The classic countryside

The classic countryside

After what seemed like years of 50 hour weeks without holidays, finally a long weekend had arrived, and it was time to visit the country.

Cruising along what seemed like an endless dirt track on a motorbike, I arrived at a field which I was able to tell straight away was worthy of a photo.

I immediately hit the kill switch to cut the engine, put the motorbike stand down, and stepped off, I was mesmerised by this vast countryside beauty.

I reached over my shoulder to remove my camera backpack to discover it was covered in a thick layer of red dust from the long ride. Luckily the contents were well protected, as this would have been one of the most regrettable moments in my life had I not have been able to take a photo here.

My intended long weekend escape from my mobile phone, television, and computer didn’t seem to be much of one when I reflected on this real-life image of a field of the greenest lucern and bluest sky that man had ever seen.

I no longer felt like I was in the remote country of Australia, in fact, I felt like I was sitting in front of my Windows Desktop on a Giant computer screen, anxiously looking for my start button.

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Strobed iMac

Strobed iMac

Testing the new Nikon SB-28 I picked up last night. I know…my desk is a bit dusty back there and you can see the flash…just testing it out though…

For the strobist. Nikon SB-28 1/32 behind computer triggered with Gadget Infinity V2.

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