Sunset in Fire

Sunset in Fire

Turkey was just great for taking sunset photos! This was taken right out of the balcony of the Hotel I was staying at. I just loved the colors in that sky… this feeling of fire!

I stood there for about 30 minutes, taking so many photos as the clouds were passing by the sun going down. I have a few others I really like, but I used a different lens and there was dust inside that other lens, so it is almost the only photo which survived!

So annoying when you only realize back home, on your computer at full resolution that dust was inside your lens! I may try to salvage those other shots when I have time!

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Day 122: Just Keep Swimming…

Day 122: Just Keep Swimming...

Once upon a time (ok, so just over a month ago) there was a man… who went by the moniker Basically, he was obsessed with getting into Explore. He figured his girly legs and Stripey Silliness was the way to go (and boy, was he right!)
Seeing the possibilities before him, he decided to share the love/power of the "barfy heart" emblazoned socks he’d acquired for the star shot! A beautiful lady, known by most as ambrosialove, was bequeathed the fabulous footwear… and thus began the elusive Sisterhood! *shouts and chants of "Long Live The Sisterhood" are heard from the gathering crowds*
Simple laws were established, as any good reign realizes is necessary. First, and foremost, thou must use the goods in an endeavor of auto-portraiture post-haste. Finally, as current custodian, you may determine who is worthy of the honor after you!
Up for the challenge, the aforementioned lovely was tutu much for us all! Some 62uolegnaiam felt a formal twist was deserved. ~*Cherron*~ had us seeing Socks, socks, socks and more socks, while a knock knee’d…Skymama showed how scary the Explore phenomenon/pressure can be to all the sisters! Next thing you know, Miss Dyxie pulled a fast one on everyone, and didn’t wear them on her legs! Once the socks were sent north… any & everything short of sanity was expected. A [usually] manly-man, calling himself alaskanmariner, set aflame the motto, "Never Stop Exploring". He put this into immediate practice by hopping into his modern dogsled, and hand delivering the socks to an newly adopted sister northpolemama… who showed that even the north pole dwellers can be found soaking in the sun. Much unlike mivox, who gets her kicks & giggles with more Xtreme behavior! (Girls these days!)
Once the dust, er ice, settled, it was time for an entertainment break. Never one to disappoint, Kungfukitten put on a show Sock Puppet Style and Fred & Enid were natural-born stars! For those worried at this point in our adventures that the socks have gone the dogs… fear not. Qathi was not eating the catfood (I couldn’t smell it on her breath at least… so I’m convinced!)

After all that, somehow I was given the privilege to follow suit, er sock… and I aim to please.

I present to you, the SOTTS: underwater!

Imagine, if you may, a girl… at a pool… with knee high stripey-socks, and an underwater camera apparatus… I soon had a crowd around me, and the pool was basically empty (as I’d timed it accordingly, so as not to give many any heebie jeebies!)

more to come later… for now, I must post (or folks will surely keel over and die!) and get some sleep… swimming & SOTTS can wear a girl out!

[ftr: I’m experiencing my first ever issue of "this is not what I see on my computer" with flickr… I know all the good of using standardRGB, alas I’m simply using iPhoto, so I don’t know where the translation is being lost… *growl*
Seriously, it looks pertier than this, promise!
Ok, I’ve read around for way too long, and it’s an issue of firefox’s interpretation, or lack thereof, of the color profile. I’ve tried to "convert" the shot to sRGBm but I’m only running Elements on this computer… so I’ll send the whole flie to anyone who can convert it and preserve the EXIF… otherwise I’ll try JDM’s comp & Aperture sometime later!] [blogged & blogged elsewhere]

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Dust on The Computer

Dust on The Computer

Tonight I am working on 4 computers. This is a picture of Greg’s old computer floppy drive that never got used. I needed to pull the hard drive to move files over to his new computer that would take many many minutes to reboot. There is a fun high scoring FLA OSU football game on right now.

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