Learn How to Break Up Large Tasks and Get Them Done

Learn How to Break Up Large Tasks and Get Them Done

First, so there are no surprises, there is no secret formula to breaking up large tasks, you just do it. The fact that we are here is the biggest step you will make in this area. Large overpowering tasks are just a collection of many smaller jobs all joined together. Start thinking like this and you are well on your way.

I have a seminar example I always use when I’m dealing with this topic; its true and it happened to me. I use to operate my business from my home. My office was on the second floor. One day there was a delivery of 400 boxes of computer forms, instead of taking the boxes up to the second floor as they were instructed, they left them at the receptionist’s desk, on the 1st floor. When I saw what had happened, I did my usual huff and puff. I was not happy. I walked by that stack, that mountain of boxes for about a week and then one day, I actually needed what was in one of them. I picked it up and went upstairs, opened it up and used it. The next day, as I was walking by, I decided to pick up two as I went upstairs. The next trip, another two and so on. It took awhile, but all the boxes got up to the second floor.

The moral of the story is pretty evident; even seemingly insurmountable tasks are doable when you break them down into manageable bits. Only you can decide what is big and has to be broken down. How small does it have to be broken to before you want to tackle it? Again a question for you to answer. Here are some tips.

The Longer The Hesitation, The Smaller The Pieces Should Be. If you find yourself hesitating before jumping in, that is a signal that what is ahead of you needs to be broken up into smaller chunks. Everything else being equal, you will get more and better productivity out of yourself if you do a two hour job in two stretches. Keep in mind the impact of a start and a restart. As long as that is not a factor, always try to chop up the longer tasks into time slots that suit your natural energy cycles and levels.

Is It Doable Right Now? Without any fanfare or additional planning, is what you are about to do, doable? If the answer is yes, jump in. If the answer is no, then take the steps that are required to make it doable. Starting something when you are not properly prepared, especially a larger than normal job, makes your prospects of success almost zero. You can’t always postpone jobs to suit your timetable, but starting a task when you are ill prepared means starting with at least one hand tied behind your back. Not a position you want to find yourself in.

Controllable and Manageable. Two words that you must feel apply to you when you start any task. Are you managing the task and are you in control of the events surrounding this production. If you cannot answer both of these questions in the affirmative, you need to regroup and organize yourself. Managing the task means that the events that are unfolding are the ones that you are choreographing. In other words, are the players in this play following your direction or are they doing their own thing with you as a spectator?

Your Agenda Or Theirs? If things are getting out of your control, the size of the pieces could be the issue. You can’t break up the process of crossing a stream into two parts, but you can break up the process of climbing a mountain into several stages. Some tasks lend themselves to being broken up and others do not. The variations are endless. The simple rule of thumb is this, if the job can be done better, faster, more efficiently or can be improved in any way by breaking it up, go for it. The reverse will be made plain to you soon enough.

Bryan Beckstead is the creator and developer of the Power Time System and the Power Productivity Maximizer and has been involved in the Self Improvement and Self Empowerment industries for almost 35 years. His aggressive, in-your-face approach has earned him a reputation as someone who will give you the facts without the usual sugar coating. If you are really serious about improving your quality of life, visit him at http://www.powertimesystem.com

Motivation Keys – 3 Ways to Eliminate Procrastination and Consistently Get Things Done

Motivation Keys – 3 Ways to Eliminate Procrastination and Consistently Get Things Done

Motivation sometimes gets short-circuited by our desire to procrastinate. It is so easy to respond to difficult tasks with the pat answer, “I do it later…” But it is funny how later never comes at a convenient time. No matter how much we put it off doing necessary tasks, we never seem to come to a point where we are excited about doing them.

There is a better approach to take when dealing with the problems associated with procrastination. Here are three ways to eliminate procrastination and thereby increase your productivity:

1.Focus – Don’t  focus on the task that you are faced with. Doing so only makes the work that is required seems so unnecessary and hard. So often we get so overwhelmed by the work that we don’t realize the rewards that we will reap from our efforts. Instead look at the benefits surrounding the completed task. Keep your attention centered on what you want to have once you are done. This will motivate you to do the work. In the process you will find that you in effect eliminate procrastination altogether.

2. Clarity –Get clear on why you want to complete the tasks. The inertia that we experience is caused by weak desires. It is easier to stay in the position that we find ourselves in when we our reasons for change are weak. You must have a big reason for doing the tasks that you are about to do. If you want something badly enough then it is almost impossible to procrastinate.

Maintain a clear vision of what you want. Keep that visualization of your desired outcome on your mind. When you face obstacles or difficult task then simply recall the reason why you are doing what you are doing. Know your reason and you will have the motivation to get the work done.

3. Routine- Establish a routine for getting things done. Use the same time frame everyday to do important tasks. Set aside that time and stick to your routine. If you are writing a book then set aside a specific time during the day that you do nothing but write. Abide by your schedule work times religiously. Do not break your appointment with yourself.

Do this and you will begin to long for these productive times rather than dread doing the tasks. It will become a habit. Good habits are just as powerful as bad ones. Once you establish this type of routine you will make the accomplishment of important tasks a vital and desired part of your day.

And now I would like to invite you to claim your free access to my special report “Motivation Keys” by going to http://www.motivationkeys.com

The Way To Guarantee A Job Is Properly Done By A Roof Contractor

The Way To Guarantee A Job Is Properly Done By A Roof Contractor

New roof installation is a big job but a worthwhile investment for the protection of the entire home. The roof truly could be on the list of most important elements of the home, due to the fact that it keeps the contents and inhabitants secure from the elements. When hiring a roofing contractor in Calgary you will find several considerations and details that the house owner can verify to guarantee that the project will absolutely be completed properly, for the fees quoted, and within the time promised. A roofing contractor needs to provide explanations, guarantees and contracts.

Requesting An Estimate Plus A Contract

Obtaining a quote or an estimate is a start to understanding the cost range, and work needed to get a new roof installed. The bid is not the final price, and it could go over the quoted price. Typically the final expense will be larger because plenty of the aspects usually are not included in the quote such as supplies. A contract however, is actually a formal piece of writing that will let the homeowner to have their specifications documented to avoid any confusion, or costs going over budget, before the job is already underway.

What To Include In A Formal Contract

Probably the most important parts of the roofing job to be clear and concise about are:

– The Total Price

– When the work will begin as well as the expected date it will finish

– Compliance with building code requirements, warranty and installation requirements.

– Materials used including manufacturer’s name and brands

– Details of the exact work that is to be performed

– A statement of cancellation rights.

A contract is essential to make certain that if the roofing organization doesn’t follow the terms within the contract, that there is ground for legal recourse. The contract is very important to protect the buyer during the work, and to make sure that the warranty is honoured after the job has been finished.

What To Search For In A Roofing Business

You’ll find numerous roofing businesses available for hire, and to the average house owner particularly one who has never had major renovations performed on their house, the choices can seem overwhelming. The main things to look for in a roofing contractor are experience, guarantees and a good reputation in the community.


A roof is a renovation that the house owner will want to have last for a very long time. A organization who can stand behind their work with a five to ten year warranty is far more likely to be reliable. The warranty should cover any of the work that was performed on the house by the organization. Even better, some roofing businesses will provide a quality assurance on top of their warranty. This means that they’ll offer you money, in addition to fixing the issue at no cost under warranty. Considering that businesses don’t desire to hand out free cash, it’s much more likely that the company doesn’t frequently need to revisit their prior jobs to fix an issue, and that they’re work is excellent quality.

Fully Licensed And Bonded

Ahead of hiring roofers make sure that they’re licensed. This is more than a guarantee of a great job; this is to protect the house owner against legal action if a person were to get hurt on your property. A bonded company protects from negligence, theft and fraud. Ask to actually see up to date records and a clearance letter.

A company with liability insurance coverage is also preferred due to the fact that this protects homeowners against damages that could result on their property or the property of their neighbours. All these safeguards contribute to an excellent experience with getting a new roof installed, and will help steer clear of any complications or service below expectations.

A Customer Driven Service

Be wary of businesses who want all of the payment upfront. A roofing business should desire to be sure that their clients are satisfied ahead of asking for the full amount to be paid. This provides the client an opportunity to resolve any problems that they might have, and to guarantee that the job is done to their expectations without needing to worry that the company will not fulfill their responsibilities because they have already been paid for the work.

Finally, when clients are pleased they provide testimonials to encourage other residents to use the company’s services. Ask the roof contractor that you are contemplating hiring to see some testimonials from their prior jobs. A business with an outstanding record and nothing at all to hide will be more than happy to oblige.

Done Right Roofing is a roofing contractor in Calgary with years of experience. If you are looking for qualified Calgary roofing contractors with countless satisfied customers then contact Done Right Roofing for all your roofing needs.

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High-quality Jade Jewelry, an exquisite Get the job done while in the Art Garden

High-quality Jade Jewelry, an exquisite Get the job done while in the Art Garden

Jade, recognized as the “king of emerald” with its new and gorgeous overall look and transparent texture. Featured with its light, crystal, modest and high-quality characters, individuals frequently use jade like a symbol of content, reunion, harmony and splendor.

The name of “Jade” carries a quite intriguing origin: Typically, stones in coloration of wine, maroon, ochre are known as “emerald”, although in colour of pea green and deep-green termed “jade”. Having said that, there has an a further parlance: Legend has it that Fei is often a birdie with red plumes, green jade is birdie with green feathers, therefore the merger in the two phrases refers especially to some sort birdie who has cyan and brown feathers. As be assimilated as attractive and cute birdies, the splendor of jade jewelry is beyond of popular talking.

Not noly admired as its amorous but sleek colour, and bright but crystal luster, jade also been endowed having a gracious noble character. Being an historical stating goes: “The gentleman from the Derby-yu.” In the event you putting on a crystal green but features a stable inherence jade jewelry, your gentlemanly model will open out effortlessly.

Possibly that is why people are inclined to carve and chisel their favorited jade aborativelly, in order to existing its fragile mettle and florid brilliance. In this way, a number of pieces of jade art were born. As a wondenful operate of Arts Academy, she emits limpid snd fleckless taste, she display you a world detached from our everyday everyday living, and make all restless hearts regained quietness. Her pure, transparent and wise characters make folks enjoyful, Moreover, the auspicious patterns carved in her body indicate the luck and joy still!

Our jade jewelry displays many alternative shades, distinctive shades and so on. Depth of colour, intensity, charity and translucency are all of the influencing factors of their rates. Jade Rings, Jade Bangle, Jade Pendant, Jade Necklace,, irrespective of which one particular, it will likely be the best symbol of temperament and taste. Just come here and select 1, you can find wherever you happen to be, you can generally be shining, shining, shining !

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Tribute to Flickrites

Tribute to Flickrites

So i decided to tag alot on this to make up for all the tagging i don’t do. (i hate it) i wish i could post this into like 20 groups like some poeple do on flickr. this is a tribute to all of them out there. post your pictures put some tags (3 to 6 at most) add it to about 2 to 3 groups and then shoot some more than waste you time on here…. off the soap box now….

Posted by rych on 2006-07-08 01:00:49

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“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – A Good Quote For Entrepreneurs!

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – A Good Quote For Entrepreneurs!

You have decided that you want to make extra money, or even a full time income with your own home based business! Here are some things to consider…

*You are not interested in any type of MLM or network marketing deal where you have to recruit people! (I don’t blame you…everyone seems to hate those)

*You don’t want to sell something that is being sold by two million other people around the USA!

*You want something simple and sweet, with maybe just one or two products or variations!

*You want to be able to buy small quantities, and not have to spend Big Money!

*You are NOT interested in obtaining any type of special permits, licenses, bank accounts, or anything complicated, in fact…YOU prefer to stay “under the radar!”

So, if you are 18 or older, live within the contiguous 48 United States, other than MA, MI, NY, and WI…then here is great news! You can buy a small quantity of Non-lethal, Self-Defense Pepper Sprays Seen Here at wholesale, and then turn around and sell them to other adults in your area or town!

Most people do not already have one of these awesome self-defense pepper sprays, only because they are not sold at every corner store, convenience store, or grocery store…yet people like them because they are non-lethal, and they’re inexpensive, and they bring “peace of mind!”

When you show one to someone, even a complete stranger, and simply ask if they want one…most people will immediately take out some money (cash) and buy at least one, on impulse! I know because I have been peddling these in my town for years! It is easy, fun, and it is daily cash!

My name is Father Time, a self-help writer and motivational speaker, and my cool website at www.FatherTimePublishing.com has tons of cool items, ideal for gift giving, or to brighten your day, and if you see something else there that you would like to buy in small quantities at wholesale prices, please let me know! Thanks!

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You can make money from home, whether you are selling pepper sprays or even something else, no matter what anyone else says, and never let someone you know who is negative, talk you out of doing something that you know you can do!

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – Chinese proverb

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Classic Auto Express Quotes Done Immediately!

Classic Auto Express Quotes Done Immediately!

Got a car show coming up and the date was accidentally licked off your calendar by your dog, and you need to get your 1915 Model T stake-bed from Florida to Orcutt, California, immediately? And we do mean, immediately. If you need to ship your classic or antique vehicle, you need a transportation company that is experienced in classic auto transport. And, you need a quote as urgently as your need for shipping the car is.

Classic auto express service is needed, that’s for sure. No slow boat for this car show or it’ll arrive long after the show is over. It’s only a one or two day event, after all. But the first you have to find out how much it will cost. Spending hours sifting through search engine results just won’t cut it. You would get brain freeze doing that. A frozen brain is not productive to showing off that classic beauty, chatting with enthusiasts and seeing who can see themselves better in their vehicle’s paint job. You don’t want that fellow competitor Joe from Tampa to beat you, do you? He has two shelves worth of trophies to boast about and he makes sure that he does, twice a year at a neighborhood barbecue. That Model T deserves a lot of trophies. You have to get it to the right location first, before you can chalk up the bragging rights. What if it ends up in Roswell and aliens take it back to their home planet? 

Some customer service departments are so slow in getting back to you that you are long gone into oblivion, listening to stale canned music from twenty years ago, and then when a live person gets back to you, you’ve forgotten what you were calling about. Well, maybe not that, but if a person is slow to answer your questions about classic auto transport and what it entails, that could be a good indication of how slow they will book you the right transportation and get your car where it’s supposed to go, and on time. You can rely on a company which calls the web their home, and does business from, and on, it. When you grab the right one you’ll know that they will look after your precious car. Being on the web, the right and most professional company, will be able to quote you rapidly.
Getting a quick quote will help relieve a little of the stress you may be feeling from needing to ship your classic so fast. And, also knowing that the Model T will be safely and quickly transported, may even make you so happy that you will smile like a Cheshire cat at Joe, when you see him at the car show, with your sparkling silver trophy in hand — waving it around like a madman.

Susan Hart is a world traveled former literary agent. If you have urgent Classic Auto Transport needs and want to save money take a look at the site she visited right away.