Work Station

Work Station

Supplies: Cloth, Miniature Eyeglass Screwdriver, 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Q-tips, and Brasso

This is my setup, and as I mentioned before, I only use Brasso one time to make sure I get all the dust/dirt off the contacts inside the game cartridge. Over using Brasso can (sometimes) rub off the plated gold on the contacts. You don’t have to use Brasso.

Charley’s games (Combat, Missile Command, and Defender) had a tiny bit of dirt on them, but played wonderful prior to cleaning the contacts.

I clean the contacts with Brasso using Q-tips, because you can’t fit your finger inside to clean the contacts with a microfiber cloth. You can scrub hard and you won’t hurt the gold plated contacts. I do this for the top and bottom contacts.

To get the excess Brasso off (sometimes it can leave a residue) I use 91% rubbing alcohol with q-tips to finish the cleaning.

I clean the cartridge itself (outside) with soap & water, though, with a very damp cloth so it doesn’t ruin the sticker or artwork on the cartridge.

I let everything dry for 5 minutes and test the game.

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“Toolbox Murders” – Inspiration for the Nuclear Powered Combat Chainsaw

This pathetic little plastic toy chainsaw, a relic of a brief period of "kinder, gentler" weapons, could not even cut through a warm stick of butter. Properly "scaled up" , though, it inspired the Nuclear Powered Combat Chainsaw, capable of cutting a Main Battle Tank in two with one lazy stroke.

1) upgrade the bar from under 2 inches to 8 feet

2) upgrade the cutting teeth to 5-inch razor sharp "shark teeth" fabricated from diamond dust coated titanium carbide

3) upgrade the spring motor to a computer controlled high torque electronically commutated 12-phase electric motor powered by a 100 megawatt portable nuclear reactor

4) offset alternate cutting teeth laterally to maximize cherf removal rate

5) add piezo-electric actuators to vibrate the teeth sideways to prevent seizing and stalling

After these simple upgrades you have a saw that is capable of producing more than "minor temporary inconvenience". Featured in the upcoming motion picture "Blood Bath Beach Meatcleaver Machete Toolbox Murder Chainsaw Massacre: A Love Story".

"Who will survive and what will be left of them?"

"You can’t take it any more.
The arms are spinning on the floor.
That’s what the chainsaw massacre
……………………………………… for"

(As performed by me in a hotel lobby in Seville, Spain on New Years Eve 1988 along with appropriate insane cannibal mass murderer gestures.)

Added December 2013 — the performance was 25 years ago today!!

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Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity

Kazuki Chuzen activates his thermal vision and scans the roof tops.

Ashur Kentoku crouches down and glances sidelong at the figure with her low-light vision…she keeps still, waiting…

Kazuki Chuzen detects Ashur’s moderate heat signature and zooms in. Moments later, his scope dialates and zooms out. His mask eminates a disturbing mechanized speech "You failed to blow me up… You’ve yet to answer my questions…"

Ashur Kentoku assumes its her hes talking to and perks her ears, not understanding what hes referring to…she stands, watching him, silent for now…

Kazuki Chuzen leaps to the same rooftop while flipping in mid air. He lands quietly staring at Ashur with a focused mindset.

Ashur Kentoku watches the figure carefully, her mind subconcsciously pre-activiating her enhanced neural networks and nervous system…`I think, you may have the wrong person,` she mews, her feline voice distorted by her mask…

Kazuki Chuzen’s voice intensifies in anger, sounding even more unbareable than the previous speech. "CUT THE ACT. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ASHAGI."

Ashur Kentoku sighs, wondering if she really DID try to blow this guy up once, her memory not being very good…`I`m the worst actress in the world, guy. Its my failing. Now why dont you take a stroll and harrass someone else, huh?` Her voice is quiet…

Kazuki Chuzen’s locks his vision on you, body shakes vehemently and rapidly as discharge of electrical distortion surrounds his entire body. The distortion dies soon after he vanishes in plain sight with his blade; not even casting a faint shadow. He rapidly bolts towards you at over 500 feet per second and thrusts his tanto to create a metallic mirage slicing diagonally downard to the left. The velocity and force behind the strike is powerful enough to cut through steel like butter.

Ashur`s mind snaps into combat mode and everything crystallizes into sharp focus, and the world slows down as her thought processes and nervous system speed to a computer`s level…her muscles contract dramatically quickly as she commands her forearm claws to snap out and she twists and bends her legs, the blade slicing millimeters away from more than one part of her body as she does so….silky strands of sable hair drift away on the breeze, the only victim of the attack…she continues her motion into a more comfortable combat crouch, claws extended, ears flattened, nerve impulses singing a song of speed…

Kazuki Chuzen launches himself into the air into a single powerful backflip to distance himself from Ashur, He lands without emitting a nano-decibel of sound. He remains quiet, observing Ashur, waiting for her to make the move.

Ashur Kentoku keeps herself crouched, senses humming, wondering what the crazy, albeit enhanced, guy would do next…

Kazuki Chuzen sprints and dives towards Ashur head first. Metallic blur orbiting his body at multiple different trajectory angles — each strike powerful as the initial one. The strikes are connected to the next in matter of milliseconds. To the average eyes, nothing would be seen except the sound of excessive loud whirling sounding close to a tornado.

Ashur Kentoku sees the strikes coming at her and watches for a pattern as he closes, then makes her move, powering sideways enough to reduce the attacks aimed at her, while offering her a chance to parry with one set of claws, the carbon nanotube based alloy up to the task of taking, and dealing, enormous amounts of damage…she slashes blurringly fast with her other set of claws in the milliseconds after her move and parry, at the figure`s legs with her razor-sharp claws, aiming to disable of hamstring him, more if the attack strikes home solidly…

Kazuki Chuzen’s lifts his body up as soon as he sees the blade being parried out and being impaled into the surface. He balances his entire body with one hand and torques his body while spreading his legs into windmill kicks aimed for ashur’s head and neck. He feels the blade drilling into the surface like a drill. After 1 revolution (2 complete kicks) he propels himself into the air and lands quietly at a different location. Kazuki narrows his eyes at the small torn surface of his vest, luckily, no significant damage.

Ashur Kentoku parries the kicks aimed at her head with her other set of claws as the man lifts himself up and spins…she growls in pain as the shocks run through her arm and leaps powerfully after him as he flies backward, her entire body behind the powerful action, fractions of a second behind him, hopefully leaving him little time for defense or other movement…her claws seek an opening, silver blurs arcing through the air, if her body does not find it…

Kazuki Chuzen easily blocks out the attack with another blur caused by his blade with a loud ‘cling’. His body skids back forming a long trail of dust on the surface. Kazuki wastes no time and cartwheels rapidly to the side; now playing more on the defensive role.

Ashur Kentoku leaps powerfully and blurringly quickly after you again, her movements almsot too quick for even enhanced beings to see…she comes in low and does a simultaneous double-punch strike at a leg and your upper chest….

Kazuki Chuzen catches ashur’s movment catapulting towards him. He could only react to block one attack and chooses to protect his chest instead — knowing that the vest was already torn. He lifts his tanto at a swift rate and blocks it. The hit to the leg connects but the armor doesnt fail him. Claws felt like a bone crushing blow instead of a piercing, severing force. It sends his whole body to flip forward, he takes advantage of the momentum and circulates his right heel into a crescent axe kick aimed for ashur’s head. He lands on his back with his blade in ready position for ground defense.

Ashur Kentoku pushes hard against the tanto parrying her claws and kicks her legs and then her body up and over, hovering for a long second above you, balancing, as your crescent kick sweeps past and strikes the gasmask and vision enhancement device on her face, tearing it off…the impact unbalances her and she tucks her legs into a desperate somersault, to land next to you, growling….

Kazuki Chuzen grits his teeth as he was running low on energy (HUD displays 5 seconds), he had to make it quick or it could get extremely dangerous. Kazuki rolls over to add torquing momentum to his body, he simultaneously catapults himself towards ashur while barrel rolling like a log. His legs tighten in as he pulls his left arm inwards, creating circulatory acceleration, he extends the bladed arm as he cyclones like a mechanical saw.

Ashur Kentoku steps quickly to the side. His movements are fast but not too fast for her…she rakes her claws down his side as he passes, her own side catching the edge of his blade as he moves past, her armour slicing open under the edge, a slash opening up in her side, the edge grating on ribs for a fraction of a second before he continues past…

Kazuki Chuzen grunts in his mechanical voice "ugh!" blood traces spurt into the air as his real image flickers on and off like a broken lamp post. Another electrical distortion surrounds his body as he lands on his left knee with his hands down, he spins and skids across the surface 3 times before coming to a sudden stop.

Ashur Kentoku yowls and springs at the figure on his knees again, pushing her advantage…her powerful pounce-attack once again brings her screaming into her foe, her claws held before her, ready to slash or parry if needs be….she times her leap to take her just over her foe if she can manage it, slashing with another double strike if her pressure tactics allow her to…

Ashur Kentoku hopes her wound doesn’t open up more or turn out to be worse than she thought it was, but she casts these thoughts aside in her rising animalistic surge of anger…

Kazuki Chuzen charges his tanto with Electro Magnetic Pulse as soon as he sees Ashur leaping towards him. His body seems to be still like a statue, only his neck twitches as Ashur leaps over his head. Two whirling blurs cause a spark to land across his mask. (His HUDdisplays 2 seconds) He charges towards Ashur at 850 feet per second — using the rest of the remaining energy stored in the armor. (HUD blinks red with fatal level) He makes his final attempt to disable Ashur while making his evasion from the duel. Kazuki twirls his EMP charged blade at a non-telegraphed pattern which creates yet another circular metallic orb of blur.

Ashur Kentoku clashes her claws together in a meshed barrier as the hard-to-see blurred from of the figure closes with her and just barely manages to parry the blurrring strike, the blade slamming into her claws with a sound loud enough to be a gunshot….the EMP pulse does nothing to her as she has no systems susceptible to EMP pulses, her nano-enhancements behaving more like a natural, organic part of her body than a hardwired device that could be fried…the impact throws her backward though, off the roof and onto the roofs of the buildings below her, where she lands on her feet (of course), grimacing in pain. She stares up at the edge of the roof where she came from not moments before, recovering….

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