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By Brent Adams – Business First Staff Writer
Mar 20, 2006, 12:00am EST Updated Mar 17, 2006, 12:13pm
Nashville, Tenn.-based Rogers Group Inc. will invest $8 million in a new system to more efficiently process limestone mined from beneath the surface at its mine in eastern Jefferson County.

The company will remove an old conveyor system and install a more efficient version at Jefferson County Stone Quarry, said Rogers Group vice president Les Geralds.

The new system will have a series of rock crushers that will allow various sizes of stone to be produced in less time.

The quarry is located on Avoca Road off Old Henry Road near the Gene Snyder Freeway. Rogers Group began underground limestone mining there in 1999.

Ground was broken on the renovation last month. The work, which is being done by Process Machinery Inc. of Shelbyville, is expected to be complete by July 1.

Per-hour capacity to increase by 200 tons
The new system will allow Jefferson County Stone Quarry to process 850 tons of limestone an hour. The plant, which has a total of 50 employees, currently can process about 650 tons an hour.

The stone is used for driveways, roadways and concrete production.

Geralds declined to disclose the quarry’s annual revenue figures, but he said the quarry ships between 1.5 million and 2 million tons of stone a year at priced at $5 to $7 a ton.

"The key is getting trucks in and out quicker," Geralds said, explaining that each contractor dump truck currently is loaded with stone or gravel and sent on its way in about 10 to 12 minutes.

The new system will allow a truck to be loaded every three or four minutes, which means as many as 1,000 trucks could be loaded each day.

The system was designed by Rogers Group engineers, who have designed similar systems for other Rogers quarries.

From Stone Age to digital age
The loading system is the latest improvement in stone processing and loading at the quarry.

About five years ago, Rogers began assigning truck drivers a radio frequency identification tag. It allows them to arrive at the quarry, have their trucks automatically loaded at a stone-dispensing bin, then check out with a load, all without interacting with another person.

Geralds estimated that about 15 hauling companies regularly buy stone from the quarry, along with various independent haulers that purchase stone less frequently.

The RFID system, which has been in use at the quarry for more than four years, has sped up the paperwork and billing process involved with purchasing stone, Geralds said.

"We have seen a 30 (percent) to 40 percent time savings since implementing this system," Geralds said. "We are hoping that this new system will further cut down the time it takes to load a truck."

He added that computer-controlled machinery that dispenses the stone also is more accurate than humans, ensuring accuracy within 200 pounds. In the past, it was common for trucks, which typically carry loads of 70,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds, to be overloaded by 1,000 pounds or more.

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The Process of Urban Construction Waste Crusher

The Process of Urban Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste is redundant construction waste material production directly or by the construction industry, includes building materials, such as insulation, nails, wire, bars, and waste materials, such as dredge from plough stumps and may contain lead the rubble, building waste, asbestos, or other harmful substances.

Recently, with the rapid development of domestic building industry, a large quantity of construction waste is produced. Therefore, the effective recycling of construction waste is the best way to solve the problem of construction waste. In addition, it is also the development trend in the future. HXJQ Company mobile crushing plant and stone production line solve this problem better. Through the processing of stone production line, the construction waste can be made into the suitable sand for the building or the pebble for the pavement construction etc.

The application of urban construction waste processing:

The part of construction waste can be utilized again through sorting, rejecting and crushing. According to the existing technology, the available approach is as follows:

1.Steel doors and windows, scrap steel,iron nail, cast-iron pipe and so on will be sent into non-ferrous metals smelting works or steel works for resmelting after sorting.

2.The coarse-to-fine aggregate, which is from the crushing and sorting construction waste, replaces the natural aggregate for producing the concrete, road base material and building brick.

3.Roof woodwork and wooden doors and windows can be recycled or used for making medium density fiberboard.

4.Scrap tile will be used again after clearing. They can be made into the permeable bricks or glass ceramics through crushing, burdening and forming.

In order to achieve the goal of green development, it is necessary to make a planning for national green development strategy, and creates a nice condition for long-term sustainable development in the future. The next ten-year will be the critical period for China to realize the industrialization, urbanization and the transition of development mode.Hongxing Company insists on energy saving and emission reduction, and environmental protection. Otherwise, it also pays attention to the principle with the combination of the innovation of new products and environment, and tries to create the new model of environmental protection and low carbon in the crushing and screening industry.

Urban Construction Waste Management Regulations of the ministry of construction was performed last June 1st. It requires that every company or individual mustn’t dump, throw or pile construction waste reclycling. The waste earth and materials produced by the construction, installation, removal, or repair of the construction company or individual will pollute the environment severely, and affect the city life. Residents should collect the construction waste and life garbage generated by decorating house respectively, pile them to the designated locations, and the set of construction waste transfer station should provide convenience for residents. The company or individual who doesn’t deal with the construction waste according to the regulations should be punished heavily, so that the urban construction waste management can be reinforced, and the city environmental sanitation can be ensured.

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