Chelsea Square Youth Bedroom 44″ W Computer Desk with Hutch

Chelsea Square Youth Bedroom 44″ W Computer Desk with Hutch

Great personal » Bedroom Furniture…

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Shanta Rao

Shanta Rao

Shanta Rao

silkscreen on paper
50 x 65 cm – 19,7 x 25,6 in., unique
© shanta rao

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compacting compact discs

compacting compact discs

So I’m in the middle of re-digitizing our entire CD collection in a nice, high quality ACC format that should be good for a decade or so… In doing so, I’m taking all of the art out of my CD’s and recycling the plastic cases that would just be going into storage anyway. This is the stack of tray cards and booklets of some of our CD’s.

You may or may not like the music… Heck, I don’t anymore in some cases.

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ABJD Ball jointed dolls 2005-Present

ABJD Ball jointed dolls 2005-Present

Description in notes. MOST of my dolls 2005-present. Dolls not pictured (because I appear to have lost all pictures of them through switching computers 3 times since I started in the hobby).

They are as close to chronological as I can remember, most recent to oldest. I only have one right now, but 2 more are on the way.

All dolls Painted, styled and modded by me- with the exceptions of the faceups of the Pipos kitties painted by Docshul, Dust of Dolls by them, Feeple default and the MD Ryu and Delf Yder painted by Engelmech.

Dolls I don’t have Pictures for-
Soom Cass
Soom Glot
DoD Twing Key
DoD Petsha (Nico)
Unoa Lusis 1.5
DZ Fox
Minifee Shushu Elf ~ Vex
DZ Yuu ~ Milk Sweet
DZ Shengzi ~ Honey Sweet
Elfdoll Lydia
Luts Moon Girl ~ Astrid
Luts SD Howl ~ Chuck Bass
Migidoll Jina (Head)
Migidoll Yuu (Head)
Migidoll Miho girl (Head)
Luts Miyu
Luts Lishe
Volks Olivia boy
Pipos alice on volks MSD body

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Best on Black

First posted in June of 2010. I dusted it off and sharpened the colors.

Posted by Rob Goldstein-mostly off thru September on 2013-03-27 03:12:03

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Covers (circa August 2006)

Covers (circa August 2006)

I keep track of my CD collection I with the help of an excellent little program called Orange CD Catalog which I’ve been using for a long time. I love it.

The other day I thought of dumping all the cover images into a folder, and using picasa to do a collage.


see it large

see it huge


Posted by OldKing on 2006-08-12 23:45:54

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Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, BC, Canada

Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, BC, Canada

Summer 2014 at Pacific Rim National Park, Canada

I finally made it to Pacific Rim National Park, and this picture made it clear, Pacific Rim is a destination for photographers. With over 2 million visitors a year, Pacific Rim is one of the best travel destination in Canada for it Coastal Rain Forest, long and easy walking beach, a multitude of coves, islands, and rocks foration, a numerous pathway and trails well maintain, and viewing the sunset on the Pacific Ocean Coast, should be on your bucket list.

I made this shot at Long Beach 10 km North of Uclulet with the full moon in the sky at the same time than the sunset colors, which made this picture out of normal scenery. Long beach is a fabulous place for minimalist photography with the Incinerator Rock, here on the image; witch gives an outstanding subject to this beach picture. The beach is so easy to walk, that it is like walking on concrete. The sand is made with coral and mussels debris, and it is so compact, that you do not leave any foot print when you are taking picture, pretty awesome for wild pictures, especially when you have thousands of travelers passing by your frame during the day, but at sunset, it is a quiet place with only the beach bum surfers hanging around a camp fire on the beach.

Tip of the day

Camera and lenses maintenance:

You have a car, so you have to change your brakes, tire and oil periodically, so your camera and lenses are the same, and need to be updated, clean and possibly fix or change after a while of use. I had learn over the years, that deleting dots in my pictures, and still doing it sometime, is a pain in where you know. So, here the main things you should do for improving your pictures, and I think it is one of the most valuable ways to obtain great picture.

After each session you should:

Clean the exterior of your camera

Clean the inside sensor of your camera with a Flat Q-Tips (you will found these cleaners items in a photography store, it is a flat Q-tips, and if you can buy a glass magnifier for the inside camera cleaning, worth the move for a great cleaning)
Clean all lenses, water is the only thing you will use and on clean clothes (best cleaning clothes are the ones for eye glasses), no paper towel, or you will have a hard time to remove all the fibers in and out your equipment. (Please, do not use Windex or glasses cleaner, you will blur the lenses and the mirror). Finish the cleaning outside the equipment with a hair brush or Dry Air in can (The one we use for cleaning keyboard, never spray air inside the equipment or you will push the dust in inaccessible corner of the camera,), do not use air compressor, air compressor have small particles of rust or dust inside the tank and ose, and it can scratch your glasses and mirror.

Reorganize your bag pack, and always put your stuff at the same place, you will have speed on site with this process.
The inside motor will have to be replace after 50 000 flick or more depending on your warranty or camera manual. This motor after a certain amount of shot, will start bugging you on site, and will crash in the worst moment.

Always format you memory card, you want have space for the next photo session.

Update your camera on the website of your camera brand, not on a mysterious and suspicious website. Plug your camera on your computer and update the software inside it, which will help you to be up to date with the technology for working on your favorite photo editor software.

Update your editor software with your new equipment, it will correct automatically default in you upload your new photos.


Do not attempt to open a lenses (I did it before, and it is made in sterile environment, because in the air, there is always dust, and when you open it, you bring more dust). It is preferable to send your lens to the brand company of your lens for a cleanup, and do not trust a jobber who will tell you that he can do it for less money. (It remember me when I had my first house and I hired three of my friend for a renovation, it had cost me more to fix it, then it could cost me with a professional)

Thank guys, I saw this morning on my email, that I had more than 300 emails about my photography. For me, it is great, it is keeping me busy to reply, and also learn more about photography when I a passing by your website. Do not forget, each time you use your photography equipment, keep it clean and up to date, and it will last for a long time but also will be ready to shoot great pictures at any moments. Cheers!

Copyright ©Robert Bellefleur, Rambler Photography. All my images are protected under international author’s copyright laws and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without my written explicit permission.

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