Clutter out of Mind

Clutter out of Mind

The cables and clutter behind my computer. If I don’t see them, I don’t worry about them… (Actually, I’ve had much more cluttered set ups in the past – this isn’t too bad at all and I dust it every ten days or so to remove cat fur and dust.)

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I’m standing on the YABUCHI ISLAND BRIDGE, looking due north to THE GREAT HENZA MID-OCEAN BRIDGE, just over a kilometer away.

The "string" of LED lights is 280 meters / 310 yards across.

Although this Bridge-to-Bridge image actually calls for a much higher quality camera, optics, and exposure controls, I’m amazed that my little point-and-shoot caught the jist of the scene as well as it did.

To the naked eye, the powerful LED "rainbow lights" were much sharper and more vibrant than seen here, with a much deeper range of color.

The LED illumination alternates between all white, and the rainbow. Perhaps 10 minutes each ?

Within 60 seconds of taking this photo, the entire bridge went dark. It was 11:00 pm, and the powers that be had decided that was the best time to start saving on the City’s electric bill — until tomorrow night.

I’M STANDING HERE : 26°19’17.31"N 127°54’59.58"E

BONUS PHOTO APPLICATION : It will reveal dirt and dust on your computer monitor.


It’s late at night on CHILDREN’S DAY EVE. The illuminated Pylon and Cable-Stays of the Great Henza Mid-Ocean Bridge rise into the moon-lit sky — although the moon is behind me for this shot.

The image is only a poor rendition of what the more sensitive eye can see, but, do I mind ? No. For me, these photos are good enough visual cues to release the absolutely perfect, high resolution images stored in my brain’s photographic memory — memories that include the cool sea breeze, and the sound of the water lapping at the bridge pillar beneath me.

If you are living on Okinawa, and never made this cross-ocean drive, by all means make an effort to do so. There are four different islands out here waiting to be explored, all connected by roads and bridges, and with enough Mama-san Stores scattered throughout the villages to prevent you from starving to death



HENZA BRIDGE, CENTRAL RED PYLON : 26°19’54.14"N 127°54’57.99"E


海中道路, 平安座海中大橋, 10号線, 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線, 伊計平良川線, 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線, 勝連半島, 平安座島, うるま市, 沖縄県, 沖縄.

"Henza Kai-chu Oohashi" 平安座海中大橋 Causeway Bridge Okinawa Okinawa-ken "Okinawa Prefecture" 海中道路 10号線 沖縄県道10号伊計平良川線 勝連半島 平安座島 うるま市 沖縄県 沖縄.





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Home Office – Final – 17

Home Office - Final - 17

These are my ancillary hard drives, they are tucked under my main desk on a shelf and as you can see I don’t dust under here very often; the rest of my office gets a light dust once a week. When I first started computing I had a Commodore Amiga 1200, to which I had fitted a 2.5 inch laptop hard drive and spent a year transcribing fifteen years of short stories, poems and story ideas; the idea of a back up had never really been that important until one day my five year old son dropped a bottle of cherryade and half of it seemed to make a beeline for my Amiga. Dried out and sent off for repair; an embarrassing phone call later (We’ve never seen anything like it, what is it and where did you get it and how old is it.) enter Vista. I then developed the habit of keeping my files on a separate drive from the operating system and the best way to do that was on an external hard drive. I currently have two SeaGate drives, a 1 TB, and a 1.5 TB that act as primary and backup document drives with a Fellows 250 GB as a scratch drive. I use CrashPlan Backup to automatically backup my system, it really is a set up and forget thing. I also use Gina Trapani’s backup regime – to automatically-back-up-your-hard-drive – the online component uses a Box 50 GB account. It is a bit of a trial to set up but once it is the actual admin takes about ten minutes a month. Must remember to clean!!

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USB Cable Overview

USB Cable Overview

L-com Global Connectivity ( provides an overview of their USB cable products.

L-com offers an extensive line of unique and hard to find USB cables that are in stock and ready to ship same day. Here’s a quick overview of some of those cables. . .

Our best selling standard style cables include the premium USB series with 20 gauge power leads, as well as our industry standard deluxe USB series which feature 26 gauge power leads.

We offer latching USB cables which work well with any manufacturers female USB jacks.

Our panel mount USB cables are available in both molded and ECF flange styles and are perfect for passing USB cables through panels and enclosures.

Our IP67 waterproof USB cables are panel mountable, rugged and designed to stand up to dust and moisture often found in manufacturing and industrial environments.

Our right angle USB cables are available in many exit and connector combinations and their molded backshells provide durability and increased strength at cable entry point. These cables solve difficult connection problems in tight places.

And our low smoke zero halogen USB cables can be used in confined space applications such as aircraft, mass transit rail systems, and seagoing vessels where the protection of people is essential.

These are just some of L-com’s many off the shelf USB cables that are in stock, and we can custom build USB cables to your exact specifications, so please contact us today.

View more L-com wired and wireless connectivity tips and videos at
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Inside of a power suply

Inside of a power suply

Opened power suply of my Powermac G4 MDD 2003. View from the fan’s place.

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