No Direction Home

No Direction Home

"No Direction Home" . . .

I’ve always loved jumping straight onto the computer to begin editing after my photoshoot and last nights shoot was no exception. I’ve had this loose concept of orphaned siblings in my mind for so long now, it’s extremely wonderful that I actually managed to get it all together and off the ground. I have joyfully and unceasingly been editing this photograph through last night and all of today. Normally I would wait a day or two to publish incase I spot any mistakes I didn’t catch but this time I just can’t keep my fingers from hitting that little blue ‘publish’ button.

A HUGE thank you to my models – Aria, Zenya, Oscar and Xavier. They put up with crazy winds, dust and ash on their faces, itchy grass and a whole lot more.
I also have to say a massive thank you to everyone behind the scenes who helped me, which include but not limited to – Whitney Foster Photography who is not only my dear and wonderful friend but also my true photography companion. Em who is usually the one modelling for me but this time was holding down the fort with her brother and sister in law, Dan and Amanda who are also the parents of Xavier and Oscar.
Last but certainly not least, a thank you to my friend Ellen who made the Costume Aria, the eldest, is wearing. She is a FANTASTIC costume designer and helped me out of a tight spot as I had nothing for Aria to wear with only two days to spare. Check out her instagram @sharpscissors for more of her amazing work.

It may not be what I usually create but I’m happy with the outcome and I hope you guys are too.

Till next time folks … x

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57/365 Softly worded. Feathers and strands of hair and flecks of dust.

57/365 Softly worded. Feathers and strands of hair and flecks of dust.

Sunday April 5, 2009 I didn’t feel very creative today. I must go out exploring and take more photos. My macbook and some feathers. A strand of hair or two.

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Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine

"Men have become the tools of their tools."
–Henry David Thoreau

I have a pile of old electronic parts sitting in a box in my office – old RAM sticks, failed hard drives, broken headphones, parts of things long forgotten and more. As when I was a kid, they are all saved with the thought that someday I’ll fix it or make something of it. The thing is, I never do make anything. The menagerie of misfit electronic parts just continues to gather dust in the corner. Maybe someday the mass will reach a critical mass and make something of itself. Perhpas then, it will be us humans in the corner…


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Did someone say Ham?

Did someone say Ham?

When I got home from work today, I went into the bedroom and found the little guys playing with some of dust bunnies in corner near my comic book boxes. I startled them as I came rushing into the bedroom. They get a little jumpy when I do things like that. Being so small and all they can easily be squished.

Anyway I told them how much you all loved their photo from yesterday. They were wondering what I was talking about so I explained. You have to understand, although they tend to get into alot of things, turning on the computer and finding their way to my account, etc. Is not so easy. They did not smile or say anything. Just bounced around the the floors. "Is that it?" you might be wondering. Of course. They are Gummy Bears. They cannot talk silly. ūüėõ

I told them how I wanted to take some more candid photos of them and before I could say more, they all go rushing on over to the dresser and start climbing it. Well as you can see for yourself, they decided to climb all over the Eiffel Tower that sits on the dresser. I told them to be careful and what do you know. They ignored me. Again… and look what happens. The poor little Red one got his foot stuff and is now hanging upside down. I stopped shooting and had to help him out.

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