How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Stop Ignoring You – Expert Tips That Will Change His Attitude Fast

How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Stop Ignoring You – Expert Tips That Will Change His Attitude Fast

When your ex boyfriend told you he needed space, you thought he just had some things on his mind and needed to work them out. You thought that in a couple of days he would be his old loving self and everything would be fine. But it has been over a week and he hasn’t called. You try to call him and he hangs up on you. What is going? Why is he doing this? If this is happening to you, it is time you learn how to make your ex boyfriend stop ignoring you. Here are expert tips to make him change his attitude fast.

When he hangs up on you, you might think of sending an email or text message and apologize for anything you did to hurt him. You hope this will make him see how much you need him and he will rush right back to your arms. That might happen in movies or on television, but this is real life. Any attempt to contact him soon after a breakup, will be met with rejection. All you are doing is making yourself look needy and desperate. That is not the way to make him want you again. It will more likely confirm his decision to breakup with you.

You have to face the fact that this is a breakup and he is no longer your boyfriend. By ignoring you, your ex is showing you that he does not need you. To get him back and make him love you again, you need to show him you do not need him. This will not be easy for you because you feel you should stay close to him so he will not find someone else. But if you keep pressuring him, you will lose him for good. The best thing you can do to make him change his attitude is take yourself completely out of his life.

You will have to keep from having any contact with him for a few weeks. During this time it is crucial that you stay busy and think of him as little as possible. Your family will be a big help at this time and so will your friends. Rely on the love and support of your family to help regain your confidence. Go out with your friends and have a good time. Be sure to include some good looking guys in your group. When news of you being out having fun, your ex will not know if one of the guys was your date.

Suddenly your ex boyfriend will realize that he has been acting like a real jerk. He will be sorry that he ignored you and treated you so badly. Feeling that he might have lost you by his foolish actions will make him desperate to get you back. When he is ignoring you, show him you can have a life without him and he will change his attitude fast.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog.

Judgmental Attitude

Judgmental Attitude

A very common weakness that you will find is the judgmental attitude with which we approach the people who hold a different opinion. The urge to pass judgment against people who think different is a strong one. It is this attitude of mind that is a source of conflict in our lives and our world.

How do we begin to free ourselves from this limiting attitude? It is by understanding its root cause; its true nature. A judgmental attitude towards others is a self destructive mental disposition; a manifestation of a disparaging attitude towards self. It is rooted in fear. What I have noticed in my life is that the more I gain self awareness, the more I let people live in the freedom of what they truly believe; my personal approval of the way of life of other people becomes a non issue if that is the way they consciously choose to live their lives; my heart becomes filled with love and compassion for all humanity. 

Just yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with someone and it was clear that her view of life is very different from mine. Not too long ago, this exchange was going to generate into a very passionate squabble on my part; not this time around. All that I needed to do was tell her what I personally think about life; that’s all. Many aspects of my life have changed over time. I have come to learn something about life; it is a mirror that reflects self. 

Life is lived from within-out; never from without-in; at the core of all the experiences of life are your own perceptions. The evil that you see in another man exits in you; the annoyance you see in your neighbor projects from within you. The change you vehemently demand from you neighbor must occur in you. The command to “Judge not” and “love your neighbor and enemy alike” are not just good religious ideas. They are God’s way of protecting you from yourself. 

Every time you judge another man, you judge self; every time you speak evil of your neighbor you speak evil of self. Everywhere you look, it is self that you see; every word you speak; it is self that you speak to. You are doing yourself a favor when you don’t raise you voice against any man; you are doing yourself a favor when you don’t judge your neighbor. 

“Judge not and your will not be judged.” Speak evil of no other man. Focus your energies on the development of consciousness. You have mastered self and have become truly self aware when evil ceases in the world you live in; the evil and the conflict you see in your world is the manifestation of the evil and conflict in your own soul. Approach everyone with compassion and love and you will be able to heal the wounds of your heart; speak evil of your neighbor and you will perpetuate the poverty of your soul. Be wise and be counted among the pure, for “to the pure, all things have become pure.” 

Today, approach people who hold a different opinion with understanding; respect people’s views even when you don’t personally concur with them; don’t take from your neighbor the right to be wrong; begin to live in the territory of unconditional love towards other people. That is would be the manifestation of love in your life.

Christopher Kabamba is an IT professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the Copperbelt University, Zambia. He is a student of personal growth and development. He desires to take up a professional career as an Author, Public Speaker and Life Coach. He documents some of his thoughts on Personal Growth and Development on his blog:

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Online Dating Hints- The Power Of Positive Attitude – How To Keep A Positive Attitude

Online Dating Hints- The Power Of Positive Attitude – How To Keep A Positive Attitude

Have you ever heard that “Our Attitude Determines Our Altitude!” I think that nothing could be more accurate, especially when it comes to our love life. Many of us have had so many bad experiences we are just fed up. So how do we keep a smile on our face when everything around us seems to crumble? Perspective is the key when you are dealing with life’s problems. The bad times can kill us or make us stronger. Everyone gets knocked down, the only real losers are the ones who don’t get back up.

I heard a story once about a kid who wanted with all his heart to have a pony. The boy’s father thought it would be funny so he gave him a shovel. He took the boy to the barn and put him in a room that was filled four feet high with horse manure. The boy was told that he needed to shovel out all the horse dung. Several hours later the Dad came back only to find the boy with a smile on his face and happily still in the room shoveling away at the mess. When the Dad asked him why he was so happy the boy said, “With all this manure, I know my pony is in there somewhere!” Life’s problems are all about perspective.

I have met a guy who spent seven long years in a prison for something that he didn’t even do. He told me that he made a vow to himself during his first week in there that he would redeem his time. He used his time wisely by spending it reading books, writing and going to college classes. By the time he went through all that he was well educated. He even had a college degree. No matter what your struggle is you can choose whether to let it master you, or you be the master of it. The bad times can kill us or make us stronger.

I heard a very wealthy man in response to someone saying how “lucky” he is say this, “It seems the harder I work, the luckier I get!” Everyone gets knocked down. Life is a battle for everyone, some face tougher challenges but none of us are without pain. If you want to be truly successful in anything remember Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “Never, ever, ever, ever give up!” Everyone gets knocked down, the only real losers are the ones who don’t get back up.

When you are just about ready to throw in the towel on your dating life, when you want to give up remember what has been said here. I cannot think of a single thing that is more important than who you spend your life with. There is no greater task that you can be given than to find the right partner. Don’t give up! Make the best out of bad times, and remember that life is all about perspective.

When it seems hard to smile, just remember I am on your side. I think you are a winner and I want to make you a champion. Visit Seduction Secrets today Receive a free 7 day E-course on seduction principles, normally valued at

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude – Turning Your Prospects Into Customers

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude – Turning Your Prospects Into Customers

In the real estate world they say the three most important things are location, location, location. In sales it is attitude, attitude, attitude! If you love what you do, love your product or service, and love sharing it with others then turning your prospects into customers is a much easier sell!

When I go into to train, coach or develop strategy with a sales team, the first thing I gauge is the sales leaders attitude and level of enthusiasm. If the leader is not passionate, excited and motivated about their product and selling in general, than how can I possibly expect the sales team and the prospects to be excited? Attitude is always the place to start. Get your attitude right and the rest will fall into place.

To sell you have to engage; to engage to you have to communicate; and to communicate you have to connect. If you want to close more sales then you need to ensure that connection is positive, upbeat and enthusiastic. If you want your prospect to buy, then you must convey your pride, excitement and confidence about your product or service.

Attitude is vital to the sales process, and the great thing about that is that attitude is completely controllable. Sure it may be more of a struggle for some than others, but at the end of the day you have a choice whether you are positive or negative. Whether you infuse energy or deplete it.

Remember, buying is emotional. People buy products or services based on how they feel. Certainly the features, facts and statistics play a role, but it is the emotional connection to the sales person and the product or service that moves the prospect to action. So how do you convey the right attitude?

First you have to have the right attitude. Do a gut check and get real with yourself. Are you positive and upbeat? Do you believe in your product and does it show? What specific things do you do or say to get your message across. Ask yourself, if and how often you smile. Smiling – like attitude – is contagious. Increasing your smile factor will increase your likability and increase your ability to connect with your prospects. A great attitude makes you likable an approachable, two important elements if you want to turn your prospects into customers.

Second, analyze your words and your body language. Are they positive and are they benefit driven? Asking family and friends for feedback here is crucial. Often, we do not even realize the negative or sarcastic undertones our speech or body language convey, and asking others their observations and opinions can make a big difference. Relaxing your ego and taking their advice will make the difference. Those minor adjustments can go along way in delivering the right attitude.

Third, what is the talk going on inside your head? If you are like most people it is pretty negative. Why is that? Why do we spend all day telling ourselves negative things, don’t we have enough challenges? So, work on your “head talk” and routinely increase the number of positive messages rolling through your mind. That “head talk” will translate into positive conversations, body language and compliments to your prospects. Thought dictates action and action dictates outcome. It all starts with what is going on in our heads.

Fourth, if you want a positive attitude you need surround yourself with positive people. Now that seems simple doesn’t it? For many of us, the need to help, feel sorry for or commiserate with others is a constant distraction. A distraction we cannot afford if you want to be good at sales. My favorite quote (which has become my mantra) is “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you want to be positive and upbeat, if you want to convey energy and enthusiasm then don’t hang out with negative people. It really is that simple. If the individuals you spend time with are positive, upbeat and energetic, then you cannot help but be that way too.

Attitude is so important in sales. You can spend money for the best training, hire the best coaches, sell amazing products and still struggle to meet your sales goal. If you adjust your attitude, increase your enthusiasm and master the art of conveying confidence about your product you’ll find it easy to turn your prospects into customers!

“High energy, high impact and highly motivating,” that is Meridith Elliott Powell, founder and owner of MotionFirst. A certified strategist, coach, and business development expert, Meridith is known in the industry as a catalyst and someone who makes things happen! Work with Meridith to build your network and change your life!

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Attitude ? Lessons from the Happy Barista

Attitude ? Lessons from the Happy Barista

This post tells the story of how a positive attitiude leads to a positive outcome – wear your Friday attitude!

Yesterday afternoon while heading downtown to a showing, I stoppped off for a coffee at my favourite (independent) coffee shop here in Kitsilano. The Barista greeted me with a huge, warm smile and asked “How can I help you today sir?”. I asked for a small medium blend drip coffee and then couldn’t help but compliment her on her pleasant, positive demeanour and ask whether something unusually nice had happened to her that morning.

Her response was beautiful, she said, “No, nothing unusually good happened to me this morning, I just make a habit of wearing my Friday attitude every day of the week”. We laughed again and off I went.

Ten minutes later I was stuck in grid-lock traffic down on Burrard street. Since that chemical spill problem in the Electra building has kept Nelson Street closed, vehicle commuting downtown has been a nightmare. Drivers were upset, everyone running late for something. The guy next to me was losing it, flipping off everyone around him and swearing constantly under his breath.

I thought of my encounter with the happy barista, phoned my clients and calmy explained I’d be ten munites late. I then sat back, cranked up 103.5FM (yes, soft rock) and laughed in pity at all the poor angry souls around me taking the grid lock personally.

The lesson is one about attitude, your outlook on life at any point in time will directly reflect lifes ‘inlook’ on you.

I have attached a quote on positive attitude by Charles Swindall;

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.

Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company … a church … a home.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude … I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you … we are in charge of our Attitudes.”

I am a Vancouver realtor and mortgage broker who has been in the real estate industry for 12 years.  My formal education includes a Bachelor’s of Commerce from the University of Natal and a diploma in Urban Land Economics from UBC

I enjoy many outdoor pursuits such as fishing, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and camping.

Vancouver is a great place to live!

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For Success You Must Have a Positive Attitude and Mix With Positive People

For Success You Must Have a Positive Attitude and Mix With Positive People
There is certainly more to a positive attitude than first meets the eye. For by having a positive attitude you suddenly find most of the following benefits, and positive attitude becomes part of you. Next, you will realize that without thinking, beautiful things begin to happen.

Take note of these right now, for when you begin to get the idea of positive thinking, these are your rewards.

You have to say to yourself, each of them is what I want and what I need.

-Positive thinking, Constructive thinking. -Creative thinking, Expecting success. -Optimism, Motivation to accomplish your goals. -Being inspired. Choosing happiness. -Not giving up. Looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise. -Believing in yourself and in your abilities. Displaying self-esteem self-respect and confidence. -Looking for solutions. Seeing opportunities.

Each one of these mentioned above is very important to your existence and each of them will improve your whole life. Take each of these and begin working on them. I would suggest you download Napoleon Hill’s wonderful book “Think and Grow Rich” if you want to have a detailed understanding of the power of positive attitude and the power of your subconscious mind.

As an uneducated man, I am pleased to tell you that I have had a pretty successful life, not just in the business world, but in marriage and with family. I assure you being positive is far better than having those negative thoughts that were forever with me when I was young.

Please take another look at the list above and go over each of them carefully, for each has a message you should investigate.

Once you have that positive attitude your life will never be the same again.

To be positive you have to never mix with negative people, what happens they bring you down, a little negative here and a little there is just like pricking a balloon and deflate slowly.

The Gratitude Attitude

The Gratitude Attitude

The gratitude attitude is essentially a state of Grace. This used to be a rare thing – attributed to holy people and men and women of the cloth. Lots of people are going around lately saying,

“I’m so grateful” – That’ so easy to say that it’s beginning to get as common as ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ and ‘bye – love ya’. BEING grateful is altogether different – that is feeling gratitude – or being in a state of grace.

When we utter words it’s only half the story – The other half often left unfinished. Saying the words doesn’t always make you feel them.

Feeling grateful can be hard. Have you ever been given a present that you don’t like? it’s a bit like that. Yet when you say ‘thank you’ that’s a great start towards getting the gratitude attitude.

How the words feel in the body is where the adventure of getting the attitude begins. Say something aloud and it already starts to feel real. “Thank you – I am grateful”.

Give Thanks and Receive More It is said that you get more of what you are grateful for – and give thanks for.

You can be grateful to the cook for presenting you with a fine breakfast that warms you right through to lunch more easily when it feels good in the tummy. Or you can be grateful to God for giving you the landscape as you admire the light and clouds over the trees and hills.

How can that manifest more? Maybe the follow up will be a dry sandwich or it could be a wet and windy urban scene – full of blowing refuse. Can that count as more of the same?

Yes it can. It is we who judge one to be ‘better’ than the other. An optimist in love may take the dry sandwich and the urban scene with equal grace, hardly able to reject one or compare it with the other. A family who has been living in Scotland’s bleakest landscape might regard the idyllic Greek island as a near desert. Therefore those who choose extreme climates will continue to do so, hence getting more of the same.

The transition from the word to reality is the essence of creativity. The momentum from Word to Being is getting the perfect moment in space where you are right now. Always right now.

To cultivate the habit of being grateful for every thing that comes to you; to give thanks continuously is a state of grace – being grateful. Recently gratefulness is being re-discovered outside the auspices of a purely religious connotation. It’s the essential ingredient of the ‘Secret’ and humanity’s connection to the Original Substance as propounded by Wattles in his famous old book- among many others.


SAYING it is only the start. Humility is weightless. When a prayer or a thank-you is said in a state of humility it’s light enough to catch the momentum of creativity from the word to becoming a reality. There isn’t a set timeline. This can change by manifesting in a second or else germinate a slow almost unnoticeable change.

And the manifestation shines a light upon the object of the gratefulness – things that you may only just be starting to recognize as real – in the very moment.

Why is humility such a powerful catalyst?

This is because humility doesn’t recognize judgment or blame. Humility is a door to a blame free realm in the mind where you are free to see things as though they were a perfect lesson or an incident that allows you to see the real picture.

When you look out, there is often a veil or veils drawn over the actions, spoken words or incidents. that are only seen through the colors of blame and judgment.

In a state of humility you are able to see through the veils at the naked truth. A series of events, words and incidents become clear.


The same action can be right or wrong in different parts of the world. A young woman can be killed for falling in love with someone unacceptable in the eyes of a religious leader. In other parts of the world that is called murder.

When incidents are clear from cultural judgments it is easier to assess the incidents without clouding the situation. This hands the freedom of choice back to the individual or the community.

As difficult as it seems to see things without judging it gets easier with practice. For example everybody fears criticism. When you can hear the very same words spoken with and without the implication of criticism – words that sounded threatening as a criticism, at first hearing, can become constructive guidance or merely information passed along for interest.

Taking things personally Another aspect of judgment is when you take the information and point it to yourself, inferring blame as though it were implicit in the statement. Many misunderstandings can happen this way. Some people are so scared of criticism that they can ‘see it coming’ and fend it off before it even happens.

Another common mistake is interpreting a passing frown on someone’s face as that person disliking them – though the frown can be down to a simple thing like stone in the shoe.

That is like judging yourself and is what is called taking things personally – or shame (inwardly directed blame).

When it is no longer a personal issue. The whole world becomes clearer and lighter. Then we can be free to adjust the balance arrange reparation and overwrite the old experiences from the past by creating new ones.

Once an absence of judgment (humility) and Gratefulness are inseparable that creates the gratitude attitude.

Jackie Mackay – engaged n the inception of a project to get the homeless in the center of London up and running

“It is All About Attitude,” She Said – Positive Attitude That Is

“It is All About Attitude,” She Said – Positive Attitude That Is

Have you checked your attitude lately? If attitude is everything, then our attitudes will make or break our success in life. So, it makes sense to have a positive attitude as much as possible. Of course, with all the negative news on TV, the local economy, the political sound and fury, and all the traffic it is no wonder that so many people have a negative attitude so much of the time. Just don’t let it affect you.

For those that play sports at the championship level they know that an attitude will make or break the athlete and their team. If you are on any type of team regardless of your area of human endeavor, your attitude will affect others, and the team’s attitude will affect their ultimate achievement. If everyone has a positive attitude, and they are committed to going the distance, the achievement of victory is almost foretold.

It takes a lot of strength of character to allow all the negativity in the world to bounce off of your superman cape, and you don’t dare let your guard down for one minute or some manic-depressive will tell you something, and you’ll fall into their trap. You can’t let that happen, so you must maintain a positive attitude that is stronger than anything else out there.

If you will encapsulate yourself in that sort of mindset there is nothing you can’t do and there is no one that can prevent you from doing it. Please consider all this because it took me a long time to learn these truths about success in life. And I’d like to see you get there quicker without having to go through all the adversity that I, and others have had along the way. Once you learn to maintain your positive attitude you will be amazed at how hyper successful you can become.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company;

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Positive Attitude – Your Words Are Powerful to Help Or Hinder Your Online Business

Positive Attitude – Your Words Are Powerful to Help Or Hinder Your Online Business

Speak ill of no man, but speak all the good you know of everybody.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was commercially successful, always concerned and immersed in considering the public good, a superb communicator, and a remarkable man of science and technology, finding simple, effective solutions to problems. We consider him even to this day as a extraordinary communicator. However, this was not always the case because as a young man, he was argumentative to an extreme until someone called him down about it which caused him to assess this flaw. He became much more cautious with his words and as a result, he became one of our most respected orators.

Words are so powerful. A tiny bit can control a horse. A ship is controlled by its rudder. Our words are powerful.

The words that come out of your mouth whether they are used in reference to your own past failures or while trying to point out someone else’s faults are not beneficial for anyone.

Why would anyone do such a thing that just wastes time and is not beneficial to someone else? It’s easy to think that you have gotten away with spreading such comments around when you do this anonymously, too.

Before someone makes some comment that displays their vulgar language and extremely bad manners, know this…I do not believe you.

There is always good to be found.

Obviously, that person has not made money enough or enjoyed enough success in other areas of life or they would not be spending time trying to make themselves look better.

If you are practicing such things-to cut others or yourself down-whether in person or online-give it up. For such things will fall back on you. This attitude will not make you a winner.

Put good things into your mind…constantly. Speak only of your success. Your positive words are powerful, so speak them often.

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.

Benjamin Franklin.

If you loved this concept working from home, then, why don’t you come to my blog and get my free, step-by-step guide on how to make money online. All you need to bring is your name and email. Of course, I will ask you to be my friend on Facebook and Twitter. Jan Middleton

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Positive Attitude – Easy Ways For Easier Lives

Positive Attitude – Easy Ways For Easier Lives

There are people who would rather hold the negative attitude than a positive one, but as the world is changing the people are also changing; some are getting darker, some are getting brighter. With being more positive you can totally change your life’s direction to the white side which will in turn cause other people to respond more positively to you because you feel good about whatever they say. You can have the ability to change the others positively as well!

First lets see the difference between positive and negative attitudes.

Negative: I will fail 100%.

Positive: I am sure that I won!

How can I create the positive attitude?

Everything valuable in the world takes a bit work, and so does replacing positiveness with negativeness in your minds. You can start to shift your attitude by changing the unconscious thinking. Every time a negative thought comes in your mind, change it into positive. Of course it is not easy because negative thoughts come all the time, but you can change this as well because its you and YOUR MIND which is creating the negative thoughts.

There are many ways to destroy a negative attitude…

– By thinking positively of course… which means that you should expect the best, be optimistic, choose to win, choose to be happy, be motivated, always try harder, look for solutions, believe in yourself, be confident, see the failures as opportunities to learn and succeed.

What do I get by holding a strong positive attitude?

– There are many advantages if you hold the positive attitude such as: success, happiness, feel of better health, wealth, getting less stress, having more confidence, feeling that everything is possible, never giving up, etc.

Now take CONTROL of your MIND and shift your ATTITUDE and start creating glorious results.

“Everything at the beginning is without colors, it is your attitude which paints it brighter or darker.”

My name is HyunSoung Kim, I am student in International Baccalaureate (IB). When I grow up I will be an actor and positive psychologist. If you have any problems or questions about your life, future and frustrations please feel free to ask me by sending an e-mail to

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