Hot Shot Z Trains

Hot Shot Z Trains

In the last portion of the 20th Century, this train was known on the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe as the 991. Seen here, the ZWSPNBY speeds through Empire, CA., on a warm afternoon. This train crew is doing their best to make up time as computers in Fort Worth, TX., are causing havoc system wide. Meanwhile, the Amtrak California San Joaquin train I was aiming for, leaves a trail of dust in the distance.

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aye karumba !

aye karumba !

my computer crashed and i lost some of my adjusted images, so i’m going to feed my addiction by uploading old travel snaps. luckily none of the originals got lost.

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Foamy Waters

Foamy Waters

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"Foamy Waters" is the twelfth photo in a miniseries that I recently started. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering all of my photographs available as prints on my website. I’ll be uploading one every weekday (except Friday), as usual, but you’ll find a lot more information on the photographs themselves – I might sneak in a few tutorials, quick tips, etc. It’ll be great for new and old photographers alike – If you have any friends who might be interested, be sure to let them know! I’ll be updating everything on my blog as well as my other social networks, so if you would prefer to follow it there, just click on one of the links above. 🙂

About "Foamy Waters"
"Foamy Waters" was taken just south of Garie Beach, in the Royal National Park. Garie Beach has some of the best surfing waves in Sydney and is a very popular family beach destination. The Garie Surf Life Saving Club provide an essential community service in helping to keep the public safe at the beach. Garie is home to the Garie Boardriders Club. Garie Boardriders has an active membership of just over 100 member on average and has been continually running as a boardriders club since 1978. The club’s books now have over 500 members on them and a lot of older members are returning to compete in the senior and masters divisions.

Taking "Foamy Waters"
Nikon D90 | Sigma 10-20mm
1/40 sec | f/6.3 | ISO100 | 13mm

This shot is a little different to my normal seascapes, that being that I really want to capture the waves hitting the rocks with very little motion blur (though enough to show movement). Usually I go with slightly longer exposures, but with this shot I used a relatively ‘quick’ shutter speed to ‘freeze’ the water. I spent about 15 minutes in the one location – once I had composed the shot, I used a remote trigger and took about 80 photos, trying to get the incoming waves just at the right time. I liked the composition of the waves in this shot the best.

Processing "Foamy Waters"
A lot of processing time went into this shot (about 2 and a half hours). In Adobe Camera Raw I cloned out some dust spots and straightened a slightly wonky horizon (the tripod slipped a little while taking shots). I applied some global contrast, clarity, recovery and fill light boosts. I desaturated, and then started working on getting the tone just right. I wanted this image to really pop – the orginal was quite flat. So I used the graduated filter tool to boost the exposure and contrast of the pool in the foreground, then used the effect brush to highlight certain parts of the rock face and waves. The clouds required some special attention too – I used a combination of graduated filters and the effect brush to highlight certain parts of the cloud. Then in Photoshop I adjusted curves and levels, and also added more contrast just to the pool in the foreground.


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The Okahu Pier – Winter Blues part 2

The Okahu Pier - Winter Blues part 2

Absolute crapper of a weekend. Hope everyone else’s was better. Almost the end of July the end of winter is in sight!

1ev step, +1/3 offset (I think)
ISO 100

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Some free advice, don’t patch out dust spots when mostly asleep. Or at least make sure your computer screen is spotless first.

I’ll post the other Tuakau Bridge photo tomorrow.

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SOOC Sunset

SOOC Sunset

Explored – Feb. 20, 2009 – Thank you all so very much!

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

Lower Prospect
Nova Scotia, Canada

This is SOOC, believe it or not! I was taking some shots of the waves as they were much larger than normal today because of the storm we had yesterday. I got down to the end of the road in Lower Prospect. I was in bracket mode and shooting just jpeg’s by mistake here. The sky was very orange and the sun was filtering through all the mist from the waves. I think the extra color if from the refracted light? Anyway this is the -2ev shot from the 3 bracketed shoots. I loved the way it came out. BTW, you guys are always making fun of the seagulls in all my shots but I didn’t see them in the shot until I viewed it on the computer. A very lucky bonus!

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None! Just resized, border & watermark online in Flickr’s Picnik! (standard web crap)

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Nikon D90 : Nikkor 18-200mmVR @ 135mm : 1/4000s @ f/8 : ISO 200

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