Oka Infinity engine from Richland Piledriver

Oka Infinity engine from Richland Piledriver

Rudy in deep doody – What to expect when you’re Kellyanne Conway and you’re expecting your pseudonym fake president husband to sleep with a porn star …

Don’t Be Best – Be Better. The ‘overall well-being of children’ is not a real charity. F#£k Finder and her Schlumberger blow-up blonde bimbo.

5 minute ‘red copper’ chef ‘infused’ with pure copper and anti-scratch technology?. Bull dust; The secrets of China’s social credit system exposed with Google glass and Scientology secret scriptures viewed through Occulus Rift.

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Duck movement abstract (photo, not drawn)

Duck movement abstract (photo, not drawn)

Abstract: a beautiful multipurpose word meaning – "covering your ass in case of severe cock-up by using a smug, self-deluding, bit of retrospectively self-accrediting denial, finished off with an entirely egocentric cover story making huge claims about premeditating random results. " .lol

This technique is well used by artists the world over, despite it being about as meaningful as taking credit for a plant cell that grows 500 miles away from a river source because you once pissed in said river and added about 1 part per 500 billion to the rivers nitrate level by doing so.

Sure its your piss that did it? lol.


No photoshop (apart from cloning out dust specks and a hair, for some strange reason the lens managed to focus on a hair on it – it shouldnt be able to do that, its a telephoto zoom with no macro!) , not pencil, its a photo, straight out the camera!

Its literally a straight shot in a-dep mode of a mallard female flying past reeds and reddish trees, with deliberately wrong settings because I was cocking about when the lens started missing focus. Ive actually never used a-dep mode before, I shoot entirely on manual under all circumstances normally.

I thought, "If your gonna blur you bastard, blur properly". It was a throw-away shot really, didn’t even really look at it until I saw it on the computer.

Weirdly, it worked. I cannot get over how drawn it looks though, movement blur I was expecting , yes, but this is so not like a photo its completely bizarre!

I’ve never liked movement blur in pictures, it just looks like they chose the wrong settings to me, but this is so extreme I might even have another go at it. Its almost like a quickie chalk pastel.

exif data tells me:

Shooting ModeA-DEP
Tv( Shutter Speed )1/13
Av( Aperture Value )40.0
Metering ModeCenter-Weighted Average Metering
ISO Speed200
LensEF75-300mm f/4-5.6
Focal Length240.0mm
AF ModeAI Servo AF

Must have completely lucked-out with the way I panned it and the very bright sunlight though.

Bloody bet you I can’t get it to do it again. lol.

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