out at a way-too-detailed level. However… I wish something like this had existed when I was looking to seleect this case. I would have bought it much faster!! So, here you go guys: A rank amateur tour/review of your case.

This is also the first time I ever brought a computer up to speed without deploying it first: It’s sitting on my ping pong table with a wifi card in it. No wires other than power. Good thing, too, because things didn’t work out at first, I had to ship my motherboard back, and ultimately, had I deployed it before building, I would have had to deploy, undeploy, and redeploy, and that sucks. Physically getting a computer into my setup is taxing.

My case: By far the best I’ve ever owned, though it has a fatal flaw with harddrive noise in certain harddrive cages, and I wish the windows were bigger, and I wish the color-cycling could be automated. But still: This NZXT Phantom 820 Series case was $199.99 from NewEgg. "CA-PH820-M1 Matte Black St" / 2 yr warranty / Steel & Plastic / Power Supply Mounted: Bottom / Motherboard Compatibility: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini ITX / E-ATX / XL-ATX / Side Panel Window / Expansion: External 5.25" Drive Bays:4 / External 3.5" Drive Bays:No / Internal 3.5" Drive Bays:6 / Expansion Slots:9 / Removable Filter / Front Ports: 2xUSB3.0 + 4xUSB2.0 + Audio + SD Card Reader / Fans: 1x140mm Rear + 1x200mm Front + 1x200mm Top + 1x200mm Side Fan / Side Air duct: No / Dimensions:25.59×9.25×24.09" / Weight: 32 lbs / Integrated HUE lighting for illuminating the exterior/interior of your enclosure with option to turn on/off and allow you to customize the colors at your heart’s content / integrated 4 channel digital fan controller with 15 watts per channel and LED indicators that progressively gets brighter on higher speeds / easily removable air filters located in the top+front+side+bottom to prevent dust entry / Adjustable interior pivot 120/140mm fan slot for directional airflow / Removable HDD cage and large storage capacity for 6 hard drives / Stylish acrylic window with a view to show off the interior of your rig / Unrivalled Cooling Capacity to mount up to nine fans for a maximum airflow / Rear I/O white light for visibility in dark environments with a toggle switch / Extruded right side panel for an elegant look and achieves 36mm clearance for cable wire management / Equipped with a stylish pedestal that lifts your enclosure off the ground for increased airflow.

building computer.
ASRock X99 WS motherboard, Enermax Revolution87+ power supply, Intel Core i7 5820K CPU, NZXT Phantom 820 computer case, command line, computer fan, harddrive cage, lights, monitor, screen, wires.
Thailog. video.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

March 17, 2015.

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NZXT 410 Spring Cleaning

NZXT 410 Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning again but the its the main gaming PC. This dusting was a bit easier because this rig doesn’t run 24 hours a day like my server PC.

I wish this desktop had a filter in every intake or hole. I have purchased magnetic filters for the side and bottom intakes, but the front does not have any filters. It’s just a grill that intakes a bit of dust.

The Temps are pretty low with the system never going over 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The NZXT 410 is overall a great case for beginners like myself.

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Mad Alex – Second Life Road

Mad Alex - Second Life Road

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digital [1751]

digital [1751]

I was actually able to get alternate versions of this shot of my gaming PC’s interior in which there wasn’t a reflection on the glass panel, but I ended up liking the effect that the reflection caused. It gets kind of a neat double-exposure look.

Also, it looks like I should open it up this weekend and do a little dusting…

Photo-a-Day: Year 5, Day 290 – Total Days: 1751

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