Dirty Black Keyboard Buttons

Dirty Black Keyboard Buttons

Close-up view of old and dirty black keyboard buttons.

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Part of an old VCR that I’ve picked up for $5 at Salvation Army. Part of my electronic landscapes project

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CleanDr® 10 oz. Dust Remover, 2-pack with Turbo Brush
Blows Away Dust

* Gently and safely removes dust and debris from electronic devices without leaving any residue
* Multi-purpose, moisture-free, odorless duster is great for delicate home and office electronics
* Clean keyboards, computers, printers, copiers, audio/video components, phones, and other office equipment or electronic devices
* Extension tube and turbo-brush attachment included for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas
* Non-ozone depleting formula includes bitterant additive to deter inhalant abuse

Includes: Two (2) 10oz. cans and turbo brush air can attachment

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my favorite letter… C

my favorite letter... C

Copyright 2009
Caitlin Elizabeth Photography

exploring with a camera.. and PSD

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just bought: 01.27.10

just bought: 01.27.10

Compressed air. I needed to do some cleaning.

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Improper Dismantling E-waste Culprit As The New Urban Pollution – E-waste, Waste Electronic Products

Improper Dismantling E-waste Culprit As The New Urban Pollution – E-waste, Waste Electronic Products
Science and technology, electronic product updates accelerate already hastened the development of a Walk in city streets for electronic waste recycling “troops.” With the hammer to drop fire, lead, cadmium, mercury, PVC, brominated dioxins … … these people to avoid any heavy metals, specific pollutants have been quietly hiding in you by my side, dismantling e-waste is improperly become a new urban pollution culprit.

Electronic age birth to “a new career”
In Harbin Development Zone, the special collection of waste electronic products, Lao Liu was very different. This drove a small truck, Chuaizhuo

Mobile Middle-aged man out of the major office building and residential area, not beating down the street crying, breaking barrels, he handed him a business card?? Professional high buy electronic products. With the electronics in the home and office and update the popularity of speed, a new career out of being birth.

Riding a tricycle with other scrap buyers the street crying, different, Lao Liu printed business cards distributed to each company’s office. After each phone contact, Lao Liu always flattered to open on his truck door service, back to the always discarded scrap printers, computers,

Air conditioning , Washing machine And other bulk “valuable goods.”
In front of customers and acquaintances, he will show themselves and the street crying, the “peer” different, “they receive is used newspapers, empty bottles, ye see is garbage. We are high-end collection electronic goods, a ‘next home’ waiting for getting goods with us! “

“High recycling old mobile phones, toner cartridges, ink cartridges,
MP3 . “The small hand-held small ads are always a lot of cities across the street bridges, universities and e-city” landscape “;” high recovery

Refrigerator , Washing machines, household appliances, “cries the residential area from time to time to break the silence. These things are not that used junk it? Worthy of” high “buy it? The face of the curious bystanders, vendors are usually closely guarded secret not to smile answer.

Electronic dismantling experienced professional team, “guerrillas”
Many cities in China, surge in e-waste “resource” is already a success of the industry chain and related occupations. Acquisition – the initial dismantling – transport – Fine dismantling the whole industry chain, the guerrilla-style cottage and emerging professional dismantling enterprises face encounter. Cake fight e-waste, the “hammer smashed fire” of the guerrillas and the Professional Team Who the winner?

Streets in many cities, the number of walk with a lot of old
Home Appliances Acquisition of “force” them to tens of dollars or a price of 200 yuan recovery appliance is sent to a small workshop. Here, the “hammer smashed fire” of the 19th century was used means of disposing of electronic products in the 21st century: after the brutal dismantling, acid leaching, fire, liquid cross-flow, no treatment or flow directly into the drain line on the ground , are difficult to extract the precious metals and toxic and harmful substances were found inside the trash of life … …

Guerrilla-style cottage on the e-waste has become a fixed “flow”: the first step is the classification of the acquisition personnel in the maintenance of various electronic products after a simple resale into the countryside; second step is “pure manual “dismantling many workers without protective case with a screwdriver, hammer, etc. simple tool to split electric plastic, metal, circuit boards, wires, etc., sometimes in order to remove the gold, silver, copper and other components, it simply violently smashed the one.

In such barbaric and not in the shelter of the dismantling, leaching, fire and other primitive tools were used with impunity: In order to obtain the middle of the copper wire and other metal, it simply burning wires, toxic, odorous gases with The spread to nearby residential areas; baking board, burning garbage generated a lot of harmful gases and suspended solids, threatening the health of workers; computer monitor screen is crack, plastics were burned by acid leaching of metal, lead, cadmium , brominated dioxins and other harmful substances into the air, soil, hazardous waste disposal and proliferation because of random … …

Harbin environmental services group Qin Sheng Feng, general manager, said dismantling e-waste is a very specialized industry, enterprises need a qualified professional operation, to make use of specialized equipment.

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Nokia E6 Clear Screen Protector

Nokia E6 Clear Screen Protector

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leaves no residue when removed
cell phone is not included

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Dusting 2

Dusting 2

From time to time a field needs to have lime applied to it to keep the soil fertile. This is the machine used to apply (dust) the field. The driver really only has to steer and reload since the application is computer controled and depends on the "speed over ground" to set the rate of application.

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Watching the snooker

Watching the snooker

BBC Iplayer fullscreen on my Mac Mini. Also visible is my Atari ST (under the Mac keyboard), and the pride of my chess collection, the Kasparov President electronic chess board. And a Quickshot II Joystick.

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