The More Preferable Car Battery

The More Preferable Car Battery


Batteries are known to be amongst the volatile parts of a car’s mechanics.

One moment they are in perfect working condition and the next you cannot get the car to catch on. This can often be attributed to an electrical problem causing the car to not start up thereby leaving the drivers stranded in a location far away from the nearest auto repair shop. The best thing to do to make a situation like an electrical crash less possible would be to get a good battery.

Investing a good amount of money on a battery is an investment that speaks for itself in the long run. A good lead acid liquid battery goes between the price ranges of $70-$130. Liquid lead acid batteries have been quite common since their development in 1859 and according to the experts they are the least expensive batteries in the world of automotive engine starters. In order to make this battery more manageable and eco-friendly, the sealed liquid lead acid battery was developed. Another possible investment can be the Value Regulated Lead Acid battery (VRLA) which includes gel and absorbed glass mate that are not in any way liquid.

There is also the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery

Which is made up of silicate glass fibres then mixed with boron forming a mat that holds the electrolyte. This battery was put into production in the year 1972 but its use was targeted towards military and non-vehicle applications like boats, motorcycles and electronics. As of now, the AGM batteries are now being used in car production. AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries can cost from $155 to $260 but have more advantages over liquid lead acid batteries.

The AGM has a lower non-use discharge rate than the liquid lead acid batteries. Because of the high rate of power consumption used by today’s vehicles, automotive manufacturers have turned to AGM batteries as their new car power source. The 2007 models of the BMW were the first to have the AGM batteries due to their computer functions and braking. AGM batteries are in more ways than one better than the liquid lead acid batteries but the downside of the AGM is that care has to be taken not to overcharge the. Their charging rate happens to be faster with a standard output of 14.5 volts.

A solar panel with a trickle charge is recommended when an AGM battery is put into a non-use vehicle.

If charged over the standard 14.5 volts, the AGM battery will go bad. The vehicles that encounter the most problems with AGM are the sport vehicles as a result of the rough environment in which they are put into use. It is best to get rid of the old plug in garage battery charger and get a new one that sustains volts instead of amps. An AGM battery charger will sense a very low voltage in the battery and will start the recharge whereas an old charger does not sense low voltage and will not charge the battery.

The AGM batteries are known for starting up easily even after years of storage without any problem. The batteries can also attain full charge with no problem after years of piling up dust in garages. The AGM batteries can be put into vehicles and the negative cable disconnected in the one that is not being used often anymore and it starts right up when the engine is run occasionally. There have been negative reviews and complaints only about the AGM failing often but according to findings, this can be only attributed to situations where best practices are not involved. The batteries can be left for a long period of time without use but it is highly recommended that it be stored with a solar panel that has an extremely low trickle charge to prevent any chance of it being overcharged. It is imperative that the negative cable be disconnected when the battery is not in use.

When it comes to the AGM against the Gel cell

The AGM tends not to warp easily due to its thicker plates therefore; during deep discharges they resist the build-up of sulphur that improves the chances of destroying a battery. The batteries comprising of wet cells tend to spoil after 3 to 4years maximum. On the other hand, the life of the AGM battery goes to about 8- 10 years that is if proper care is taken.

As a result, the clear recommendation is the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) if proper care is taken.

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Brise Soleil

Brise Soleil

Nationwide Louvre Company (NLC) is based in the West Midlands for easy access to all parts of the United Kingdom. NLC’s fully trained installation engineers install louvres, acoustic louvres, louvred screens, solar shading, brise soleil, and naturalvent products to its customers all of the UK with year of experience. NLC offer a supply only or full contract service including site survey’ s and project specific manufacturing drawings for the customers approval. Nationwide Louvre Company for Louvres, Louvre screens, Acoustic Louvres and Solar Shading. . Nationwide Louvre Company have had over 28 years experience within the Louvre Systems and Ventilation industries. With state of the art computer aided design facilities and fully qualified staff with in-house installation engineers, the company delivers a professional, cost effective and quality service. The service is specifically designed to ensure repeat business from new and existing customers. The company manufactures high quality products from extruded aluminium, stainless steel, Mild Steel, Plastisol, and Timber. Nationwide Louvre Company will endeavour to provide equipment to the customers, design engineers, consultants or architects requirements in what ever material or finish required. With a expanding team of very experienced trades people, Nationwide Louvre Company has a professional team, qualified to a very high standard.Nationwide Louvre Company has an expanding customer base, located throughout the UK, including large construction companies, local governments, and small business’s. The company is managed by Engineers who has been focusing on many aspects of the Ventilation Systems business for many years. Having previously worked for Mechanical Sub-Contractors, Mechanical Consultant, HVCA material manufacturing Companies, Dust and Fume Experts, the management is fully experianced and trained to run the company in the 21st Century market place. Nationwide Louvre Company has fully trained in house installation engineers with ECITB passport to safety and CSCS cards. All have been trained on MEWP’s and carry PASMA, Fork Llift, Man-Safe, Hilti Shot Fire and Food Hygiene certificates. Nationwide Louvre Company has an expanding customer base, located throughout the UK, including a large number of blue chip companies, local authorities, NHS trust’s, Architects, M and E Consultants and Building Contractors. Full list available on request. The NLC Group of Companies is a family run team of like minded individuals who have been involved in the Louvre and ventilation/fume extraction markets for many years. Call the NLC sales team today for prices and advise on 01922 457204

Nationwide Louvre Company
Louvre Works
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50.365 e is for evolve

50.365 e is for evolve

June 19 2010

I only just realised that today is day 50, which is kind of apt because it’s a little milestone and I’ve realised something pretty big. This 365, although I am only 50 days in, has caused me (subconsciously) to look inside myself and see what inspires me, what I love, what I’m good at and what I need to learn.

My A-Levels have also helped me realise this, it’s made me see what I’m good and bad at. The past two months have made me look at myself differently and discover what I love to do. I still have no idea what to do with myself after uni, and barely after A-Levels. All I know is that I love photography and it will be part of my life forever now; I love creative writing, sociology and history; and I want to be in America. And my dream is to go to Brown, although that’s not likely. :/

I’ve, not re-invented myself, but evolved. In regards to my personality I’m the same. But in other ways I’ve grown and expanded and discovered. After floundering for months with my art AS-Level it’s nice to know where I stand with myself. 🙂

Then there’s the literal evolving of my room. Last night I decided to re-do it and today I started. I moved my bed round, took down the majority of my posters, and chose some paint colours to try out. To paint two of the walls. This is post moving of furniture.

Please watch this. It’s a stop animation video I made of me re-doing my room. I didn’t upload it to flickr because I haven’t got a pro account (as much as I want one) and I was scared it would eat away at my upload allowance. The music is These Photographs by Joshua Radin, and all the photos are sooc. Except the last two frames of the before and after, where I had to put the photos together on one background; although those are otherwise sooc. 🙂

In the video, that is my little puppy Milo I bring in. He’s not technically allowed in bedrooms but I let him just that once with me holding him. Also, the book I hold up to the camera was written by my Grandpa. 🙂 And the DVDs I put under my bedside table? All CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. One of my all time favourite TV shows ever so I have a load of the DVDs. I’m that cool. 😛

One final thing, view bigger?

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