Hot Shot Z Trains

Hot Shot Z Trains

In the last portion of the 20th Century, this train was known on the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe as the 991. Seen here, the ZWSPNBY speeds through Empire, CA., on a warm afternoon. This train crew is doing their best to make up time as computers in Fort Worth, TX., are causing havoc system wide. Meanwhile, the Amtrak California San Joaquin train I was aiming for, leaves a trail of dust in the distance.

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All You Need To Know About Cheapest Car Insurance In California

All You Need To Know About Cheapest Car Insurance In California
When you live in the west coast, chances are you are looking for the cheapest car insurance in California. It may sound like a difficult and tedious task at first, but once you know how to go about it, you will realize how easy it actually is. As long as you know the ways, you will definitely find your way towards the lowest-priced company of them all.

But before you can find yourself applying for the lowest-priced policy in this side of the West Coast, you need to know the rules that you need to abide to. This also refers to the requirements imposed by the state to all its drivers. Knowledge about this information is essential and you should take time to read and understand the points of this article.

First, you need to know the requirements. To be able to apply for a policy in this state, you need to be able to prove that you are a resident. You must also be licensed but this state has already allowed some companies to no longer require a license when insuring their vehicle. You may find it easier to apply for vehicle policy in this state because of that fact.

However this state does require some minimum requirements for each driver. This pertains to the amount of the Bodily Injury Liability and the Property Damage Liability. The minimum for the Bodily Injury Liability is at least fifteen thousand dollars for every person involved and injured in the accident. The maximum amounts up to thirty thousand dollars also for every person injured in the event of a motor-vehicular accident.

The Property Damage Liability requires a minimum of five thousand dollars only. This pertains to the damages caused to the involved party’s vehicle in case you meet an accident down the road. For the maximum amount, it may differ for each company.

This information is important for you to know because the amount of damages that go beyond the maximum coverage of the state will have to come out of your pockets. It is good to know how much you are likely to spend in the event that the cost of hospital bills and vehicle repair after the accident is larger than the maximum amount of coverage allowed by the state.

It is strongly suggested that you consult different companies so you can choose from a variety of policies and also choose from a wide range of quotes that fit your budget. The cheapest car insurance in California is not that hard to find when you know the easiest way to get there.

Looking for more info on how and where to find the cheapest car insurance in California ? Get the low down in our guide to getting affordable ins .

car cleaning 101

car cleaning 101

I never realize how easy it is for a hatchback to pick up dirt/dust. Just prior to this shot, I took it to the car wash, then drove around for may be 1/2 hr and the back was already dirty! To make things worse, I didn’t notice the reflection from the umbrella until I look at it on my computer later. Bad lighting angle is bad.

Strobist: Speedlite 580 EX II full power bounced off 42" umbrella right behind camera

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More Clouds On The Mountains

More Clouds On The Mountains

Couldn’t help myself. All of these shots are SOOC, as my computer isn’t able to make my photoshop run. My mother board died on me not too long ago, and since replacing it, I have had nothing but trouble. On top of that, I have a ton of dust on my camera processor. That makes for a bunch of dark spots on all of my pictures. Without photoshop, I can’t fix them. Kinda makes it hard to get excited about taking pictures. šŸ™

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Dusty Skull

Dusty Skull

For some reason, Intel loves to call their motherboards "Skull Trail." Rather morbid if you ask me, but they didn’t ask me. This is the cover to the PCH X79 for the computer’s mother board. After I took the picture, I noticed the dust. Horrified, I quickly cleaned it off.

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Graphics Card Circuit Board

Graphics Card Circuit Board

Close-up of part of the graphics card for my old, derelict computer (replaced about four years ago but for some reason, I keep around). Since it’s not used, I don’t mind the dust.

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Generator and Dust

Generator and Dust

We heard a number of generators running. This one outside the registration office wasn’t enough for them to get their computers going. They made a note that we were leaving and that half a tree had fallen on our cabin — but the note was handwritten and our bill wasn’t settled.

The air got dusty whenever any kind of vehicle moved by. The mud from the flood dried to a fine powder that was easily raised — and then hung and spread all around. I’ve seen a flood after a hurricane where everything showed some kind of water mark. After this one everything looking powdered.

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We didn’t end up looking through the main telescopes until the very end of the night, after the wonderful science lecture on "active galaxies" and black holes. (Some parts were difficult to follow, but the lecturer, David Rosario, was fairly good at explaining most of it.) The best part was a video of a star getting sling-shot around the center of a galaxy with nothing visibly present there, presumably indicating a black hole.

I enjoyed the ambience of the 36" dome more than the image I saw through it. It was neat seeing the stars, but without having too much knowledge, it may has well have been a cloud of dust.

The 40" telescope is in a very cramped room, so the ambience wasn’t the most appealing part of it. In this case, the telescope was pointed at Jupiter–something I could relate to at least. It was a bit blurry, and because of atmospheric disturbance a little shaky.

In both rooms, I tried taking some long exposures. None of them really turned out, but it was funny how many of the astronomers said "This is a stupid question, but that doesn’t have a flash, right?" (Or, in the 40", "If that has a flash, I’m going to…") When viewing through the telescopes, the rooms are kept dark with only red light allowed. A flash would have blinded everyone. (If I didn’t have the 5D, which doesn’t have a built-in flash, I probably would not have taken any pictures, worrying I’d somehow screw up turning the flash off.)

At the end, one of the astronomers asked if I wanted to take a picture through the telescope. I hadn’t even thought about it, but why not? It’s just a really powerful telephoto, right? They suggested some settings (which I used), and I just held the lens up to the eyepiece (which was specially installed for viewings like on this night; normally they use a computer), and snapped.

The image isn’t too clear, but it’s still pretty cool capturing the memory of looking through the scope.

I actually captured one of the moons, but Jupiter was overexposed. To bring out Jupiter more, I had to sacrifice the moon.

I think the history lecture helped me appreciate viewing Jupiter more. One of the moons (Amalthea) was discovered at the Lick Observatory, the first moon discovered since Galileo (though that was through the 36").

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A Generator and Dust

A Generator and Dust

The morning after the horrendous thunderstorm at Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley. We heard a number of generators running (we had no power ourselves). This one was outside the registration office. It didn’t produce enough juice for them to get their computers going, though. They made a note that we were leaving and that half a tree had fallen on our cabin — but the note was handwritten and our bill was left settled.

The air got dusty whenever any kind of vehicle went by. The mud from the flood dried to a fine powder that was easily raised — and then hung in the air and spread all around. I’ve seen floods after hurricanes where everything touched by the water showed some kind of mark. After this storm everything looked covered with powder.

Originally posted in 2006.

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