Buy 55 In. Fitted Outdoor Dust Cover for use with Tilt with credit card

Buy 55 In. Fitted Outdoor Dust Cover for use with Tilt with credit card

55 In. Fitted Outdoor Dust Cover for use with Tilt

Fitted outdoor dust cover
4-ply polypropylene fabric
UV protection
Custom fit

SunbriteTV Dust Cover SB-DC551NA Computer & Electronic Covers

List Price: $ 125.00
Price: $ 98.69

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15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve,LOVPHONE Notebook Computer Case Cover For Macbook Pro/Lenovo/ASUS/Samsung/Acer/HP and All 15 Inch Notebooks,Slim-fit Briefcase Carrying Bag/Pouch(Black)

15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve,LOVPHONE Notebook Computer Case Cover For Macbook Pro/Lenovo/ASUS/Samsung/Acer/HP and All 15 Inch Notebooks,Slim-fit Briefcase Carrying Bag/Pouch(Black)

Fully compatible with laptop computers with the size of 15-15.6" such as Macbook Pro/ Lenovo/ ASUS/ Samsung/ Acer/ HP as well as laptops from other brands
Protects laptop/netbook from dust, shocks, bumps, scrapes ,scratches and spills
Slim and lightweight; does not bulk your laptop up and can easily slide into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag
Top-loading zipper on the sleeve glides smoothly and allows convenient access to your laptop
Product Dimensions:16.4 x 11 x 1.2 inches

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16.5″H Computer Tower Case Dust Covers


Dust is a Computer CPU’s worst nightmare! Our premium quality 16.5"H Computer CPU / Tower Dust Cover will protect your computer from cat hair, dog hair, dust and other kinds of nuisances that can shorten the lifespan of your electronic device.

All of our dust covers are custom made for YOUR specific computer. That’s right!! We don’t make "One-Size Fits All"computer case dust covers.

This listing is for a mid-tower computer case dust cover that measures 16.5" high. Look at the picture and measure the width, and depth of your computer case. Then select from the drop down list, the width and depth that match your computer.

If your computer tower is not 16.5" in height, please take a look at our other listings. We have multiple sizes to choose from. If you don’t see a matching listing, message us and we’ll get you set up.

We buy material that is not manufactured overseas. Our customers have told us they don’t want the cheap nylon material or plastic type materials found in many computer case dust covers on the market. Just like you they want something that looks professional, feels soft and does the job. In other-wards they want us to produce a higher class dust cover that meets their needs.

Some features of our 16.5"H Computer Tower Case dust covers are:
* Premium Twill Serge Fabric – Made with a two-up and two-down weave.
* Easy to slip over your computer CPU.
* Our covers are custom designed, according to YOUR measurements!
* Easy to Clean – Machine washable and safe for the dryer.
* FREE SHIPPING in the United States is included.
(619) 273-3499

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grey rays

grey rays

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dust free !

dust free !

was told that this lady is away on maternity leave.

near Donnguk University
line 3

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Salvation Brothers – Jesus is My Bombadier

Salvation Brothers - Jesus is My Bombadier

(RPI MusicNews) – Leaving no major religion unscathed in a tsunami of grinding feedback and feral screams, Jesus is My Bombadier, the sophomore effort from the Billings, Montana Christian hatecore trio Salvation Brothers makes it clear from the opening track “My Way or the Hellway” that the band cares less about making friends than saving souls – on their own uncompromising terms.

With the remaining song titles too offensive for publication, it’s also clear the band’s mission extends far beyond making just “music to blast while slaughtering unbelievers.”

“Look, we testify to The Way and The Way is pretty simple. You can’t get to heaven unless it’s through Jesus, and you can’t really get to Jesus unless it’s through Ned,” explains drummer Jessie Samkin, speaking of the group’s frontman/guitarist/spiritual leader Ned Jacobs.

“Jim Jones, David Koresh, Henry Kissinger – these were false prophets,” Jacobs explains. “I am the REAL DEAL. Look here’s proof,” he says, rolling up his sleeve to reveal a tatoo reading "The REAL DEAL."

Jacobs had his religious epiphany while recovering from food poisoning from a bad prison cafeteria taco during a 3-year stint at a Georgia minimum-security correctional facility for aggravated assault on a mime.

The group, currently living together in a dingy 2-bedroom apartment above “The Snack Shack” in downtown Billings, hopes to someday buy a ranch and set up a religious utopia/armed compound from which it will it one day launch what Jacobs calls “The War of Salvation.”

According to Jacobs, first phase of the coming war will be launched when the Chosen One (Jacobs himself) gives three blasts from “The Trumpet of the Archangel” – an action that according to Jacobs will cause all churches, mosques and synagogues to crumble into dust.

“At that point a billion-strong army of True Christian Centurians will rise up to wreck slaughter and death on the unbelieving hordes,” he says.

As a bonus feature, the CD comes with a computer-animated simulation of this apocalyptical prophesy.

In the meantime, the band hopes their sophomore effort sells better than their debut – “Smells Like Burning Unbelievers“ – which sold 16 copies.

The band is still setting up its tour in support of the album, but to date has only booked a single date, “KlanFest & Boogie 2007,” next spring at an undisclosed location in rural Georgia.

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Lunar Strike

Lunar Strike

AUTHOR: H.I. Larry


SERIES: Zac Power ; book 7


Astronauts are given three years to train for their first trip into outer space– Zac is given three hours to get the hang of zero gravity! An enemy agent is out to sabotage the worldwide webcast of a rock festival, and steal billions of dollars from the bank computer that orbits the Earth. Zac is rocketed into outer space to stop the robbery. Will Zac be able to stop the theft without being blasted to space dust?

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Transparency factors for company and buyer in Income Protection Cover

Transparency factors for company and buyer in Income Protection Cover

The lifestyle of any person depends on the regular income inflow or the accumulated wealth. Income is also a decisive factor in judging the financial security of a family and the income comes from source of self employment, employment with another party or entrepreneurship ventures. However, the source will work so long as person himself or herself will. This regularity can break due to various undesirable and unavoidable circumstances for example a prolonged illness can hamper the ability to work. Also in present scenario no one can ignore the impact on economy in case depression hits the market. First thing that it will effect is the employment ratio. Can you imagine the sudden changes and impact on the lifestyle for those affected by any of the above described factors beside many others, if they do not have an Income Protection cover? Off course, the changes will not be likeable.

Needless to say Income Protection insurance is one of the important aspects not to be ignored if you are concerned about the ongoing financial support for yourself as well as your family.  It holds truer particularly for the people who depend entirely on employment for income and neither have any back up wealth sources nor the relevant skill set to generate a temporary earning source in absence of Job opportunity. Income Protection does not provide higher standard of living while you are not earning but it guarantees that you will be able to bear the necessary day to day expenses without any hassle, provided that you have selected the right policy. The terms, conditions and laws defined in the policy become a decisive factor to determine the suitability of the Income Protection cover for an individual.

Your first responsibilities while considering Income Protection cover is to thoroughly read and understand its clauses. A minor factor can change the financial outcome to a great extent. For example, if the policy promises to provide benefits against incapacitation, then it is necessary for you to understand the meaning and clauses of incapacitation as described in the Income Protection insurance, as your individual case might be different from what the cover states. Similarly, if the policy provides financial security against illness, then get to know in detail what all illness part is covered under it.

Do not get lured by the promises made by insurance agent verbally. Always make it a point to get in touch with authorised representatives only for any of the policy be it related to income or any other thing. Do remember, the way you expect the company to be transparent, in same manner the Income Protection company also expect you to provide it correct details while buying the policy. Not hiding any information as required by the company will eventually be in your benefit as you will get best Income Protection cover.

Find information about income protection and income protection insurance.

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Mare Imbrium

Mare Imbrium

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