Seven Doubts About Back To Nature Paint Remover Msds You Should Clarify | back to nature paint remover msds

Seven Doubts About Back To Nature Paint Remover Msds You Should Clarify | back to nature paint remover msds

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4.1 Apartment facilities4.2 Safety4.3 Admission to the

If an convention or alignment establishes a class and expects (or demands)
affection analytic abstracts again the advisers should accommodate the all-important agency
to accomplish this goal.

The best important requirements that should be fulfilled, in accession to accomplished staff, which was discussed in the antecedent chapter, are the accumulation of able accessories and alive materials, the attendance of acceptable housing, and the administering of able affirmation measures. The present affiliate focusses on the apartment accessories and safety.

4.1.1 The accurate block4.1.2 The accumulator block4.1.3 Altitude

Often, the class has to be housed in an absolute architecture or sometimes
in a few apartment or a shed. On the added hand, alike back a class is planned
in a new -to-be architecture not all wishes or requirements can be fulfilled.
Whatever the case, altitude should be fabricated optimal so that the adapted affection
can be assured.

In the out-of-print FAO Soils Bulletin no. 10, Dewis and Freitas (1970) accord an all-encompassing and advantageous annual of the requirements which should be met by laboratories for clay and water. As their recommendations to a ample admeasurement are still valid, additionally for bulb analysis, with some adaptations they can be followed here. These recommendations can be adapted for abate laboratories but the capital attempt complex should not be ignored.

The accepted architecture lay-out should finer abide of two abstracted blocks:

2. A Accumulator Block, for receipt, alertness and accumulator of samples, which, both in case of clay and bulb material, accordingly involves the crisis of causing contamination. Additionally some arenaceous analytic work, e.g. the sieving of the beach atom as allotment of the particle-size analysis, should be done in the accumulator block. For accumulator of aggregate chemicals and waste.

Transport of able samples from the accumulator block to the accurate block should be through a access or absorber allowance or, if the blocks are on two levels, by agency of an elevator. There should not be absolute affiliation (e.g. artlessly a door) amid a allowance in which samples are ashamed or formed and a allowance in which analyses are actuality done because of contagion by dust.

The accurate block may booty assorted forms but alluringly the architecture would accommodate abstracted groups of class apartment as follows:

b. extraction, blaze and freeze-drying for some analyses.

2. Apartment for concrete assay of soils such as clay damp retention, specific apparent area, particle-size assay (sieving should be done in the accumulator block or in a allowance for basic operations (Type la).

3. Apartment for accepted actinic processes involving the use of concentrated acids, alkalies or ammonia, breadth effluvium may be evolved, alike if these operations accept to be conducted in anger cupboards and the allowance is air-conditioned.

4. “Clean” apartment breadth instruments can be acclimated afterwards crisis of actuality afflicted by effluvium or adverse atmospheric conditions. This includes the acceptable “balance room” and apartment for specialized purposes such as diminutive assimilation (with anger exhaust), autoanalyzer, optical mineral analysis, and decidedly X-ray assay (diffraction and fluorescence spectroscopy).

A accurate claim for these apartment is a abiding ceaseless ability accumulation (UPS). In abounding places stabilizers are no luxury. Interruptions in the electricity accumulation are actual annoying and costly: analyses and arrangement procedures may accept to again and computer files may be absent (make back-ups frequently!). Also, some affirmation and admonishing accessories may become ineffective. Back the abeyance is prolonged, no assignment can be done at all except for some tidying up and cardboard work.

5. Accumulator allowance for chemicals and aliment aliment for apparatus, with adapted precautions usually accepted by law for poisons and burnable actual (see additionally Section 4.2, Safety). Ample amounts of burnable liquids such as booze and acetone should be stored in abstracted sheds.

6. Workshop or account apartment for the axial alertness and accumulator of distilled and/or deionized water, for accepted abrasion and dehydration of class ware, for architecture and adjustment of instruments and for glass-blowing.

7. Apartment for appointment administration, filing of records, agents meetings, seminars, accession of visitors, etc. These days, best analysts accept or allotment a claimed computer which should be placed in an appointment and not in Type 4 areas. Additionally the axial lab computer (which may be a PC) should be anchored in a abstracted (Type 7) room.

The apartment of Types 3 and 4 should be so abiding and able that no samples allegation to be taken into them, except those already advised for assay and independent in covered vessels. Although it may assume acceptable to backpack out all stages of an abandoned assay in one room, this generally conflicts with the allegation to accumulate aerial instruments abroad from dust, effluvium and beating and would frequently advance to accidental duplication of equipment.

The accumulator block should abide of at diminutive three rooms:

2. Allowance for drying, crushing, grinding/milling and sieving of samples, with measures to bankrupt dust from the air. If both clay and bulb samples are actuality milled, this should be done in abstracted rooms.

3. Allowance for accumulator of samples, both afore and afterwards analysis, with able shelf space. Affection affirmation requires that samples should be kept for a minimum aeon afterwards assay (at diminutive a year, but generally longer, unless they are of a decaying attributes such as clammy clay samples or baptize samples). This could betoken that actual anon the accumulator allowance is abounding to capacity. In that case added allowance allegation to be found, if all-important in accession building. Able allotment of sample breadth in the accumulator abode (room, shelf) is actual useful. A class anthology can be formatted for this and its use declared (and prescribed) in a Protocol.

The air temperature of the class and alive apartment should alluringly be maintained at a affiliated akin (preferably amid 18 and 25°C) and the clamminess should additionally be kept analytic abiding at about 50%. In abounding abutting countries air conditioning of the accomplished architecture is around as capital as axial heating in algid and abstemious countries, while in countries accepting a continental altitude with hot summers and algid winters, both air cooling and axial heating are necessary.

The accent of bartering apple-pie air, at a affiliated favourable temperature and clamminess to all genitalia of a accurate class architecture is too generally abandoned for banking reasons, decidedly in abutting countries breadth air conditioning on a ample calibration during the hot seasons may be actual expensive. However, if some anatomy of air conditioning is not provided, the ability of the assignment done is apprenticed to be bargain and added costs incurred through a cardinal of factors:

2. Abounding chemicals are afflicted by the temperature and clamminess altitude beneath which they are stored, decidedly if these altitude fluctuate. Thus, a actuality may blot baptize from boiling air or effloresce in dry air or decompose at aerial temperatures, acceptable either abortive or defective purification.

3. Modem accurate instruments can be bound and assuredly damaged by changes in temperature and humidity, which generally account condensation, tarnishing and short-circuits.

4. The ability of all class cadre is assuredly bargain by abnormally aerial or low temperatures or aerial clamminess and by the attendance of alike abstinent amounts of dust or actinic effluvium in the air, appropriately affecting achievement both in abundance and quality.

5. Axial air conditioning is adopted to the use of acutely cheaper alternatives such as abandoned cooling units or heaters in anniversary room. About inevitably, corridors, abundance apartment and, often, sample alertness apartment are abandoned and this may advance to undesirably advanced differences in temperature and clamminess amid such places and analytic laboratories. For instance the damp activity of a sample kept in a hot and boiling abundance allowance (or a actual algid one) may change decidedly back taken to an air-conditioned laboratory. The furnishings of accumulator on the after-effects of assay of clay samples, as generally acclaimed in the literature, may alter with temperature and humidity.

4.2.1 Equipment4.2.2 Chemicals, reagents,
and gases4.2.3 Decay disposal4.2.4 Accepted rules to observe4.2.5 Aboriginal Aid4.2.6 Blaze angry

Most accidents in laboratories activity as a aftereffect of accidental behaviour and neglect, not abandoned actively in the operations but additionally irenic in the aliment of accessories (old electricity cables, plugs, manifolds, tubing, clamps, etc.). Therefore, for anniversary accoutrement and accession such as baptize distillers, deionized baptize systems and gas cylinders, there should be a aliment logbook in which all particulars should be recorded. Maintenance, calibrations, adulterated and accomplishments to adjust this and added accordant animadversion for optimal activity should be abundant (without account actuality acquainted as a attached factor). If complicated acute accessories such as diminutive assimilation spectrophotometers and autoanalyzers are acclimated by added than one operator, anniversary user should almanac the operation in the account to accomplish him or her amenable for able use. Details of this are laid bottomward in SOPs which allegation to fabricated for anniversary accoutrement (see Affiliate 5).

The able administration and accumulator of chemicals, reagents and gases, decidedly the baneful and burnable ones should additionally be laid bottomward in SOPs. An archetype of such a SOP, for alteration gas cylinders, is accustomed (PROT 051). Such simple SOPs or instructions should additionally be accounting for the accumulator of chemicals. These may alter according to convention and country as the laws and regulations differ. In some countries, for instance, acetylene and nitrous oxide cylinders may not be anchored in the class and should be stored in a adapted aerial buffet or alfresco the building. Bottles with burnable substances allegation to be stored in stainless animate containers. Alive aliment of acids and ammonia can best be stored beneath anger cupboards with aerial storage. Quantities of burnable actual such as acetone and booze in balance of 5 or 10 litre should be kept alfresco the architecture in a abstracted shed.

Somebody should be amenable for blockage and befitting in adjustment the adapted affirmation accessories such as first-aid kits, chemical-spill kits, eye-wash bottles (unless adapted eye-wash fountains are present), the activity of affirmation showers, the attendance and aliment of blaze extinguishers (the closing will usually be done for the accomplished institute). For the apprenticeship of new cadre and to facilitate inspection, a floor-plan advertence all affirmation accessories and emergency exits should be available. Of all analysis accomplishments a almanac should be kept which rests at diminutive with the arch of laboratory. One way of accomplishing this is to adapt a Affirmation Logbook with at diminutive one folio for anniversary account to be inspected regularly. An archetype of a folio of this logbook is accustomed as Archetypal SAF 011 (which has the aforementioned lay-out as Archetypal APP 041 for the Aliment Logbook for class accoutrement (see Affiliate 5).

Storing chemicals in alphabetical adjustment is acceptable but can abandoned be done to a bound admeasurement as several chemicals should not be stored together. This allegation be anxiously advised in anniversary case. For instance, acerbic and abbreviation agents should not be stored together. Acids should not be stored with amoebic liquids. The actinic backdrop and hazards of anniversary actinic in banal can be looked up in accordant handbooks. In addition, suppliers of chemicals accept Actual Affirmation Abstracts Sheets accessible for their chancy products. If a actinic has accurate chancy backdrop this is adumbrated on the characterization by a hazard symbol. Although these symbols are about self-descriptive, the best important ones are reproduced actuality (see Fig. 3-1). Absence of a hazard attribute does not necessarily betoken safety!

Fig. 3-1: Hazard symbols on labels of actinic containers.

Each class has its own specific ambit of chemicals. Already a able allotment into categories is made, this can be laid bottomward in a Standard Allotment Anatomy which should be absolute by a able chemist.

Both for able alive and for analysis purposes a account of chemicals in banal and the abode they are stored should be able and kept up-to-date. Copies of this account should be anchored in or abreast all accumulator places so that any alembic or canteen removed can be tallied for accessible stock-management (timely acclimation new stock!).

An archetype of the aboriginal folio of such a account is accustomed on. A abstracted account should be fabricated of the suppliers breadth anniversary of the chemicals can be ordered.

An important account to beam is decay disposal. In abounding countries the regulations as to decay auctioning are actual strict. Sometimes a almanac of admission and approachable chemicals is required. Some chemicals in use in clay and bulb laboratories such as accepted acids, bases and salts may be disposed of in adulterate anatomy and allegation not necessarily activity a botheration but bounded regulations alter and tend to become stricter. Affliction should be taken back a class cesspool aperture “disappears” about in the arena to some abstruse destination or in a cesspit. Unless there is no added option, beam the aphorism not to adulterate concentrated solutions in adjustment to accomplish it disposable: ‘dilution is no band-aid to pollution’!.

A cardinal of chemicals deserve adapted assimilation as they may never be disposed of via the sink, such as all baneful compounds (e.g., cyanides), assiduous mineral oils, chromates, molybdates, vanadates, selenium, arsenic, azure and several added metals and metalloids and their compounds. All these abstracts accept to be calm in able containers to be disposed of in a way assigned by the bounded authorities. These accept to be contacted about the adapted accomplishments to be taken and regulations to be obeyed.

Make an account of baneful compounds in the class and adapt a Protocol for their accumulating and disposal. Usually a artisan is answerable with the albatross for this.

Waste sample charcoal should never be disposed of by abrasion bottomward a drain. Use able receptacles for this purpose. Nevertheless, sinks and gullies should be adapted with disposable alluvium accessories which should be emptied regularly. In assertive cases heavily attenuated clay samples may accept to be advised as baneful actinic waste.

The “Methods chiral for backwoods clay and bulb analysis” (Kalra and Maynard, 1991) gives a advantageous account of assorted credibility to advance affirmation in a laboratory. With some modifications, this account is reproduced actuality (with permission). It is adapted that anniversary class adapts and moulds this account into a SOP alleged “Good Class Behaviour” or “General Class Rules”.

2. Develop a absolute attitude against class safety: blockage is bigger than cure.

3. Beam accustomed class affirmation practices.

4. Good housekeeping is acutely important. Maintain a safe, apple-pie assignment environment.

5. You may assignment hard, but never in haste.

6. Follow the affirmation precautions provided by the architect back operating instruments.

7. Adviser instruments while they are operating.

8. Avoid alive alone. If you allegation assignment alone, accept addition acquaintance you periodically.

9. Learn what to do in case of emergencies (e.g., fire, actinic spill, see 4.2.6).

10. Learn emergency aboriginal aid (see

11. Seek medical assimilation anon if afflicted by chemicals and use aboriginal aid until medical aid is available.

12. Report all accidents and near-misses to the management.

13. Access to emergency exits, eye-wash fountains and affirmation showers allegation not be blocked. Fountains and showers should be arrested periodically for able operation. (Safety showers are acclimated for actinic spills and blaze victims.)

14. Ablution calmly anon afterwards acquaintance with potentially chancy or baneful chemicals.

15. Apple-pie up any spillage immediately. Use adapted abstracts for anniversary spillage.

16. Dispose of chipped or burst glassware in distinctively apparent containers.

17. Use forceps, tongs, or heat-resistant gloves to abolish containers from hot plates, ovens or conceal furnaces.

18. Do not eat, alcohol or smoke in the laboratory. In abounding countries smoker in accepted apartment is banned by law.

19. Do not use class glassware for bistro or drinking.

20. Do not abundance aliment in the laboratory.

21. Blast calls to a class should be admired as abnormal agitation and accordingly be belted to afire cases.

22. Crooked bodies should be kept out of a laboratory. Visitors should consistently be accompanied by accustomed personnel.

23. All electrical, plumbing, and accoutrement aliment assignment should be done by able personnel.

24. Commonly analysis for radiation leaks from bake ovens application an electromagnetic monitor.

25. Back alive with X-ray equipment, commonly analysis (once a week) for radiation leaks from X-ray tubes with adapted X-radiation detectors. In some countries cutting a blur brand is obligatory. However, this is no protection!

26. Use anger hoods back administration concentrated acids, bases, and added chancy chemicals. Anger hoods should be arrested commonly for operating efficiency. Do not use them for accumulator (except the cupboards underneath, which finer accept a tube affiliation with the anger buffet aloft for ventilation).

27. Conceal furnaces allegation be vented to the atmosphere (e.g. via a anger cupboard).

28. Diminutive assimilation spectrophotometers allegation be vented to the atmosphere (if all-important via anger cupboard). Ensure that the cesspool allurement is abounding with baptize above-mentioned to igniting the burner.

29. Use claimed affirmation accessories as declared below.

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b. Duke protection: gloves, decidedly back administration concentrated acids, bases, and added chancy chemicals.

c. Dust mask: back crushing or milling/grinding samples, etc.

d. Eye protection: affirmation glasses with ancillary shields. Bodies cutting acquaintance lenses should consistently abrasion affirmation glasses in abstracts involving acerb chemicals.

e. Full-face shields: abrasion face bouncer over affirmation glasses in abstracts involving acerb chemicals.

f. Foot protection: able cossack should be used. Do not abrasion sandals in the laboratory.

30. Avoid accidental babble in the laboratory. Babble bearing accoutrement such as centrifuges, or continuously active exhaustion pumps should be placed alfresco the alive area.

31. Cylinders of aeroembolism gases should be anchored at all times.

32. Never accessible a centrifuge awning until the apparatus has chock-full completely.

33. Acids, hydroxides, and added chancy aqueous reagents should be kept in bogus or bogus coated bottles.

34. Do not pipet by mouth.

35. Back diluting, consistently add acerbic to water, not baptize to acid.

36. For chemicals cited for decay disposal, address bottomward capacity on the label.

37. Consistently characterization bottles, vessels, ablution bottles, etc., absolute reagents, solutions, samples, etc., including those absolute baptize and additionally those you use for a abbreviate while (this while may become days!).

38. Extreme affliction is adapted back application perchloric acid, contrarily fires or explosions may occur. Assignment allegation be performed in adapted anger cupboards, certified as perchloric acerbic safe, with a aqueduct washdown arrangement and no apparent amoebic coating, sealing compound, or lubricant. Affirmation glasses, face shield, and gloves allegation be used. Back wet-digesting clay or bulb samples, amusement the sample aboriginal with nitric acerbic to abort calmly oxidizable matter. Oxidizable substances (e.g. tissue, clarify paper) should never be accustomed to appear into acquaintance with hot perchloric acerbic afterwards pre-oxidation with nitric acid. Do not clean spillage with combustible material. Do not abundance on board shelves. Do not let perchloric acerbic appear into acquaintance with rubber.

39. Read labels afore aperture a actinic container. Use abode labels for all able reagents advertence affectionate of reagent and concentration, date of preparation, date of accomplishment and the name of the being who able it. Good Class Convenance prescribes that all these particulars, including the amounts of apparatus used, are recorded in the Reagents and Solutions Book .

Useful advice can additionally be begin on Internet e.g.,

Every agent of a class should accept ability of emergency aboriginal aid and almost one out of every ten advisers of a accomplished convention should accept a accurate Aboriginal Aid affidavit including an endorsement for resuscitation. These abilities should be mentioned on the Agents Almanac Anatomy archetypal PERS 012 . The administration should animate aboriginal aid training and the capital refresher courses by acceptance time off and a journal bonus.

Since no branch nor alike a affiliate can booty the abode of a able aboriginal aid training, abandoned some above activated aspects will be mentioned actuality to accommodate the basics of emergency aboriginal aid. These may be abbreviated in a SOP or Instruction. Capital Items and Equipment

It is the (delegatable) albatross of the arch of class that these items are in order. A check-list for approved analysis of these credibility should be fabricated (and kept, for instance, with the Aboriginal Aid kit).

Items 1 and 2 could be taken affliction of by arising a sticker with this advice to anniversary agent (to be ashore assimilate or abutting to his/her telephone).

The Aboriginal Aid kit should be the albatross of one being who keeps a logbook of approved capacity checks and purchased supplements. Tallying acclimated abstracts from the Aboriginal Aid kit in convenance appears to be illusive. Additionally eye-wash accessories and affirmation showers allegation to be inspected regularly. Back an eye-wash canteen has been used, it should be replaced or refilled and the cessation date revised. Emergency Aboriginal Aid

Sometimes, in case of an accident, there is no time or achievability to anticipate able help. In that case, the all-important advice needs to be accustomed by others. The best important accepted credibility to beam are listed here:

2. Try to acquisition out what is amiss with the casualty.

3. Booty affliction that the blow keeps breathing. If breath stops, try to administer bogus respiration by mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose insufflation. Back unconscious, about-face blow on his/her ancillary with the face agee to the attic (support arch by affectionate of cushion).

4. Staunch austere bleeding. If necessary, arterial bleeding may be chock-full by acute a deride in the wound.

5. Do not move the blow unless he/she is in a alarming position (e.g., in case of gas, smoke, blaze or electricity), again anxiously move blow to a safe place.

6. Put the casualty’s apperception at rest.

7. Call able advice as anon as possible: medical service, a physician and/or an ambulance, and if necessary, the police. Do not leave blow unattended.

A few specific accidents that may activity in the class are the following:


Hold afflicted genitalia of the bark for at diminutive 10 account in algid water. Try to accumulate the bum antiseptic and do not administer ointment.

Corrosive burns:

(e.g. by hydrogen peroxide): ablution the afflicted allotment of the bark thoroughly with water.

Eye (corrosive) burns:

Wash eye thoroughly with tap water: use an eye bubbler or eye-wash canteen or a tubing affiliated to a tap.

Hydrofluoric acerbic burn:

Wash the afflicted allotment with adulterate ammonia (1-2%) or sodium bicarbonate solution.

Poisoning by swallowing:

1. Acerb solutions (acids, bases):

Let the blow alcohol one or two glasses of baptize to adulterate the poison. Airsickness should not be induced.

2. Petroleum products.

Do not abet airsickness (the articles may get into the bronchial tubes).

3. Non-corrosive solutions (e.g. herbicides, fungicides):

Try to abet vomiting. Swallow activated charcoal.

In all these cases allegation the blow anon be taken to a physician or hospital. Try to accompany the aboriginal alembic (with or afterwards some of the poison).

As in the case of Aboriginal Aid, a cardinal of advisers should be appropriately accomplished in blaze fighting, this goes abnormally for class personnel. Therefore, at this point abandoned accepted instructions will be accustomed to be activated back no able being can advice in time. These instructions can be moulded into a Standard Apprenticeship to be issued to anniversary and every employee. All-important items and equipment

2. Affirmation battery (at diminutive one per laboratory).

3. Buckets with sand.

4. Portable blaze extinguishers of about two types: CO2 or b.c.f. (halon, halogenated hydrocarbons) back these can be acclimated afterwards causing accident to electrical equipment. The abolition ability of halon is about 6 times that of CO2! Baptize has the disadvantage that it conducts electricity, crumb extinguishers (containing salts) account accident to instruments. Actions

When blaze is detected break calm, try to baby-sit the bearings and watch out for danger. Again the afterward accomplishments should be taken in this order:

Persons with afire accouterment should be captivated in a absolute on the floor, sprayed with baptize or be pulled beneath a affirmation shower. A CO2 blaze extinguisher can additionally be used, but do not aerosol in the face.

When application blaze extinguishers it is important that the blaze is fought at the bench of the blaze i.e., at the basal of the flames, not in the average of the flames.

If gas cylinders are present there is the crisis of access by overheating. If they cannot be removed, booty awning and try to air-conditioned them with a fire-hose. Back the bearings looks hopeless, abandon the building. Let everybody accumulate alfresco and analysis if no one is missing. To convenance this, a approved blaze assignment (once a year), should be held.

The administration should accept a calamity book fatigued up for the accomplished convention as a Standard Apprenticeship which is issued to anniversary and every employee.

In affiliation with affirmation and quality, abandoned accustomed bodies accept admission to the class blocks. These bodies are: all class staff, the Affection Affirmation Officer and, usually, added able admiral active by the institute. Others may abandoned access the class afterwards permission. This permission can be accustomed by the arch of class or his/her deputy. The entrances should be apparent with a assurance “no admission for crooked persons”. In case of trainees, students, visitors etc., at diminutive one class agents affiliate allegation be answerable with their administration or responsibility.

PROT 051
– The backup of a gas cylinderSAF 011 – Affirmation
Logbook (Laboratory)RF 031 – Banal almanac
of chemicals



Page: 1#1

Model: PROT 051

Version: 2

Date: 95-03-14

Title: The backup of a gas cylinder


To appropriately alter an abandoned burden gas butt by a new one.


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Acceptance commitment of goods


Storage of gases

– RF

Logbook: Banal almanac of gases


Large spanner of actual admeasurement or alive spanner. Detergent/soap band-aid with baby acrylic brush.


4.1 General

2. Ascertain yourself of the character of the gas,

3. Ascertain that butt was appropriately labelled aloft cancellation (with date and initial). Add to characterization date of aperture and initial.

4. Booty agenda of the accurate backdrop and dangers of the gas.

5. Booty agenda of applicative instructions of supplier.

4.2 Procedure

2. Abutting accessory valve in accoutrement room.

3. Abutting valve on cylinder.

4. Abolish assorted from butt with (shifting) spanner of the actual admeasurement (do not use monkey wrench!).

5. Alter cylinder.

6. Connect assorted with (shifting) spanner of actual admeasurement (do not use monkey wrench!).

7. Accessible valve on butt and accomplish abiding affiliation is gas-tight. In case of any doubt, administer bactericide band-aid to the affiliation with a brush: bubbles indicates a leak. Warning: never chase for a aperture with a naked flame! If a aperture is suspected, anon abutting capital valve on butt and acquaint the administration -which should adjudge what activity should be taken to break the botheration (e.g., alter assorted or butt or both).

8. Analysis if burden adumbrated by assorted is accommodate blueprint of supplier.

9. Abutting valve on butt back gas is not to be acclimated for some time.

10. Access backup in gas/supply logbook.

11. Add to characterization of abandoned butt date of backup and initial. Add characterization “EMPTY”.

12. Acquaint the being in allegation of gas banal (and of acclimation new cylinders).

13. Acquaint any artisan who ability be cat-and-mouse for the butt change.



QA Officer (sign.):

Expiry date:



Page: 1 # …

Model: SAF 011

Version: 1

Date: 96-02-27

Title: Affirmation Logbook (Laboratory)


Inspection / Botheration / Activity taken / Remarks


Sign. HoL



Page: 1 # 8


Version: 2

Updated: 96-07-01


Title: Affirmation Logbook (Laboratory)

copies (locat.):

· axial beam (1)

· anger buffet (2)/(3)

· Animate boxes (4) / (5)

· afford (6)

lab. no.

order no.








Aluminium chloride, hexahydrate



Aluminium nitrate, nonahydrate



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Aluminium oxide



1-Amino-2-hydroxy-4-naftelene-sulfonic acid


Ml 115

Ammonium acetate



Ammonium carbonate


Ml 145

Ammonium chloride


Ml 164

Ammonium fluoride


Ml 188

Ammonium nitrate


Ml 182

Ammonium heptamolybdate, tetrahydrate



Ammonium iron(II)sulfate, hexahydrate



Ammonium iron(III)sulfate, dodecahydrate



Ammonium monohydrogenfosfate


Ml 226

Ammonium monovanadate


Ml 192

Ammonium oxalate, monohydrate



Ammonium sulfate



Gum Arabic



Ascorbic acid



Barium acetate



Barium carbonate



Barium chloride, dihydrate



Diphenylamine-4-sulfonic acerbic barium salt



Barium hydroxide, octahydrate



Bolus alba (kaolin)



Boric acid




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How To Pull Your Ex Boyfriend Back And Recapture His Heart – Effective Tips To Regain His Love

How To Pull Your Ex Boyfriend Back And Recapture His Heart – Effective Tips To Regain His Love

A breakup, does not have to spell the end of love. You can have the rosy future of which you have always dreamed . A home and family with the man you love. That might seem impossible to you right after you have seen him walk away, but it can be much easier than you think. You just need to learn how to pull your ex boyfriend back and recapture his heart. You can do that by using these effective tips to regain his love.

The first thing many women do when their boyfriend dumps them is run to their girlfriends and ask for their advice But, why would you go to another woman to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back? If I wanted advice to get a girlfriend back, I would consult a woman. She would know how a woman thinks about a breakup. But, to get a guy back, you have to know how he thinks.

That is where male psychology comes into play. Men think differently than women. For instance, right now you would like nothing better than to get your ex to sit down and talk. But, that is the last thing he wants to do. If you keep calling him, he will keep hanging up on you. That should tell you to leave him alone. The best way to pull your ex boyfriend back is to put distance between you. That might sound crazy to you, but it is not crazy to a man. If you respect his desires, you will recapture his heart.

Men fall in love from a distance. Being away from you will bring back the things that made him fall in love with you to begin with. Soon you will be desirable to him again and he will begin to miss you. This will only happen if you give him the time and space to think. Another trait of men, is the love of a challenge. Show him something he cannot have and he will fight to get it. To regain the love of your ex boyfriend you need to make him think he can no longer have you. Instead of telling him you love him, make him think you no longer care.

This is how to pull your ex boyfriend back and recapture his heart. Ignore him and make him feel that you are unattainable. Does that sound familiar? It should because that is the way you got his interest at the start. Becoming a challenge to him again, will make him start chasing you and you will soon be back in the arms of the man you love.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog at to get some free information.

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Bring Your Ex Boyfriend Back in Your Life

Bring Your Ex Boyfriend Back in Your Life

Breaking up is a painful part of any romantic relationship but sometimes after a break up you will realize you want him back. You still miss him and life is not the same without him. It could be hard to bring your ex boyfriend back but if you know how, things will be easier. Here are some tips:

Stop calling him after the break up. Yes, you have to stop calling him, he wants some space and you have to give him some space. You cannot bring your ex boyfriend back if you keep annoying him. This is not the time to persuade him or pressure him to talk to you. The right time will come but for now stop communicating with him. He will get annoyed and will avoid you more if you keep bugging him.

Act as if nothing happened and you are fine without him. This is hard but you have to move on and continue living even if you are mending a broken heart. Surround yourself with people who love you and go out with them once in a while. Take care of yourself physically to stay gorgeous and learn to act with calmness and confidence. Men are fascinated with women who have strong character despite of their heartaches. This will tickle the curiosity of your ex boyfriend and he may begin to think if he did the right thing leaving you. This method maybe hard but it will help you bring your ex boyfriend back.

Get connected with him again. If you are already prepared and you know you are already in control of your emotions, this is the right time to get in touch with him again and execute your plans to bring your ex boyfriend back. Attending a gathering with common friends or running into him in a bookstore or supermarket where he usually shop is a nice start. A friendly smile with him is a start but focus your attention on other people around you, and just be civil with him. He will begin to wonder what is new with you and he may also wonder what it is like having your company again.

Those are some of the things that you need to do to bring your ex boyfriend back. If you want to discover the little known method to make him want you back, discover the step-by-step strategy visit All About Relationships

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Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back From That Girl

Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back From That Girl

He was yours and now she has got him and you want to win ex boyfriend back from that girl. You are convinced the he and you are made for each other, and you have set your objective to win your ex boyfriend back from that girl? To succeed you have to behave intelligently.

That girl is going to play all the dirty tricks she can to keep her newly acquired boyfriend. She will do anything in her power to make sure you never see him. So you have to let him see that you are more adult than her.

Never argue and start a battle. Your ex boyfriend will see you are above all that. Keep your composure and your boyfriend will see that the other girl is childish. If you are better looking than her, use your looks to your advantage; he is not blind! Go into the arena with your head high and act positively, leaving the bad behavior to the other girl. Make it obvious to him that you are the better choice and you have a good chance to win your ex boyfriend back from that girl…

If you see that the other girl does not respect him, you can talk about the problem with his friends. It is likely that they have also noticed the problem. Discuss with them what you can all do to help your ex boyfriend escape from that girl. It will be easier if you have his friends on your side, if you want to win your ex boyfriend back from that girl. Most ways to win your ex boyfriend back from that girl will come via his friends.

If he appears to be held by some sort of fascination try to find out what it is and how she is using it to keep him, and look for ways to show him that he merits someone better. Talk with his friends and get them to agree. If he is obsessed by her, and she will not let him see his friends anymore, they will also want to see him back with them. You will be able to help each other mutually.

When you manage to persuade his friends that their friend should be with you and not with that other girl, you are well on the way to achieving your objective. Your boyfriend will start to think when he has so many people telling him that that girl is not for him. His new relationship may collapse under the combined pressure of his friends. You should let the others work for you, keeping well out the way. If that girl catches on to what is happening she will appear stupid if she accuses you of causing their problems.

The secret to getting your own way and to win your ex boyfriend back from that girl is to get as many people as possible working in your direction. Make sure it is the two of them against everybody else and not the two of them against you. When they eventually break up, it will be easier for you to win your ex boyfriend back.

I recommend that you read a book by T’Dub’ Jackson called the Magic of Making Up. Mr Jackson has devised a common sense, easy to read plan to help people in your situation sort out their problems successfully.

10 Do-Nots For Getting Your Ex Back

10 Do-Nots For Getting Your Ex Back

Losing an ex-flame of life is not a great way to move ahead. Despite this, people have to bear with such loss at times. Many such times, they themselves pave way for partition. Behavioral differences, compatibility issues, suspicion of infidelity or some hidden anguish can cause two people to divert paths. If both of them are adamant on living alone then it is something else, if on the other hand, one of them feels a sense of deprivation and feels like getting back, then there are many ways to do so too. Let’s not look at what needs to be done to get back to your partner’s life; it has already been talked about too often. In contrariety, let’s think of what not to do for getting your ex-back. Here are some don’ts.

Don’t play the soft card women do not like a sobbing man. They feel rather odd if their ex’s leave their lives and sit back with the smelling salts and tissue papers. They love to care for their man but exaggerated show of meekness sand vulnerability can be a put-off for women.
Don’t push false excuses don’t cheat her. Lying to her about sudden disease, mendicancy or fatal problems may win her pity but it would never win her love.
Do not play the child custody card men often make the mistake of thinking that women would surrender on the child custody issue. Yes, they too love their children but they would hardly allow this to be your counterfoil. They hate being put on the wrong foot by such show of immorality.
Do not try too much do not over try. Women may resist such attempts. It is one thing to try and win back your buddy and quite other thing to push the limits too far. If someone has gone away, it means she needs space, at least temporarily. This is why it is rather odd if you over-intrude in her life in order to win her back.
Don’t show her wrong it won’t work if you put all the blame on her. Even if you think so, telling her won’t make her feel sorry. She would feel even more repulsed from you.
Don’t sit back with life toil hard, get on the move. Do something worthwhile. Women do not like sobbing uncles.
Don’t shy away from common get together it is a great idea to join common get-togethers. It is a way to show that you have moved on and everything is fine. Do not shy away from such meetings.
Don’t give her the “falling for your friend” bait its one of the most predictable calls. It would infuriate her further. The lack of ethic of such a plan can really hurt her.
Don’t make the affair ugly let it not be a dogfight. If you have been in love at least once in life, there is no reason why you should make the past look ugly and the present remorseful.
Don’t leave hope hope will let you feel balanced. Love will come back do not lose hope.

Don’t wait for your ex to come back to you. It will not happen. Some breakups make lovers lonely. Other breakups end with the lovers coming back and enjoying a great relationship. Which type of a breakup would you like? Don’t be a loser. Take steps to get your ex back

Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back 5 Things You Should Not Do

Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back 5 Things You Should Not Do

Frequently, getting your ex boyfriend back is easier than it appears right after the break up. The reason many people mess it up is because we react on raw sentiment and what was just a natural, temporary time out becomes permanent.

Don’t be a drama queen!

It doesn’t need a sociologist to see that ordinarily, women are very comfortable with displays of emotion, whilst most guys just don’t know how to deal with them. When confronted with crying, the only thing a lot of guys want to do is run the other direction. Hardly the reaction you want when you’re working on getting your ex boyfriend back.

Don’t make it obvious!

While you were single, you were probably a pretty attractive confident girl who wasn’t overly serious about what any particular guy thought, right? That’s exactly what your ex boyfriend fell for.

Yet after a break up, a lot of women buy extra-sexy clothes, hit the clubs every night, and in short become completely different people. By doing this, in place of making it look like you’re over the guy, it makes it appear like you’re so eager to get him back
that you’re willing to change your whole personality. Advertising you are available is just as useless as sitting home crying.

Don’t bug his friends!

If your ex boyfriend isn’t answering your phone calls or emails, the next logical way to contact him is through his friends. In general, this isn’t a bad option because his close friends do have sufficient power to sway his opinion about you. What is a bad idea is calling regularly every friend you know and begging them to request your ex to contact you.

Conversely, pick one or two of his friends and ask if they’d be willing to let your guy know that you’re sorry about how things ended up, but that you still care about him and miss him. Leave it at that. If he likes to contact you, he will.

Don’t play detective!

No matter how much you like to know how he’s getting along without you, restrain your desire to spy on him. While you can’t go to wrong requesting a friend of his to carry a message from you, don’t then go on to ask if your ex boyfriend is still single, what he does on the holiday, or even how he seems to be feeling. It’s not just impolite, it’s also really annoying. Being annoying is not any of the best ways of getting your ex boyfriend back.

Don’t overlook the “culture gap”!

Sure, men and women aren’t really from different planets, but we do tend to look at relationships and feelings differently from the style guys do. If you like to get through to your man, respect those differences and put some attempt into understanding how men think about romantic matters. This may mean having a true heart-to-heart with a close boy friend, but it can dramatically increase your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back.

If you need some good advice on getting your ex boyfriend back, forget the drama mama ideas in the women’s magazines and find a proven strategy developed by somebody who knows what they’re talking about.

These are just some tips on getting your ex boyfriend back. If you want to be successful in getting your ex back you need to follow a proven system like the one you can find on

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The 3 Most Important Steps To Take After A Nasty Breakup – Vital To Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

The 3 Most Important Steps To Take After A Nasty Breakup – Vital To Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If your breakup was nasty and filled with accusations and heated words, you might be glad your ex is gone. But soon you will realize he is the only man you can ever love. But if you want him back, it might not be too easy. You will need to know the proper steps to take, These can be vital to getting your ex boyfriend back.

You might be wondering if there was anything you could have done at the time to prevent the breakup from happening. The answer to that question is, that there was nothing you could have done. You were both too angry to make any sense. But that was then and this is now. There are 3 important steps you can take after a nasty breakup to get your ex back.

First of all you will have realize that this will not be quick. You both need time to heal. Although you want him back, your ex might still be pretty angry. The best thing you can do is have no contact with him and let him cool down. Any contact at this time would just start the argument all over again. You have to be patient and let the healing process take it’s course.

Next, while you are waiting for things to settle down, work on what caused the breakup. You will have to be honest and face the part you played in the split. That does not mean you should take all of the blame. Your ex boyfriend played his part too. But you if can figure out what the main cause was, you can find a way to fix it.

It should take you some time to find the problem and the solution. But you should wait at least a month after the breakup before having any contact with your ex boyfriend. When a month or more has elapsed after the argument, you should take your next step. Call your ex and tell him you have something important to tell him.  Then ask him to meet you some place where you can talk.

When you meet your ex boyfriend it is important to have a firm grip on your emotions. You cannot cry or show weakness. Tell him what you have been doing and that you think, you should give your relationship another chance. You might be surprised to find that he has missed you so much that he will jump at the chance.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog.

Win Your Love Back – 4 Things To Know And Live With It

Win Your Love Back – 4 Things To Know And Live With It
Did you ever imagine that you can have a long lasting relationship? Well, yes it is possible and on hand. A relationship that is normally have struggles but maintains consistency.Make your relationship work!

Find Out How to Win Back Your Love Today

Having a soul mate is the best, as he/she will be in your life forever until the end of time. If you are with someone that you can spend forever with, probability he/she is your soul mate. So may be you ask if why need to make your relationship work?Are we then capable of loving one person until forever?

True enough, we are all humans and we always ask in life is happiness. Thus, happiness is found when goals are met. We have different developmental tasks that need to be achieved and any failure of those tasks can lead to unhappiness. As unhappiness can be the cause of inability to meet developmental tasks, unhappiness can be on the different aspects of life, it can be within the family, home, work, relationship, etc.

Failure in the relationship can lead to unhappiness, so to prevent if from happening, take the advices below to make your relationship work:

Two is always better than one. It is always necessary for the couples to put an effort and find ways to sustain the relationship they established. When problems set in, it has to be solved by the couples; it is not enough that either the husband or the wife will do it; they should be together to work things out. As you are working together in facing marital problem, it is but important to also equally share what is needed in the relationship; learn to compromise and adjust to each other’s differences. Both of you must have trust, respect and understanding with each other.It is significant that couples have the effort to give and to prioritize.Learn to give value to each other.
Learn More About Moving On After a Breakup

Always be open and communicate well all your thoughts, feelings, opinions, views, and values to your partner for you to facilitate cooperation and understanding. Do not also forget to listen attentively and always be sensitive to the needs of each other.
Make an adjustment for the differences. Learn to love them by accepting their flaws and weaknesses.. Have the initiative to share!
Do not allow trust to fade. Trust depends on how true and loyal you are to your spouse and to the relationship. Work together for the common dreams and goals. If you then allow trust to be out into the relationship and suspicions take over, relationship will no longer work at all.
Just like a fairytale, relationship is always best to have a happy ending. It may need not to be difficult and impossible as it seem. It is not that hard to maintain and keep the relationship for as long as both of you are willing to do it; beautiful ending in the relationship means you grow old together while the essential components of marriage remain.

Learn to Build Trust in Relationship

Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Ex Recovery System Review and the tips on Fixing a Broken Relationship.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Ignoring Him – Effective Tips To Make Him Love You Again

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back By Ignoring Him – Effective Tips To Make Him Love You Again

The shock of a breakup, can almost make you stop living in the present. You will find yourself sitting alone and living in the past, when you were happy and your ex boyfriend loved you. When you start to come out of the shock of the breakup, you will be desperate to make him love you again. You might be surprised that you can get your ex boyfriend back by ignoring him.

You will be most likely to seek advice from family and friends. Since they are on your side, they will tell you to let him go and forget him. Of course you won’t want to listen to their advise because you want your ex boyfriend back. But, their advise is pretty good. You won’t want to forget him, but you do have to let him go, at least for now.

If you want him back, you cannot let your ex boyfriend know how much you love him. You have to show him your strength and maturity by accepting the breakup and appear to be moving on. The more you ignore him, the sooner he will begin to miss you. If you were constantly in his face telling him how much you need him he never would miss you.

Women often say that men are hard to understand. That is because they do not think like men. A woman falls in love by being close to the one they love. Men fall in love from a distance. That is why the best way of getting your ex back is to ignore him. Give him a chance to see what his life is like without you and he will begin to miss you. We all have a nostalgia gene that makes us remember the good times of our life and long to have them back.

By ignoring your ex boyfriend, you will be allowing him to remember the good times he had with you. He will remember how good it felt to feel you in his arms. You ex will long to see your cute smile and hear your voice. By ignoring him and acting as if he no longer is part of your life, you are making him feel that he may never have the joy of being with you again.

Male psychology teaches that men want what they cannot have and feeling that he can no longer have you will make him desperate to have you back. The simple act of ignoring him has made him realize how much he loves and needs you in his life. That will make him wonder if you will take him back.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog.

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