Dolled Up

Dolled Up

In that small screen, I want to look the prettiest. But I’m still hiding these feelings in my heart.

– Jihyo

full outfit & details at ahchoo-e!.

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Cute color ♡

Cute color ♡

2016 10 16

🔽- Outfit -🔽

Sweater: . offbeat . heart angora : PINK/SKY Rare
( Gacha@The Seasons Story )

Hair: pr!tty – Nala – Medium Roots
( Gacha@The Chapter Four )

Hair band: [tmk] katchan-pe! (add)
( Free )

Neclace: *G-D* POTETO Neclace
( Group Gift )

Glasses: *Epic* Mesh Checkered Nerd Glasses [Nose] RS
( Vip Group Gift )

Boots: *Epic* Skelly Combat Creepers! Bubblegum Vendor
( SALE )

🔽- Furniture -🔽

dust bunny . kitty computer . pink
dust bunny . kitty computer . white

theosophy Donut Milk – C
theosophy Bear Cappucino (Petal)
( Gacha )

+Half-Deer+ Spilled Candy Hearts [box]

anc happyendpark. color little chick (i ate tomato!) 5Li
( Gacha )

Blog: ~ le soleil ~

For more information have to blog <33
Thanks so much for your time♡♡(*•̀ᴗ•́)♡
Many thanks to you!

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3D Mouse Pad – Ooooo!

3D Mouse Pad - Ooooo!

When I was a kid I thought one of the coolest things was having a custom mouse pad. It was like being the most elite rich person in the universe if you had a unique pad to rest your mouse upon. Those standard black mouse pads or the ones that looked like a weird pool table just were not for me, I had to have my own unique one.

Over the years I have been through many but they have always been there. I can’t stand not using a mouse pad. It drove me freaking bonkers when I would work places that, a. did not have a mouse pad, or b. have ball style mice left over from 1992. For crying out loud, upgrade your gear! It’s a red flag if a media company does not have at least gaming mice to work with. So check that out on your job interviews. It irks me so much that I often bring my own mouse with me to work – especially if I’m doing a lot of computer work.

Currently and for the past 5 years I have been using a Star Wars Death Star mouse pad. It’s pretty cool, round and in the shape of said ‘Star. Why is it called a star though? Does it create its own energy? It must since it can hold over 1 million people!

A picture of the Star Wars pad might be more exciting than looking at this one even though mine is covered in dust and it’s hard to make out the Death Star anymore. I made this first from a crappy pastel quick landscape sketch. Then I scanned it into the computer and made it into a 3D mouse pad. Pretty easy stuff, I even made a pen but I think the scale is too small. I tried to make the edges not completely straight either and add some discoloring with texture effects. It looks like a pen for a tablet not to write with unless you are an elf.

Well, that’s all for now. Long live the mouse pad!

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Dusty Keyboard

Dusty Keyboard


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Dusty Computer keyboard

Dusty Computer keyboard

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“Oh, Little 8 Gig SD Card, Why Do You Torment Me So?” (Ramble-rant blog thingie)

(This one may go off on a tangent. You’ve been warned. ^_^;)

Last picture of the night? I just got home from the City about 40 minutes ago (0100 PST), and will be taking off towards Sacramento in about 9 hours or so? (Was in SF for a gathering that I ended up missing out of, but I found some damn good finds at various shops in the Haight/Asbury area. More on those later on.)

Had some issues with my multi-memory card reader being tempramental with this 8GB SD-HC card, which I bought in late November with the "big gun", my Canon Rebel XS DSLR.

The computer was saying the card was write protected, even though the switch was set in the proper position. (Go figure, images would delete via the camera.)

About 10 minutes ago, I took a can of compressed dusting gas (Always handy to have around the house!) and let a few well-placed blasts go at the card slots. The problem seems solved for now. I’m probably going to have to open the case again for one of the several-times-per-year dust bunny clear outs and motherboard capacitator visual inspections.

(Hey, I invested a lot of money in this all-round "Jack of all trades" tower system, and I like to protect my investments. Besides, my inner geek will not be denied.)

And, why am I not in costume most of the time? Well, not much inspiration most of the time, and I’m still fighting burnout after some commissions from Hell the last year or two.

I still have ideas, but does it matter whether or not there’s an occasion to get dressed up? I will admit I have a strong attatchment to Black Jack.

Maybe I’ll feel better once time moves on, and things change somewhat in my personal/work/friendship life. I know I’ll hopefully have a better outlook once I get refocused on losing weight. (Looking at about dropping 120 pounds or so when all is said and done. I’m doing it primarily for health reasons, but if I look better in costumes and outfits I wear, then it’s an added bonus!)

I don’t believe in politics of any kind, I just want to do what I feel comfortable with.

I am in a state of evolution. I do have my heroes. As always, "With My Own Hands, I’ll Make My Destiny!"

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I have been shooting since the age 11, and I’m now 17 years old. I have learned plenty. And especially since I’m a Hutterite and photography is still somewhat frowned upon in our society, especially in some situations.
This was first posted on my blog.

1.To take good photos you have to put time into setting up. A half hour of planning and setup is infinitely more valuable than half an hour of postproduction trying to correct it.
2.Share your photos, accept criticism
3.Look through as many photos as you can
4.One tends to overestimate themselves, but underestimate the power of their images
5.Your camera can not see like your eyes; in 3D, Try closing one eye before taking a shot to better visualize your scene
6.Always shoot RAW
7.Organize your photos in a way that no folder contains more than 50 sets of photos
8.Your real life friends are your most honest critics.
9.Your archives contain more gems that you would think.
10.Learn how to create layouts, it takes your photos one step further
11.No one will ever perceive your photos just like you do, so ask your family for their input.
12.Refrain from always using the extremes of your lens’s reach, use the ‘in between” focal lengths as well.
13.You won’t become a master in a week, or a year. It takes time
14.Doing what everybody else, will yield the same photos as everybody else.
15.You are the photographer, your camera isn’t.
16.Like all media: news-paper, movies, magazines, television, essays, poems, paintings and many more, they are all edited, your photos should be too, unless you are a photojournalist.
17.If you don’t have a ‘ah-ha’ moment while shooting, you don’t have a ‘winner’ photo, keep shooting….
18.Re-check your ISO, it’s a bugger to discover you were shooting at ISO 1600 on a sunny day.
19.Print your photos; they look better than you think.
20.Make it clear what the subject of the photo is
21.There are always these that will dislike your photos.
22.If people are sensitive about having their photos posted online, ask them. Nobody ever died asking.
23.A bad photo is better than none
24.People like stories attached with each of your photos. But don’t have your photos depend on them. Your pictures should be able to stand by themselves
25.Photographer love to know how a particular image was made.
26.Pixel peeping is not a type of photography
27.Try and make your photos meaningful, shooting flowers, kittens, and sunsets is cliché
28.Getting photos of the people that dislike the camera are always the most rewarding shots
29.Learn how to shoot portraits by shooting your family. If you can’t make them look good and like themselves, then you shouldn’t waste your time on strangers
30.Photoshop can fix almost anything. But not a blurry photo. Use a tripod.
31.Photography is about 10 percent about taking the photo. You have to learn how to see light, manipulate it to your liking, and work with people, with color and with time.
32.Your first 10,000 photos are defiantly your worst. Get though them as fast as possible
33.Most of my stunning photos come from experimenting.
34.There are stages of worrying for a photographer. First you worry about getting a better camera, then lenses, and then you worry about figuring out aperture and shutter speed. Then money gets really tight as you explore all the camera accessories and add-ons. Then you worry about lighting, techniques and copying styles. What lies beyond that, I don’t know.
35.Photographers are usually quite generous with donating time or gear.
36.Composition is important, learn how to apply it.
37.Color techniques is the almost the most challenging and rewarding thing to figure out, after using flash.
38.Taking the photo is not even half the work. Editing them to perfection is what turns an otherwise average photo into a stunning one. Though having a beautiful one to start with helps.
39.A good camera will create nicer photos, but having it will not make you a better photographer
40.Read your manual. It’s the most important book you have.
41.You’re your camera’s limitations.
42.Knowing how to pose people is essential. They rarely know how to by themselves
43.If another photographer asks for assistance or advice, never hold back from helping,
44.Experience something without a camera in your hand. It will clear your vision and help you see in new ways.
45.Photographers, helplessly, are often a bit narcissistic.
46.Getting a good photo is often just a matter of taking your camera along where you haven’t before
47.Flickr is a community. Put in as much as you take out. Help others like they help you. It will change not only your photography career, but your life.
48.Focusing correctly with an f1.8 lens is bloody hard work, but worth it.
49.Don’t be afraid to leave constructive criticism comments, it may make you sound like a dweeb sometimes, but both parties will benefit.
50. Learning to deconstruct a photo, and doing it correctly, probably signifies that you could produce that photo if you had the gear.
51.Getting weird looks from people is part of the job requirements you have to accept.
52.The greatest game changer for me was learning how to use flash. Sometimes as a harsh light, sometimes as a filler or color adder. But learn. How. To. Use. It.
53.Full memory cards…are just that….full
54.Batteries don’t charge in-camera
55.Keep your equipment clean. dust on your sensor is not something to clean in the field
56.Even if you have the best SLR, a point and shoot is often handy.
57.Never shoot a photo of a person that doesn’t want to be photographed.
58.Dress warmer than you think you need to.
59.It’s not the equipment you dream of having that will help create stunning photos, it’s the gear you have that will
60.Always listen to the subject, they have ideas that you would never think of.
61.Never blatantly copy a photo, build only on the technique. That’s the best way to learn
62.Never compare yourself to others in a better/worse context. It will make you feel lousy. Rather, try to be like them.
63.Try something you are afraid of doing.
64.Subscribe to a photography magazine
65.Take self portraits to experiment on techniques. So when trying for real, your subject wont have to wait as much
66.You are never the best photographer, everyone has their own strengths.
67.Record how your lights were set up, you will want to remember next time.
68.Learn to enjoy the situation you are in. it’s hard to think when in a sour mood
69.Doing something right is cool. But making a mistake is memorable. Don’t be afraid to fail.
70.If you have a good idea, write it down. Good ideas rarely pop into the head twice.
71.Keep all your thank-you cards. This will remind you why you are doing what you are doing when you feel like you’re in a rut.
72.Shoot at ground level or from above. Eye level is boring.
73.It’s often quite clear on your LCD to see if you screwed up. But don’t depend on it for all information.
74.Make your camera LCD as bright as your computer’s.
75.Conceptual shots that nobody can figure out are interesting.
76.Add meaning to your photos; add a person or a thing. People love photos with a meaning.
77.Watch a movie, and try to recreate an effect. It’s a learning experience.
78.A close-up, mug shot is only for the driver’s license. Get back and zoom in on the face.
79.On camera flash is ugly. Get a off camera flash or wireless trigger. So much better.
80.Use on camera flash for fill light when shooting outdoors
81.When someone is recording an event, never cover your face. You will regret it when looking at the photos.
82.Photography is more of a science than an art.
83.Some people grieve by taking photos.
84.Buy a prime lens, you won’t regret it.
85.Time is something you need a lot of to get good at something.
86.Browse through photographers blogs to get inspiration
87.Try and imitate an advertisement’s style. They are usually beautiful.
88.When asked why you are photographing a meaning-less even, and you can’t come up with an answer, just tell them “because I love taking photos”
89.Give away more than you get. Do photo shoots for free, that way you are not forced into anything by the power of money.
90.As a Hutterite, I get paid for about 5 percent of my photo shoots. Don’t feel too bad about not getting paid!
91.Don’t go trying to create photos you think others will like. Create ones you like. [if you are not on a paid shoot] 92.Selective coloring, over saturation, overdone HDR, soft blur: not cool.
93.The first while of your photographic career you will spend more time behind your camera, and unless you have an assistant, the latter half you will spend considerably more time behind the computer.
94.People will often ask for camera advice, be kind and help them as best you can.
95.Always think of how you could improve you photo, when taking it. Not when you are at home.
96.Listen to music; it helps you focus on the task at hand.
97.Person skills are essential.
98.Always compliment a subject, or they will feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and your photos will show it.
99.Photography is not precise. It’s an art. This list may have a mistake or two.

100.Write your own list. You will learn a lot.

[strobist] Small softbox on left side

Please leave constructive criticism or just a comment below.

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