Urban Suites Developing Reputation For Excellence With Calgary Executive Accommodation

Urban Suites Developing Reputation For Excellence With Calgary Executive Accommodation

The modern executive requires a residence away from the office where they can forget about the spreadsheets and the paperwork and relax in a soothing and luxurious environment. Simply put, hotel-style accommodation doesn’t fit the bill. Hotels are often too over-priced and too crowded for businesspeople to truly enjoy their stay. They need a personalized environment that has been created specifically for their living needs. That’s why many are now turning to Calgary specialists Urban Suites for executive accommodations in the city.


Urban Suites has garnered a reputation for excellence as an accommodations provider. They now have a steady client-base that utilizes their services whenever they have a prolonged business engagement within the Calgary area. And this client base continues to grow as more companies learn of the luxury living experience provided by a stay within their superb suites. One of the main reasons that the company has managed to position themselves as one of the leading specialists within the local accommodations field is that they offer residences within prime locations across the city of Calgary.


Most of the company’s executive suites are located within mere steps of the Calgary business district and the city’s favourite meeting spots. This means that businesspeople don’t have to feel rushed when making their way to and from the office and can enjoy the various entertainment offerings and natural landscapes that the area has to offer, all while based in their very own luxury Calgary suite.


Because each of the suites on offer through the company’s catalogue come completely furnished, guests will never have to worry about bringing their own accessories from home. They can simply focus on making their travel arrangements to get to the city of Calgary, and the specialists at Urban Suites will take of the rest of the experience for them.


A quick review of the company’s catalogue of executive suites highlights their reputation as the leading Calgary provider of business accommodations. Business travelers may wish to consider the Sarine building for example. The Sarine executive suite is situated just a few short steps away from the beautiful Bow River in the heart of Calgary’s downtown core. A residence within the Sarine acts as the ideal starting point for a tour of the city’s various walkways and delightful natural landscapes for which the area has become widely known. In fact, guests will enjoy the stroll through many of these enriching natural environments while making their way to the office, offering a great way to start a productive business day. Each guest staying within the Sarine suites will gain access to cutting edge amenities that allow them to live a life of pure luxury away from the office. Included within each suite is free long distance calling, high speed internet, cable television and housekeeping services. In addition, the kitchen area includes a microwave and stove with a large fridge for those nights where staying in and watching a movie at home is ideal.


Urban Suites is now considered to be the premier provider of Calgary executive suites. There is no better company to entrust with your accommodations during a long-term visit to the city. Begin your Calgary adventure in the right way by contacting the professionals at Urban Suites directly today.



Urban Suites offers Calgary’s finest business accommodations. Each of the suites within their catalogue ensures guests have the highest level of comfort and tranquility. For more information, please visit www.UrbanSuites.com.

Perching for a second or two

Perching for a second or two

Another shot taken when I went east and south of the city with Flickr friends, Ron and Trish. No Snowy Owls to be seen to the east, but there were lots (35+) of these Rough-legged Hawks, especially to the south of the city. They were all so skittish, but I got a quick shot of this one perching beautifully – for just a brief second or two – on a fence post .

I think I am going to have to limit my time on the computer the next few days at least, as both arms are extremely painful, mainly from too much mouse clicking. Bad timing, as I still have a whole pile of Christmas letters to type for overseas, not to mention that I have to clear and vacuum at least part of my basement so that the furnace guy doesn’t choke on the dust when he comes to take a look this week and give me an estimate for a new furnace and water heater. By now, all those dust bunnies will have grown into adult dust rabbits – and, boy, how fast they breed! Also, I came out in a crummy cold yesterday – and I never get colds. I wonder if I caught something when I was at the Health Centre the other day, getting routine blood tests done. They always say that if you want to catch something, go to a hospital, ha.

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