A Crisis of Ignorance

A Crisis of Ignorance

There is no energy shortage, there is no energy crisis, there is a crisis of ignorance. Over three decades ago, visionary engineer Buckminster Fuller made the statement that seems heretical today. Any rational person viewing our energy quagmire would dismiss Dr. Fuller’s notion as utopian and out of touch.

Yet it’s possible that our present situation in California and the Western U.S. has everyone focused on immediate answers — and that few are asking the larger questions. The numerous players in the energy game see the issues from completely different perspectives: consumers want cheap, reliable energy, California utilities want a rate increase to avoid bankruptcy, out-of-state producers want to make a profit for shareholders, and legislators want a solution to salvage their deregulation vote of four years ago. This stew of vested interests offers little confidence in finding a strategy that meets everyone’s needs.

The major problem with deregulation is that market forces were unleashed before energy supply and demand could be balanced. While the regulations were changing in California, no additional generation was built. Who would invest millions into new power supply when the rules of the game are unclear? Then, in that same period, California’s economy boomed, more people and computers moved in and a hot summer offered up a triple whammy.

So, what are the questions that we should be asking? First, how can we reduce our demand during the peak hours? Where the utilities and their customers are getting killed is at the Power Exchange (the hourly marketplace where the big three utilities must go to buy their megawatts). During the mid-day hours when demand is highest, our supply must be purchased from out-of-state. While the utilities are limited to charging a fixed rate, they must purchase that power at the highest bidder price.

Governor Davis promised to address this folly in his State of the State speech. But 30 million consumers could dramatically affect this mid-day cost/rate gap. How many lights, radios, computers, TVs, are just left on during the day — doing no work, but causing utilities to purchase power at peak prices? Yet without brownouts or blackouts, consumers are oblivious to this basic inequality of the daily electricity market. The print media could make the difference here. Newspapers could publish the hourly price of power for the previous day and week. This information is as critical as yesterday’s stock prices. When consumers understand that the bulk of their rate increase comes from 3-4 peak hours, they can choose to turn off those electrical devices — thus reducing power demand when prices are their highest.

What about the supply side? Experts are projecting that an additional 10,000-12,000 megawatts of new capacity is needed to balance the supply/demand equation. Some of this new capacity is under construction, and the Governor wants to help fast-track even more. Yet, power generation takes 2-3 years from groundbreaking to commissioning. Almost all of these new projects are fired by natural gas, the cleanest of the fossil fuels. Our growing demand has caused a spike in gas prices, which is also being added to our utility bills for household heating and cooking. This increasing fuel cost to the generators translates into higher prices for power at the Power Exchange.

As all these new natural gas power plants come on-line, does anyone believe the price of fuel will return to last year’s level? And nowhere are the greenhouse gas emissions being considered when our pocketbook is in peril.

If we return to Buckminster Fuller’s thesis – there is no energy shortage – one must examine the larger energy potential of our region. For bulk power, the western United States, British Columbia, Alberta and northern Baja California are all linked via a high-voltage electric transmission grid. This network acts as a “freeway for electrons”, enabling power generator and customer to be hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of miles apart. This grid is indifferent to the power source, equally delivering power generated from non-renewable energy sources: coal, natural gas, nuclear, or the renewable sources: solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and hydropower.

The difference? Nonrenewable sources are mined, transported and then burned to boil water, creating steam to turn a turbine and generator – producing either atmospheric or toxic waste. On the other hand, with renewable resources we simply need to harvest them: solar radiation in the desert, high winds in the plains, underground steam and falling water. These resources are virtually unlimited in potential supply.

And what few people seem to know – these renewable resources lie within our western region, and could meet the lion’s share of our power needs. The Department of Energy studied the wind resources of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, and reported enough potential to meet all the peak energy needs of the United States today! Sanyo Electric has found that using just 4% of the world’s deserts, photovoltaic cells could meet the entire electrical needs of the planet! The southwestern U.S. has more than 4% of the world’s deserts. Combining these renewables with existing geothermal and hydropower offer an abundant potential that is far beyond our immediate shortfall. The cost? Wind, geothermal and hydropower are cost-competitive today.

The crisis we are facing is very real – but doesn’t have to persist. Asking the right questions now can alter our path and economy for decades to come. Can we meet the energy needs of our region and reduce pollution at the same time? Absolutely.

The Global Energy Network Institute (GENI) focuses on the interconnection of electric power networks between nations and continents, with an emphasis on tapping abundant renewable energy resources. This strategy is the highest priority of the World Game simulation developed by Dr. R Buckminster Fuller several decades ago. Linking renewables between all nations will mollify conflicts, grow economies and increase the quality of life and health for all.

Mouse on dusty table

Mouse on dusty table

Computer mouse and notebook on dusty glass table

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Mouse on dusty table

Mouse on dusty table

Computer mouse and notebook on dusty glass table

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Guard against “high bath” water waste in urban water crisis in a better

Guard against “high bath” water waste in urban water crisis in a better

Water is life, even for a moment people to produce an indispensable resource. However, severe water shortages in many northern cities, on the one hand, the Government attaches great importance to water conservation, the relevant departments in promoting water conservation tried every means to stop wastage; the other hand, a huge bath water industry in recent years make a big fast Previous: Beijing?? bath industry for 20 years by a few hundred times at home, Shijiazhuang?? bath industry for creating “Bath have” full name “upgrade”; Shanxi?? bath industry prosperity quickly spread to the second and third tier cities … …

 Bath life of this essential human civilization. However, when the bathing establishments required for reception of the King Fu Jing extravagance, normal consumption of the breeding of naked bathing water waste, District 1 bath tickets, how to cover the market supply and demand behavior behind the depletion of resources, how to hide on the survival of future generations strategic resources and waste a large increase moral failure? Of the bath industry, especially the luxury-type bath industry abnormal prosperity, can no longer turn a blind eye!

 Comment reporters in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, joint research found that most local governments now more emphasis on this particular sector of water management, mainly to the price means. However, due to high consumption, especially consumption of host type is not sensitive to the special nature of the price, plus a number of water companies to use without permission by various means cheap water, water management in this industry effect is not significant. Rely solely on market price adjustment means of the substantive effect is difficult to obtain water, but can not swing related industries and killed. How the combined use of administrative, price, technical means, not only meet the normal requirements, but also to saving water?

 Shanghai World Expo’s theme is “Better City, Better Life.” However, China 2 / 3 of cities, water shortages, inadequate water supply is to face reality. China has identified the implementation of “the most stringent water management system”, bath taps industry must manage well.

 Southwest China this year, suffered a rare drought, water conservation use once again become the focus of attention of the community. It was this analogy, if the world has a thermos bottle of water per capita, China’s per capita is only a glass of water, and Beijing, the per capita only one saliva. Beijing water to ease the tension surrounding provinces have repeatedly urged the Beijing water. Such as the 2004 book Field Reservoir in Shanxi Province, Hebei Province, Beijing pot large river reservoir water to 92 million cubic meters, flows over the past month.

 Status of scarce water resources and extreme contrary, in recent years, various bath, spa SPA, Spa club is blossom everywhere in the capital. Environmental groups have put forward the “luxury-type water consumption” concept, on the bath industry, expressed concern about the waste of water resources, but the related concept of management recognition of this doubt, on the quantitative management of water bath industry, which is still blank. Bath industry should have the corresponding water consumption limit? Bath should complete construction of recycled water treatment facility? Bath industry expansion should be limited? Comment journalists launched an investigation into these issues.

 Bath & water consumption: a not so clear, astronomical


 April 2010, the South East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing near a large bath.

 Because is not the weekend, this bath center and during part of the Department of more than 10 guests in spacious and bright lobby, the pool of nearly 20 square meters of bubble bath only two customers. “Our pond of water every day for absolutely guarantee health.” Attendants greet customers warmly.

 Empty room, sauna, steam some images. While in the shower area, a guest is comfortable to shave, a large open side of the nozzle, water splashed scour the ground.

 Not only here, in the Chaoyang District, Xicheng District, Beijing, Dongcheng District, as well as thousands of bathing in the whole place, this scene played out every day.

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In any instance crisis, give consideration to over the internet item store shopping not to mention item effects!

In any instance crisis, give consideration to over the internet item store shopping not to mention item effects!

Requires discover, the holidays are actually ahead and then can email lists are actually improving by a particular dramatically quote. Party and then the excursions is definitely an especially pre-occupied time in essentially anyone’s your life. People engaged with the help of dinners, embellishing, not to mention item store shopping. With the help of store shopping accumulate, a lot of us hang around before last minute and have no typically the percentage of your day to get through in the store shopping centers to find different gift items for the purpose of friends. Anybody likes to convey a thoughtful item and yet will most likely not include the drive and inspiration formulate a selection of gift items focused on to a small particular in your family group. There are solutions to such standard problems: Choose item effects and item gift baskets over the internet!

Item effects not to mention item gift baskets are actually some type of gift items transferred to any where! Within the last personal training numerous years, the sheer number of trusted online retailers seems to have surged assigned typically the call for of people eager to choose over the internet gift items. There can be a multitude of manufacturers options to select from that might transmit gift items towards approximately any sort of next corner of this environment, one can find something special limit or item cart for your member of your close relatives!

These sorts of gourmand food stuff, lager, home wine not to mention smallish gifts are actually perfect for anybody. By only investing in such over the internet gift items in your efficiency of yours residential home with the help of manufacturers surefire towards boat or maybe even turn out to be serving the area around an identical section for the reason that a desired recipients are actually, typically the item effects will most certainly be posted special to your prospects.

Besides that, there can be an abundance of over the internet gift items not to mention gift items transferred suggested people who actually like special portions of foodstuffs and home wine, perhaps even item cart organizations which were concentrated for the purpose of further socially careful families. You can choose wonderful foodstuffs effects that is certain to bring in any sort of gourmand foodie or just organically produced home wine freak-out; and you would choose a good solid developed babe limit and massages driven limit for the purpose of husbands and wives, needing fathers and mothers, and loved ones members. It could be that you must alter some Party limit and label some cart to all your company’s goals; there can be over the internet item limit organizations who will allow you to achieve this. For everybody who is through Projects, In a natural way Talented is a fantastic item cart business enterprise that might furnish the different on top of declared item limit creative ideas with a organically produced, considerable exchange, not to mention self-sufficient completely focus.

In a natural way talented concentrates renewable gifting, with a wonderful group marvelous gift items accompanied by a friendly conscience to all time, along with the excursions. They already have exquisitely exposed effects not to mention kits are actually heaped with organically produced, Considerable exchange not to mention eco-friendly services because of home wine towards organically produced cottons, equipped for the purpose of offering anywhere along Projects. Many basically usage items of superior good, personally preferred in order to satisfy typically the in a natural way Talented usual from efficiency. Whenever expecting to protect instance concerning item store shopping and yet figured out giving some substantive item, give consideration in a natural way Talented for a following that over the internet item choose!

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