BLOW OFF WPE-002-091 Electronic Cleaning Wipes discount

BLOW OFF WPE-002-091 Electronic Cleaning Wipes discount

BLOW OFF WPE-002-091 Electronic Cleaning Wipes

Safely cleans electronic equipment, including computers, monitors, notebooks, keyboards, printers, phones & more
Non-abrasive, oil and wax-free formula
Eliminates static charges and repels harmful dust


Posted by maryshitlaw on 2014-04-14 21:29:41

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Sensor cleaning – Sony A200

Sensor cleaning - Sony A200

Recently I noticed smudges on my photos and I couldn’t use a diaphragm higher then 6 otherwise the spots would be clearly visible on all photo’s. The auto-cleaning didn’t help a bit. After some googling, I assumed I would have to have the camera cleaned professionally.

Nevertheless, I bought a rocket blower (at a local camera shop for a couple of euros) and after 1 minute of blowing, the result is excellent!!! Almost everything is gone. I’m completely satisfied! These two pictures are taken before and after the cleaning. It’s my computer monitor from up close (out of focus).

I posted these pictures to give an example of how good the result can be with only a rocket blower, because most posts on the internet about this subject are very pessimistic.

Zoom in for more detail. Good luck!

Posted by Daniel.. on 2009-09-05 15:22:40

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A little magic dust to make things work better

A little magic dust to make things work better

Listening to… – came across DJ Egadz the other day & can’t stop listening to it!

An idea i had a couple of days ago which took a little time to get right – getting the right DOF to get the lights soft enough then getting everything focused without being in the shot myself, then the hardest bit – getting myself in the right place – not a particularly easy task when the camera is 3 meters away – a tiny change in where my hand or face is makes it work or not, & there is noone behind the camera to tell me when i have got it right or am even close lol!.
Just a bit of fun really, but i hope you like it 🙂

Thanks to anyone who comments, faves, notes, adds me as a contact or just plain old looks 🙂 Your time means a lot to me!

Posted by Alex France photos on 2009-10-07 13:53:31

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