Waywayanda Evening Sky_6288

Waywayanda Evening Sky_6288

The night my old computer bit the dust, I was out shooting the sunset at Waywayanda State Park, I’ve been waiting for a chance to get this shot posted, so here it is! This is at the main parking lot, and was such a wondrous sight to behold in person. To GOD be the GLORY! Have a wonderful week ahead!

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sun going down

sun going down

The sun was going down and started lighting up the clouds… my camera does not pick up the colors for some things…. (maybe it’s the computer displaying the picture)… I have noticed that I can’t take pictures of the dust storms, some rain, and this cloud… the light shining above the cloud almost had a flowing rainbow effect… it still looks neat here, but was incredible in person…

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BODY: Nikon D3100
LENS: 70’s Nikon E 50mm 1.8 @ f8
TYPE: Single exposure (exp. time unknown)
ISO 100

POST-PROCESSING: Photoshop CC @ 16 bpc

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Softly Opens the Clouds

Softly Opens the Clouds

When making the images I think a lot of space and what is out there no one has ever seen. What if this was looking out the window of our ship as we fly past clouds of space dust. What would we see be for we find a new world or more beings like us out there. It is fun to dream of the unknowns.


Father and son collaboration

Our photographic art is a kinetic motion study, from the results of interacting with my son A.J and his toys.

He was born severely handicapped much like a quadriplegic. On December 17,1998. Our family’s goal has always been to help A.J. use his mind, even though he has minimal use of his body.

A.J. likes to watch lights and movement. One of the few things he can do for himself is to operate a switch that sets in motion lights and various shiny, colorful streamers and toys that swirl above his bed.

One day I took a picture of A.J. with his toys flying out from the big mobile near his bed like swings on a carnival ride. I liked the way the swirling objects and colors looked in the photo.

I wanted to study the motion more and photograph the whirling objects in an artful way, I wanted my son A.J. to be a part of it. After all, he’s the one who inspires me. When A.J. and I work together on our motion artwork, A.J. starts his streamers and objects twirling, I take the photographs.

Activating a tiny switch might not seem like much to some, but it’s all A.J. can do. He controls the direction the mobile will spin, as well as when it starts and stops. The shutter speeds are long, and sometimes, I move the camera and other times I hold it still.

I begin our creation with a Nikon digital camera. Then I use my computer with Photoshop to alter the images into what I feel might be an artistic way. Working with Photoshop, I find the best parts from several images and combine them into the final composite photograph. I consider the finished work to be fine art. The computer is just the vehicle that helps my expressions grow.

I take the photographs and A.J. adds the magic. It’s something this father and son do together. After I’ve taken a few shots, I show him the photos in the back of the camera. When the images are completed, I show him from a laptop. He just looks. He can’t tell me whether or not he likes the images, but he’s always ready to work with me again.

It offers me my only glance into A.J.’s secret world. We’ve built a large collection of images and I hope the motion and color move you as much as they do me.

A.J. inspires me to work harder to understand my life in the areas of art, photography, people, spirituality, and so much more. He truly sets my mind in motion and helps me find the beauty in everyday things.

Abstract Art set:

AJ Patnode – A Journey of Hope (documentary):

This shows how I do the Camera work:

AJ’S blog:

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Power Outage Sunset

Power Outage Sunset

A significant thunderstorm rolled through metro Detroit on Friday evening, causing a major power disruption to thousands of people in our area. We had a brown out from Friday evening until Monday evening. We had to be very careful with any motor driven electrical appliance during the outage. We conserved water, took bird baths from bottled water and kept the refrigerator on partial power for four days to prevent a total loss of our food. We would turn the refrigerator and freezer on for short burst to keep things preserved. In the end, we did lose our perishables such as mayo, Miracle Whip, milk, sour cream, cheese, salad dressings and eggs. When in doubt, throw it out. We thought our freezer bit the dust, but I started it up again today, and it is now running; thank goodness for small favors.

I have a few days to catch up with my photos. We had spotty internet service and I kept my computer and external hard drives disconnected during the outage. I used our laptop to surf the net while I could get on-line.

On Saturday and Monday, I had the pleasure to go on a few photowalks to Kensington Metropark with my Twitter, Facebook & Flickr friends Debbie, Mary Jo & Becki.

Thanks and check back while I get back up to speed.

Last but not least, we had a big celebration yesterday with my daughter’s 21st birthday.

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Apache Trail Mountain Vista

Apache Trail Mountain Vista

I uploaded this in February ’07 after taking it in December ’06 because, when I took it, it had so many spots from sensor dust and I didn’t have the patience to blot out all the spots in postprocessing. I doubled my system memory from 1 GB to 2 GB RAM, though, and decided to use my computer’s increased responsiveness to fix this beautiful photo and post it, finally, on Flickr.

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Amazing Circle: Nebula Series

Amazing Circle: Nebula Series

Nebula Series 2/4

Photo Art using "Amazing circles" technique found HERE.

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