Why Are Roses the Colours They Are?

Why Are Roses the Colours They Are?

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Roses are a sign of love and friendship and by giving someone a rose you are telling them how truly special they are. There are a number of colors of roses available and each one represents a different meaning to the receiver. If you are looking to purchase roses for that special someone, but aren’t quite sure which color would best suit your relationship, keep reading to find out what each color represents.

Red – Red roses are a sign of love, beauty, courage and respect. This color represents romantic, sincere and passionate love. If you want to show your loved one that they are the love of your life, red roses are the ones to choose. Giving a single red rose to someone is a simple way to say “I love you”.

White – White roses are a sign of purity, innocence, silence and youthfulness. They are given to individuals who are shy about love and are used to tell the person how special they are. White roses can also be used in weddings as an indication of new love which is just beginning.

Pink – Pink roses are a sign of appreciation and are often given as a thank you. Pink flowers also represent happiness and admiration and are given to someone you love whether it be a significant other or a best friend.

Yellow – Yellow roses are a sign of friendship, happiness, joy and promise. Yellow roses are often given to show happiness for loved ones who are returning from a long trip or leave of absence.

Orange – Orange roses signify desire and enthusiasm. They can be given at a graduation or a commencement to celebrate the ending and beginning of two different phases in life.

Lavender/Purple – Lavender or purple roses are a sign of love at first sight. If you just meet someone and have fallen head over heals for them, show them how you feel by giving them lavender roses.

Regardless of the color of roses, they represent love and friendship among many other wonderful things. Roses can be planted in your garden or kept in vases throughout your home. If you are growing roses in your garden follow this gardening tip to ensure you receive the best results possible:

Pruning Your Roses – Using pruning shears, trim your roses around the edges and remove any dead leaves from the plant. Cut out any dead wood, twigs or stems which are cross-growing over one another. Pruning should be done twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall) to ensure your roses are kept in top condition.

Where you decide to plant your roses and the kind you choose will affect the overall appearance of your garden. Roses are quite possibly the most popular flower to show love and happiness and anyone who receives a rose for any reason should consider themselves a very lucky person.

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Gem is Valuable.. So You are :)

Gem is Valuable.. So You are :)

People sometimes feel they are on the wrong place,

or going through awful situations..

Maybe we spend time on Mud 🙁 alot but that doesn’t

mean that we aren’t valuable..

The most important thing is that Allah is

Satisfied and to him we are Valuable.. 🙂

And Sure one day Gem will go to the right place,
and same for Dust.

Posted by Muslim & Proud on 2009-11-30 19:46:49

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For the December photo challenge.

Just a quick update: I shot some photos for the ‘hat’ prompt, but ended up not liking any of the photos, so I’ll be reshooting everything tomorrow, (which is my day off).

Posted by *x on 2011-12-06 05:29:31

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086 / 365 [Project 365]

Under The Hood…

Beneath the user-friendly world of the keyboard, monitor and mouse lies and often hidden world of wonder and beauty… the heart of the machine. Although I built my current rig a number of years ago, it still runs smoothly and without issue given a healthy maintenance and backup schedule. Whilst some will tinker under the hood of their vehicle, changing fluids, checking connections and pressures, replacing belts and plugs, this holds no interest for me… my computer is my everything… it keeps me connected to the world.

Thought it’s interface I live a good chunk of my life… my photography comes to life through the digital darkroom… entertainment from movies and music… education through YouTube and photography blogs… friendship through Flickr and Skype… shopping for sundries and big-ticket items… tedium with bill-payment and troubleshooting… it is often near the centre of my universe be it work or play… and as such keeping it running in good order is as important to me as my other activities that together form a balanced lifestyle.

Posted by Untempered Photography on 2014-05-15 16:18:14

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I need a Robot..

I need a Robot..

to help me. He or she needs to iron, cook, wash up, dust, get the kid from school and I’ll find some other things that need to be done.
I need help or I need to get rid of my computer so I don’t stay in Flickr any longer.
This place is trouble.
This poor Robot was my victim last night indoors when I had nothing else to photograph.

Posted by solamore on 2007-10-29 17:23:13

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