“Virtual sex, no matter how realistic, was really nothing but glorified, computer-assisted masturbation.” ― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One

“Virtual sex, no matter how realistic, was really nothing but glorified, computer-assisted masturbation.” ― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One


Made by myself using Anypose
Facial expressions made using Lelutka Axiss
Lighting – LUMIPro


Photobooth – FOXCITY – Escape
Wall signs – 8-bit Me
Sofa & String lights – +Half-Deer+
Zombie Doll – *Epic* Living Dead Kokeshi Doll
‘Cat’ Doll – Cubic Cherry & TeaBunny – George loyal minion
Computer, game console and games – bonbon – level up!
Food and Drinks – Junk Food, Dust Bunny, Cosmic Dust, Tentacio, Reign


Add ons

Ears – Swallow – Shiny Elf
Hair – Magika – Keira


Blush – Michan – Rose Blush bom
Eyeshadow/liner – SU! – Smokey eyeshadow collection
Lipstick – SU! – Matte lip Essentials


Dress – Una. – Kuroi Dress
Boots & stockings – Blueberry – Can’t relate


Body – Maitreya
Head – Genus Babyface
Skin for body – Session BoM
Skin for head – Session – Julia BoM
Izzie’s freckles – BoM
Eyes – Izzie’s – whisky
Piercings – Suicide Unborn – Piercing Set 01

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oo inc. proudly presents: One-Armed Spiral Galaxy NGC 4725

oo inc. proudly presents: One-Armed Spiral Galaxy NGC 4725

While most spiral galaxies, including our own Milky Way, have two or more spiral arms, NGC 4725 has only one. In this sharp color composite image, the solo spira mirabilis seems to wind from a prominent ring of bluish, newborn star clusters and red tinted star forming regions. The odd galaxy also sports obscuring dust lanes a yellowish central bar structure composed of an older population of stars. NGC 4725 is over 100 thousand light-years across and lies 41 million light-years away in the well-groomed constellation Coma Berenices. Computer simulations of the formation of single spiral arms suggest that they can be either leading or trailing arms with respect to a galaxy’s overall rotation. Also included in the frame, sporting a noticably more traditional spiral galaxy look, is a more distant background galaxy. via NASA

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Cute color ♡

Cute color ♡

2016 10 16

🔽- Outfit -🔽

Sweater: . offbeat . heart angora : PINK/SKY Rare
( Gacha@The Seasons Story )

Hair: pr!tty – Nala – Medium Roots
( Gacha@The Chapter Four )

Hair band: [tmk] katchan-pe! (add)
( Free )

Neclace: *G-D* POTETO Neclace
( Group Gift )

Glasses: *Epic* Mesh Checkered Nerd Glasses [Nose] RS
( Vip Group Gift )

Boots: *Epic* Skelly Combat Creepers! Bubblegum Vendor
( SALE )

🔽- Furniture -🔽

dust bunny . kitty computer . pink
dust bunny . kitty computer . white

theosophy Donut Milk – C
theosophy Bear Cappucino (Petal)
( Gacha )

+Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Hearts [box]

anc happyendpark. color little chick (i ate tomato!) 5Li
( Gacha )

Blog: ~ le soleil ~

For more information have to blog <33
Thanks so much for your time♡♡(*•̀ᴗ•́)♡
Many thanks to you!

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Epic Funny Short Love Poems

Epic Funny Short Love Poems
The intent of this article is about how to write an epic funny short love poem with any combination of love words you have in your arsenal. The success of your poem won’t be directly because of the words, but the feeling the words create.

The way that any good story, movie, poem, song, journey or play works is that it plays with your emotions from beginning to end. A movie of suspense will begin with some scenes you don’t entirely understand, but that are central to the movie. The rest of the movie will then begin to drop hints and clues to build the suspense. Then there will be twists and turns and you’ll find out someone was lying. Assumptions you made will be turned upside down, and the good guy will become the bad. And all the suspense builds up to a climactic end. But the whole movie is about building the emotions inside, specifically the suspense, until a climactic end.

In the same way, an epic poem builds a story of struggle, heartache, a journey and lots of obstacles that must be overcome. There are times of defeat, times of wanting to give up, times of impossibility. But the hero always forges through in the end.

Anything that has to do with humor is when the story is building towards a climax of one emotion, and you get another emotion entirely unexpected that doesn’t fit with the emotion of the previous buildup in the story. For example, a Chilean girl I once dated told me a phrase in Spanish as she was expressing her love for me, “Tus ojos son los luceros que alumbran mis basureros,” which means “Your eyes are like bright lights that illuminate my garbage cans.”

So an epic funny short love poem is a poem that seems very epic at the beginning and builds those emotions. You can incorporate words like struggle, defeat, battle, overcome, overwhelmed, and so forth. And to make it funny, you just need a climax that is the opposite of climactic that produces an entirely different feeling, like the garbage can quote.

If you can incorporate these feelings into a poem, then you have just created for yourself an epic funny short love poem. Good luck in writing your poems.

Read more love words, romantic messages, and other inspiring poems at
http://WhisperingsofLife.com. For short love poems, visit

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Terrifying Turn

Terrifying Turn

The closest pass on the race yet!

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