Sterile environment

Sterile environment

This is inside another data center. Believe it or not, this is not a black and white picture. Inside data centers is a surprisingly harsh and sterile environment. It’s cold, exceptionally loud with literally hundreds of thousands of tiny fans cooling computers and networking gear from within the chassis, the air is very dry from the every possible bit of humidity being removed from the air, and there is virtually no dust. When you walk in, you are required to either put booties over your shoes or step on extremely sticky tack paper which removes any dirt and dust from the bottom of your shoes. I was the only person inside this near 20,000 sq. ft. of data center.

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Green Lacewing – Chrysopidae

Green Lacewing - Chrysopidae

Whilst editing some other pics, this guy flew on my monitor.

I had to take advantage of this moment.
I grabbed my camera and my flash, and bounced it off the wall, next to me.

I let him go when I was done, out the house

Green lacewings are delicate insects with a wingspan of 6 to over 65 mm, though the largest forms are tropical. They are characterized by a wide costal field in their wing venation, in which the cross-veins are. The bodies are usually bright green to greenish-brown, and the compound eyes are conspicuously golden in many species. The wings are usually translucent with a slight iridescence; some have green wing veins or a cloudy brownish wing pattern. The vernacular name "stinkflies", used chiefly for Chrysopa species but also for others (e.g. Cunctochrysa) refers to their ability to release a vile smell from paired prothoracal glands when handled.

The eggs are deposited at night, singly or in small groups, and sit atop a slender stalk about 1 cm long; one female produces some 100-200 eggs. Eggs are placed on plants, usually when aphids are present nearby in numbers. Immediately after hatching, the larvae moult, then descend the eggstalk to feed. They are voracious predators, attacking most insects of suitable size, especially soft-bodied ones (aphids, caterpillars and other insect larvae, insect eggs, and at high population densities also each other). Therefore, the larvae are colloquially known as “aphid lions” (also spelled "aphidlions") or “aphid wolves,” similar to the related antlions. Their senses are weakly developed, except that they are very sensitive to touch. Walking around in a haphazard fashion, the larvae sway their heads from one side to the other, and when they strike a potential prey object, the larva grasps it. Their maxillae are hollow, allowing a digestive secretion to be injected in the prey; the organs of an aphid can for example be dissolved by this in 90 seconds. Depending on environmental conditions, larvae need about 1-3 weeks to pupation which takes place in a cocoon; species from temperate regions usually overwinter as a prepupa, though Chrysoperla carnea overwinters as newly-hatched adults.


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1,440-(4)-127 … Our kitty "Scooter" sometimes climbs up onto my desk while I’m working on my computer. … She seldom sits still long enough for a photo, … and the light is dim … just a 60W desklamp on the shelf above my desk.

She’s covered in dust, cobwebs and sawdust because she "explores" the whole basement.

I snapped my fingers up by the lamp to get her to look up.

Camera: Sony MVC-CD1000, 2.1 megapixel (antique)

Straight out of the camera except sharpened with "IrfanView".


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