Where I work

Where I work

A short lifetime’s accumulation of carefully selected crud. Taking advantage of a borrowed wide-angle lens to show you where it all happens.

In response to the Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell prompt:

The computer pretty much boils down to the Projects folder and the Found folder, and both have swelled to eye-popping size over the years. The stuff in the Found folder powers a screensaver, which serves as a constant source of inspiration and study. The more I look at what I’ve Found, the more I learn from it.

My meta-organizer is (currently) Google Calendar, chosen for its flexibility and ubiquity. I use it to track appointments, deadlines, plans, billable work done, eBay auctions … anything with a time component, which is just about everything.

I carry two means of data capture everywhere I go: a camera (Canon PowerShot SX200 IS) and a notebook. I started taking notes in columns and using color-coding, and I’ll fill one up every six months or so. I also carry an iPod touch so I can bring Google Calendar along too 🙂

Posted by clockspot on 2010-02-11 15:37:53

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