The Unending Battle of the Immune System Against HIV

The Unending Battle of the Immune System Against HIV

Over the years, many researches have been done to fully understand the effects of hiv on the immune system. And recent studies have indicated that HIV rapidly replicates and destroys numerous healthy cells each day. In fact, it greatly influences the increase in the invasion of immune system infection. However, progression of HIV can vary greatly from patient to patient. Some patient can even impede its development up to 10 years or more.  

HIV Virus  

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is responsible for the advancement of a condition called AIDS. AIDS is a medical condition wherein the immune system becomes susceptible to various types of viruses, bacteria and infection since it is not functioning properly. HIV is classified under the category of retroviruses. These are types of viruses that are capable of replicating and copying our body’s RNA into DNA. As a matter of fact, scientists have been amazed by the ability of the HIV virus since no other viruses are capable of doing such. The immune system hiv virus carries two precise copies of RNA, which is considered as its primary genetic material or genome present at the very center of the organism. Its membrane-bound protein is capable of binding to a particular protein present in the surface of immune cells which is named as T-cells. The binding of the organisms to the T-cells results to the exposure of its internal core with the final stages involving the uncovering of the virus’ RNA genetic material.  

Getting to know the facts  

Most immune system facts have indicated that it is a system in the body composed of interrelated cells and organs. Generally it is composed of two main types of cells which are the T-cells and B-cells. B-cells are accountable for manufacturing immune natural antibodies. While the T-cells assist the B-cells in the production of these antibodies as well as the destruction of damaged or unwanted cells 

Every time foreign elements, such as virus, infections and bacteria, invade the body the immune system becomes active to ward off these unwanted elements. T-cells and B-cells instantly come to the rescue and starts attacking the threat, which results to the total elimination of the unwanted foreign agent. The immune system responds to the attack differently depending on the type of viruses attacking the body.  

The Effects of HIV 

HIV virus greatly affects the function of the immune system. It wreaks havoc within the body resulting to a malfunctioning immune support. Additionally, the virus can also infect other cells in the body including the macrophages and other types of cells. Since CD4 (a type of HIV receptor) interacts with the helper T-cells, it directly infects the cells that are responsible for the activation of B-cells as well as cytotoxic T-cell responses. Take note that without the presence of T-cells the body will not be capable of properly producing antibodies, and HIV cannot be effectively eradicated. Furthermore, the virus can replicate and multiply – a process that will continue until a substantial number of T-cells have been lost and damaged.  

The fight of the human immune system against the HIV virus is an endless battle. Up to date, no cure has been found to totally eliminate the hiv virus. When it continues to advance, it will lead to the development of AIDS. Although not all HIV-positive patients will progress to AIDS, the complications it carries will be a major concern. A compromised immune system makes them susceptible to all types of diseases therefore regular check-ups and establishing ways to build your immune system will greatly help to delay the advancement of complications.


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Mad Alex – Second Life Road

Mad Alex - Second Life Road

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“Toolbox Murders” – Inspiration for the Nuclear Powered Combat Chainsaw

This pathetic little plastic toy chainsaw, a relic of a brief period of "kinder, gentler" weapons, could not even cut through a warm stick of butter. Properly "scaled up" , though, it inspired the Nuclear Powered Combat Chainsaw, capable of cutting a Main Battle Tank in two with one lazy stroke.

1) upgrade the bar from under 2 inches to 8 feet

2) upgrade the cutting teeth to 5-inch razor sharp "shark teeth" fabricated from diamond dust coated titanium carbide

3) upgrade the spring motor to a computer controlled high torque electronically commutated 12-phase electric motor powered by a 100 megawatt portable nuclear reactor

4) offset alternate cutting teeth laterally to maximize cherf removal rate

5) add piezo-electric actuators to vibrate the teeth sideways to prevent seizing and stalling

After these simple upgrades you have a saw that is capable of producing more than "minor temporary inconvenience". Featured in the upcoming motion picture "Blood Bath Beach Meatcleaver Machete Toolbox Murder Chainsaw Massacre: A Love Story".

"Who will survive and what will be left of them?"

"You can’t take it any more.
The arms are spinning on the floor.
That’s what the chainsaw massacre
……………………………………… for"

(As performed by me in a hotel lobby in Seville, Spain on New Years Eve 1988 along with appropriate insane cannibal mass murderer gestures.)

Added December 2013 — the performance was 25 years ago today!!

Posted by ramalama_22 on 2012-10-23 00:02:22

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Almond Dragees

What more can be said about almonds dusted in some of the finest coco you can find. These things are dangerous when you’re sitting in front of the computer, I can go through a few containers easy.

Being that these almonds aren’t all that big I wanted to capture them in a light that highlighted the beauty these little dragees had. With that in mind I lit them with a single speedlight placed high above camera right and a long enough shutter speed to capture in some of the ambient light.

Strobist info:

1 430EX 1/32 power 1/4 CTO snoot/grid high camera right

Camera settings:

1/30 f/2.5 ISO50

Lens used:

Fixed Canon 7-21mm f/2.0-2.5 as found on a Canon PowerShot G2

Setup shot can be found here

Posted by joey_joey_joey on 2009-07-16 18:03:45

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Just Secondlife - Rolling Thunder

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