3D Mouse Pad – Ooooo!

3D Mouse Pad - Ooooo!

When I was a kid I thought one of the coolest things was having a custom mouse pad. It was like being the most elite rich person in the universe if you had a unique pad to rest your mouse upon. Those standard black mouse pads or the ones that looked like a weird pool table just were not for me, I had to have my own unique one.

Over the years I have been through many but they have always been there. I can’t stand not using a mouse pad. It drove me freaking bonkers when I would work places that, a. did not have a mouse pad, or b. have ball style mice left over from 1992. For crying out loud, upgrade your gear! It’s a red flag if a media company does not have at least gaming mice to work with. So check that out on your job interviews. It irks me so much that I often bring my own mouse with me to work – especially if I’m doing a lot of computer work.

Currently and for the past 5 years I have been using a Star Wars Death Star mouse pad. It’s pretty cool, round and in the shape of said ‘Star. Why is it called a star though? Does it create its own energy? It must since it can hold over 1 million people!

A picture of the Star Wars pad might be more exciting than looking at this one even though mine is covered in dust and it’s hard to make out the Death Star anymore. I made this first from a crappy pastel quick landscape sketch. Then I scanned it into the computer and made it into a 3D mouse pad. Pretty easy stuff, I even made a pen but I think the scale is too small. I tried to make the edges not completely straight either and add some discoloring with texture effects. It looks like a pen for a tablet not to write with unless you are an elf.

Well, that’s all for now. Long live the mouse pad!


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Collecting Marbles

Collecting Marbles

We all love collecting our marbles during this life. For some, marbles consists of houses, cars, clothes, and jewelry; for others it is friendships, jobs, status, etc. Many years I have worked at collecting marbles to the point that I would work up into the late hours of the night. Recently, this year (2007), I have realized that I had let my personal life go. I have gotten into the habit of only occasionally addressing a personal need or relationship.

The Lord has been speaking to me about what I am collecting. My motive to earn money is pure, but this motive should not overshadow the gifts that are currently in my life. I would love to earn money to support orphanages. This is a life long dream of mine and is what I thought was driving me to work so hard. With hard work, comes houses, cars and the things that we need to survive with. In the end, what can we take with us?

My Grandfather is 93 years old. My Grandmother is in a nursing home, due to the fact that my Grandfather and Mother could not care for her around the clock. They had to take care of her, help walk her and get up with her all night. This was very taxing on my Mom and Grandfather. My Mother still works part-time and could not continue the rigorous schedule. Now that Grandmother is in the nursing home, Grandpa goes there at lunch 5 times a week, Moms goes at dinner 5 times a week and they have someone to sit with her when they are off. I have often gone there on Sunday to sit with her and have observed the other patients and their circumstances.

The nursing home can be a very depressing place. A lot of mental and physical problems exist within the walls of that building. I have had to ask strangers to please leave my Grandma’s room after they just came in and started picking up things. The last time that I went to visit Grandma, I got a chance to sit in the hall and speak with Grandpa. At the time, he was experiencing depression and a lack of energy. I let him talk. I cannot imagine where he is at because I have never been 93.

My Grandpa is a retired minister and does not have a lot of “marbles” such as a house car, or money, etc. He is legally blind and cannot drive. The question that I asked him is: had he met all of the people around my Grandmother’s room? My Grandmother will often take naps, leaving my Grandpa to just sit around. He made a statement about how he had not really acquired too much and really did not have “anything to show for.” The Lord quickened my spirit and led me to ask him if he went around and prayed with any of these people. I explained to him that at this point, it does not matter what he obtained in life or not. What matters is what he continues to do now. If he can make a difference in just one more person’s life introducing them to the love of Jesus Christ, then he would have collected another “marble” in heaven.

The “marbles” that matter are the relationships in our life, the love that we can radiate toward another person, regardless of how they are acting. Words of encouragement when we see someone that is down, helping in any way that we can to bring a positive influence into our lives as well as someone else. We don’t have to have the “status” that the world proclaims is so important. In the end, the only marbles that count will be the ones that we can take with us to heaven. What do your marbles look like? Are yours going with you when you make the transition to the spirit or will they have to stay here, because they are only physical? Physical marbles are fine. Make sure that you have spiritual marbles to go with you on your journey to heaven.

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