Keep Your Head Back and Behind the Ball Through Impact! Six Top Golf Pros Agree

Keep Your Head Back and Behind the Ball Through Impact! Six Top Golf Pros Agree

Fifty of these columns were compiled and printed in a book entitled The Best of Bobby Jones on Golf, published in 1996. Jones was quoted: “Stay behind the ball is a splendid maxim. Should your head ever get ahead of the ball, at any point in the swing, a poor shot will no doubt result.”

In Harvey Penick’s, The Little Red Book, published in 1992, page 75 is entitled “Stay Behind the Ball” “All great golfers move their head slightly backward before and during impact, but never forward. A golfer must stay behind the ball. I mean set up with your head behind the ball and keep your head behind the ball. If you move your head forward during your downswing or through impact, you will hit a wee, ugly shot, probably a pulled slice.”

Tommy Armour, in How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time, (1953) emphasizes: The cardinal principle of all golf shot making is that if you move your head, you ruin body action. In his 12 key points summary to his book, Armour lists key points 5, 10 and 12 identically as “keep your head steady.” Interestingly however, in all pictures of golfers’ swings throughout the book, the head is seen as behind the ball through the impact area.

David Leadbetter in 100% Golf, 2004, states: “the head and upper body stay behind the ball as you unswing and accelerate into impact.” Try to maintain your spine angle from the set up all the way to the moment of impact and don’t worry if your head has a little lateral movement. Your head and spine are behind the ball at impact.

Jack Nicklaus is the most steadfast about head movement. In his book Golf My Way (2005), Nicklaus offers this warning: “If you are hoping to improve your game through these pages, but can’t or won’t learn to keep your head steady throughout the swing, read no further. There is nothing I, or anyone else, can do for your golf game. Any shifting of the head, at any point from address to impact, will alter the arc and plane of the swing, which, if not a totally destructive factor, is certainly a complicating one.” All swing pictures of Jack show his head to be held steady, but also well behind the ball until after impact.

Like many golfers, I have tried dozens of tips and instructional techniques, all to little or no avail. It was not until I focused on this aspect of the swing, did I finally break 80, and that was at age 65. Since then, I have broken 80 several times and I am finally able to enjoy the game. Learning to keep the head back was not easy. It required considerable practice, much of which was done without hitting balls. New muscle memory had to be learned and such was not easy, particularly at my age. But with tactile feedback to the head, the bad habit of “looking up” could be overcome.

Tiger Woods published his book, How I Play Golf, in 2007 and already it has become a bestseller. He writes: “Impact should look like address. My spine angle is the same and my head is in virtually the same spot.” The accompanying picture shows his head to be well behind the ball. He concludes: “It proves how uncomplicated the golf swing can be.”

What makes the golf swing complicated is the often contradictory instruction that can be found in print and by word of mouth. Some pros will teach that the head should remain steady throughout the swing. Some will preach that it is OK to have some backward or lateral movement on the backswing and just before impact. Others will say to keep your eye on the ball. But NONE will suggest that the head come up, or move forward of the ball until after impact. As written above, most if not all pros will agree that the head MUST stay back and behind the shot through the impact zone.

Robert S. (Bob) Doyle is the founder and president of Forever Better Golf Inc. a golf equipment and training aid company dedicated to helping all golfers improve their swings and lower their scores. Their flagship product is the PRO-HEAD Trainer, a full swing training aid that helps golfers maintain their spine angles and keep their heads back and behind the ball through impact. To see the PRO-HEAD Trainer in use and take the 60 second challenge, visit

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Behind Closed Doors – Real Relationships

Behind Closed Doors – Real Relationships
Our perceptions of what constitutes a excellent relationship is distorted by such images. Our expectations are magnified a thousand times to replicate our deepest wishes, our fantasies and dreams for that knight in shining armor. After we fail to achieve such expectations, our views of life, romance and relationships itself collapses, rupturing our sense of reality. We take these expectations aboard our relationship train, determined to make sure that the terribly fantasies and needs we have a tendency to have are fulfilled. We forget that our partners additionally have their own needs and fantasies packed aboard the link train, and usually, these needs can be extraordinarily completely different to that of our own.

As people, and as kinsmen, we interpret the planet around us differently from others. What we have a tendency to see isn’t necessary what’s being seen by another person. We have a tendency to each have our own in built beer goggles, or filters, that enables us to determine our sense of reality. The difficulty for many couples lie at intervals the complexity and intricacy of deciphering what the other person needs, and then fulfilling these expectations. For couples, this entails revealing the very wishes and fantasies that solely exist in our own personal world, our world of interpretation and elucidation. This suggests sharing our thoughts, our desires and our feelings with the other. For many people, this could be extremely difficult. Once all, our thoughts are specifically that, ours. Allowing another person to enter our mind, shredding our thoughts and feelings, and then re-interpreting them will be rather daunting.

Living by the pictures and the ideologies mirrored in the media can cause mayhem in relationships. What we expect, and what we interpret will not invariably essentially match with what we tend to experience. For some, this could cause distress and discontentment. We expect our other [*fr1] to replicate a dead ringer for that knight in shining armour, and we fall very laborious when we fail to realize this. Thus what will one do to gain a real understanding of relationships in an exceedingly world so filled with false pictures? How do we tend to decipher what’s traditional, and what is unhealthy?

Firstly, developing a healthy perception of what’s a traditional relationship is vital in ensuring that unrealistic expectations are not placed on your partner. Individuals are different, and hold completely different values, thus learning to accommodate others is important when operating through differences. Secondly, while the relationships or images conveyed of Hollywood couples appear to be ideal, it is vital to realize a healthy perspective into what’s real and what’s fantasy. We tend to all fantasize regarding having that good person, our knight in shining armour or our queen, however genuinely folks have the capacity to be the horrible ogre or the evil witch. Learning to love your partner for not only the wonderful things that they possess, but for additionally the items which will irritate you is vital in ensuring a long and lasting relationship. Variations in relationships are important. It teaches us to negotiate, work collaboratively and to compromise, skills that are necessary to own in order to accommodate the surface world. Giving and taking takes precedents. Sharing our feelings, and pulling apart our problems are necessary to allow the connection to flow, to grow and develop.

Relationships are fluid, and are constantly evolving to accommodate our current circumstances and the planet around us. Sort of a boat rocking on the ocean, you may encounter the momentum of mounting and going down. There will be moments that will take your breath away, leaving you feeling blissful and content, and there will be moments where you may you will turn into the terminator, seeking to attack your partner. Nevertheless, relationships entail hard work, commitment and ongoing effort.

What we tend to see in others does not always represent reality. We are all able to wear numerous hats in numerous social situations, allowing others to determine only what we tend to wish them to see. It is easy to hide our issues behind closed doors, and then step into the planet because the idealistic couple, modeling the socially constructed illustration of the right couple. It is also easy to cover our problems from ourselves and from our partner in an attempt to take care of that false sense of perfection.

Overcoming our issues, and learning to spot problems before they arise takes exhausting work, and bound skills that may solely be developed with time. Addressing issues together is very important when seeking positive outcomes. No one is aware of what others are thinking. Unfortunately, we are not mind readers. We tend to don’t seem to be programmed to automatically perceive what the opposite person is experiencing. So, we have a tendency to are required to specific our thoughts, our feelings and our issues overtly and honestly. We should be overtly obvious in our actions so as for the other person to recognise our efforts. Actions that are obscure in nature prevents issues from being resolved effectively. Seeing is believing, and sometimes problems are resolved with minimal effort merely by the tries made.

Whilst appreciating the sweetness of others, and also the ideology of the right relationship will be fastidious, it’s also vital to keep up a healthy perspective of what makes a relationship. Differences ought to be received with enthusiasm, rather than repelled and resisted in fear. Actions taken to revive injury, or address issues ought to be palpable, and clear. Discussions should be honest and sincere. Lastly, expectations ought to be limited. Healthy relationships incorporate love and fighting, feelings of despair and feelings of elation, variations in values and beliefs however compromise and negotiation. Whilst our want for the Utopian ideal of relationships to exist could cloud the lines between reality and fantasy, our experiences alone serve to copy what is constituted as the $ 64000 relationship.

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Leave the Urban Chaos Behind ? Five Star Resorts in Goa

Leave the Urban Chaos Behind ? Five Star Resorts in Goa

Goa, situated on the coast of Arabian sea, is one of the hottest tourist destinations in this part of the world with millions of tourists frequenting its beaches, churches, architectural marvels and the breathtaking carnivals every year. Being at the top in terms of per capita income and with its ultra modern infrastructure, Goa may paint an incorrect picture of India but it is at least an example of where this nation is headed and soon more of India will look like what Goa promises. The party mood and the never ending spirit of the local population and the tourists alike give Goa a unique nature and thus a vacation here becomes a thrilling and memorable affair.

While most of the tourism is limited to the coastline with five star resorts in Goa where sandy beaches make for perfect romantic walks or those late evening parties with friends, the inland areas of this majestic state also sees a lot of tourist activity as the streets are lined with magnificent architectural facades which date back to 16th century and exhibit the Portugal influence in its stark nakedness. Two most popular architectural delights include the world heritage sites of Bom Jesus Basilica and churches and convents of Old Goa among a host of other churches, temples and the majestic ruins of old forts. Best beach resorts in Goa offer to their guests a scenic view of the Arabian sea and private beaches for you and your loved ones to enjoy at the shore without being cramped for space or without invasion of privacy.

Best beach resorts in Goa have luxurious and spacious rooms with all basic facilities available round the clock. From in-house bars and restaurants to poolside café which overlooks the blue water of Arabian sea till your sight collides with the horizon, from Live music to a burning dance floor, five star resorts in Goa have all that it takes to make your holidays thoroughly enjoyable and equally memorable. Bookings can be made online subject to availability and you can expect a warm reception at your arrival with complimentary beverages and drinks. The never ending saga which Goa is plays tricks on your mind and you can not remain untouched by the infectious energy Goa transfuses into you. Best beach resorts in Goa are the only way to really appreciate the spirit of this magical place and anything less is just a compromise.

Anu Sharma is article-marketing manager of Kenilworth Hotels. Provides Five Star Resorts in Goa, boutique hotels and hotel packages for business, leisure and family.

The Amazing Message behind Sleep Quotes

The Amazing Message behind Sleep Quotes

“If people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters.” – Author unknown, (attributed to Jim Davis). Sleep quotes may be funny but some have powerful messages. You ought to get a consistent eight hours of sleep each day, should you lose an hour or more it will affect you physically and mentally.

A net loss of rest over several days will take a heavy toll on you. You are able to usually know if people don’t get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation symptoms are big signs that you should get a change in lifestyle. Listed here are some of the signals to watch out for.

Feeling tired all day is the first problem, you will end up yawning and slumping. If you workout in the gym, you will probably feel too drained to do or lift anything. As your brain won’t be as sharp, memory and concentration problems are frequent.

For a quick solution, try taking a 40-minute power-nap on your lunch break and another 15 minutes on your next break. A whole lot of coffee may also wake you up.

Irritability is another of the common sleep deprivation symptoms. You’ll be more sensitive and emotionally unbalanced. Add workplace stress into the formula and you’re a walking time bomb. Avoid personal interaction should you be feeling cranky. If an email message angers you, wait a short while to relax before replying to it.

Your appetite is going to be influenced, too. Either you’ll eat less or eat more. When you’re the type to eat less buy a protein-rich power bar. People who react with an increased appetite may find their weight increasing, which isn’t nice. So try to stock up on healthy and high fiber foods.

It’s natural to feel groggy after getting out of bed. A proper breakfast high in protein and a multivitamin gives you energy for the rest of the day..

If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, determine if your bed is broken or if the pillows are too hard or too soft. The softness levels must be just right. Be sure your room has soft lighting and steer clear of the TV or video games because they will only get your mind active. Instead do something relaxing instead, such as reading.

Read a book with just the sufficient amount of light to take care of your eyes. Irrespective of whether it’s a light-hearted sleep quotes or funny comic books – read something that would relax your brain and not have you thinking. Even more importantly, sleep for eight hours a day consistently. If these pointers fail and the problems referred to here continue, you ought to see your doctor.

Tia Arnold is a sleep therapist with years of experience addressing sleep deprivation symptoms found in patients. For additional information on how you can get help for them, please read up about sleep quotes.

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