All I can say is "filthy". I had been having to clone out spots from time to time under certain conditions of shooting. Today I was hitting those conditions quite often- low apertures, bright light and white backgrounds and it just got to be too much work to clone them out. So I looked for how to spot sensor dust and found this:

Take a longer lens (maybe 100mm), smallest aperture possible (f22 if possible), and open Notepad on your computer (has a white background). Handhold the shot (several seconds likely at f22 and ISO100 (important if you can lock it to that) and make sure focus is set to nearest focus. Make sure the screen is *not* in focus- hold the camera maybe an inch away. The motion from handholding will ensure you are only getting white light in.

After you take the shot, import it into Photoshop and automatically process the levels.

This was the result for me. "Wow" is all I can say. Besides "filthy" that is. I’m gonna have to get this thing cleaned. I’ve been shooting a lot of 3D stock, and this is doubly problematic in that mode, because unless you are very careful with cloning, the clone spots themselves can reveal themselves when viewed in 3D.

I do not see this level of dirt in my images most of the time, but in those certain condition I was seeing dozens of the worst offenders. But that is "dozens" and this is hundreds and hundreds. I had not clue it was *this* bad. Wow.

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Sensor cleaning – Sony A200

Sensor cleaning - Sony A200

Recently I noticed smudges on my photos and I couldn’t use a diaphragm higher then 6 otherwise the spots would be clearly visible on all photo’s. The auto-cleaning didn’t help a bit. After some googling, I assumed I would have to have the camera cleaned professionally.

Nevertheless, I bought a rocket blower (at a local camera shop for a couple of euros) and after 1 minute of blowing, the result is excellent!!! Almost everything is gone. I’m completely satisfied! These two pictures are taken before and after the cleaning. It’s my computer monitor from up close (out of focus).

I posted these pictures to give an example of how good the result can be with only a rocket blower, because most posts on the internet about this subject are very pessimistic.

Zoom in for more detail. Good luck!

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Thinking about further changes…

Thinking about further changes...

I’m at home for some days so I’m busy thinking about the scanner camera. This is an idea about embedding a mini pc into the camera itself. It’s based around a pico-itx computer and a Lilliput 5" monitor. It can’t be totally integrated because of dust, heat and light coming into the camera, but it would be a modular system with integrated design.

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Dusty CCD

Dusty CCD

My CCD sensor before cleaning. Dust and stains all over! It was even dirtier before this shot, these are the stains that I wasn’t able to remove with air.

To see how dirty your sensor is, focus to infinity, set aperture to smallest setting and point your camera at a light even source, eg. a white computer monitor.

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Clean CCD!

Clean CCD!

I don’t see any dust! I just hope the rubbing alcohol didn’t damage my CCD sensor…

See previous image for the dirty sensor.

To see how dirty your sensor is, focus to infinity, set aperture to smallest setting and point your camera at a light even source, eg. a white computer monitor.

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