Christmas Tree PNG Sublimation Design Clipart Graphic

Christmas Tree PNG Sublimation Design Clipart Graphic

Here’s what you get in this Christmas Tree PNG Sublimation Design Clipart Graphic:

[1] Christmas tree set graphic with 4 Christmas trees and the quote “Merry Christmas” underneath the image…

… the first Christmas tree is a black and red buffalo plaid design…

… the second Christmas tree is a yellow and black leopard spots design…

… the third Christmas tree is a grey, black and white plaid design…

… the fourth Christmas tree is a black tree with gold dust at the top design.

Start using it instantly after download for your t-shirt design, mug design, product graphics, stickers, scrapbooking, heat transfer projects, wall art, crafts, blog posts, store banners, website design, apps, baby shower invitations, greeting cards, stationery design, collage, junk journals…

… and more!

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[NAME] : Christmas Tree PNG Sublimation Design Clipart Graphic
[SIZE] : About 12 x 12 inches
[TYPE] : Transparent PNG
[ITEMS] : 1
[RESOL] : 300 dpi
[STYLES] : Cute, seasonal, plaid, merry, jolly, fun.
[USAGES] : Journaling, business cards, clothing design, store design, digital design, etc.
[TAGGINGS] : Christmas Tree PNG Sublimation Design Clipart Graphic, Wild X-Mas Leopard Marquee Buffalo Plaid, Instant Digital Download, Commercial Use
[OCCASIONS] : Christmas, Thanksgiving, Holiday Seasons, Birthday, and more…

[USE] : Unlimited Quantity Commercial License Included. You may use this for anything you want, except…
[TERMS] : You are not allowed to resell or giveaway this clipart as is. You may not sell or give it away as part of a clipart or graphics package. You cannot resell or re-license the rights to these graphics or use them in a trademark without permission.
[CREDITS] : No credit or attribution required, but is appreciated and welcome.
[SHARING] : You cannot sell, lend or give any of these cliparts to anyone. If you have any friend who likes our work please refer them to our store.
[ADDITIONAL] : Colors may vary upon printing due to computer color calibration.

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Setting Up Your Home

Setting Up Your Home

Office Cleaning Companies Los Angeles by Officecleaning Losangelesla at iSnare Articles [#1170199]

Office cleaning services do far more than simply empty the wastebaskets or wash the windows. In fact, there are numerous cases which were documented which prove that regular vacuuming and cleaning of your office can significantly reduce “sick time” taken by employees and in actual fact increase productivity. By taking these factors under consideration, many organisations can certainly offset the expense of office cleaning through their insurance company or via their taxes, rendering it a vital ingredient for almost any successful organization.

Office cleaners Leeds needs to be thrilled to handle one-time cleaning jobs and also lasting regular cleaning contracts. A commercial cleaning Leeds company in most cases offer more than simply office cleaners Leeds and also other typical services will incorporate domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, builders cleans, graffiti removal, window cleaning and transfer cleans. Most office owners can have a binding agreement with office cleaners Leeds for daily or weekly cleaning services which will incorporate things like vacuuming, dusting, cleaning desk areas and common areas, cleaning washrooms and they’ll ensure care is taken when cleaning around office equipment including computers and printers.

Simply stated, they treat the clientele along with their employees like family. That’s their key of difference. Maintaining proper cleanliness can be a section of every one’s life the other should abide by it so that you can stay healthy and breath healthy. They are properly trained in cleaning methods and techniques; especially centering on those aspects of buildings requiring extensive cleaning.

We see that Office Cleaning has grown to be a vital part for almost any organization. It is quiet obvious that it must be impossible for almost any office or organization to indulge their employees with this form of work. They are guaranteed to have separate Office Cleaning Services. As we see inside the above discussed paragraph you’ll find different quality organizations that happen to be specialized to deliver quality Office Cleaning Services like Palatine Office Cleaning, Schaumburg Office Cleaning, Buffalo Grove Office Cleaning. These are named as outlined by places in US. It refers the geographical convenience that every offices can necessitate Commercial Office Cleaning as outlined by their nearest location. It is easy for almost any person to recollect these types of services as is also named as outlined by the places.

Enter into a contractual arrangement with cleaning company to deliver office cleaning servicing will profit your organization, your customers plus your employers. By having an establishment that specifies in office cleaning you can be sure to acquire most reasonable results. This allows you to perform the crucial things like functioning your organization.

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commercial cleaning melbourne

commercial cleaning melbourne

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

commercial cleaning melbourne

Commercial Cleaning Introduction

Cleaning commercially is simply the activity of cleaning a company’s headquarters within reasonable time of employees leaving after a day’s work. If the business is established enough, in order to keep a business premises in good shape, hiring a cleaning staff full time comes highly recommended. But most businesses prefer to employ outside cleaning services to fulfil their cleaning needs.

This is not common knowledge, but every company needs cleaning services constantly. In large corporations, high-traffic is seen in office area, employees and clients are walking in and out constantly, office equipment such as computers gathers dust, and since they are being used, the dust is spread into the air. With many staff members sharing eating areas and bathrooms and being in contact with each other long hours during the day, cleaning is mandatory. …

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commercial cleaning

commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Introduction

commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning – Buyers Guide

Commercial Cleaning Introduction

Commercial cleaning is the act of cleaning a business headquarters after the employees leave for the day. If a firm is big enough, then they might choose to hire full time janitorial staff to keep their premises in top shape. However, most companies hire an outside firm to take care of their commercial cleaning needs.

Although not commonly reflected upon, businesses are in constant need of cleaning support. Offices are high-traffic areas where people are constantly walking with shoes, using computers and other equipment, which spreads dust into the air, using the washrooms and common eating areas and basically living in a contained environment for up to 12 hours a day. Such close proximity on a continual basis is a breeding ground for germs and unless it is cleaned frequently, a company might suddenly find itself facing …

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grey rays

grey rays

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Tape as Keyboard Cleaner Make cleaning your computer keys simple: Slide a 2½-inch strip of tape between the rows of your keyboard. The adhesive side will remove dust and crumbs. Need cleaning? Dial (404)939-8572 visit our website lik

Tape as Keyboard Cleaner Make cleaning your computer keys simple: Slide a 2½-inch strip of tape between the rows of your keyboard. The adhesive side will remove dust and crumbs. Need cleaning? Dial (404)939-8572 visit our website lik

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Transparent Commercial Electricity Rates In Texas

Transparent Commercial Electricity Rates In Texas
If you are starting a small business in Texas, you know how exciting it can be be. Likewise, it can be a frustrating headache when you are trying to choose your energy provider because so few companies publically advertise their plans, rates, and prices. The main reason is that the Electric Reliability Council of Texas doesnt require retail electricity providers to publish business consumer prices as they do residential.

However, back during pre-deregulation days, the monopoly utilities sold the idea that they were not too big to listen to the needs of their small business customers. They began the practice of providing custom energy plans. Small businesses quickly learned to like the idea that they were getting special treatment from the big energy giant. Of course, its not like they had much of a choice since the big energy monopoly was their only provider.

The same practice continues into the deregulated market today. Many REPs claim they offer their small business customers the convenience of custom-tailored energy plans. At first glance, this sounds like a very convincing argument for not publishing their rates: since plans are custom tailored for business, every plan will be different. Sometimes, the TDSP charges for businesses can actually be as high as the energy usage charges themself. It sounds like it would be comparing apple to oranges, right?

A small business (one thats not run out of the home) will likely use more electricity than a home. A small, intimate restaurant could face the energy demands of cooling a dining room with 16 to 20 guests for 12 hours or more a day (human bodies put out a lot of heat). There are also appliances and fans that need to be run. Dishwashers must heat water to at least 180 degrees farenheit to comply with health code. Theres also lighting for inside and outside, refridgerators, freezers, and beverage coolers. Its possible the average monthly electrical bill could run between $ 2500 and $ 5000. Or in the case of a small metal fabrication shop where ventilation, arc-welding equipment, presses, drills, lathes, and grinding tools could easily cause energy costs to be just as high.

As a small business owner, you have a lot at stake when it comes to your energy plan. So, you will want to get the best rate. Even still, in a market place where small business owners can choose between providers, many providers still want to play by the old rules. They insist prospective small business customers call them first.

Why? So they can hide their silverware? Wheres the customer convenience now?

Instead of surfing the web for an hour finding out and comparing the rates from a dozen or so providers, you face a process that could take weeks, turning into a teeth-grinding time-suck. You have to surrender time from your business to ask for quotes. You have to carve out time for playing phone-tag with sales reps who may or may not be trying to get you a great deal. In the end, how do you know youre getting a good deal? After all, if they dont publicize their plans for your small businesses by building you a custom plan, you have to dig harder to compare rates. Are there additional fees? What about TDSP charges? Is there a mark-up? How do you know youre getting the best, fair estimated price?

The truth is that pricing transparency for small business plans may lead to tougher competition for your small business energy dollars. Maybe thats the real issue.

So in the spirit of competition, lets look at some the commercial energy providers and see just what they offer.

Amigo Energy has three plans (you have to click on the enroll now button to access the EFL): WebBiz-6: 6 month fixed plan with an energy charge of 6.8/kWh. WebBiz-12: 12 month fixed plan with an energy charge of 6.4/kWh. WebBiz-24: a 24 month fixed plan with an energy charge of 6.6/KWh. There are no TDSP mark up charges.

Bounce Energy has three plans: Taking Care of Business 12 (fixed) with an energy charge of 6.8/kWh, Taking Care of Business 24 (fixed) with an energy charge of 6.6/kWh, and Taking Care of Business variable with an energy charge of 7.1/kWh, no contract or termination fee. All three plans feature a $ 4.95 Base Charge per ESID per month and TDSP charges passed through without markup.

Champion Energy Services says its competitive commercial electricity rates, superior customer care and customized solutions position them as the go-to electric energy provider for thriving businessesexcept they dont list their plan names, plan details, or prices. They want you to call them.

Cirro Energy provides everything a business needs to reduce its electric billsexcept for any information about its plans, rates, or prices. They want you to contact them.

Constellation New Energy offers a fixed price plan, an indexed plan, a combination plan, and an Advanced plan they call a Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVP) that is a structured, systematic plan that attempts to reduce exposure to electricity price volatility and isnt available in Texas. You can download very nice, colorful pdf files that tell you what a fixed, indexed, or combination plan isbut not what their plans are called, their rate system, additional fees, or their price. Yes, you must contact them.

dPi gives your Texas business competitive rates, reliable service, proactive customer service and flexible plans designed to grow as your business grows but they wont list their plans, nor their rates. Please contact them first.

Gexa Energy provides a wide selection of energy supply solutions for commercial and institutional customers throughout Texasthey just wont show them to you until you contact them.

Glacial Energy supplies your business with reliable energy coupled with outstanding customer services at a low pricethey also dont want to post these plans, rates, and prices on the web because they want you to contact them first.

Mega Energy has superior energy solutions in a dynamic and changing landscapebut wont back it up by showing their plan details or prices.

MXEnergy offers a variety of business energy rate plans that fit businesses of all sizesbut it wont spell out terms, rates, or price. They list 5 plan options in terms of comparative risk but no specifics. Youll need to contact them for a custom rate.

Reliant Energy does list plans after you enter your zip code. They have three:
-Business Power Plus ePlan: a 12 month plan with an energy charge of 6.9/kWh, TDSP charges passed through without markup by Reliant. ePlan offers a lower rate when you sign up for Online Account Management, Paperless Billing and Automatic Payment

-Business Power Plus 12: 12 month fixed energy plan with an energy charge of 7.1/kWh, TDSP charges passed through without markup.

-Business Power Plus Monthly Flex: month-to-month plan with an energy charge of 7.6/kWh. TDSP charges passed through without markup. No cancellation fee.

Spark Energy is at least honest. They say up front that they offer custom plans based around your business needs. Their site lists no plan or prices and asks you to request a quote.

TaraEnergy sounds very nice and friendly. But, they want you to call, first.

TXU TXU Energy Sensible ChoiceSM has energy prices and plans designed specifically for small businesses which sounds great, except they just wont tell you anything about energy charges or other real pricing. They want you to contact them.

To sum up:

At the time of the writing, only three providers are advertising their rates.

Amigo Energy has three plans: WebBiz-6: 6 month fixed plan with an energy charge of 6.8/kWh. WebBiz-12: 12 month fixed plan with an energy charge of 6.4/kWh. WebBiz-24: a 24 month fixed plan with an energy charge of 6.6/KWh.

Reliant Energy is offering three plans (two fixed, one variable) with energy charges of 6.9, 7.1, and 7.6/kWh with TDSP charges passed through without markup.

Kinetic Energy offers 6 plans. They offer two fixed (1 year and 2 year contracts) non-renewable plans with energy charges of 7.47 and 6.55 and one variable non-renewable plan for 6.77 per kWh. The green plans they offer are available for 1 or 2 year contracts or a variable plan. The rate charges for Kinetic commercial electricity are 7.66 for a variable green plan, 6.74 for a 1 year green plan, and 6.96 for a 2 year renewable plan. These plans have a base charge of $ 4.00 per month and TDSP charges are passed through without markup for all plans.

Bounce Energy costs less, offering your small business three great money-saving plans: Taking Care of Business 12 month fixed (6.4/kWh energy charge), Taking Care of Business 24 month fixed rate (6.6/kWh energy charge), and Taking Care of Business Variable with no contract/no termination month-to-month plan (7.1/kWh energy charge). All three plans feature a modest $ 4.95 base charge per ESID/month and TDSP charges passed through without markup. You can also pay your bill online and/or by credit card free of charge.

*These energy rates reflected prices and plans taken on 2/11/2010 and reflect energy rates in the Centerpoint service territory. Rates will vary in other service territories like Centerpoint, AEP North and Central and TNMP.

Vernon Trollinger is a writer for Bounce Energy. Bounce Energy is a Texas Electric Company based in Houston. Bounce Energy’s goal is provide more than low Texas Electric Rates to our customers. With innovative and flexible plans, excellent customer service, and superior customer rewards, Bounce Energy offers a unique approach to Texas electricity.



Story: Before my son was born, and before we moved to Oregon, I was a runner. I typically ran three times a week and my favorite distance was around 10 miles. During the years I did a lot of running I discovered vivobarefoot. They have a soul as thin as that of the vibram five fingers but they don’t look ridiculous and they don’t have the individual toes. Ever since I started wearing them to run in I’ve also pretty much phased out any other shoes for day to day use. So with that in mind it was a great pleasure to connect with them via social media and have a chance to shoot something for them. If you’d like to read a bit more of my thoughts on the shoot from the perspective of storytelling check out my blog post at:

As far execution of this shoot, it turned out to be super simple. The shoes are sitting on plexiglass and the colors on the floor were shot in camera using paper. Then after I had the shots in the computer I replaced the floor, but not the shadow under the plexi over the white area, with digital pieces. If I do say so myself I’m getting really good at seamlessly blending digital and analog backgrounds so that I get total control but also a realness I couldn’t otherwise get. The only tough part about this particular shot was that the plexi and the suede were total dust magnets. Even though I cleaned the plexi with a makeup brush, and it was brand new, it was still a mess. Then, not only was the suede a mess because of dust but it also had a lot of unpleasant texture from handling the shoes and from digitally cleaning the dust. It took a long time to get rid of the dust and get the suede looking the way it should.

Lighting: Like I said, super simple. A dynalite 4040 in a beauty dish overhead then some large white bounce panels around the subject. This shot also has an exposure with a snooted 2040 head giving just a little light to the inside of the shoe. The lights are connected to an m1000wi and fired with pocketwizards.

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Some Information Regarding Commercial Insurance Quotes

Some Information Regarding Commercial Insurance Quotes
This article will be providing the reader with some information regarding Commercial Insurance Quotes. A lot of people are well aware of the various policies that they need to protect other facets of everyday life, however they are not familiar with they type of policies that are necessary to protect businesses. This article will take a deeper look at such policies.

The average business, no matter what size it is, will have a great number of liabilities. Most businesses are going to be run out of some type of building or structure. This building itself could be a liability for many reasons. A lot of businesses require some type of equipment, and in many cases this equipment will be a liability as well. This is true even if employees are trained to use it.

It is not very uncommon at all for the average business to have at least one vehicle registered for use within the company. There are many businesses that have more than one vehicle registered for company use. Automobile accidents are very regular occurrences, and if an auto accident happens on the clock it immediately becomes a liability. Many policies have coverage for company vehicles.

When it comes to shopping for this type of provider, the business owner should follow all the same strategies that any other consumer shopping for a policy would. As with auto policies, there are many websites that were created to allow the shopper to compare quotes from a variety of companies. This allows the shopper to do a lot of research without having to go to a lot of websites.

The old fashioned way of shopping for coverage is still preferred by many business owners because it offers advantages of its own. Keep in mind that people who shop the “traditional” way are approaching each provider independently. The greatest advantage found in this method is the chance to call each of the provider. Speaking to live brokers can often be a great way to learn a lot.

Shoppers who have honed in on a specific policy need to remember how important it is to read all of the fine print before signing anything. While many providers are very honest and upfront because they want continued business, some providers will attempt to hide unattractive things within the fine print area. This should be used as a rule of thumb when shopping for any type of coverage.

The reason that these policies are so very important is because of how very dangerous the aforementioned liabilities can be to a business. These liabilities, under certain circumstances, can completely destroy a business by causing it to go bankrupt. It is very important to remember that liabilities can often result in very costly law suits that most businesses cannot handle.

The reader might be able to understand why Commercial Insurance Quotes are such an important part of their business strategy. So many businesses have enough things to worry about each day, sweating over liabilities should not be one of these things. This is the type of coverage that is going to really give the business owner a peace of mind.

You can save a substantial amount of money on all your business insurance costs by researching the most cost effective commercial insurance quotes.

Commercial Insurance Quotes

Commercial Insurance Quotes
it’s a good idea to have a basic knowledge of the types of insurance
coverage available. While your business changes and expands you
should have the essential knowledge to purchase insurance coverage
as new exposures arise. The following commercial lines of insurance
cover broad areas of exposure present with most business operations:
Property Insurance
Commercial Property
Inland Marine
Boiler and Machinery
Casualty Insurance
Commercial Automobile
Commercial General Liability
Commercial Umbrella
Workers Compensation

Commercial Property
Coverage Sections, Limits of Insurance, and Coinsurance
Buildings you own or lease as a part of your business, your business
personal property, as well as the personal property of others make
up the standard coverage sections of commercial property insurance.
Commercial property insurance can be sold separately as
an individual line policy (referred to as a monoline policy), or it
may be sold as part of a Commercial Package Policy (CPP), which will
includes two or more commercial coverage parts such as commercial
property, general liability, and commercial auto.
Building coverage includes buildings or structures and any completed
additions, that happen to be listed on the declarations page of a
commercial policy. Permanently installed fixtures, machinery, and
equipment are also insured as an element of building coverage. for example fire, explosion, windstorm, vandalism, etc. You are able to
usually request basic specified perils or broad specified perils protection.
Broad specified perils protection increases the list of protected
perils identified within basic specified perils.

Open Perils coverage covers all losses unless they’re specifically
omitted. Earth movement (including earthquake) and flood are
2 common perils that are omitted under open perils coverage.
Because open perils coverage offers more comprehensive protection,
it’s more expensive compared to a specified perils policy.

Improvements and Betterments – Usually applied by a lienholder.
Protects all permanently installed improvements and betterments,
which cannot be removed when a tenant vacates the building.

Glass – Standard specified perils regarding glass coverage include any
resulting damage to other property from broken glass as a result of
vandalism and also vandalism to glass building blocks. Broad
and specific perils covers $ 100 per pane of glass up to $ 500
per occurrence. A glass form must be added for scheduled
glass coverage when there is a significant glass exposure to
insure. A glass form consists of the number of panes, dimensions,
location, lettering, and ornamentation. A different glass
deductible may be scheduled as well.

Peak Season – An endorsement that offers extra limits
on personal property inventory throughout a designated period of
time. This is specifically used to cover fluctuating inventory
values before and during peak shopping seasons.

Inflation Guard – Immediately modifies the limits of insurance
to maintain with inflation. construction cost index in a regional area or a specific percentage
per year. This particular endorsement can be extremely important in assisting to
preserve adequate coverage limits, which can protect against
potential coinsurance penalties in a property loss.

Time Element – Insurance which covers other losses arising
from a direct loss by a covered peril to business property.
Business interruption, extra expense, and loss of rents and rental
value tend to be the most common time element coverages. Business
interruption coverage replaces lost business income after a covered
loss. Certain key employees can be named, allowing the employer
to continue to pay their salaries until the business restarts operations
following a loss. Additional expense coverage mainly applies to service
or product associated businesses where the business has to continue
to ensure the survival of the company. Extra expense can pay
for office space, equipment rental, advertising, or most expenses
deemed reasonable for keeping the company operating after a
covered loss.

Monument Commercial Insurance Agency is a Multi-State Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Insurance Services Firm offering a complete selection of Business Insurance and Personal Insurance Policy Services.

business insurance quotes
commercial insurance quotes