Softly Opens the Clouds

Softly Opens the Clouds

When making the images I think a lot of space and what is out there no one has ever seen. What if this was looking out the window of our ship as we fly past clouds of space dust. What would we see be for we find a new world or more beings like us out there. It is fun to dream of the unknowns.


Father and son collaboration

Our photographic art is a kinetic motion study, from the results of interacting with my son A.J and his toys.

He was born severely handicapped much like a quadriplegic. On December 17,1998. Our family’s goal has always been to help A.J. use his mind, even though he has minimal use of his body.

A.J. likes to watch lights and movement. One of the few things he can do for himself is to operate a switch that sets in motion lights and various shiny, colorful streamers and toys that swirl above his bed.

One day I took a picture of A.J. with his toys flying out from the big mobile near his bed like swings on a carnival ride. I liked the way the swirling objects and colors looked in the photo.

I wanted to study the motion more and photograph the whirling objects in an artful way, I wanted my son A.J. to be a part of it. After all, he’s the one who inspires me. When A.J. and I work together on our motion artwork, A.J. starts his streamers and objects twirling, I take the photographs.

Activating a tiny switch might not seem like much to some, but it’s all A.J. can do. He controls the direction the mobile will spin, as well as when it starts and stops. The shutter speeds are long, and sometimes, I move the camera and other times I hold it still.

I begin our creation with a Nikon digital camera. Then I use my computer with Photoshop to alter the images into what I feel might be an artistic way. Working with Photoshop, I find the best parts from several images and combine them into the final composite photograph. I consider the finished work to be fine art. The computer is just the vehicle that helps my expressions grow.

I take the photographs and A.J. adds the magic. It’s something this father and son do together. After I’ve taken a few shots, I show him the photos in the back of the camera. When the images are completed, I show him from a laptop. He just looks. He can’t tell me whether or not he likes the images, but he’s always ready to work with me again.

It offers me my only glance into A.J.’s secret world. We’ve built a large collection of images and I hope the motion and color move you as much as they do me.

A.J. inspires me to work harder to understand my life in the areas of art, photography, people, spirituality, and so much more. He truly sets my mind in motion and helps me find the beauty in everyday things.

Abstract Art set:

AJ Patnode – A Journey of Hope (documentary):

This shows how I do the Camera work:

AJ’S blog:

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No Direction Home

No Direction Home

"No Direction Home" . . .

I’ve always loved jumping straight onto the computer to begin editing after my photoshoot and last nights shoot was no exception. I’ve had this loose concept of orphaned siblings in my mind for so long now, it’s extremely wonderful that I actually managed to get it all together and off the ground. I have joyfully and unceasingly been editing this photograph through last night and all of today. Normally I would wait a day or two to publish incase I spot any mistakes I didn’t catch but this time I just can’t keep my fingers from hitting that little blue ‘publish’ button.

A HUGE thank you to my models – Aria, Zenya, Oscar and Xavier. They put up with crazy winds, dust and ash on their faces, itchy grass and a whole lot more.
I also have to say a massive thank you to everyone behind the scenes who helped me, which include but not limited to – Whitney Foster Photography who is not only my dear and wonderful friend but also my true photography companion. Em who is usually the one modelling for me but this time was holding down the fort with her brother and sister in law, Dan and Amanda who are also the parents of Xavier and Oscar.
Last but certainly not least, a thank you to my friend Ellen who made the Costume Aria, the eldest, is wearing. She is a FANTASTIC costume designer and helped me out of a tight spot as I had nothing for Aria to wear with only two days to spare. Check out her instagram @sharpscissors for more of her amazing work.

It may not be what I usually create but I’m happy with the outcome and I hope you guys are too.

Till next time folks … x

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boo ..

boo ..

Just playing around with my camera yesterday in downtown Louisville. Good to blow the dust off and use it for a change .. ;o)

I am clearly SLACKING on getting photos off my camera and onto my computer, let alone processed and onto flickr. I’m trying to making myself do better .. it’s my new goal .. 😀

In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in the over-sized monkeys that you see in the reflection (which are pretty cool BTW), I’d recommended visiting SnakeTongue’s set of photos.

I just ran this through Picasa .. nothing fancy .. yea, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ..

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Cabbagetown, circa 1991

Cabbagetown, circa 1991

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The Bride who Bored

The Bride who Bored

Well, since I haven’t married yet, I wonder how it feels.
So, I asked that question to some of my friend who just married, or have been married:
How was your feel? What was your feel?
And most of answer that I got are beyond imagination!
They said: tired! *’till do not want to repeat it again(? ^^y)!!*

Haaaaah??? How so!
They are only sit, smile, being photographed, and stand sometimes to receive greeting and shaking hand with some guest (oh, maybe more than some but many)!

If I were them, perhaps I wouldn’t feel tired but bored!
Bored to die ’till I want to bring a stack of books while listen Hirai Ken’s Song titled ‘Anata to’ (somebody please translate it into English or make a video of it and upload it to youtube! I beg you!! o:-)) again and again, open computer and browse my friend photos on flickr, or even walk around to shoot people or chat with them!
Aren’t it more interesting to do?

Hehehe, please just ignore it!
Honestly I said: I’m little bit crazy (or maybe more!) :p

For everybody who have been married, let me hear your story.
Or if you are just like me, haven’t yet married, let’s drooling together! hikzzzz..hikzz.. hehe….^^;;

Perhatian: harap dicatat: bukan sedang curhat!!!! ^^;;

The Bride who Bored ~ Pengantin yang Bosan (bukan yang membosankan lohhh… bedha itu mah!)

Begini, karena saya belum menikah, maka aku kadang bertanya-tanya bagaimana rasanya.
Jadi, aku tanyain deh ke beberapa teman yang baru menikah, atau telah lama menikah:
Gimana sih rasanya?
Dan sebagian dari jawaban yang mereka katakan sungguh di luar dugaan!
kebanyakan pada bilang: lelah! Capeeeee deh!! * sampai2 tidak ingin mengulanginya lagi (^ ^? y)! *

Lhaaaaah dalah! Kok bisa begitu???
Kan mereka cuma duduk, tersenyum, difoto, dan kadang-kadang berdiri untuk menerima ucapan selamat dan berjabat tangan dengan beberapa tamu (oh, mungkin lebih dari beberapa tetapi buanyak)!

Jika aku jadi mereka, mungkin bukan lelah yang akau rasakan tapi bosan!
Mati bosan sampai ingin membawa setumpuk buku, sambil mendengarkan Hirai Ken nyanyi ‘Anata to’ (seseorang tolong dunk bikin terjemahannya or bikinkanlah video-nya trus di-upload ke youtube, plissssss…! o:- )) lagi dan lagi, atau ngidupin kompi dan menelusuri foto2 teman, atau bahkan berjalan-jalan untuk motret orang or ngobrol sama mereka! Bukankah hal itu lebih seru?

Hehehe, silahkan diabaikan!
#Terus terang-saya-memang rodho edan# (or malah bukan rodho tapi banget!!) : p

Yang sudah menikah silakan melakukan pameran pembangunan,
Yang belum menikah mari kita bersama-sama ngecess,, cess,,, cesss,,, cessss!!! …T___~…

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