Urban Water Management Water Saving Call – Marble texture – Mosaic texture

Urban Water Management Water Saving Call – Marble texture – Mosaic texture

Some water experts recently pointed out, the majority of our region is a “multi-leader” water management, water works owned water department, water distribution and sewage treatment facilities are urban construction and environmental protection are two things that greatly hampered China’s cities play the role of water-saving mechanisms in some places even more water to encourage residents to the event. Experts believe that the establishment of sound water management system integration is the process of China’s urban water problems need to be resolved

According to reports, the 14th in China in 2001 “China Water Week” and the theme of “saving society to achieve sustainable development”, advocating the residents to save water, so water from the development, use to control recycling presents a virtuous circle. The main function may be responsible for the water sector is faced with the embarrassing situation: “Whether the water supply pipe, regardless of water drainage pipe, tube drainage of both pollution control, control pollution of the matter back to use.”

First of all urban water supply sector in using water is not high, and even water users to reduce water consumption, but also affect the water supply enterprises in direct economic benefits, so the new urban and industrial water-saving devices and new technology to promote slow, even in some places because of the water sector aging facilities, resulting in leakage waste, increase the use of direct water to make up for losses.

Second, the emissions of waste water and water supply in direct proportion to the environmental protection department hopes to minimize water users so as not to increase water treatment costs. But the water sector is not responsible for sewage treatment, I hope more water, increasing water revenues, water-saving awareness is not strong, as some local environmental protection departments try to add links in the supply of specialized waste water treatment surcharge to meet the increased sewage treatment capacity and water conservation purposes, because of water supply and sewage treatment each have their own “husband”, operate difficult.

Third, water sector management of water, big investment, but the use of water resources proceeds mainly in the water sector, resulting in charges related to water resources can not be implemented. Some water companies such as Jiangxi Province, said the price of non-water resource fee, there are few cities in charge of groundwater resources for urban construction sector off the table.

Experts believe that our country is not quite reasonable that water resources management system, saving the city bring a range of issues, greatly reduced effect for water conservation work.

To solve the above problem, experts say the city should proceed from the overall look at saving on the existing water management system reform, the original water conservancy, urban construction, municipal, and environmental protection departments of the relevant functions of wading stripped out, set up a unified water management expertise institutions, the optimization of water resources rational allocation and sustainable use.

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Roadside Repair Of Small Appliances And Transparent Transmission Of The Disease Call Charges

Roadside Repair Of Small Appliances And Transparent Transmission Of The Disease Call Charges


Small appliances

Maintenance of transmission of the disease

By the National Development and Reform Commission published “

Home Appliances



Clearly the price rule “as early as January 1, 2006 will go into effect, the public has recently reflected Aceh certain point there is no marked price appliance repair, maintenance, and no fees.

Lived in North Street, Guo Tie Feng District, called Dragon, said recently of his family


There is no sound picture, he came downstairs in a home appliance Silbury to TV’s “shortcomings” in the electrical Silbury who told the owner and master, the master called the “wrong” is not much smaller, to 60 per Package fix. To the Kwok family, also known as the master should carefully check the TV moved the store to pm the next day can be repaired. Allow Mr Kwok did not expect is that he pick up the next afternoon TV, the teacher seemed very anxious look, told him that television had a part broken, expensive, and may add 80 to buy the parts to fix the TV. Guo was so vague as a “repair” dizzying array of


Are not few.

Prices are in mind

6 10 am we arrived the middle of the second road on the first floor of a residential appliance Silbury. Only 10 square meters in the small shop, stacked with old Montreal



Washing machine



, Electric


And other home appliances, journalists around the chamber and did not see the marked price of any appliance, and only when customers ask the price quoted by the maintenance staff. When a reporter asked to amend the grounds of this Silbury TV boss why not publicized price of maintenance, the boss said: “I did nearly 20 years appliance repair, appliance repair also never heard of any posted price list, prices are loaded In my mind up. “He believes that there are a thousand parts of a color TV, and TV’s problems are different and certainly starting to be too much trouble. The “Regulation”, clearly the price of the home appliance maintenance services shall include: services (including inspection fees, repairs, home maintenance services need to collect the site service, etc.), charges; repair


, Zero


Name, place of origin (domestic standard province name and import standard country names), specifications, price units, retail prices. Such as providing home maintenance services, maintenance personnel should take the initiative in service to the user before the show and in its place of business is consistent with price codes manuals, price lists or price.

Do not care to be “slaughtered”

“To another water heater


On so expensive, “a talk about his family

Water Heater

, Who lives in Ann Lee Chi district, not from an uncle come home one day in July this year a problem with the water heater is Dabu Zhao fire. As it has been , Li uncle pondered forget bits and pieces just anywhere, it came to the district, a home appliance Silbury and Silbury Grandpa Lee said people who listen to the problems, we follow the old people come home, after ” careful “check, Master Li told Grandpa, start checking with repair


, She has to pay 80 yuan, Li uncle a Mongolian, and repair a switch have to spend so much money? Can not understand their approach, only Jiaoqian see a visitor. The next day while relaxing in the district, the elderly and neighbors chatted about the water heater would go wrong thing, did not expect, a neighbor’s water heater also appeared this phenomenon may be a neighbor told him that “small problems, that is, when did you change the battery One to two batteries


Risk removed, but directly by the not achieve the role of power, the last repair person is to take remove the plastic, such as minor problems can make things right for themselves! “Although Lee later Grandpa has found the Doctrine of the master repair theory, master to return 30 dollars, but the mention of the elderly or furious. In Long Street, several electrical Silbury, the reporter saw, there were often only one staff member , as long as electrical appliances, delivered and consequently the courage to take over the counter to open the TV, put arbitrary random fan stood, as there is no trace of the maintenance list.

Transparent Call charges

Interview is understood that most of the appliances currently Aceh’s fees Silbury their own internal requirements, are the price by the number of parts and their maintenance process to determine how much the price, there is no price on the repair publicity. Appliance repair in some point of the same brand is difficult to find the line “rule” requires the publicity price list. This, many appliance repair master, said some consumers are still accustomed to bargain, to retain customers, there are some items they would make something profits, so the publicity is a furnished brand, mainly to meet the inspection. There are many shopkeepers in favor of price codes, if the real implementation of the marked price, less bargaining session with the public, better able to curb those who mixed, uneven quality of the maintenance department, is conducive to fair competition among peers.

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secret nine:
3 months ago, i received a phone call that saved my life. i don’t like to talk about it, but thank you for calling.

soo sorry, i should had post this yesterday (it’s officially 2:53 03:10 am here in brazil), my camera went out of battery (yay) so i couldn’t pass to my computer.

please, view all the dust on the floor here.

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Call recording can give you a transparent voice recording

Call recording can give you a transparent voice recording

Call recording is the finest invention of the age. If it would not be invented, innumerable invention and lots of business process would not be possible. It is invented in earlier age. The system then was named by voice recorder system. A type of devices are used to record calls is called call recorder machine. The process of recording in that machine is call recording. After the invention of call recording machine, a new horizon came to the reality. In the previous ages the recorded sound in it was not as clear as we get it now. There are a lot of paths have to pass to that machine to reach up to the new generation recording machine. Some high end mobile phone has the facility to record calls.

The call recording machine is so much used mainly in call centers. In the call centers, the calls of an associate are recorded in that machine. This is similar helpful for both the company and the associate. If the associate takes a rude or sarcastic call and the speaking behavior is not good enough, the customer can leave the company being dissatisfied with the associate. The company may be of an out sourced one or an ownership company, the business of the company hampers. If the company gets the recorded calls of the candidate, he will be given the feed back so that he can improve his call taking quality and he can leave an impression on the company.

Call recording is very important to the CID and similar other departments. If they get recorded calls of an offender, the CIDs will be able to track him in a shortest time. Such as the match fixers will be easily caught if the recorded calls have been found. It is very important for the domestic use also. If the house phone is connected to a call recorder machine, you will be easily found out the offender if anybody makes a scare to the family.

There are a lot of types of voice recorders and they are found in various shapes and sizes. The call recording machine can record both incoming and out going calls of a phone. The recorded format may be of MP3, WAV, AMR, GSM etc. The cost of the recording machine depends on the facility it provides, the recording capacity and the number of phones can be connected. So, you may have one for your own.

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James at Belfor

James at Belfor

James cleans the remains of incinerated human beings out of computers (really).

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How the middle class might finally call the shots in India

How the middle class might finally call the shots in India
This will be a radical shift in the country's political dynamics and the first signs are already visible. In recent years, the middle class has been increasingly successful in using the mass media to weigh against blatant misuse of political power. In …
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