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Sunward Contrarian And Brave The Leading Role On The Growth Prospects

Sunward Contrarian And Brave The Leading Role On The Growth Prospects
Permanent growth of the stock market theme is the main driving force of rising stock prices. Weaker hot spots in the market situation, the only good performers is fine, such as Su Changchai A, Shanying outperformed blue chip stocks such as the general trend. Therefore, the fine performance of stocks for sustainable concerns, such as the Sunward (002 097), the company is the leading mechanical breakdown, benefit from demand-pull, continued favorable operating conditions, the year is expected to significantly increase performance, and has additional major shareholders commitment to greatly boost investor confidence in the company’s future development, growth prospects may be concerned about.

 Mechanical breakdown of the leading performance continues to improve

 Sunward construction machinery company is a modern international market-based industry company, located in Hunan, Changsha National Economic and Technological Development Zone. The main products pile machinery, engineering machinery, modern drilling equipment in three major categories of equipment has developed dozens of specifications with independent intellectual property rights, high-performance, high-quality engineering machinery products, significant differences in the characteristics of the products to ensure Home location of the domestic brands. Our products sell well all over the country, also exported to Europe, Oceania and other global more than 50 countries and regions. By the financial crisis, overseas demand remains sluggish, but the company seize the domestic market for construction machinery popular demand, and actively develop new products to meet the needs of the domestic market. The company’s static piling machinery and rotary drilling rig sustained sales, much digging up a small downturn in exports. In addition, the company focused on developing the full use of small excavation dug in the sales channel based on the recognition by the market began, the company’s overall business situation has been improved. 3rd quarter 2009 performance of the company to rebound substantially to achieve operating income 368 million yuan, up 46.67%; net profit 12.29 million yuan, an increase of 1008.53%. With the implementation of the national investment in fixed assets, real estate, recovery rate of newly started the company a substantial product sales are expected to rebound in the fourth quarter results substantially greater than the previous year annual net profit or 80% -110% company condition is robust and growing.

 Optimistic about the future prospects of additional commitments Shareholders

 December 18 this year, Sunward Sunward Holding Company announced an additional commitment to shareholders, Mr. He Qinghua, be held on December 22, 2009 Restricted due not to lift the company 72,705,840 shares of restricted stock sold on the basis of the original commitment Extended lock year, that extension of the shares locked to December 22, 2010 to lift restrictions on sale. Commitment to voluntary Lock major shareholders, investors, the company greatly enhanced the confidence of the future. Voluntary Lock’s announcement, most expressed the major shareholders of listed companies, the value of long-term bullish. In fact, the commitment through thick and thin indeed yield huge returns. Combining the fundamental analysis, the net assets of 4.61 yuan per share, return on equity rate of 5.29%, valuation fundamentals slightly lower, the company good growth, development prospects clearer. Therefore, the major shareholder of Qinghua this additional commitment to help boost investor confidence, the company optimistic about future growth potential.

 Secondary market, the stock’s recent contrarian and, in the broader market shrinkage consecutive background adjustment, the stock rose heavy volume to buck the trend, with close sixth sun, the strong features of clear, well-MA system. Today the stock is rising steadily heavy volume, long a strong desire to do more, investors can speed up period, investors in sustainable concerns.

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