CPU fan 2-15-10

CPU fan 2-15-10

The CPU fan of my Main (I have 3) computer, taken when replacing a hard drive, seen after 3 years of (almost) 24/7 service. The green "hose" on the right is a power connection: (my power supply has these bundled in UV reactive nylon) in this case, the "aux 12V" power connection. Taken by a Nikon D40x with an 18-55mm Nikkor non-VR kit lens. (at 52) Camera’s on-board flash fired.

Neglected because of the dust accumulation… Needless to say, but after I took the picture, I blew out the dust!

This is an AMD stock heat sink/fan combo – still working well…

(update, 4/2012: this fan/heatsink combo worked well until I replaced the motherboard in that computer: the m/b may be installed in another case, at some point, since it still has the memory aboard. (all it needs: case, p/s, HD, optical drive, and an OS…)

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Colored Fan Cooler

Colored Fan Cooler

This is my main fan cooler for my Desktop Computer, i love how it looks at night with no other lights on.
When i took the picture I realized that i must clean it, it has some dust.

I only edited with Gimp to increase color contrast.

Este es el ventilador de mi Computadora de Escritorio, me gusta como se ven los colores en la noche sin otra luz prendida. Me di cuenta que debo limpiarlo, tiene polvo en él.

Solo la edité con Gimp para incrementar el contraste de color

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