Work hard play hard

Work hard play hard

Sponsor: .random.Matter

I love a good desk space/working area in both SL & RL! ♥ This is my updated desk area.

Bookshelf/desk area: +Half-Deer+ Amelia Desk
Calendars: Black Nest 2021 Self-Help Calendar (I think it was a group gift), Brixley Desktop Planner
Plants: Dust Bunny Hedgehog from the Quirky Planters Set & Hoya Plant, [Ariskea] Love Grows here & Aloe you very much
Letter Tray: Fancy Decor Mail Basket
Crystal Ball, Book w/Rat, Potions, Pizza, & Vase: .random.Matter. Magical Girl Gacha Set @the mainstore
Pencils: Fancy Decor Pencil Holder
Games & Controller, Monitor, Hutch, CPU, Keyboard & Mouse, Fan, Microphone: .random.Matter. Battlestation Gacha Set
Plate: Presented to me from FaMESHed for blogging their 8th Anniversary
Lights: [keke] Shimmer Dust
Scales: .random.Matter. Scales from the Magic Shop Gacha Set
Tea: Apple Fall Elvira Rose Tea
Chair: Dust Bunny Fur Chair from the Violet Vanity Set
Frames: Brixley
Cow: MishMish Moo (Stance 2) from the pack
♡ SL: Pentacles666

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Pink Room

Pink Room…

01. Lagom – Babygirl [ Skybox ] RARE C/M

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter – Computer @N21 New!!

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter – Keyboard @N21 New!!

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter – Mouse @N21 New!!

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter – Journal @N21 New!!

02. Lagom – Babygirl [ TV ] C/M

05. Lagom – Babygirl [ Messy Condoms ] C/M

06. Lagom – Babygirl [ Shirt hanger ] C/M

07. Lagom – Babygirl [ Naughty box A ] C/M

09. Lagom – Babygirl [ Nightlight ] C/M

10. Lagom  – Babygirl [ Rug ] C/M

12. Lagom – Babygirl [ Sofa ADULT ] C/M

Ariskea[Adora] Roses Box  – 1 @Uber new

Ariskea[Adora] Roses Bouquet  – White @Uber new

tarte. photo grid RARE @Mainstore

tarte. craft desk @Mainstore

tarte. flower vase @Mainstore

tarte. pens & ruler @Mainstore

tarte. catch all & washi tape @Mainstore

tarte. vortex chair @Mainstore

tarte. bullet journal @Mainstore

dust bunny . yummy pillows . tart @kustom9 New!!

dust bunny . yummy pillows . fortune cookie @kustom9 New!!

dust bunny . yummy pillows . tart @kustom9 New!!

tylie // Hoeritos Chips – Pink – L FATPACK @The epiphany  New!

tylie // Smartphone – PINK – L FATPACK @The epiphany  New!

MICHAN – Nomnom Gacha – Unisauce [Epiphany Exclusive] @The epiphany  New!

MICHAN – Nomnom Gacha – Sweet Hamsters (light) @The epiphany  New!

:::ChicChica::: Valentine # 5 @The epiphany  New!

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Sunny Slumber

Sunny Slumber

tarte. craft desk Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. desktop computer RARE Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. photo grid RARE Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. journal stack Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. catch all & washi tape Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. flower vase Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. pens & ruler Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. bullet journal Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. vortex chair Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. decorative frame Creative Outlet Gacha
tarte. boho curtain (sunshine)
Tarte Store

Foxwood – Naptime – Chair at Kustom9
Foxwood Store

PLAAKA – StudyRoomPegBoard(Red)
Plaaka Store

Ariskea[Malyn] Ficus Elastica hanging Plant
Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Storage Boxes
Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Cabinet Storage
Ariskea[Mika] Velour Rug
Ariskea[Malyn] Photos Plant 2
Ariskea Store

dust bunny . bunny slippers
Dust Bunny Store

Tentacio – Explore The World Clutter
Tentacio Store

-tres blah- Golden Cage – Coffee Run
Tres Blah gachas

Mithral * Peace Lily (White Pot)
Mithral Store

floorplan. boho ivy planter / white
Floorplan Store

Onsu ~ "Eggplant"
Onsu Store

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Forver Young

Forver Young

And Yes Happiness, it’s my last Blog post as will go to Vacation.


Boots Mossu Rebel Boots @ N21

Outfit Scandalize Lipa Set – @ Mainstore

Skin Glam Affair Emily II – Lelutka @ Kustom 9

Pose Lyrium Bento Sits Set 1 @ Marketplace

Head – Lelutka Greer
Hair – Little Bones.- Adore


Ariskea Yes!Happiness @ The Epiphany

▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Mint Office Table – Exclusive
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Mood Inspirations Board – RARE
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Computer Screen – REWARD
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Pink Lamp
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] First Coffee up
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Cute table Frames
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] My Little PLanner
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Storage Boxes
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Journal of Flowers
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Journal of Bloggers
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Botanical Journal
▷ Ariskea[Yes!Happiness] Office Chair & Pillow

Other Decoration items

▷ +Half-Deer+ Lovely Things Shelf – White
▷ +Half-Deer+ Soiree Curtains – Pink Floral
▷ dust bunny . basket table
▷ dust bunny . pink medinilla plant

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The Outdoor Bath house

The Outdoor Bath house

New Home & Garden post…a little bit of home…a little bit of garden. Click here for Credits/Information about items used in the image. Click L for large size.

More images on the website. Featuring Zerkalo at Blush Event, Products from Apple Fall, Ariskea, half deer and showing Dust Bunny and Vespertine love

After fighting with my computer and its graphics this is one of the few I managed to save from complete oblivion.

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♥Malibu Dreams♥

♥Malibu Dreams♥

♥Malibu Dreams♥

Build: Cherry house -Alice patio-Pavilion – the dance floor-RARE
Sofa: dust bunny . camellia couch . adult
Chairs: dust bunny . camellia chair . adult
Couch Pillows: Zerkalo
Hanging Chairs::CP: Veil Seat Gift (PG)
Petals: Half Deer Sakura Petals Pink
Chandelier 1: Kalopsia
Chandelier 2: Mudhoney Capiz Chandelier
Table: Fancy Decor Silver & Marble Table
Flowers: Ariskea Poenies Gift Box (Group Gift)
Flowers 2: Dust bunny (Modded from happy hour tray)
Books: Petite Maison Fashion Books
Computer: Dust Bunny. Bunny Computer
Champagne: Aria – Bridal Parlour- Pink Champagne
Sign: Ariskea Malibu Sign (Hidden Gift)
Barbie 1:12. Garbaggio // Fabulous Life 2
Barbie 2:18. Garbaggio // Sassy Return
Barbie 3:17. Garbaggio // Carried Away
Mannequin: Ariskea Angel Wing Mannequin RARE (Gacha)
Cherries: AF Cherry Voulevants
Cookie Pyramid: Kalopsia – Macaron Pyramid – Choco/Pistachio
Perfume: Zaara [home] : 12 Attar perfume bottles
Tea Cups: 18.erratic / aea – stack of cups
Cash Register: +Half-Deer+ Cutie Cash Register [Strawberry] Pom: Birdy – Boudoir – Pom – Tan
Pom bed: Birdy – Boudoir – Pom bed
Poodle: Mish Mish

Luxury Decor & Landscaping Info:
♥Luxury Landscaping♥
Luciousmami Emerald | Luxurylandscaping Resident
Price List:…

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